4 types of careers that pay well in the eyes of headhunters

9 Feb

4 types of careers that pay well in the eyes of headhunters

4 types of careers that pay well in the eyes of headhunters

Experts from headhunting companies have the following views: 1. Although the demand for IT, computer, communications, and electronics professionals is not as popular as before, the price of intelligence workers will still rank first in the industry.

The advantages of the industry and the development of the country’s economic environment must inevitably lead to differences in the prices of certain talents and talents in other industries, so they are generally ahead of other industries.

  2. The demand for professionals in life sciences has just begun to spring in recent years, and its price will perform well.

Life sciences and information sciences have been listed as important pillars of the new economy in the 21st century.

The average first-time employment rate of absolute life science majors is about 80%, and it is also one of the top ten majors with the highest number of overseas studies. The prospects are generally promising.

  3. The investment return rate in the financial, financial, political and legal industries is high, but the risks remain.

Not long after China’s accession to the WTO, its policies on financial investment and foreign trade are still in line with international standards, and it is still in the stage of continuous reconciliation.

With the acceleration of internationalization and the breakthrough of barriers, the salaries of various talents will increase.

  4. Broad talents will be evaluated on the basis of quality.

The demand for agricultural majors will pick up this year, and the social demand for environmental science, civil engineering, management, and foreign language majors will increase significantly.

These talents are universal talents with broad development space, so the appreciation of talent prices is broad.

In the future development of talents, the general trend of various types of talents will change the changes in the industry field, and prices will also change.