14 reasons to make you a spotty girl

26 Jan

14 reasons to make you a spotty girl


14 reasons to make you a spotty girl

Why do other people’s skin be fair and flawless, and your shells have so many spots for no reason?

What causes you to become spotty M?

There are many reasons for pigmentation. You must first understand the cause of your speckles before you can put forward a method and plan for freckle removal.

Fourteen main causes of pigmentation, which one do you belong to?

  1. Endocrine: Estrogen can stimulate melanocytes to secrete melanin granules, and progesterone can promote the transport and diffusion of melanoma.

The study found that in female chloasma patients, serum estrogen (E2), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinizing hormone (LH) levels were significantly higher than normal people, androgen (T) levels were low, and progestin (P)) And prolactin (PRL) levels were not abnormal, suggesting that the incidence of female melasma patients is related to changes in sex hormone levels.

  2. Ultraviolet rays: UV rays are the main physiological stimulus for human melanocyte proliferation and increased skin pigmentation.

The darkening of the skin is mainly caused by the medium wave of ultraviolet rays.

It can cause melanocyte proliferation and melanin production.

  3. Microecological imbalance on the skin: Researchers have discovered the distribution of bacteria in the melasma skin lesions.

Temporary resident bacteria such as Corynebacterium and Micrococcus aureus in the skin lesion area increased significantly.

In particular, brown and orange-yellow micrococci increased significantly.

It has also been found that the right amount of temperature can promote the production of pigments and increase the amount of bacteria.

The changes in the normal flora of the skin reduce the resistance to skin colonization, and the competitive inhibition and interference between bacteria are reduced.

It can make M. chromogenes multiply and deposit in the epidermis, making the skin color worse.

  4. Trace elements in the body: Researchers have tested the blood rheology, lipid peroxide level, superoxide dismutase activity, whole blood glutathione peroxidase activity and patient serum on melasma patients.In the analysis of zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, etc., it was found that the change of trace elements has a certain relationship with melasma.

Increased serum copper in the blood can replace increased tyrosinase activity.

  5. Genetics: Research finds 30%?
47% of chloasma have a family history.

Researchers at the Institute of Dermatology of Anhui Medical University have found that the pathogenic gene for freckles is the long arm of chromosome 4 32?
34 zones.

  6. Chronic diseases: From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the position of the liver in the internal organs is extremely important.

The liver is blood, which stores and regulates the whole body’s blood volume, and can also regulate the ventilator to make the blood flow smoothly.

Such as liver dysfunction, liver qi stagnation and liver fire, etc., the internal organs of the five internal organs will suffer.

Promote adrenal hormone increase, slender stimulate black cells to produce a large amount of melanin.

Liver disease, chronic alcoholism, tuberculosis, visceral tumors, thyroid disease, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, uterine appendicitis, infertility, etc. can all cause melanin deposits.

  7, oral medication: long-term oral administration of hibernating spirit, Lumina, Anti Shutong, contraceptives, etc. can also induce melanin.

  8. Diet: Researchers have found.

Long-term lack of glutathione in the diet increases tyrosinase activity in the skin.

Older people oxidize tyrosinase to dopamine to form melanin.

  9. Social pressure: Nowadays, many women live in tension and have irregular schedules.

Causes low autoimmunity, internal secretion disorders, and activates free radicals in the body, thereby increasing the abnormal secretion of melanin.

  10, skin aging: “Chinese skin typology” report shows: Chinese women in the process of skin aging, the first proposed is pigmentation.

  11, acidic constitution: Because the blood is acidic, the metabolism of cells and the function of life are blocked, so that melanin cannot be metabolized normally, causing the deposition of melanin to form black freckles.

  12. Environmental pollution: Pollution caused by various reasons in cities is getting worse and worse.

These pollutions cause tiny inflammation of the cells on our skin.

Causes the cells in the skin to naturally secrete an arachidonic acid substance to fight this inflammation.

This arachidonic acid substance activates tyrosinase to a certain extent and accelerates the formation of melanin.
  13, computer radiation: computer radiation is also very harmful to the skin.

Working for more than six hours a day in front of the computer for a long time will cause the skin’s autoimmunity to decrease, which will cause it to become dull and dull and cause pigmentation.
  14. Destruction of sebum film in the skin: The skin is a natural barrier to protect our body. The most important thing is to absorb the effect of sebum film.

Sebum film It is an oil-in-water emulsion on the outermost layer of the epidermis.

Belonging to a slightly acidic pH = 5.

This environment is not conducive to cell growth and reproduction.

It has antibacterial and sterilizing functions.

  Its main functions on the human body are: 1. It can make the skin delicate, moist, smooth and shiny.

  2, can prevent microbial invasion, reproduction, development and growth.

  3. It can prevent air pollution from damaging the skin.

  4. It can prevent the internal and external environment of the skin from losing balance due to various factors and maintain the ecological balance of the skin.

  5, can prevent UV damage to the skin.

  6, for the skin’s normal physiological functions of breathing, penetration, metabolism, humidity regulation and so on.

At present, artificial factors (abuse of cosmetics, chemical treatment for freckle removal), environmental factors (excessive climate, excessive air pollution), and diseases (tuberculosis, hepatitis, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism) can all damage the sebum membrane, leading to melanin deposition.

  What are the possible complications after a quick freckle?

  There are many ways to treat pigmentation. Quick replacement is just one way. Because the epidermis is damaged, you must choose carefully.

  1. Dry and cracked skin When the stratum corneum is peeled off, when it is cold, the skin loses water, the blood vessels contract, and the blood flow is slow or bruises.

The skin loses its warmth, causing the skin to become tight and wrinkled or even chapped and infected.

It also accelerates the aging process of the skin.

  2. Red blood capillaries are stripped because of the epidermal cell layer, and capillaries are faintly visible. When exposed to heat and movement or emotional excitement, blood vessels expand and blood flow accelerates, which makes the face red.

This is our common red bloodshot.

  3. After the epidermal cell layer of the allergic reaction is peeled off, the blood vessels dilate or rupture.

As a result, itching and desquamation of skin rashes, bacterial infections easily fester, and can even cause skin cancer.

  4. Exacerbation of melanin deposits Due to large-scale damage to the epidermal cell layer, its self-repair and UV protection functions are affected, which may make the disease worse.