Chen Jining: Accelerate the construction of high quality urban slow traffic systems

Original title: Accelerate the construction of high-quality urban slow transportation system (Reporter Yang Ban) Yesterday morning, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Chen Jining, "four non-two straight" ride inspects the construction of slow traffic system construction. He stressed that we must adhere to the slow-winning priority concept, deepen road system design, consolidate expansion results, attack hard, further highlight China Unicom, reflect scientific, improve normative, safeguard safety, and lead service with high quality slow system construction The people are green.

  The person in charge of Chen Jining and the Municipal Communications Commission and the Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau started from the Naidan Small Street, all the way to Northern Decang, carefully see the non-motorized lane width, traffic logo labeling and roadside parking spaces.

After the Ping’an Street, he will follow the Yuli, Nanluogu Lane and other places, and the dissection of non-motor vehicle lanes.

  Subsequently, Chen Jining rose through the Drum Tower, China National Park, Olympic Park, etc. The cross-loop line slow lane is not in place, etc., requires strengthening monitoring, regulating management, and improves law enforcement efficiency, and enhances the smooth system.

On the way, Chen Jining also inspected the environmental rectification of key blocks, the surrounding passenger flow organization, parking management, ancient capital protection, tourism market order, winter Olympic venues.

  After the riding, Chen Jining office office, summarized the inspection, and pointed out that in recent years, under the traffic, traffic control and other departments and district joint efforts, the main frame of Beijing urban slow traffic system is gradually formed, and the urban cycling greenway is beginning. With scale, the green travel awareness of the masses is constantly improving.

To use large data scientific assessment, carding, there are large-scale regions, large traffic volume, have targeted strengthening traffic order management, focusing on long-term illegal, into a piece, casual setting, railing roadblock, etc., Increase the law enforcement, comprehensive adoption of on-site inspection, non-field law enforcement, off-site law enforcement, etc., enhance the effectiveness of treatment and ensure slow space.

  In-depth research, explore the design cross-loop bicycle lane, optimize traffic lanes, and reasonably set up motor lanes and non-motor vehicle rockers, people, people, cars, order, and create a more convenient riding environment.

To improve the standard specification, set up the area of ??the roadside parking space, finely apply the motorway and the non-motor vehicle lane line to ensure the safety of slow system.

To make the plan, optimize the settlement of "one-day tour" tour bus to get on the car, manage the violation of the violation according to law, and safeguard the tourism traffic order.

  The Secretary-General of the Municipal Government Dai Binbin participated. (Editor: Yin Xingyun, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.