“Brother Xiaolu,Don’t come here unharmed!”The other person sitting next to Major General Luo Li,And smiled at Lu Menglin。

Lu Menglin took a closer look,This is actually the highest leader of the Iron Lion army,General Li Qingsong。
After the secret medicine group was controlled by Lu Menglin,The significance of the existence of the Iron Lion troops has been severely weakened,General Li Qingsong hasn’t appeared for a long time。
I didn’t expect to see him again in this video conference,While Lu Menglin was quite surprised,I can’t help but have some curiosity about the content of this meeting。
He also held video conferences with the military several times before,Basically, both sides first based on the intelligence obtained by the military,Confirm the location of the female horn fly,Then Lu Menglin cooperated with the military,Wipe it out。
The first few times,The military also sent a large force to follow,I found out later that I didn’t need it at all,As long as Lu Menglin goes out,Basically solve the horn flies quickly,He has become the secret weapon of the Chinese military to deal with the expansion of the red zone。
And within Myanmar,The whole area is a blue zone,I can’t even see the horn fly。
Because of Lu MenglinBUGExistence,Even if there is a red zone in China,There are mutant creatures affected by the red mist,But there is no female horn fly,And the scope of the red zone will not expand。
By contrast,Other countries are much worse。They must spend a lot of manpower and material resources,To control the expansion of the red zone。
but,I heard that there are strong players in other countries that can deal with the horn fly,But thinking about it, it’s normal,After all, the human population is so huge,It is inevitable that some powerful characters will pop out。
Just when Lu Menglin thought about Lian Pian,All the split screens in the video screen flashed up。
Chapter VIII Secret Realm Record
Three more people appeared in the video,The far left is a white general,Gray hair,Wearing a straight American military uniform,Still holding an oak pipe in his mouth,Quite a bit like an eagle looks at a wolf。
The man on the right, Lu Menglin, looked familiar,Take a closer look,That old foreign man who was winking at himself,Isn’t it the American consultant Smith I met before??