First figure out the character of the enterprise

First figure out the “character” of the enterprise

According to Pu Xiaojun, the company’s corporate culture can be roughly divided into three types: The first is called a “product company”. This company is characterized by the importance of developing new products, advocating creativity, like creative people, and leaders.Also more visionary.
  The second type is called a “customer company”. This company is characterized by being customer-oriented and prefers people who can build and maintain relationships.
  The third type is called “operational company”. This kind of company emphasizes the completion of things, and they like those who pay attention to the methods of doing things.
Because the “characters” of enterprises are different, it also determines that their approaches to making decisions and managing employees are very different.
  From a decision-making perspective, “operational companies” are often top-down, they focus on whether they can achieve the desired results in the end, so they are more culturally efficient and orderly.
“Customer companies” often value their customers’ opinions, so they make decisions from the outside to the inside.
The “product company” believes that as long as the results are achieved.
  From the perspective of managing employees, the “operational company” does not rely on the advantages of product innovation. It emphasizes how the entire team can create the greatest value for customers at the lowest cost. They pay more attention to the way of doing things, pay attention to quality, and staff willI feel stressed and work is very stressful.
But the advantage is that you can learn good management methods in such companies.
  ”Customer companies” are characterized by being able to meet the needs of employees in order to retain employees and maintain relationships with customers, as is the case with large consulting companies.
  The “product company” will create a comfortable environment and provide employees with sufficient resources, including a lot of training, so as to keep technicians as free as possible.
So for an employee who is pursuing training, you can only gain more if you find the right company.
  Pu Xiaojun pointed out that due to the increasingly fierce market competition, customer-oriented companies and product-oriented companies have transformed into operational companies, and they have emphasized the need to reduce costs. This phenomenon is particularly common in the telecommunications industry.It is more emphasis on localized talent.
  But no matter what type the company is and how it changes, in order to be a good employee, you must do the following four points. These four points also apply to companies of various cultures: first, to serve customers and create value for customersThe second is to respect the individual; the third is to have a team spirit; the fourth is to always pursue the supreme quality standards.