Championship Gamman Chess Dames 100m Preliminaries Eerste Zhu Yaming Three-Stage Jumping Crown

CCTV-nieuws: Beijing Tijd op 11 juni, in het 2021 National Track and Field Championship and Olympic Selectie Competitie in Shangyu, Provincie Zhejiang, eindigde de eerste ochtendtijd, Liaoning Player Zhu Yaming nam een ??man met een 17-meter 39 het drie-niveau Jump Champion, de prestaties worden in dit jaar derde gerangschikt, Azi? eerst.

Bovendien won SU Bingtian de eerste 10 m-lager in 10 seconden 13, en GE Mamanto won de 100m-preliminaries van vrouwen in 11 seconden 23.

Heren-jumpveld met drie niveaus, Zhu Yaming Second sprong uit 16 meter 94, en sprong eindelijk in het uitgangspunt van de wind per seconde, Zhu Yaming sprong uit 17 meter! De score is slechts 1 cm lager dan hij, en de wereld behoort derde in dit jaar.

Vanwege de Amerikaanse ster Christian-Taylor-letsel aan de Tokyo Olympische Spelen kan ik uit 17 meter 39 Zhu Yaming springen, die ook wordt beschouwd als een potentieel geschil in hete. Guangdong-selectie Zoeken Zoeken Wu Rui Tie 16 meter 90 Won The Runner-Up, Shaanxi Player Fang Yaoqing was 3 meter 70. Heren Jade Pistool Finales, Tianjin-spelers wonnen de kampioen met 76 meter 98, Beijing Player Liu Qizhen 72 meter 48 won de Runner-Up, Beijing Player Liu Zhekai 70 meter 69 Krijg de derde.

Heren 1500m Preliminaries, Guangxi-spelers Liu de Help 3 minuten en 50 seconden 23 Won de kampioen, Zhejiang-spelers 奚 枭 Horizon 3 minuten en 50 seconden 70 Get de runner-up, Shanghai Player Xie Dongsheng 3 punten 50 seconden 99 Krijg de derde. Vrouwen 400 meter Preliminaries, Guangdong-spelers mojiatue 53 seconden 66 gerangschikt als eerste.

De 4x100m-preliminaries van mannen, het Fujian-team gerangschikt in 39 seconden 56. (Editor: LI YA).

Creating a high level of talent highland, how to "Sea Jie"

In the public space of Xuhui Bin River, the opportunity of "Hajerying Talents" is started by the "Hajerying Talent", Shanghai once again issued a "Shundan Post" to the global high-level talent.

Talent is the first resource in Shanghai, the core resources, Shanghai is eager for talent than ever.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has inspected Shanghai, and it is important instructions on Shanghai talent work. It requires Shanghai to play an advantage of internationalization, and we will collect all aspects of excellent talents to accelerate the technology innovation center with global influence. Enter. At the 30th anniversary of Pudong Development, I have been introducing a more convenient introduction policy in Shanghai, General Secretary Xi Jinping requested Shanghai to implement more open and more convenient talents, and actively introduced high-level talents, talents and teams, especially young people.

"To facing the world’s science and technology frontier, facing the economy main battlefield, for the major needs of the country, facing the people’s lives and health, in-depth implementation of the strong national strategy, all-round training, introduction, use a good talent." The Central Talent Work Conference, Xi Jinping The secretary filed a new concept of new concept of new era, and became a scientific guide and powerful driving force for the high-quality work in the new era. Practice the general secretary of the general secretary, Shanghai continues to strengthen the strategic planning and policy innovation of talent work, accelerate the high-level talents, let all kinds of talents gather in Shanghai, take the root of Shanghai, officers, and realize value. Choose Shanghai: Talents at home and abroad, do not agree on Shanghai with many high-level talents, because here can find "partners", there are upstream industrial chains, there are "application scenarios … Shanghai Hailong Petrochemical Research Institute special expert Ji Mo Ning told reporters He has established contact with Shanghai for more than a decade ago. "From the equipment, materials to the market, it is easy to find partners and can do business.

"Ji Mo Ning uses" convenience "to describe Shanghai’s innovative entrepreneurial environment. Behind talent is long, it is Shanghai for many years. In 2015," Talent 20 ", 2016" Talent 30 "On the basis, in 2018, the Shanghai Talents Work General Assembly issued a" gathering of the world "to the whole society, and the lack of the lack of top high-end talents," solved by personalized breakthrough Case problem.

In 2020, Shanghai issued a "number of opinions on the development strategy of Shanghai to implement talents in the new era", further strengthening people at home and abroad aggregation.

The data shows that the total number of talent resources in Shanghai reached 6.75 million. In Shanghai Work Foreign Talents, Studying Students in Shanghai Work and Entrepreneurship ranked the country in the country; in the "most attractive Chinese city" in foreign talents, Shanghai ranked first in the country for 8 consecutive years. At the same time, talent innovation has continued to emerge.

Shanghai has received more than 10% of the National Science and Technology Awards in 19 years, and the first prize of 2019, 2020 accounts for more than 20%.

In recent years, Shanghai scientists have published papers in the top academic journals of "Nature" "Science" "Cell", which account for more than 25% of the country. Innovation does not ask, heroes continue to "launch loose", Shanghai crack talent development system barriers, for talents and employers "increased power, add vitality", release innovation source live water. Innovation does not ask for it, heroes no matter the place.

Shanghai breaks the "Wen, Wen, Only Academic Experience, Ji" evaluation, classification promotes the reform of talent evaluation mechanism. The Shanghai Drugs of the Chinese Academy of Sciences broke the only standard with "out the paper", and the evaluation of new drug researchers surrounded the core goals of "New Drug", hiring clinical approbs, new drug certificates and senior positions, and raising researchers engaged in the enthusiasm of new drug research and development. Science and Technology Achievements provide a continuous transformation project. Shanghai University of Science and Technology Explore the core of common professors as the core, learn from international access evaluation methods, established "five major" (ie, heavy moral product line, heavy education book education, heavy academic level, development potential, heavy international recognition) as the core indicator New system of talent evaluation.

In the conversion of scientific and technological achievements, the reform allows researchers to "fame and fortune", thus enhance the ability of "paper change". In 2016, Shanghai introduced talents "30", proposed to improve the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and the Shanghai Institute of Technology is the first batch of scientific research teams to eat crabs.

Since then, more and more colleges and universities have tasted the Sweets of "Loosing".

Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, School of Sciences, School of Science, Shanghai Drug Institute, Shanghai University, etc. The Ministry of Science and Technology given the scientific research personnel to grant the job scientific and technological achievements ownership or long-term use rights pilot, accounting for 15% of the total pilot. The rights of scientific and technological achievements, the right to disposal, and the power of the three rights are fully implemented in this city.

In 2019, the number of technical market contracts and contractual quantities and contractual increases were 159% higher than 2016, 208%. In the 2019 cash and equity rewards, the personal rewards reached%.

Talent cultivation also breaks the routine.

As the leader in the software industry, the Shanghai Software Center promoted the "three-stage ladder talent training program". This plan is focused on the position, and strives to focus on key talents, and tightened the training.

Not only is that you have to become a talent, but also lead more people become talents. Kong Fantun is one of the representatives of the Shanghai Software Center "Talented Talent".

Kong Fuli has proposed and explored the "R & D + Trial + Capital + Industry" integration of "R & D + Trial + Capital + Industry". After the establishment of Shanghai High-tech Achievements Transformation Project, as of the end of 2019, he led the team accumulated Cultivate 589 enterprises (team), cultivate innovative people who have formed nearly 4,500 people, and innovative models have successfully output the landing long triangles.

"Introducing and cultivating a high-end talent, sometimes can bring a team, rising a discipline, creating an industry, even achieving a strategy. The relevant person in charge of the city talent office said, attracting a group of major scientists with global influence, High-end talents such as large entrepreneurs, the big artists can consulate Shanghai original advantages, promote urban development motivation and speedering conversion, and promote urban development energy levels. "Do not fight the golden land environment", to create a good ecology in the southwest of Shanghai, China’s "Zero Bay" global innovation and entrepreneurial collection area, and only "a wall separation" in the Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Here, there are more than ten dual-created carriers such as Zero Bay, Jiaotong University Science Park, Feima Brigade, attracting many technological talents to achieve their dreams. "Do not have a golden land environment", Shanghai’s comparative advantage of the comprehensive environment of talents, enhance the attractiveness of talents, cohesiveness, heart, let "people here are proud, people have come, have not been The people are longing. " Stepping on the innovation of innovation, it is easy to find low cost, convenient, full elements, open public space in Shanghai, because Shanghai takes the lead in "not filed, do not register, not registering", excitation and aggregation market resources. Building an entrepreneurial talent cradle, the first to establish the first national spatial space alliance to carry out industry autonomy.

In the event of a match, the election is also an important measure to attract talents in Shanghai.

Yang Pu is looking for the "Star of Entrepreneurship", in the past five consecutive years, commissioned social institutions to carry out Shanghai Yangpu "Star" contest in Shanghai Yangpu.

Introducing discrete, responsible investment evaluation mechanism, excavation of a group of "unicure beasts", such as Laubang, Rubika Apartment, Daoli, a famous doctor, etc., etc. Not only let people be introduced, but also to stay, use well, provide active service, precision service, efficient service for this Shanghai, provide good ecology for talents.

Zhonghua Court Talent Apartment is the first high-end talent apartment building in Huangpu District for financial services, cultural and creative industries, professional services, is also a pilot project of financial talent apartment in Shanghai’s first urban area.

Talent apartments are not only embedded in the talent window reception area, distribute the city, district talent policy advisory information and community affairs acceptance terminal platform, let the community affairs handle the appointment, "one-stop" in the talent policy consultation, still in public The area has created a "big living room" to introduce all kinds of rich activities, making talents become a "family." In addition, the professional consultant team regularly conducts the needs of the group, helping people to solve their worries. "It is the store of the" shop small two "that is governed to be talented, and they will feel the temperature of the city in Shanghai, and I like Shanghai.

"Government staff engaged in talent, respecting talents, providing intimate services for talents, in order to enhance the display of talent policies and sensuality, satisfaction. (Editor: Ma Wi Peng, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing Let more people see arrive.

121 units offer 3,600 trainees

  The 121 units provide 3600 eligible personnel who voluntarily sign up for the employment trainee reporter from the Shijiazhuang City Employment Service Center. According to the work deployment of the national, provincial and municipal levels on young employment trainees, according to "Shijiazhuang City Employment" The implementation Measures, the relevant work requirements, the city level recognized 2021-2022 121 young employment trainees, 3,600 trainees, and eligible personnel at all from December 7th to 17th can voluntarily sign up for employment trainees. People who meet the following conditions can sign up for employment deduction: 1. Unidentified college graduates within 2 years (referring to college graduates, senior universities, preparation technician class, professional education graduates, and After the national academic qualifications, the returning country, returning to the Mainland personnel) and the poverty-stricken counties and national counties (referring to the source) graduates (including technological schools).

The age of unemployment youth (born from 1 January 1997 to December 31, 2005). Registration location on the second floor of the Human Resources Market of Shijiazhuang City, No. 48, Shijiazi Road, Shijiazhuang City. Personnel to participate in employment, you can consult the "2021-2022 apprenticeship unit and post information", select intentional units and positions, fill in the "Employment Application Form" "Shijiazhuang City Employment Traditional Training Notice" and bring the original ID card, copy One-on-one, "employment venture certificate" or "employment unemployment registration certificate" electronic copy print (with paper "employment entrepreneurial certificate" and one-inch photo, unidentified college graduates The original and photocopy of the "Diplom" "report" reported to the certificate (the report has been deposited in the talent market), and the unemployed youth needs to provide diplomatic network diploma. "Employment Application Form" "Shijiazhuang City Employment Traditional Taking Notice" "2021-2022 employment trainee and post information" can be downloaded by Shijiazhuang Employment Service Center website. After the registration, the eligible college graduates and unemployed youths passed the job docking, and the trainee is signed with the trainee, and the trainee begins to the trainee in January 2022, the last period of no more than 9 months. Formal labor relationship can be established after the end.

According to the relevant regulations of the epidemic prevention and control, the registration personnel must present the Hebei Health Code. After normal temperature measurement, it can enter the market building. The whole way to wear masks that meet the protection requirements (it is recommended to wear medical surgical masks), pay attention to disperse into, and keep 1 with others 1 From the distance of the meter, leave as soon as possible after the registration is over, avoiding close contact communication. (Reporter Zhao Xiaohua).

2022 National New Year Shopping Festival is in full swing, "Really Happy" Happy Tiger is the consumer protection "price" care "line"

Taiwan, under the premise of doing a good job of selecting a good object to consumers, also take the initiative to take responsibility for maintaining the healthy development of the retail industry.

On the one hand, I am really happy to jointly open the formulation of the "retail buyer selection norms" group standard. This is the first nation’s first regulation of the new market environment under the new market environment and technical conditions. standard. On the other hand, I really have two dimensions from buying and music, and build a true election to buy a strict selection, improve the value of the featured sector. Through the form of the game + list, three kinds of live broadcast, short video, notes Methods, enhance the vitality of the music features, with consumers who are happy to see the platform model, providing customers with a more cost-effective goods and high standard services. Really happy app users, the service concept, and the good goods are really low, the service is really fast, the three core values ??of shopping happiness are unable to meet the concept of the national new year shopping festival. On the occasion of the new journey, do a good job in the new year, and the strong domestic market for promoting the quality and expansion of consumption, the construction demand is strong, and it has an important role in the domestic circulation.

This Spring Festival, the happy happiness will take the mighty domineering and uncomfortable image, with the consumer, go online, I believe that in the real price of the real happy happiness, consumers will buy more affordable, purchase Reassuring.

Editor in charge: kJ005.

Agent aankopen! Hoe vergemakkelijken bedrijven de elektrische kostendruk onder de golf van de elektriciteitsprijs?

Aan het einde van 2021 nam het tempo van de hervorming van de elektriciteitsprijzen een andere belangrijke stap. Volgens de National Development Reform Commission, de nationale ontwikkeling en hervorming Commissie om de marketing van de marketinghervorming van de marketinghervorming van China ‘s extensie "en" kennisgeving ") en de geest en eisen van de relevante documenten met betrekking tot de Ontwikkeling van de provinciale administratieve districten, er zijn geweest om de industri?le en commerci?le gebruikers te bevorderen om de elektriciteitsmarkt in te voeren, en de verkoopprijs van de business catalogus zal worden geannuleerd; van 1 december moeten de industri?le en commerci?le gebruikers de markt of produceren elektriciteit uit het roosterbedrijf. Onder de golf van elektriciteitsprijs proberen ondernemingen de veranderingen van elektriciteitskosten te verlichten. Aan de ene kant is het bevorderlijk voor het verlichten van de onredelijke situatie die bedrijven overmatige invloedsschommelingen hebben. Aan de andere kant helpt het ook om redelijkerwijs aan te passen Aanbrengen en aanbod door marketisatie-mechanismen. Aan beide kanten, zal de meerderheid van de industri?le en commerci?le ondernemingen een gedetailleerd account, slim plan, bewust een energiebesparing en emissiereductie, mager en bevordering van de realisatie van dubbele koolstofdoelstellingen vormen. Volgens de "kennisgeving" is het drijvende assortiment van kolengestookte vermogensopwekkingmarkten in de toekomst niet meer dan 10% van de stroomvlotter, niet meer dan 15% van het onderste drijvende principe, en het is niet meer dan 20% van het principe van op en neer. Niet onderworpen aan drijvende limiet van 20%. Dit betekent dat de mate van energiekosten in de toekomst alleen maar toenemen.

Met name, in het geval van hoge energieprijzen, zullen veel ondernemingen meer stroombesparende kosten dan ooit worden geconfronteerd. Dus, onder de marketing van elektriciteitsrechten, hoe verlichten bedrijven actief de kosten van elektriciteit? Open Source Drainage Peaks, Microgrids kunnen een open source benadering aannemen van de geoptimaliseerde brug van het bedrijf in een steeds dynamische en complexe elektriciteitsprijs, die open source-aanpak kan nemen, dat is, door de introductie van gedistribueerde energie om meer complementair te bereiken, van eenvoudig gebruik De capaciteiten transformeren in de energie van energie.

Veel productiebedrijven kunnen bijvoorbeeld de verspreiding van de gedistribueerde fotovolta?sche vermogensgeneratiesystemen bovenop het plantenhuis installeren, als supplementen tot vermogensraster.

Dit initiatief introduceert niet alleen nieuwe voedingsbronnen, waardoor de elektriciteitskosten wordt verminderd, maar draagt ??ook bij aan ondernemingen om het verbruik van schone energie te verbeteren, de koolstofvoetafdruk te verminderen en de duurzame ontwikkeling van ondernemingen te verbeteren. Aan de andere kant kan worden gezien dat na de aanpassing van het elektriciteitsprijsmechanisme het nationale gebied van industri?le en commerci?le pieken in het land in het algemeen hoger is geworden dan de Yuan / kWh, en het maximale piekelektriciteitsprijsverschil tussen Sommige provincies en steden hebben zelfs Yuan / kWh overschreden. Tegenwoordig kunnen bedrijven in de huidige, continue daling van de energieopslag, volledig gebruik maken van een meer significant piek elektriciteitsprijsverschil in het kader van het nieuwe elektriciteitsprijsmechanisme, met behulp van energieopslagtechnologie, piek en een meer economische vermogensmodus behalen. Op deze manier kunnen bedrijven flexibele planning voor productie en operaties combineren, niet alleen de elektrische lading verminderen, maar ook de capaciteiten elektriciteitsrekeningen verminderen, waardoor elektriciteitsuitgaven aanzienlijk wordt bespaard. Natuurlijk is het noodzakelijk om nieuwe energie-energieopwekking en energie-opslagapparaten te gebruiken om een ??vermindering van uitgebreide energiekosten te bereiken, maar ook voor de stabiliteit en betrouwbaarheid van de bedrijfstoeding, dit moet de hulp nemen van het prachtige micro-raster.

In de afgelopen jaren wordt het micro-raster beschouwd als een effectieve oplossing voor hernieuwbare energie, die ook een steeds belangrijkere rol speelt bij het verbeteren van de betrouwbaarheid, economie en ontslag van hernieuwbare energie. Als een krachtig supplement op het hoofdraster, kan de microgrid de gedistribueerde voeding, het energieopslagapparaat en de elektriciteitsbelasting van de gebruiker co?rdineren. Onder het uitgangspunt van het garanderen van betrouwbaarheid en beveiliging, het vraag van de gebruiker en het maximale energieverbruik. Schneider elektrische innovatieve tools, het beheer van de slimme hersenen voor microthermage-netwerken in dit opzicht, als een digitale overgangsdeskundige op het gebied van globale energie-effici?ntiebeheer en automatisering, kan Schneider ElectrogrrogrrogrrogrrogrrogrrogrrogrrogrrogrrogrogridAdvisor-adviseurs op basis van groen energiebeheerconcept gebruiken (hierna Verwezen naar EMA Microbrid Management Consultant), helpt bedrijven om de microgrid effectief te beheren.

EMA Microfite Management Consulting op basis van de kunstmatige intelligentietechnologie, kan het EMA Micro-Network Management informatie combineren, zoals elektriciteitsprijslicht, historische gegevens, weersvoorspelling en schema. Door de werking van het model voorspellend besturingsalgoritme, wordt het juist voorspeld De energievoorziening en de vraag in de Enterprise Microgrid-grens en is gebaseerd op daadwerkelijk gebruik. Elektrische vraag, het co?rdineren van fotovolta?sche energieopwekking en energieopslagsysteem, minimaliseren van power Peak-vallei.

Vertrouw op deze mogelijkheden, biedt EMA een slimme hersenen als een nieuwe energietransmissie, krachtoverbrenging, laadelektriciteitsvraag, enorm optimaliseert energiebespanning, aanzienlijk verbetert de nieuwe energiepenetratie en economische voordelen van Enterprise.

Vóór de aanpassing van het elektriciteitsprijsmechanisme heeft Schneider Electric de EMA Micro-Network Management Consultant gebruikt om een ??reeks binnenlandse ondernemingen te helpen, waaronder hun eigen planten om de transformatie van energieproducenten te bereiken, waardoor de dual-carbon-doelstellingen en onder de trend van Markatie van elektriciteitsprijzen, we zullen de kans winnen met het initiatief om het energietraject te openen.

Bijvoorbeeld, met behulp van een oplossing, waaronder een EMA Micro-Network Management Consultant, heeft Schneider Electric een gedistribueerd energiesysteem gecre?erd dat een op micolocraterij gebaseerd energiesysteem is, dat digitale technologie heeft bereikt. Economische planning van dak fotovolta?sche, energieopslag en flexibele belasting En de controle optimaliseren, een functionele architectuur vaststellen die complementair is aan elektrische energie. Via dit project is Xinmei Electric in 2020 met 146% gestegen en is de jaarlijkse nieuwe energiepenetratietarief verhoogd tot 70% en de jaarlijkse elektriciteitskosten is meer dan 30%.

Voor een ander voorbeeld, onder de hulp van de EMA Micro-Network Management Consultant, maakt Schneider Electric Beijing Factory gebruik van de fotovolta?sche gegenereerde capaciteit van de microGrid om 2400 kilowatt te bereiken, de jaarlijkse energieopwekking is meer dan 2,24 miljoen graden, en de groene energie is goed voor 30% van de hele plant energie. Meer dan 2.000 ton koolstofemissies per jaar.

Met de optimalisatie van energiebesparende transformatie en energiesysteem heeft het binnen een jaar meer dan 100.000 elektriciteit bereikt. Het heeft 10% van het energieverbruik in de afgelopen drie jaar verminderd en het energieverbruik van eenheidsuitgangswaarde heeft ook een jaar bereikt per jaar. Er kan worden gezien dat de marketinghervorming van het elektriciteitsprijs-transactiemechanisme de uitdagingen heeft gebracht, maar ook een goede gelegenheid heeft gebracht om de transformatie van de versnellingsbetaler-modus te versnellen. Zoals de communicatiepartner op het gebied van groen energiebeheer, zal Schneider Electric innovatieve technologie?n en toepassingen op het gebied van gedistribueerde energie en microgrid blijven leiden, om schone koolstofarme, veilige en effici?nte nieuwe voedingssystemen en continue voortstuwingssenstructuren te bouwen. De transformatie levert een positieve bijdrage. Disclaimer: De markt is riskant, kies voorzichtig! Dit artikel is alleen ter referentie, niet voor handelsbasis.

Beijing launches 22 ice and snow tourism lines

Original title: This city launched 22 ice and snow tourism lines (Reporter Cui Yifei) Yesterday, "2021 Beijing Ice and Snow Cultural Tourism Season" in Beijing World Park in Beijing, in the world, "2021 Beijing Ice and Snow Cultural Tourism Season" in Beijing World Park.

The event was hosted by the Beijing Tenture Bureau jointly Yanqing District People’s Government, will last until the 15th, 2022 (February 15) from the end of November 2022 (February 15). The activity integrates Beijing Winter Olympics, urban characteristics, cultural logo, launched 22 Beijing ice and snow tourism boutique lines, so that the public tourists enjoy the fun of ice and snow.

  Beijing Youth Daily reported that 22 ice and snow tourism boutique lines launched a total of hundreds of years of Olympic dreams, enjoy the Beijing ice and snow, ice and snow, happy trips, enjoy the ice and snow of Beijing, enjoy the wonderful trip, enjoy Beijing Ice and Snow Leisure Hill Tour Four Topics, Collection of Ice and Snow Activities, Winter Cultural Activities, Winter Cultural Activities, Snow Events, Snowland, etc., including skiing, hiking, hiking, self-driving, food, net red card Such a variety of tourist elements, so that the winter ice and snow tour of the public will be very pleasant.

  Yesterday, the 36th Ice Snow Season of Yanqing District also started synchronous. Yanqing District launched 10 boutique ice and snow travel lines, in series Beijing World Park Ice and Snow Carnival, Vanke Shijinglong and Badaling Ski Resort, fixed wing air to see Yanqing and other nearly 60 special ice and snow tourism resources. It is understood that Yanqing has opened the ice and snow bus this year, and it brings convenience to the tourists. Photography / News Reporter Yuan Yi Link 22 Beijing Ice and Snow Tourism Boutique Line 100 Years Olympic Dream Theme Line 1: Beijing Winter Olympics – New Shougang Bridge – Ski Great Tower – Shougang Three High Furnaces (National Reading Art Book Shop, Beijing Gift · Shougang Park) – Xiangta – Shougang Limited Park 2: Beijing World Park – World Garden Tangquan Hotel Hot Spring Experience – World Garden Hyatt Regency / Zhangshan Yam Town Winter Town – Shijing Dragon Ski Resort (two Day Tour) Line 3: Miyuan Yunding Ski Resort / Fusong Four Seasons Ski Resort / Tai Dynasty Ski Towns – Tai Dynasty Striper One Street – Night Sliding Experience (Two – Day Tour) Line 4: Beijing Yanqing World Grape Expedition Ice Snow Carnival – ClubmedJoyView Yanqing Resort / Fusong Four Seasons Town – Shijing Dragon Ski Sub / Fulong Ski Resort (Two-Day Tour) Lexiang Jingki Snow Theme · Play to King and So Salary Tour 5: Shijingshan Citizen Snow Sports Center – Lang Yuan Park- China Xi Live · Wukesong Line 6: Miyunnan Mountain Ski Resort – Vientiane – Sky Valley Line 7: Shenquan Gorge Snow Festival – Googhan Village Farming Museum – Gushan Village Ice and Snow Carnival – Valley Mountain People Line 8: Yongning Ancient City – Qingshan Garden Happy Ice Season – Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Festival Road 9: Beijing Lotus Mountain Ski Resort – Flower Port Butterfly World – Flower Port Ice Snow Carnival Line 10: 3 Temple One Tower / Grand Canal Forest Park / Canal Park – City Green Forest Park – Global City Avenue Line 11: China Film Museum – China Railway Museum (East Out " Island Square (unmanned hole light show) – Sun Moon Island Ice Found – Great Wall Music Water Dance Show – Yushen Hot Springs Boutique Hotel (Two-Day Tour) Line 13: Erqi Factory 1897 Kuchuang City – Nangong Hot Spring Snow Park – Nangong Nationality Spa Water 14: Ju Yongguan Great Wall – Le Duo Port Fantasy Paradise – Le Duang Wanda Plaza – Le Duang Marriott Hotel Tang Le Palace Line 15: Jing Zhihu Ski Resort – Jingshi Lake Hot Spring Hotel – Xingshou Town Strawberry Picking ( Two-Day Tour) Lexiang Ice Snow Theme · Leisure Hill Winter Cooperative Trip 16: Beijing Fiyang International Ski Resort – Chrysanthemum Banquet – Jinta Valley Vacation Town Line 17: Red Brick Art Museum – Beijing Suto Luo Hong Photography Art Museum – Central Fortune Xiangyun Small Town Line 18: Wild Duck Lake State Wetland Park – Kangzhuang Returning 原 奶 庄 – 云瀑 冰冰 冰 线 线 19 19: Heilong Tan Ice Water / Yun Mengshan – Fishing Street – Mujia Yuyue Minamari Picking Lines 20: Xia Yunling National Forest Park – Jinshui Lake Scenic Area – Jinshui Lake 7th Ice Snow Festival Line 21: Daxing International Airport – Wooden Cotton Hotel – Snow Ski Route 22: Red Slit Temple – Huaishi International Ski Field – Top Shuquan Tree Town / This reporter Cui Yifei (Editor: Gao Xing, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.

China Moderne Art Pioneer Pang Xunyi werkt tentoonstelling gehouden in Macau

  De Chinese moderne kunst Pioneer Pang Xun’s werkshow opende op 10 december op de Universiteit van Macau. De tentoonstelling is de hoofdlijn met de Pang Xiyi-kunstcollectie (replica) en aanverwante literatuur, die de buitengewone bijdrage van Pang Xunzhen aan Chinese kunst en oneindige liefde voor nationale landen tonen. De tentoonstelling wordt gehost door Suzhou Cultural Radio en Television en Tourism Bureau, de regering van Changshu Municipal People, en mede georganiseerd door het Pang Xunyi Art Museum, Macao Yixin Media Co., Ltd. 24 december.

  Han Guard, Director Suzhou Culturele Radio en Televisie en Toerisme Bureau, zei dat Pang Xunzhen een beroemde Chinese schilder, ontwerper en artistieke opvoeder is, is een pionier van moderne Chinese kunst. Macau en Suzhou, Changshu is vrij diep in cultuur.

Al in de 17e eeuw zijn Changshi-mensen in de "Sixth of Qing Dynasty" in Macau, met de mensen van de mensen hier, groeien, en de 30 "Macao Diverse" gedichten van "Macao Diversen" studeert vroege Macau-geschiedenis en cultuur. Belangrijke informatie.

Ik hoop dat deze tentoonstelling een nieuwe brug is om een ??diepere culturele uitwisseling in twee steden te bouwen.

  Song Yonghua, de Macau University, zei dat na Macao de National Development-strategie integreert, het altijd groot belang is voor de gematigde multi-diversiteit van de industrie, en de ontwikkeling van culturele creatieve industrie?n zal veel hart gieten.

In het tijdperk van artistiek design en ambachtelijke kunst creatief, zijn mensen niet bekend met de meester van Pang Xun, en weten niet eens hoe zijn naam is, hoe te schrijven is een zeer spijtige cultuur.

Macau University China History and Cultural Center introduceerden met succes deze tentoonstelling voor Macao, is een belangrijk historisch en cultureel en artistiek cultureel complement. Jiangsu Provinciaal Partij Comité Permanent Comité, Minister van de Provinciale Partijcommissie, Li Jianlin, Macao SAR Government Social Culture Director Ouyang Yu, de plaatsvervangend directeur van de Macau, de plaatsvervangend secretaris-generaal van de Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government Huang Yu, Macau Sushu Zhejiang En Shanghai Tongxiang Association Changkaiyi, en vertegenwoordigers van alle lagen van het leven in de provincie Jiangsu en de Macao SAR. (Xinhua News Agency Liu Gang, Li Hanfang).

The same arrangement "Clenbuterol" mutton has completed the fast inspection 13 batches All qualified

  Xiamen News (Xiamen Daily reporter Chen Mu) This year CCTV "3 · 15" party exposed "Clenbuterol" lamb, the market supervision department attaches great importance.

The Tong’an District Market Supervision Bureau organized the focus of lamb and its products, and completed 13 batches of mutton lean meat, all the test results were complete.

  It is understood that the Tongan market supervision department has a comprehensive examination of the collective market, shopping malls, supermarkets, meat shops and catering service units sold by lamb and its products, and organizes the lean meat sampling of lamb and its products. In the inspection, law enforcement personnel focus on strengthening the supervision of mutton and related meat products processing small workshops, production enterprises, collective markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, meat shops, catering service units and other places, requires operators to purchase lamb and related meat products. To establish and strictly implement the purchase inspection, reassurance, the record system, "enter the market must" entry into time and accurate, accurate and accurate, and keep the mutton and other livestock and poultry meat and its product origin certificate or purchase documents, qualified certificate documents And the nuclear and poultry meat and its products such as lamb and its products such as lamb and its products were not allowed to enter the market. Its products.

   Tips how to stay away from lean meat? Market regulatory authorities remind consumers: 1. Select reliable meat purchase channels.

It is recommended that consumers go to large chain supermarkets to buy meat food produced by large brand manufacturers.

  Second, through the color, the odor is not able to distinguish between lean meat.

  Third, the amount of red meat is too much, and the edible method is not easy to cause obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is recommended that the consumption of livestock and poultry is 280g to 525g, and the fish is 280g-525g; 40g-75g per day is taken daily, and it is balanced by human production.

  Fourth, reduce (control) the intake of animal internal organs.

De mensen suggereren dat Urumqi internationale evenementen voor paardenraces kan houden? Alle lagen van het leven

De verslaggever leerde dat het "Xinjiang-moderne paardenindustrieontwikkelingsplan (2019-2030)" (hierna "plan" genoemd) (hierna "plan" genoemd) wordt weergegeven dat 6 vari?teiten zoals YILI MA, KAZAKHMA, enz. Het is het rijkste provincie in de bronnen van het land en de moderne paardenindustrie is een unieke conditie. De voorzitter van de Master Association van Xinjiang, de decaan van het Xinjiang Agricultural University MA Industrial Research Institute, Yao Xinkui, zei tegen het People-netwerk, "Planning" verduidelijkt het idee en het hoofddoel van de moderne ontwikkeling van de moderne paardenindustrie van Xinjiang, zal draaien rond de " Eén as "" twee districten "" Drie de lay-outontwikkeling van ‘Ten Town’ van de ontwikkeling van "stad" "" Six Town "is ontwikkeld en de paardenindustrie wordt getransformeerd van de traditie. "Planning" stelt voor aan 2025, op basis van de fokkerij, het paardenraces is de tractie, cultureel toerisme is de focus, het product, het model, de forage-trainingsindustrie en de communicatietransactie, het moderne paardenindustrie systeem is in principe gevestigd. De relevante persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor de dierhouderij en veterinaire bureau van de autonome regio, zei ook dat na de implementatie van het "plan", het aanbieden van de nationale maritieme industri?le lay-out redelijker is, de industri?le structuur is meer geoptimaliseerd, de infrastructuur is compleet, het kernconcurrentievermogen van de paardenindustrie is aanzienlijk toegenomen, en de industri?le voordelen zijn aanzienlijk verbeterd. De massa’s van paarden inkomsten en levensstandaards zijn aanzienlijk verbeterd, en de traditionele paardenindustrie heeft aanzienlijke vooruitgang geboekt bij de ontwikkeling van Moderne paardenindustrie.

"Moderne technologie toepassen om de ontwikkeling van de Xinjiang-paardenindustrie te bevorderen, het autorijden van WAN MA helpt plattelandsrevitalisatie.

"Een Shandong-ondernemer in een 10-jarige Xinjiang grote industrie zei dat Xinjiang in de afgelopen jaren geleidelijk de grootste is, de meest complete industri?le keten, de meest complete industrie keten, en de ontwikkeling van de industrie en de industrie-foundation relatief zwak , Maleisische fokken, registratie en andere links gebrek aan stabiele ondersteuning, veterinair, stagiair, enz. De derde is om de oprichting van het MAHAWAWAN-fonds van Xinjiang MAHAWAN-ontwikkeling te bevorderen en de vier is om "Tianma te dwingen" IP-merk "Tianma te forceren, en Maak een "Western Madong" -merkstrategie.

Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port Area: "Reform and Innovation + Characteristic Industries + Business Environment" leads high quality development

Original title: "Zero to 10 billion" Dongjiang is the realization of Dongjiang Bonded Port Area, earnestly implemented the "three focus" important requirements for Top Secretary of Tongfa to Tianjin’s work, and focus on improving the quality and benefits.

The reporter learned from the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area, as of November 12, Dongjiang’s general public budget income reached 100 million yuan, an increase of 2.5 billion yuan last year, an increase of 32%. With the powerful engine of reform and innovation, Dongjiang accelerates high quality development and realizes "zero to 10 billion" accelerates.

In the past five years, Dongjiang’s financial revenue has increased up to 48%, and the fiscal indicators have grown rapidly, reflecting the overall quality of Dongjiang’s overall quality.

"Introduction to the person in charge of the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area," Decoding the Causes of the High Quality Development of Dongjiang ‘s Economics,’ Reform Innovation + Characteristic Industries + Business Environment ‘Become Keywords. "Dongjiang has the double identity of the trade zone and the main zone, the main battlefield for the development of the opening and industrial development. The main position. Dongjiang focuses on the most urgent demands, continuous reform and innovation, and strive to build the innovation and development of the trade zone" The troops "," and vigorously explore the prior demonstration experience of copied, can be promoted. In July this year, the "New Mode of Bonded Leasing Customs Supervision" represents the Tianjin Trade Zone Reform and Innovation and Innovation Achievements Selected the Best Practice of the Free Trade Test Area issued by the State Council in the State Council. .

The 4 cases of Dongjiang also selected the 2021 financial innovation case in Tianjin Free Trade Test Area, accounting for 30% of Tianjin’s innovative entities, and there are 5 new cases in the near future. As a national financing lease policy innovation strategy, Dongjiang still plays a role in the industry leader this year: China’s first revival number high-speed rail direct rental business, the national first ship cross-border asset package transaction, the national first rental enterprise sustainable development hook bond Issue, the national first bonded "customer change" re-leasing business is completed in Dongjiang.

Realize economic development, in addition to the need for innovation, there must also have a large industry and large project support.

In recent years, Dongjiang has formed a variety of emerging industries such as financing rental, commercial and maintenance, online freight, international trade, cold chain warehousing, and constantly leading the development of the industry, and the commercial new model is endless, and new kinetic energy is accumulated for economic development. Run "Dongjiang Acceleration". From January to October of this year, there were more than $ 100 billion in the same period from last year; cross-border lease assets accumulated more than $ 100 billion, accounting for about 80%.

At present, Dongjiang is a global second largest aircraft lease center, which is expected to usher in the 2000 aircraft rental business next year.

At the same time, Dongjiang has continuously extending the industrial chain for the leading industry in the jurisdiction, and has promoted the rapid development of multiple industries.

Creating an internationalization, rule of controlling, and convenient business environment, is also another important engine for Dongjiang’s economic development.

This year, Dongjiang has repeatedly opened a precedent for service enterprises and the masses, and pilot a number of government services "first".

The country’s first depositary business scope conversion, the city’s first set of partnerships through "enterprises to open a window" platform, industrial project approval to realize "landing, starting", real estate registration electrical heat linkage, etc. All in Dongjiang. The Dongjiang Management Committee also continued to cooperate with the Self-Trade Court, the Lease Tribunal, relying on the high-quality judicial services, Dongjiang attracted many financing leases, commercialized business gathered, forming a complete industrial chain, ecological chain.

(Reporter Ma Ming) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.