Two conferences: netizens hoped to strengthen management of network financial platforms

People’s Network Beijing March 2 (Fusheng Ying) 2021 People’s Network’s two sessions of the survey released.

As of February 28, "Financial Risk" is listed in the hot word list.

From 16 to 18 December 20020, the Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing. At the meeting, the word "risk" was mentioned many times. The meeting clearly pointed out to "adhere to the bottom line thinking, improve the risk foresee of predictive ability, and strictly prevent various risk challenges."

Financial security is an important part of national security, and maintaining financial security is related to the overall economic and social development of my country.

According to the survey, since last year, netizens have highly concerned about financial risk related issues. Illegal fund-raising, illegal lending issues, and financial investment risk issues have become a hot spot for netizens. In the financial sector rectification work last year,% of netizens pay attention to "special rectification of P2P network borrowings", and% of netizens expressed concern about "comprehensive cleaning and rectification of financial order".

In response to how to prevent financial risks, 69% of netizens believe that the education supervision and management of financial institutions and regulators, and strengthen anti-corruption in the financial sector.

In addition, resolutely crack down on all kinds of illegal financial activities, effective stability, key field credit risks, and accelerating financial market infrastructure construction, improve financial risk prevention and accountability system systems, etc., netizens are generally recognized.

Netizen Message Recommendations Room Financial Platform Management. Nickname "wind" writes in the message, hoping to strengthen the management of online financial platforms, strengthening large Internet platform consumers financial information protection.

Netizen "K" says that doing a good job of financial work responsibility, pay attention to the supervision of financial platforms and practitioners, and the financial sector cannot relax. In 2021, the People’s Network has set up 20 candidate hot words, covering social security, rural rejuvenation, ruling, national health, etc. As of February 28, there were more than 5.2 million participants in this two sessions.

The relevant data of this survey is released, and netizens can click on the query:. (Editor: Fu Ying Ying, Shen Yuxin) Share more people to see.

Provincial Political Consultative Conference focuses on carbon Dhame peak, carbon neutrics and work launches depth consultations in Fujian Province

Original title: Follow the "Carbon Home" "Double Carbon" 闯 新 路 What is Carbon-Carbon, Carbon?How far is carbon and how far is it from us?Bright, "Carbon," in "Carbon," Action to "Reducing" … Recently, the final topical consultation in the annual CPPC will kick out in a strong popular science atmosphere.This "low carbon" concept is always through the consultative meeting "Deepening Fujian Ecological Civilization Construction, Promoting Carbon Peak, Carbon Neutts".

In addition to the science publicity, the Provincial Political Consultative Conference also purchased 2 tons of Fujian Forestry Carbon Tanning to the Fujian Strait Resources and Environment Trading Center, which was used to offset all greenhouse gases generated by this meeting.Double carbon "concept is deeply rooted.

Creating a new fashion of Fujian Province to achieve carbon-up peaks, carbon, and is the "big man", it is related to the sustainable development of the Chinese nation and constructs human fate community.

China announced that carbon dioxide emissions strive to achieve peaks in 2030, and strive to achieve carbon neutralization 2060. "Double Carbon" target is within easy reach, this is a change in the participation of all people, and it is related to every link in life, everyone.

"It is recommended that more than 100 people subscribe to the ‘One-dollar carbon troll’ project, realize zero-carbon emissions, to promote green low-carbon concepts to society with practical actions, and help to achieve carbon-up, carbon neutralization goals.

Huang Jianping, a member of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, and the original chairman of the Nanping Municipal CPPCC, in the meeting, Nanping City, Shunchang County, Xinchang County, the first "One Dollar Carbon Exchange" project in the province. It is understood that "a dollar carbon" is in Shuchang County, the original poor village, poverty The forest land owned by the household has been implemented by the implementation of the project. After logging in with the real name of WeChat applet, everyone can consume daily production according to the price of 1 yuan 10 kilocarbon exchange, voluntarily subscribed to the Japanese production. The carbon emissions produced by life. Low carbon actions have quietly rise in the province. Since this year, the internationality, digital summers, Wuyi capital Summit held in Fujian Province, have fully bought forestry carbon discharge, Carbon neutralization is achieved in creating carbon neutralization.

"Realize carbon peaks, carbon neutralization is not just government, business things, we have responsibility and obligations to participate!" National Youth Bank members, Fujian Environmental Volunteers Association, Vice President, Fang Yang, Victor, Victor, Victor, to develop Fujian public Low carbon behavior standards, improve the national low-carbon liability awareness and consciousness, and take the lead in establishing a quantified public green low-carbon life platform in accordance with the standard, and take the lead in setting up provincial carbon Dhame, Carbonacer and Contribution Award, and build Fujian "double Carbon "new style.

"We will formulate large-scale active carbon neutralization and management methods, guide organs, enterprises and institutions, and social groups to purchase forestry, and promote carbonaceous and custody, and promote carbonaceous midroachry." The Provincial Forestry Bureau said that the current, Forestry in Fujian Province has ranked first in the country. This year, 10,000 tons, 10,000 yuan. Realizing "Double Carbon" goals To synchronize research data, the net increase of carbon emissions in Fujian Province in the past 15 years, with annual growth trends, carbon emissions are mainly distributed in industrial production and transportation and other fields, coal and other fossils Energy combustion still dominates. "145" is the full-scale period of Fujian Province to promote high-quality development transcendence, and the new number of large projects expect energy consumption and the national energy consumption "double control" indicator has a large gap.

How to achieve economic development and energy saving consumption consumption "same frequency resonance"? Membersist consistently believe that two legs must be taken, both need to optimize energy ratio, and need to adjust the industrial structure. "The coal consumption structure should be promoted, in addition to promoting energy-saving reduction in energy conservation and decline in industrial, construction, transportation, public agencies, but also urges traditional industrial resource recycling and technical transformation and upgrading." Huang Yuezhen, member of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, represents the Civil Engineering Fujian Committee It will be said that it is necessary to vigorously develop the circular economy and gradually realize the growth of economic growth and resource consumption. Go green, low-carbon, and sustainable development have become a consensus.

"Realize the" double carbon "goal, energy is the main battlefield, power is the main force, the power grid is the troops." Provincial CPPCC members, the National Network Fujian Power Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman Tan Yixiang suggests, strengthen new energy storage work, realize New energy diversified flexible application. "Accelerating the Development of Green Low Carbon Industry" "around new materials, new energy, energy-saving and environmental protection, marine high-tech," "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " "" Increase Green Environmental Enterprise Policy Support "… The members have been taught to develop a plan for the development of new low-carbon industrial clusters. At the meeting, the Provincial Ecological Environment, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, said that it will adhere to the growth of the decontamination and decontamination coordination as the total starting point of the economic and social development, the industry, energy, transportation, and land structure accelerated. With the financial "live water" moist "green water Qingshan" "Fujian Province is the excellent student of my country’s ecological civilization construction, it is recommended to speed up the creation of carbon Dhame, carbon, and demonstration provinces.

"The Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Jinnan, Dean of the Ecological Environment Department Environment Planning, in the video connection, depicted green low-carbon beautiful Fujian new painting.

In the process of ecological product value, the development of green finance is crucial.

Guangze County is the only national unusable urban construction pilot county, Guangze County Deputy Prefecture, Luo Xuhui, to reduce the threshold of green financial policy, increase policy support, and broaden financing channels, and better achieve ecological sustainable development. The ocean is a huge carbon settlement, Fujian marine area exceeds the land, is a veritable marine province.

Xiao Junguang, deputy general manager of the Strait Equity Trading Center, to combine the actual research of Fujian Province, strengthen forestry and marine carbon tricks, establish Fujian standards and strive to rise to national standards, while relying on the Fujian carbon market to carry out transactions, seize carbon Research, development and transaction opportunities. How to moist "green water, green hills" in the financial "live water"? The Provincial Political Consultative Conference Committee Peng Jinbin said that when I speaking, I would like to "play the foundation" to formulate the province’s unified ecological product value accounting index system, "Platform", strive for national forest grass carbon exchange trading platform, national ocean carbon Hui Trading Sub-center settled in Fujian, but also "dare to innovate", combat the green financial product industry chain, explore the establishment of government green low-carbon industrial guarantee fund or risk compensation fund, encourage financial institutions to open up green financial services to ensure that green financial related policies are implemented . The Provincial Forestry Administration said that the next step will continue to explore forestry carbon finance and financial products, innovate carbon finance and financial products and derivative financial instruments, support carbon discharge loans, and encourage carbon finance financial product innovation. (Reporter Zheng Yuxi Lin Wei) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Chen Lanyan) Share let more people see client downloads.

Read a good book, a history

  China Tibet Network News November 3

The picture shows the reading share. In the book "Flowing Jikqu River – Learning Lhasa", Deji Timmy uses a popular language to tell the story, from her most familiar Lhasa, from the things around me From the near future, it is a very far, giving people a sense of appearance, immersive feelings. At the meeting, Ms. Degim was shared her growth experience and book creation background.

She said that as retirement cadres, old party members, responsibility to make their children and future generations, including many contemporary youth like history, learn more about the historical knowledge and cultural traditions of their nation. Therefore, I carefully summarize my feelings that I usually learn historical knowledge. I tried to write some short texts that can popularize historical knowledge, and the results have become the present. The picture shows Ms. Deji Ms. Share Creation Photography: Wang Shu "combined with the long-awaited people and things in my memory, giving young people to the story." Dejittim Said that if the reader can learn from a trace of benefits, it is the biggest relief against the initial heart. Professor Towang Da Ren said that the history of this book is equal, and it is also suitable for people who want to know the history of Tibet. Photo shows the scene photography: Wang Shu Tibet Autonomous Region Women’s Federation Party Group member, first-class inspector Zhang Lirong said in a speech, I hope that everyone will share the sharing of history, truly learning history, school history, learning history, school history . (China Tibet Network reporter / Wang Shujian Huajia) (Editor: Li Wenzhi).

Promoting the "five 100%" service boost major projects accelerate

The picture shows the scene of the 5G industrial park construction project in Baiyun District.

The tower cranes, the loader is round to round, the workers are busy in the construction area … November 11th, the Baiyun District Economic Development Zone is a scene of the future 5G industrial park project construction site. In the office area next to the project construction area, Jiang Di, the project service specialist Jiang Dai, Baiyun District, is working with Zhou Xiong, who is responsible for the leader of Guizhou Company. Is there any problem? "" Thanks to the government’s intimate service, thanks to all levels of the departments to help coordinate and solve, the current construction of our project is quite smooth. Since the project is far away from the central city, hope in the infrastructure The supporting or life support is further improved.

"" This, please rest assured that there is already planned arrangement in the area. At present, the surroundings of the project are synchronized to carry out infrastructure construction in Shatano Road, Sharan Level, and the supporting facilities developed by the area are constantly improving. "… The project has signed the contract from the Senday 26th this year, from the collection, land detection, the field, and the construction of all the base piles, and then enter the main structure construction stage, Baiyun District is a major project. Equipped with a total of special service to ensure the orderly promotion of project construction, such a business environment and "noble service" make Zhou Xiongzi. The future 5G industrial park construction project is located next to the city Avenue of Baiyun District Economic Development Zone, total investment 40 100 million yuan, mainly building an optical technology industry center, AI industry center, new energy science and technology research and development center, Global Science and Technology Trading Center, etc.

The project will rely on the company’s leading advantages in the optical core, the leading advantages of the optical core, and the integration of the park industry, forming a chip, optical communication, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, etc., further promoting big data Fusion with the deep economic depth. The project is divided into two joint construction, one of which invests 500 million yuan, accounting for about 50 mu, building a LCOS chip production line, and the first phase of the project has been put into production in 2022.

"There is a pro-time docking service from the beginning of the project." Zhou Xiong said. On July 28, last year, 2020 National Federation of Industry and Commerce Chairman and the National Excellent Private Enterprises Help the Guizhou Development Conference, Baiyun District took this opportunity, and the Yicheng Group negotiated, and initially reached an investment agreement. In the early days of the negotiation, Baiyun District established the work of the head of the main leaders of the district government, regular dispatching project docking conditions, clear the specialist, and negotiated the whole service project. The leaders of the district also have multiple teams to investigate and understand the development of corporate industries and gradually explicit investment content and cooperation. On February 26 this year, both parties signed an investment cooperation agreement.

After the project is signed, the service is even more than falling.

At the end of July this year, we entered the construction. The initial project should apply for electricity. If the normal process, it usually takes a month to complete. Under the project specialization, the project specialist coordination service, the major project opens the green channel, only The line is connected for three or four days. "Zhou Xiong said that the project project also helped coordinate the problem of working on the construction site, the current assembly office housing environment was clean and neat, and the office area, dormitory area, etc. ,full functioning. "What is the problem to reflect the project commissioner or a procedure, and you can get feedback and resolution immediately. The service is very good.

"Jiang Di introduced, the specialist service is one of the contents of the" five 100% "commitments in Baiyun District.

In order to promote major projects, construction, put production, labor, Baiyun District put forward 100% of the leading and first industrial projects, 100% specialist service, important platform activities 100% embedded area investment, key project supporting policies 100% priority, signing matters 100% tracking closed-loop "five 100%" commitment services, from the regional level to the major project coordinated to strengthen service guarantees, timely coordinate the difficulties and problems encountered in the project construction process.

Baiyun District continuously optimizes business environment, quality projects, and fully promotes the construction of new industrialization.

Baiyun District fully understands the significance of accelerating the development of industrial industrial industries, in-depth implementation of the working mechanism of industrial projects leading the industrial projects, controls the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government "Six Lord" work, adhere to optimization stocks and improved increments , Effectively do the basic work such as "two two pools", focusing on the introduction of industrial projects, infrastructure construction, and business elements guarantee the up and down effort, find breakthroughs, seek effect, adopting a full range, stereo service, and fully promotes major The construction of industrial industry projects, with industrial breakthroughs to vigorously implement the "Strong Provincial Association" action empowerment. Guiyang Daily Head Media Reporter Liang Yiwen / Map (Editor: Li Yongxin (Internship), Chen Kangqing) Share Let more people see the recommended reading.

Severely punish the corruption of corruption behind the big hood, deeper the first-line inspection level

Original title: Severely punish the corruption of corruption behind the large shackle, reminding the "Great Whettun" special cleaning and remediation of "Great Waters" this year, the Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission is actively followed and deployed, and clear the preliminary The issues of cleaning and rectification discovery are rectified, increase the problem of problems, serious supervision of objection, in time to investigate the formism, bureaucratic and supervision of the rectification work, dereliction of duty, and severely punish the "big shed" Abuse of the issue of corruption such as power, interest exchange, establish and improve the long-term mechanism, and resolutely curb the "big shed" problem rebounded.

The special supervision and inspection team in the relevant functional departments, and conducted a supervision and inspection of the first line.

The Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission of Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, forms three special supervision and inspection teams, in-depth counties (cities, districts), and conduct special supervision and inspection of "Great Waters" to clean up " The inspection team focuses on whether the government of each county (city, district) is not completely demolished, and the reclamation is not completed, and the problem of discovering the discovery of the local party committee and related functional departments will be implemented. On the basis of the Beijing Baoshan District Commission for Discipline Inspection, on the basis of farmers and towns in the whole district, the construction of the Agricultural Rural Commission, District Planning Resources Bureau has formed a linkage inspection team to carry out special cleaning and remediation of the "large shacks" in the district. Check if the responsibility of the land is implemented, and the rectification of the rectification is in place. Up to now, the examination of more than 260 "large shacks" projects and more than 7,300 agricultural sheds are covered in a total of more than 7,300 agricultural sheds.

The key to rectifying "large shacks" is that the industry authorities, the discipline inspection and supervision organs of all parts of the discipline inspection authority, in the pre-supervision, compaction of the supervision of the industry. The Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, was actively promoted the main responsibility of the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, strengthened the follow-up management of the remediation of rectification and rectification to "large shacks", and consolidate special cleanup rectification action results, prevent "Greenhouse" problem rebounded. The Supervisory Committee of the Fuling County Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission in Henan Province promoted the industry’s "large shack-based" suspected venue for the 12 towns in the county, and two problems were found. The county discipline committee supervision committee issued 2 discipline inspection and supervision proposals and urged the problem rectification. During the discovered chaos, it is resolutely urged the relevant departments to demolish, and the resolute investigation of discovery of party members and cadres involved in violations of laws.

The Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region requested the Agricultural Rural Bureau Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team to carry out supervision and laminar compaction. In response to the issue of "big shacks" found in the supervision process, the issuance of unity, slow rectification, etc., the city’s discipline inspection and supervision organs launched a layer of talks and reminded the conversation.

In this "large shack" problem, there are 6 counties, 8 townships, 8 townships, and 8 townships that have a high proportion of land use management, illegal occupied cultivated area, low duties to low in dispensing and rectification work. Distance. (Wang Peng Zhi) (Editor: Ren Lin, Ma Chang).

Song Xiaoyuan led the team to Yuexiang, the investigation activities

In order to implement the spirit of Guizhou party and government delegation to Guangdong Province to study and investigate cooperation, September 22nd to 25th, the Mayor Song Xiaoyuan Leaded to Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Hunan Province, Chenzhou City, Anhui Province, Tongling City, Guizhou The party and government delegation went to Guangdong Province to study and investigate the implementation of the projects in the implementation of the project to interruption, and investigate. Vice Mayor Yanshan, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC participated in. Wang Wenyin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shenzhen Zhengwei International Group, Song Xiaowei, and the vice chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Global Resource Care Group, Vice President of the Investment Committee . Song Xiaowei said that the Zhengwei International Group is a top 500 enterprise. The project chooses that there is a high trust in Anshun. It is an important opportunity for the high-quality development of Anshun Economic and social. Entrepreneurial passion, injecting strong motivation for the high quality development of Anshun Economic and social.

Sincerely invite President Wang Wenyin to the Anshun, in the basis of accelerating the implementation of existing cooperation, based on the implementation of the existing cooperation, weever to expand its cooperation, and achieve mutual benefit.

Anshun will further strengthen communication with Zhengwei International Group, fully promote the landing of the contract, to ensure that all services are made, and will actively strive, give the biggest support in terms of feature protection, policy support, and ensure the Guizhou party and government delegation Cooperation agreements signed by studying in Guangdong to study in the Guangdong province, making a positive contribution to the new future Anshun chapters of the people’s rich ecological beauty. Wang Wenyin has highly evaluated the economic development achievement of Anshun, which is highly recognized to Anshun’s transportation location, resource endowment and business environment.

It is said that the Zhengwei International Group attaches great importance to the Anshun project, driving the fast implementation of the Zhengwei’an Shun project, hoping that both parties will further strengthen the specific difficulties and problems in the cooperation, and promote the Zhengwei’an Shun project soon, effectively Conduct corporate contributions to the high quality development of Anshun Economic and social. In Tongling City, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, Tongling City, Song Xiaowei, a line of field investigation, inspected the Zhengwei International Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary Hunan Xiangwei New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Maashi Silver Technology Co., Ltd. and Quanwei (Tongling) Copper Technology Co., Ltd. The company, in-depth investigation, the construction of three companies, planning layout, production process, production process, product output value, product marketing and management, etc. The time node, solid promoting the implementation of the Zhengwei International Group and the Anshun cooperative project, which strongly supports the city’s economic and social high quality development. Song Xiaowei also came to Anqing City, Anqing City, Anqing City, Chen Duxiu Memorial Hall, Anqing City, and launched a party history.

Zheng Yulin, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, the relevant departments of the municipal government, the main person in charge of the Zhenning Autonomous County Government participated in the investment and investigation activities. (Chen Bin) Source: (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Sports Lottery 7 Star Color Awards are about to come

  On the evening of August 24th, China Sports Lottery 7 Star Color Award will formally open, first prize note, the highest number of second million, second prize bonus double, fixed award summary bonus increased by 50%, expected to last 10 .

  The full-prize distribution first prize note can be 1 million 2021 years is the seventeenth year of the 7-star listing, in order to thank the colorful people’s support and the contribution to the public welfare undertakings, this award Give back to 50 million, the award prize includes all the prizes to the sixth prize, which will benefit more buyers. According to the Award rules, the first prize is sent to 15 million yuan, the highest award from the highest faction is 5 million yuan, and the number of tickets for the first prize of 10 yuan will be divided into lottery. bonus.

That is, if only 1 note is only 5 million yuan in the current prize, it is worth 5 million units of the award bonus, and the total prize of one-level award can reach 10 million yuan. Similarly, the second prize bonus doubled, a total of 5 million yuan, the number of tickets for the single ticket is over 10 yuan and the second prize of the second-class prize is divided, and the summary award bonus does not exceed the single bet bonus.

  The big prize is surprised, the little prize is also happy, the fixed-winning award prize is 30 million yuan, the ticket is over 10 yuan and the three to sixth prizes of the three to sixth prizes, and the single note bonus can receive 50%.

Sinochem held a "beginner’s mind did not forget, remember our mission," the theme of education concluded the General Assembly

  January 10, Sinochem held a "not forget the early heart, remember our mission" in Beijing on the theme of education concluded the General Assembly, in-depth study and implement Xi Jinping new era of socialist ideas and the central Chinese characteristics "not forget the early heart, remember our mission," the spirit of the theme of education concluded the General Assembly, Group of education theme were carried out summary, made arrangements to solidify and deepen the theme of education.

  Sinochem party secretary and chairman of Ning attended the meeting and made a concluding speech, Sinochem Group and deputy party secretary, director and general manager Yang presided over the meeting, the Central Steering Group tour thirteenth deputy head of the State Council, the SASAC comprehensive supervision Li Zhao, deputy director of the new Bureau of the central Steering group tour thirteenth member Li Jun, Zhang Jiannan to be guided.

Sinochem Beijing leadership team members, leading Party group management and trust management division of key posts, Education Leading Group Office Group themes and tour guide team members, Group for the three companies team members and some Party members, workers representatives, respectively in the main venue and the venue to participate in a video conference.

  The meeting first conveyed General Secretary Xi Jinping at the center of "early heart did not forget, remember our mission" important speech concluded the General Assembly on the theme of education.

Ning In conclusion, the group pointed out that the theme of education work, carry out the "beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission," the theme of education in the party, is a major decision made by the party nineteen large.

Group party attaches great importance to the effective implementation of the main responsibility, accurately grasp the general requirements of "Shou beginning of the heart, Tam mission, shortcomings, carry it out," the focus Xi Jinping to implement a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the main line of thought, in the middle of the thirty under the careful guidance of the Steering group and the central Steering group of the thirteenth tour, focus on "innovation theory to arm grasping, grasping the political character temper, focus on practical problem-solving" key three aspects, careful arrangements, well-organized, under the above rate, demonstration driven, promote the theme of education to carry out solid and effective. By training learning education, strengthening the theory of armed; in-depth research, identify outstanding issues; examine carefully the question, profound analysis of reflection; comprehensively promote the reform, efforts to solve the problem; practice early heart the mission to create satisfaction project; strengthen supervision and guidance, effective implementation responsibility to further strengthen the innovative theory of armed, loyal temper the political character of a clean play, to solve the practical problems of reform and development, promote the party-party responsibility to implement the tube, and achieved outstanding results.

  Ning summed up the experience in four areas of the group the theme of education: First, Party building work must adhere to the political construction in the first place; the second is to play a clean loyal political party members character temper is an important task of education; Third, education is the theme of the party important carrier and means to strengthen party building work; the fourth is the theme of education to enhance their understanding, seek practical results, pay attention to work together to strengthen the organization and leadership efforts of four links.

  Ning stressed the need to follow instructions Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important instructions on the theme of education and the spirit of the party’s ninth plenary session on the establishment of four beginning of the heart do not forget, keep in mind about the mission system requirements, continued study and implement the Party’s theoretical innovation, loyalty temper Clean served as political character, practice early heart the mission to fulfill the responsibility of central enterprises, establish and improve long-term mechanism to consolidate the four aspects of deepening the theme of educational outcomes.

  Li Zhao new to Sinochem "not forget the early heart, remember our mission," the theme of education to give full recognition that Sinochem party group thoroughly study and implement the new era of socialist ideology Xi Jinping Chinese characteristics, conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and deployment requirements, strengthen leadership, well-organized, solid promote the theme of education achieved fruitful results, mainly in the following aspects: First, study and implementation of a new era of Xi Jinping thought socialism with Chinese characteristics and achieve new results, to improve the true believers resourceful, ability to apply what they learn, and enhance the defensive early heart, Tam mission the conscious thought and conscious action; the second is the profound ideological and political receive baptism, to enhance the "four consciousness" firm "four self-confidence", so that "two to maintain" more conscious; three is General business, served as the uniqueness get a boost, promote the implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping important instructions and instructions from the Party Central Committee’s decision to deploy, and promote reform, development and Party building work; Fourth, some of the most urgent problems of the masses most worry the most hope for effectively addressed , shortcomings, efforts to implement outstanding problems and special rectification achieved remarkable success; Fifth, to enhance the understanding of keeping honest and clean, conservation Delicate gas is the political environment.

  Zhao Li did not forget early on the establishment of a new heart, keeping in mind the mission of the institution, put forward five specific requirements: First, we must persevere in studying and implementing the new era of socialist ideology Xi Jinping Chinese characteristics, did not forget to build a strong early heart, bear in mind the ideological foundation’s mission; the second is to consciously to enhance the political standing position, push the majority of party members and cadres to enhance the "four consciousness" firm "four self-confidence", so that "two maintenance"; Third, we must unswervingly implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on the art work important instructions and written instructions to ensure that the CPC Central Committee decision to deploy effective floor; fourth is to make full use of the rich results of the party’s self-revolution, organize Party members and cadres regular review and contrary to early heart problem solving mission; fifth is to continue to do a good job implementing the rectification ensure the rectification task of determining the subject of education, especially special rectification solid footing. Yang Hua implement the good spirit of the meeting put forward specific requirements, pointed out the need to learn quickly convey General Secretary Xi Jinping at the center of "early heart did not forget, remember our mission" important speech concluded the General Assembly on the subject of education, practical thinking and action with the central spirit ; accordance with the central theme of the General Assembly summarized the spirit of education and group deployment requirements, establish a new system, improve the mechanism, pay close attention to work hard to implement, the formation of normalization, long-term oriented institutional achievement; should focus on two of cooperation, scientific and technological innovation, deepen reform, restructuring and development center and other tasks, to consolidate the results reflect the theme of education to deepen enterprise management, the majority of party members and cadres General business inspired by the theme of education, served as the uniqueness into a solid work to promote the development of a powerful driving force for building a world-class integrated chemical companies to provide a strong political guarantee. (Editor: Chen Qian segment, Yan Yan) People’s Daily Online Copyright, without written authorization prohibited.