Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee held a meeting of leadership group and grassroots organization construction work leading group meeting

Original title: The Provincial Party Committee held the leadership team of the Party Construction Work Leading Group and the Grassroots Leading Group Conference on April 1, the provincial party committee convened the party building leading group and the grassroots organization construction leading group meeting, conscientiously study the spirit of the central government, review The Provincial Party Party’s Construction Leading Group 2021 work points, arranges the deployment of the next step, and decides to change the leading group of the Provincial Party Construction Work Leading Group and the Provincial Party Bureau of China to rename the leadership team of the party’s party building. Liu Guozhong, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, director of the leadership group, presided over the meeting and speaking. Zhang Guangzhi, deputy director of the Provincial Party Committee, deputy director of the Leading Group, and Zhang Guangzhi, the Provincial Party Standing Committee, and Wang Xingning, a deputy head of the leading group, and Wang Xingning attended the meeting. Liu Guizhong emphasized that in-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discussion on the party’s construction and the spirit of the important speech of Shaanxi, comprehensively implement the general requirements of the new era of the party’s construction requirements and the new era of the party’s organizational route, keeping around the new era Strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership and the party’s construction, with high quality party construction as promoting high quality development, creating high quality life, and achieving high-performance governance.

To always put the party’s political construction first, deepen Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics, socialist thinking, continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, and resolutely do "two maintenance" in actual actions. Liu Guizhong demanded that high-quality high-quality development of party history education, using red resources such as Yan’an, licensed, Ma Yu, and carefully organize the 100th anniversary of the party.

It is necessary to adhere to the correct selection of people’s orientation, with the "three mechanisms", combined with the city and township leadership team to concentrate on the session, select the good cadres of loyal and clean, improve more accurate and effective talent policy measures, and build high quality majors Cadle team.

Liu Guizhong emphasizes that it is necessary to highlight the grassroots level, strengthen the construction of party organizations in various fields, strengthen party members’ education management, improve the up and down, and implement a powerful organizational system. It is committed to strengthening the style of work, vigorously promoting the party’s glorious tradition and excellent style, insisting on comprehensive from strict, one strict, resolutely opposes "four winds", especially formalism, bureaucracy, and in-depth implementation of the grassroots Measures, create a good atmosphere, and don’t work hard.

Liu Guizhong emphasized that he must do a good job in the central inspection and feedback and rectification, and raise a non-three, establish a system, and form a mechanism.

It is necessary to deepen the symptoms of specimens, raise non-rot, can’t rot, and do not want to comprehensively.

Party committees at all levels should strive to strictly manage the party’s responsibility. The leadership team must pay a good job of coordination. All members must work closely to promote the new stairs of the province’s party building, celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with excellent results.

(Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan).

Provincial government and the provincial general trade union held the 34th joint meeting

The rapid rise of learning and promotion and implementing the party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session spiritual wave group mobilized the majority of employees to be a good army construction power, the provincial government and the provincial general trade union held the 34th joint meeting Southeast Network November 19 (Fujian Daily reporter ) On the 18th, the provincial government and the provincial general trade union held the 34th joint meeting, and Zhao Long, president of the provincial governor, presided over the meeting and speaking.

He emphasized that General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the work of union, and has strongly promoted the systemization of the provincial government and the provincial general trade union joint meeting during Fujian.

We must bear in mind, grateful to force, and pay close attention to the general secretary of Xi Jinping in Fujian, the spiritual wealth and practical results are inherited, and the promotion is good, and it is good. I hope that the province’s trade union organizations carefully study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China, and study the important discussion of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the working class and trade union work, always adhere to the correct political direction of trade unions, and unite the majority of employees Play the role of the main force, don’t forget your brilliance, don’t deserve the mission, don’t lose great dreams, and enter the new journey, the new era of success. Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, Chairman of the Provincial General Federation of Trade Union, Vice Governor Huang Haicun attended. Zhao Long pointed out that this year, the province’s trade union system compulss Xin Yong, General Secretary Yin Yin, close to the provincial government to deploy, and solidly carry out the education of party history, focus on the center, service overall situation, take the initiative, actively, and work. Obviously effective, especially in the epidemic prevention and control exam, rapid action, pre-service, to make an important contribution to win the epidemic prevention and control.

Zhao Long emphasized that the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session is a milestone in the important history. I hope that the province’s trade union system has enhanced "four awareness", firm "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", in accordance with the party Central Committee and the provincial party committee, quickly rise and promote the spirit of spirituality, promote the spirit of the Plenary Session, Going to the workshop, go to the grassroots, approach the employee, into the employee, guide the majority of employees to deeply understand the "two established" connotation requirements, profoundly lead the great achievements of the party’s hundred years, great significance, clear Why we can succeed in the past, how can we continue to succeed in the future, further unify our thoughts, unify the will, unify action, and strengthen the soul of loyalty, and unswervingly listening to the party. The important discourse with the general secretary of learning Xi Jinping on the working class and trade union work is closely intended to implement the whole process of trade union work, firmly establish the concept of the masses, adhere to the work orientation of employees, and put the steady employment more outstanding The location, actively build a new era harmonious labor relationship, focus on safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of new business employment groups, wholeheartedly do practical things, solve problems, do things; to vigorously promote the spirit of labor, the spirit, craftsman spirit, speed up construction There is ideal conviction, understanding the technology will innovate, dare to deal with the dedicated industry workers, and better play the role of the workers’ class and the labor masses, and contribute more wisdom and strength to comprehensively build socialist modern national Fujian. Zhao Long said that all levels of government at all levels of the province should persist, improve the good joint meeting system, highly attach great importance to the bridge of the trade union, support trade unions to fully implement various social functions, and help coordinate the practical difficulties in trade union work. And problems, for the development of trade unions, to create better conditions for the performance of their duties, and promote our province’s trade union work to create a new situation, to better serve the whole-scale development of high quality development transcendence contribution. Zhu honor, the party group, and vice chairman of the Provincial General Council, introduced the relevant matters of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and the grassroots trade union, and the people of the staff need to be resolved, and the relevant departments of relevant departments were actively responded and made measures.

Shenfu Demonstration Zone: "Tomorrow Lecture Hall" has special people’s participation in heat

The tempering demonstration zone is known. The pilot of the "Building Hall" was officially launched this summer.

Xincheng Community moved the classroom into the community, park square, moved to the people. Put a table, take a few stools, then drink, then let go, pull the distance between the dry group.

Since the "Building Hall", the community staff has been in the people thinking, thinking, what is expected, let the party members, industry experts, advanced typical participation, to speak theoretical policies, lectures, and tell the typical deeds, The change in the exemplary area. From "I want to serve", "I want to serve", actively solve problems for the masses, guide the masses to liberate ideas, transform the concept, and constantly improve their ideological understanding and spiritual appearance.

The residents were excited: "I have participated in 8 hiking lecture halls, there are many gains every time, the teaching is close to life, getting the ground, through learning, I deeply understand the government’s concern and care for our people. I also made me more firm confidence in the future of hometown.

"Since the" Building Hall ", the interaction between community cadres and residents has increased, and the disputes between neighbors have been reduced. It is not only a resident learning knowledge, reflecting the school’s school, but also a platform between residents.

Liang Min, secretary, Xincheng Community, Li Shi Street, Shenfu Demon, said: "After receiving the pilot task, I have been thinking about how to let these theory ‘landed’, for this, I have developed a lecture plan, and the teachers have developed a lecture plan. Collect, organize a lot of cases and integrate them into theoretical lecture.

Now this kind of lecture model is very popular, it is shouting, I’m going to come, now I have become a person-time to listen to the class, which is firmly confident that we continue to do this event. (Editor: Wang Swin, Danglong).

Ruikang Hospital Rehabilitation Medicine: Establishing a new type of rehabilitation model in Chinese and Western, for patients

Branch team.

Ruikang Hospital for Graphic Building and Talent Team Upgrading Rehabilitation Medicine, 92 beds, spacious and bright treatment halls are set separately with independent physiotherapy rooms, work treatment room, language treatment room, Swallow treatment room, cognitive perceptual function treatment room, lung function treatment room, traditional Chinese medicine special treatment room, functional assessment room, daily life activities, outpatient rehabilitation area, etc.

And configure a three-dimensional step analyzer, balance training instrument, upper extremity robot, lower extremity robot, electric displacement (tailor), biofedback neuromuscular stimulation, intelligent OT table, digital meridian flat treatment instrument, brain circulation electric stimulation Advanced rehabilitation equipment such as instrument, pneumatic hand rehabilitation device, diaphragmatic stimulator, electronic bronchoscope to meet the needs of various diseases and dysfunction patients.

There are 79 medical staff in the department, including 18 physicians, 3 nursing staff, 27 rehabilitation therapists; 1 senior title, 5 deputy senior titles, 33 intermediate titles; 12 Master; Innovative Rehabilitation Medicine Talent Teams of Supported Age and Professional Structure and Sustainable Development. Medical technology advantages adhere to the development concept of "Dancing".

The department introduced Japanese new Bobath rehabilitation technology, inviting the new Bobath Rehabilitation Association for the New Bobath Rehabilitation Association for the President New Bao, currently the new Bobath Rehabilitation Conference, Teacher, the teacher, visited the hospital to hold a national rehabilitation class.

The department team also systematically learned the basic theory knowledge of neurophysiology, neurological, biomechanics, and sports development, and rehabilitation therapy under the guidance of rehabilitation therapy, especially the new Bobath concept, and found the essence of various rehabilitation theories and rehabilitation technology. After continuous summary and sublimation, the team took the lead in proposing the rehabilitation system under the guidance of nerve and skeletal muscle anatomical guidance in the national rehabilitation industry, and continued to improve the department system in continuous clinical practice and research. Under the guidance of this system, a stroke patient rehabiliter therapy, and the rehabilitation training of patients with stroke is performed in accordance with the ladder. And combined with the local muscle injection of botulinum toxin under B-ultrasound.

The effectiveness of the rehabilitation of patients with the patient after stroke is remarkable, and it has formed a good reputation in Guangxi.

Rehabilitation of swallowing dysphagia as the advantages and focus of the department.

In the original swallowing-based swallowing functional assessment, the department introduced the domestic advanced swallowing angiography digital analysis technique and fiber endoscope, more systematic and accurate assessment of patient swallowing function, and fully mastered Based on the expansion technology of cyclic muscle balloon, an indwelling duplex cyclic cyclic pulpolactive device is developed, and a practical new patent is successfully obtained.

The rehabilitation technology of the department’s swallowing disorder has been widely recognized inside and outside the district. In 2019, the Guangxi Rehabilitation Medical Association’s Swallowing Observatory Rehabilitation Professional Committee, the director Chen Xiaofeng, director of the Director of the Extension of the Rehabilitation Professional Committee, held a swallowing in the same period at the establishment meeting. Seminar and Chinese and Western Medicine Complex Seminar and Chinese and Western Medicine Combined New Technology New Concept Workshop.

It has promoted the development and progress of the rehabilitation technology of the district.

Aiming at severe rehabilitation in tracheal cuts, using systematic assessment and treatment system, make full use of modern medicine, carrying out B-ultrasound-guided meat toxin-saliva gland injection to the treatment of hustle, electronic bronchoscopy, diaphragmatic stimulator, body seizure shock row Speed, speech valve technology, respiratory training, etc. Accelerate the process of extracting the gas cutting tube, reducing hospitalization time and medical expenses of severe patients. Patients with paraplegic paraplegic paraplegia, and the treatment of recovered paraplegia, which were treated with the emergency paraplegia. In response to the central nervous system damage, especially after spinal cord injury, patients with urinary retention, intermittent urinary technology, solve the problem of patients’ long-term indwelling urete.

Give full play to the advantages of Chinese and Western medicine, combine Chinese and Western medicine as a specialist development. On the basis of continuous improvement of their modern medical technology, the department has also been committed to improving the level of traditional Chinese medicine.

In the case of the continuous learning research theory, after long-term clinical practice, the classic ward has established a Chinese medicine classic ward. Hu Shifu Feng Shilun’s economical system is the main academic guidance thinking. He has blended a hundred houses, with five organs, Zhongjing Qin’an The medicine Fuyang French, the Yellow Emperor, the abdominal needle is a wing, needle drugs, and the law and the whole method, the lottery, inherit the essence, and the innovation, in order to relieve the people’s hardship and inherit the development of Chinese medicine. The director of the Department and the discipline took the leader. Professor Chen Xiaofang was invited to participate in the roadbar of the health of CCTV, taught the national audience combined with the concept of connotation, and the response was strong.

Since its establishment, the Science and Education Achievements Department has trained more than 20 master’s degree. It has also been standardized by the Guangxi Community Rehabilitation Treators hosted by the Autonomous Region Health Committee, which has delivered a large number of high-quality rehabilitation medical talents in Guangxi grassroots medical institutions.

In the department, the department has more than 30 scientific research projects, with a total of more than 100,000 yuan. A total of 70 papers were published in the professional magazine, including more than 20 core journals.

Wen three prizes for Guangxi Medical and Health Suitable Technology Promotion Awards. In terms of technical transformation, 4 new patented technology is obtained in the past three years. In the future, the department will adhere to people-oriented, according to the "independent innovation, key leap, support development, lead the future" work policy, and make full use of modern science and technology, explain the connotation of Chinese and Western medicine connotation, people’s health, and social needs Guide, continuously improve the level of traditional Chinese and Western medicine combined with rehabilitation, and give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese and Western medicine to combine rehabilitation, easy, efficient, and honesty, for the majority of rehabilitation patients. (Ruikang Hospital) (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Shandong Yellow River expert activities enter Heze to promote high quality development in the basin

People’s Net Heze June 17th (Snow) June 16 Activity (first batch) "started in Heze. Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, Director, Researcher, Research Institute, Research Institute, Research Institute, National Institute of Ecological Civilization, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Han Jianliang, President of the Yellow River Research Institute of Shandong Provincial Party, Wu Wenliang, Professor, China Agricultural University, Professor Wang Ren, Shandong University Zhang Wei, Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai), Zhang Yizhen, Wu Messen, secretary of the Shandong Water Conservancy Science Research Institute, carried out investigations in Heze City. The Provincial Ecological Environment Protection Expert Committee, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Zhou Jie, etc. The expert group first came to the Yellow River Beach District, and founded the development of the Tiger cums in the Democratic County. The tigpes have a wide range of medical and health value, with good economic, social, environmental benefits, and the current Tigger Industry is the township agricultural scientific pillar industry.

The expert group expressed its appreciation for the local development of the tiger cums industry. I hope to continue to consolidate the advantage, promote the extension of the industrial chain to the upstream, further expand the overseas market, explore the development potential of the industrial development of the tigpes, promote the development of the Yellow River industry, ecological industrialization.

Shanxi Provincial Committee Standing Committee held an expansion meeting

  Original title: The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee held an expanded meeting to communicate General Secretary, General Secretary of Xi Jinping at the Central People’s Congress Work Conference, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Hosting the Committee on October 19, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee held an expanded meeting, conveying the General Secretary of Xi Xi Ping The spirit of important speeches at the Work Conference of the Central People’s Congress, studying our province’s implementation of opinions.

Lin Wu, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the meeting. The meeting pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central People’s Congress of the Central People’s Congress, from the improvement and development of the socialist system, promoting the national governance system and the modernization of the national governance system and governance, clearly proposes the guiding ideology of strengthening and improving the work of the People’s Congress , Major principles and main work, deeply answered a series of major theories and practices in the new era of developing Chinese characteristic socialist democratic politics, adhering to and improving the people’s congress system.

General Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, high-rise construction, profoundness, richness and development of political connotation, theoretical connotation, and practical connotation of socialist democratic politics and people’s congresss in Chinese characteristics, to persist and improve the people’s congress system in new journey The new situation of the work of the People’s Congress has indicated the direction of advancement and provided fundamental follows.

We must go deep into the understanding of understanding, resolutely implement, and earnestly implement the ideas and the actions to the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping.

  First, we must deeply grasp the party’s top political principles, and more consciously strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership of the People’s Congress, improve the mechanism of the work of the party committee, support and guarantee the people’s Congress and its Standing Committee to exercise the power according to law, carry out work, guide And urge the "one family and one party two hospitals" consciously accept the people’s supervision. Participants of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress at all levels should seriously implement the relevant systems of the party, and implement a comprehensive responsibility of strict governance of the party.

  Second, it is necessary to deeply grasp the major judgment of the Party’s 18th National Congress of the People’s Congress and the National People’s Congress, which adheres to the socialist political development path of Chinese characteristics, and does not shake, and keep up with the times to improve the people’s congress system. Strengthening and improving the work of the new era, and better condense the intelligence and strength of all aspects to promote high-quality development, and better promote the transformation of the system advantage into governance.

  Third, we must deeply grasp the essential requirements of the socialist democratic politics of the whole process of the whole process. The right to know, the right, the right, and the supervisory power is implemented in all aspects of the People’s Congress.

  Fourth, we must deeply grasp this main task of working on the new era of the People’s Congress around the Party and the National Workplace. Tight the work of the People’s Congress in the implementation of the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, and promote high-quality development in all directions. The deduction is in response to the concerns, enhance the people’s well-being, and tightly deduct the rule of law, and promote the province of the rule of law, resolutely achieve the center, service overall situation.

  Five must profound the representative of the People’s Congress is the responsibility of the people on behalf of the people, strengthen the construction capacity of the work, and further promote the contact representative of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress. Better performance according to law. The meeting emphasized that the people and the Standing Committee at all levels should strengthen the political awareness, continue to strengthen ideological and political construction, quality capacity construction, system construction and style construction, cultivate high quality professional cadres, and strive to create the party’s assured, let the people satisfied Organs, state power organs, work organs, representative organs, to promote high quality development, struggle to write a comprehensive construction of socialist modern national Shanxi contribution. The meeting also studied other matters.

Shenzhen Luohu built "Komantong Qingshui River"

Original title: From "China’s first warehouse" to artificial intelligence and other strategic emerging industries transition and upgraded Luohu to create "Kechuang Qingshui River" according to the positioning of "Wanwu District Hub Vientiane Luo Lake", Luohu District is close to the development of emerging industries, around The new generation of information technology, new materials, life and health, digital economy, etc. The core industry has accelerated the layout. In recent years, five key technology companies with more than 1 billion yuan, and constantly strengthen the "Luohu Edition of Luohu" in Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation.

According to statistics, in 2005-201, Luohu has a average annual fixed asset investment invested less than 7.8 billion yuan; in 2015, the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee has begun to carry out urban update reform pilots in Luohu. More than 5 years, an average annual fixed asset investment is approximately 23.4 billion yuan, three times a year ago.

In the next 5-10 years, Luohu will also release 180 hectares of land resources and 9.9 million square meters of industrial space.

  In 2020, the Government of Luohu District resolved a group of historical legacy issues in the Keng Sang – Qingshui River in the Swishry River in the Luohu District, which completed the fixed asset investment billion yuan, year-on-year growth.

Take the Dongfeng of the Double District Construction and Comprehensive Reform Pilot, Luohu will take the Qingshui River as an opportunity to bring the urban butterfly to upgrade, form a new pattern of "South Financial Trade, North Science and Technology Innovation".

  In the 1980s and 1990s, the Qingshui River known as "China’s first warehouse" was once the country’s largest multi-functional modern commercial warehouse area and the first export supervision warehouse in the country. With the development of the city, the original warehousing function and construction level of Qingshui River far cannot meet the development needs, and urgently needs to be upgraded. In 2014, the bamboo shoots – Qingshui River area were included in Shenzhen City Key Development and Construction Area.

After several years, it is a core area of ??Rohu City Update, which has been carefully created in the region.

  The planned Qingshui River Key Slice is located in Luohubei deputy portal, from Honggang Road, Guangshen Railway, and Honggang Park, the total land area is square, and it is one of the 18 key development and construction area of ??Shenzhen. In 2017, the provincial government was included as a construction node, and it was included in the innovation corridor of Guangshen Hong Kong and Macao Technology.

In 2018, the municipal government awarded Qingshui River to create a "artificial intelligence industry base", guiding Qingshui River by the traditional low-end warehousing logistics industry, to artificially intelligent, life and health, new generation technology and other strategic emerging industries transformed and upgraded. According to the relevant person in charge of the Luohu District Development and Reform Bureau About 4.2 billion yuan.

The project will introduce high-tech industries, build modern, intelligent, and ecological smart ecological parks, and achieve $ 2.5 billion in annual taxes. The industrial park is not only a collection of emerging industrial headquarters in Qingshuihe South Piece, but also the first modern industrial park, which is the leading planning and construction of government, will become a medium-sized medium-sized high-quality industrial park integrating scientific research and development and high-end office and customization design. Composite joint headquarters. As one of the three major transportation hubs of Luohu, the high-speed rail and deep city will be collected in the Key Slitting area of ??Qingshui River. At the same time, there is also a line of No. 25 and No. 25 and No. 14, and the high-speed rail form five stations. Multiplied integrated transportation hub.

The Qingshui River area is not only an important part of the bamboo shoots – the key area of ??Qingshui River, but also the core area of ??the Emerging industry band of Luohu Daocong. Future will focus on artificial intelligence, life and health, new generation of information technology and other strategic emerging industries. Combined with the financial development of the bamboo shoots, mature supporting advantages will become the growth engine that leads the innovation and development of intelligent industries, and has become a new fulcrum in Luohu into the Bay Area and links to the world.

(Reporter Xiao Bingfeng) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yuzhu) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

Science and technology missions, "sowing people" for rural technology

Variety of green vegetables.

For the map of many, chaos and miscellaneous problems, combined with local vegetable processing companies in combination with the needs of local vegetable processing enterprises.

In 2021, the science and technology mission introduced 17 new varieties of green vegetables, 10 garlic varieties tests, collecting 20 different places of exquisite vegetables, observing the introduction and collecting planting varieties in Misi County’s adaptability, high yield, quality , Three resistance, etc. Through the introduction of excellent varieties, it is effective to solve the multi-cultivation of vegetables, chaos and mixed seeds, supported the health and sustainable development of the vegetable industry in the Misi County.

Due to the small investment in the vegetable planting organic fertilizer, the application of fertilizer is unreasonable, the fertilizer utilization rate is low, the standardized cultivation techniques in the production process of vegetable production is insufficient, resulting in different quality of vegetable products, and the production benefits of the unit area are not high. The Science and Technology Mission is sampling the soil pH, organic matter, hydrolyzed nitrogen, etc. of the major vegetable production areas of Meiyu County, and the soil physicochemical properties of each producing area are found. At the same time, combined with local different cultivated vegetables, three kinds of pepper, green vegetables, and garlic were carried out, and three major fertilization levels of vegetables were used to explore three kinds of peppers, green vegetables and 3 major cultivated vegetables. The best fertilization plan was formulated. Three kinds of green vegetables, garlic, cultivated vegetable cultivation technology system, providing strong support for the next step to develop vegetable standardized cultivation such as pepper, green vegetables, garlic. In addition, the science and technology mission will enhance local enterprises, cooperatives, and vegetable farmers to mastery of key technologies such as vegetable seedlings, cultivation and management of vegetable seedlings, cultivation and management. Up to now, the Science and Technology Mission has launched a scientific and technological training, more than 700 people, and distribute more than 700 technical materials.

"Our science and technology mission is to use the technology power to break the bureau, solve the problem, serve the vegetable farmers, support the vegetables, and help regional vegetable brands, and truly become the ‘sower’ of rural technology." Liu Fawan said.

(Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Shanxi focuses on network freight "big platform"

  Original title: Our province has strive to create a network freight "big platform" to empower digital logistics, accelerate the industry interconnection.

On December 18, China Taiyuan · 2020 National Network Freight Assembly was held, experts from national transportation, logistics, manufacturing, etc. At the meeting, the Shanxi Transition Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone Management Committee was awarded the Shanxi Network Freight Digital Industrial Park.

  In recent years, our province has attached great importance to the development of the logistics industry and the construction of the modern circulation system. Logistics new state development.

  The conference is "empower digital logistics, accelerating industry interconnection" as the theme, focusing on "Science and Technology Assistance Logistics Industry Transformation" The depth link is new to new opportunities and new development brought about traditional logistics development.

The on-site, the keynote speech, the policy interpretation, industry experts share, corporate experience sharing, the billing ceremony, etc., inviting industry weight guests to attend the meeting, and discuss in depth around hot topics, in order to promote network freight development. It is reported that this year, Huayuan International Luang Group has revised policy opportunities around the provincial government, and jointly launched the National Network Freight Digital Industrial Park, which provides a high-quality network. The freight system provides advanced business supervision platforms based on block chain technology, providing one-stop integrated park service for network freight enterprises and industrial chain service enterprises in the industrial park, and focusing on building the North China Network Freight Industry Cluster. With one-stop full-chain service, Shanxi Network Freight Digital Industrial Park has attracted a number of companies to settle in.

  On the same day, the General Assembly also lived on the logistics salon, 56 live broadcast, Yunxian Media, etc., so that more corporate guests share the results of the conference.

(Reporter Liu Ruiqiang).

Remove tax rebate to account fast, relieve strong performance

[] "The recent corporate turnover has a great pressure. When we are preparing to find ways to financing, he received the tax return reminder information sent by the Tax Department.

We immediately apply for a tax rebate, and I didn’t expect to have received the tax return so soon.

The tax department is very good, and it is anxious to save us. Zhang Wei, "Lianyungang, Shengao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., said. Located in Xu Wei Petrochemical Industrial Park, Lianyungang Shengao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the four petrochemical project sections of China International, Lianyungang Circular Economic Industry Park. Mainly engaged in chemical reagents and additive manufactures and sales of chemical raw materials, chemical equipment and accessories, main product anti-aging agents are in the leading position in the world.

  Affected by the epidemic, the company’s recent turnover funds are very nervous. Lianyungang City Lianyun District Taxation Bureau is in the first time to contact the corporate finance person in charge, inform enterprises to enjoy the tax concession of the tax increase, and Counseling companies have prepared for tax refund in advance. In the tax refund process, a pair of one-line counseling enterprises submit an application, instant review, instant billing, instant recession, straight through, and handle the tax refund process for half an hour. "6.34 million yuan to pay, the company’s current second phase is about to put into production, this tax rebate is really snow charcoal, we increase the capacity of capacity, and the online taxation and efficient tax rebate service launched by the tax department makes us feel very warm.

"The person in charge of the company Hu Changfa is full.

  It is understood that since the introduction of the tax rebate policy, Lianyun District Taxation Bureau has provided accurate counseling to ensure that enterprises have rapid tax rebate.

In addition to organizing the special team to verify the amount of enterprise increments and tax rebates, provide full "one-to-one" service, and clearly review the design and handling time limit in the business process, to implement account management, The whole process of specialization, and the "last kilometer" in the policy.

  Since this year, Lianyun District Taxation Bureau has taken the opportunity of party history and education, in-depth promotion of "I have practical practice" for the masses ", actively play the role of tax function, and a total of 98 retreats, tax refund billions, for enterprises Go to "timely rain", inject new kinetic energy for local economic health.

  "We must further combat the taxpayer and the payment of the tax point, block points and difficulties, and comprehensively improve the tax payment method, realize the service to refine, intelligent, personalized transformation, and effectively do tax preferential policies. Bring more new experiences for taxpayers paying people.

"The relevant person in charge of Lianyungang City Lianyun District Taxation Bureau said.

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