When Li Hui Bell is preparing to experiment with the things that I have just realized,The phone ringtone is ringing。

It is a tall that call him.。
The other party said that he immediately understood what he had to happen.。
“Li big brother,You think about me.?”
Dawn listened to Li Hui’s words,It’s also laughing.。
“Hahaha wants,I don’t want to see you soon.,How about it?
Do you have time now??
Come here, here。”
“Forehead,The village is still developing?!”
Li Hui Feng, although the strength of his strength is confident,But he doesn’t want to expose too early.。
“Lee brother,I understand your idea,But isn’t I said to you before??
If you can get the above recognition,Don’t say your village,It is your entire county to go directly.。”
“Hey-hey,Li Dado I understand,I just want to build your strength.,After all, there is a sense of accomplishment.,If you use this big machine,Then I am not the person who has caused the burden on the country??”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said.,Dawn is also a glimpse。
“Haha can’t see Li, I still have such a chest.,Row,Then don’t talk about this.,But you still have a lot of,After all, I will blow you out.,If you don’t come,That helper thought I was a deceptive,Even if you only come only a day.,Will you delay your plan in the village one day??”
Dawn said this day.,Li Hui is also embarrassed to refuse again.。
“Forehead,Press to reimburse the round ticket?”
“Hahaha ticket has been bought,how?”
“Li Dado bought a ticket,What can i say?”
soon,Li Hui’s mobile phone received the trip arrangement for Trism。
It is good to start the next day., Not the same day,Otherwise, he is afraid to take a taxi to the airport.。
Li Hui also understands,This time I am afraid that it will not be too short.。
Immediately, it is also arranged for all tasks.。
Ye Shuangli learned that Li Hui Feng so quickly went to the magic,Also a glimpse。
“Lee brother,Don’t use me to accompany you?
I am very familiar over there.。”
“Hey-hey,Need not,I am so big.,Can also lose it?
Ye Big Brother, you are now a pallet.,I have time to practice more times.,Good for your body。”
When Li Hui said, he gave the blindfold.。
Although it is his handwritten,But the content inside is definitely a lot of。

“They made an offer,But we have to ask for a price,Make a comparison。This matter is still a bit troublesome”Wang Youcai smiled and said。

Doctor Lu nodded and said:“This is a must,It can’t be as much as they say。I thought about it like this,A line of conventional equipment is definitely not less。As for which large equipment,We don’t need to be in place all at once”
“Wait for the hospital to open,Based on demand,Let’s do some more,In this case,Can relieve financial pressure,dont you agree?”Doctor Lu laughed and said。I can see that this old man is in a very good mood。
Just when Wang Youcaizheng was discussing this with Doctor Lu,His phone rang。It was Niu Huiling’s call,Wang Youcai quickly connected。
“Hey!Rich,I’m at the hotel。Then come here quickly!Let’s eat at the restaurant on the second floor of the hotel,This will be a lot more convenient”One call,Niu Huiling smiled and said to Wang Youcai。
When Wang Youcai heard that Niu Huiling was so happy,He smiled and said:“Well!Doctor Lu and I will rush over in a while,You hurry up”
Hang up the phone,Wang Youcai urged Dr. Lu to put on a new suit,They just took a taxi to the hotel where Niu Huiling lived。
First2388chapter admire
Women are exquisite。When Niu Huiling came to the restaurant,I just took a shower,I still have a fragrance on my body。
As soon as she sat down,Wang Youcai solemnly introduced Niu Huiling and Doctor Lu to each other。Wang Youcai faintly felt,Niu Huiling looks down on Doctor Lu,This makes him extremely upset。
This woman is a good business man,It’s just that she looks down on people’s faults is her big shortcoming。While eating,Wang Youcai deliberately treated Doctor Lu with respect,This makes Niu Huiling frown from time to time。
Be careful with Wang Youcai,Finally finished this meal。What he fears most is if Niu Huiling collides with Doctor Lu in language,The old man lost his temper when he lost his temper,This is a big trouble for him。
Back to the hotel dining room,The three people sat down around the coffee table。Wang Youcai glanced at Niu Huiling,Then smiled and said to Doctor Lu:“My second sister-in-law seems to be unable to sleep at night,Doctor Lu, why don’t you show it??”
Wang Youcai’s meaning is clear,He just wants Doctor Lu to calm Niu Huiling through his superb medical skills,It seems this woman knows,People are not to be seen。
Wang Youcai speaks out,Niu Huiling said with a cold smile:“forget it!The experts and professors in the province of my disease are useless,Besides, I don’t trust Chinese medicine much”
What Niu Huiling said made Wang Youcai quite embarrassed。If this is for someone else,He has to scold him well.,But this Niu Huiling didn’t dare。
Doctor Lu took a look at Niu Huiling,Then he took a breath and said:“I don’t care if you believe in Chinese medicine,I just know,You can’t sleep every night,But I can’t get up again at dawn。And you get angry often,Not only the stool is not smooth,More importantly, the temper is getting worse”
That’s it for Doctor Lu,Then stopped。Niu Huiling said with a cold smile:“People who can’t sleep at night,It should be all like this!”

In a while,The staff concluded the gambling agreement between the two people,Announced:“The betting contract officially begins,Both parties have an hour to select materials,It’s fourteen fifty,I declare,Start。”

66 On gambling
People in the venue crowded around to watch the excitement when they heard someone betting。
Chen Xiu can only use fluoroscopy four times a day,The whole person collapsed after the fourth time,Naturally, I can’t scan with perspective eyes at the beginning,First, select stones based on the knowledge learned from nature on the Internet,The technique seems very rusty。
But Wu Shaoqing looks at him like he often bets on rocks,I found a stall that I knew first,I took a hammer and beat it for a while,Hearing the strange sound, I carefully studied the outer stone powder,Very skilled。
“This new kid is really reckless,Actually bet against Wu Shao,I guess he will lose his underwear this time!”
“Yes,It’s probably his first time playing with rocks!”
“Although Wu Shaoqing is average,,But this guy is more scumbag!”
Seeing is a duel of two bronzes,Everyone has no interest for a while,The crowd of onlookers dispersed all at once。
Chen Xiu took more than 50 minutes to pick out more than 20 rough stones,Transport the heat in the body to the eyes,Eyes closed and opened,Scan all these rough stones,Secretly by fluke,More than 20 rough stones are all stones,Only one piece。
I don’t know if I can pick this one out by my real ability or luck.!
“Chen Xiu,Have you chosen,Don’t blame me for not reminding you that it’s time in five minutes!”
Wu Shaoqing proudly came over with a rough stone the size of a basketball,Seems very confident,Chen Xiu took the opportunity to scan the stone in his hand,I’m finally relieved now。
Although my own piece is not very top,At least better than his is enough。
The corner of Chen Xiu’s mouth lifted up and proud,I just picked out more than 20 rough stones which was only the size of a fist。
“boss,What’s the price of this stone?”
“Are you sure you want this?A few minutes,Or you take a look。”The stall owner is a middle-aged man in his forties。
“no need,Need this piece。”

“listen to me,It’s very convenient to take a taxi anyway。”Li Tianchou’s tone is beyond doubt,Make Hua Yun quite upset,But people also think about safety,It’s hard to argue,She had to take out her mobile phone and tell Secretary Pan to go downstairs immediately。

At Li Tianchou’s repeated requests,Hua Yun handed the car keys to Xiao Pan,I told you as soon as possible,The two took the elevator upstairs and out of the building again。
Xiao Pan watched the two leave strangely,And then started calling the garage,People don’t agree to come,Had to find the trailer first。While Xiaopan is busy,A black off-road vehicle in another row of parking spaces at the far end of the garage suddenly started,Circled the garage,Slowly drive out of the negative first floor。
“brother,Things go bad……Is not,Do i have that dish?Paralyzed,That one*People are quite vigilant,With a hillbilly by his side, he knows cars well……I grass,The two are gone,No car。”The driver on the off-road vehicle threw the phone,Murmured cursing again,“WTF?Paralyzed,also*Blame Laozi,Have the ability to do it yourself,Grass mud horse!”
Li Tianchou and Hua Yun took a taxi along the road,From Jincheng’s apartment to the bar downstairs in the hotel,Turned it again soon,But no one was found。The two even ran to the construction site,Also got nothing。
“Think about where else Mr. Jin usually goes?Or try another call?”Li Tianchou looked at Hua Yun who was a little discouraged,Knowing that these proposals are nonsense,I can only say comfort。
Sorry that the phone is old。Hua Yun is very upset,Jincheng has never seen such a situation,Even if there is something I can’t figure out,I won’t fail to say hello to myself,Just play and disappear。
Did something really happen??Hua Yun felt nervous,Although she won’t have any development in her relationship,,But the two are friends for many years after all,Hua Yun certainly does not want Jincheng to have any accidents,She even thought of going to the police,But it seems a bit fussy。Just as two people were sitting in the lobby downstairs of the hotel and were unable to do anything,Hua Yun’s phone rang,She looked at the secretary Xiaopan calling。
It’s not long to talk to Xiaopan,But Hua Yun’s face turned pale when she hung up,She glanced at Li Tianchou,Complex expression,“You’re right,There is a problem with the car,Seems to have been touched。”
Li Tianchou heard,Frowned immediately,He has a foreboding that the other party may have some crazy moves in the near future,But I didn’t expect the means to be so despicable and hidden,Simply hard to defend。Waiting for the other side’s awesome tricks like this,Really passive。
If you want to take the initiative,You need to use some extraordinary means,And Zhou Nan’s movements have to be faster,Otherwise it’s hard to predict what will happen next。
Li Tianchou felt it necessary to talk to Zhou Nan again,Because last time we talked,Zhou Nan vaguely revealed the message of seeking a tacit understanding,So he hasn’t fully understood what it means,Just use this incident to probe his tone。
Hua Yun’s face doesn’t look pretty,It is not easy for Li Tianchou to understand her。Running such a big company alone,Also suffer life safety threats,It’s not easy for ordinary people to take it。And Hua Yun can calmly deal with opponents hiding in the dark and even take the initiative to attack,It also takes a lot of courage,This makes Li Tianchou admire。

“Big brother,Don’t embarrass me。”

“Embarrass you,I’m afraid you are laughing in your heart now!”
Guo Qigang said with a helpless look:“Big brother,I can’t help if you want to think like this。but,The old man told me when he came,Chen Xiu can’t move a single hair。If you don’t obey,Brothers can only use strong ones!”
“you dare!”
Guo Qigang really dare,The men he followed immediately surrounded Guo Qilin,Guo Qilin is about to draw a gun,Was shot immediately。
Now Guo Qilin is even more furious:“Are you going backwards?!”
Guo Qigang’s men said:“uncle,This is the father’s order,Please don’t embarrass us!”
Assistant Huang also hurried over to persuade:“boss,This is the father’s order,Don’t be impulsive!”
Guo Qilin took a few deep breaths,Hold back the anger in my heart,Said to Assistant Huang:“withdraw!”
Assistant Huang is overjoyed,Hurry up:“Yes!”
Chen Xiu was secretly adjusting his interest rate after putting down fifty people,After all, there are hundreds of people behind,Even if these people don’t swarm,,A wheel fight is enough to exhaust yourself。
Suddenly the crowd retreated,Exited two、Thirty meters later, I saw a man who looked a bit like Guo Qilin raised his hands,Come here alone with a smile。
“Mr. Chen,Don’t be nervous,I have no ill intentions。”
Chen Xiu still looked at him with alert,The more capable people will behave calmly in this situation。
This person is not easy!
This is Chen Xiu’s first impression of Guo Qigang。
“Mr. Chen,Let me introduce myself first……”

Songshimin listened to this,Tourism bureau not to look at Deng Jiaoguo。

“Deng Director,How do you feel this opinion??”
“Hey-hey,I feel that the Shen brothers say it.,I have no opinions.。”
I heard the other party,Songshimin then asked another person.。
Others have no conflict with the Tourism Bureau.,Therefore, for Shen Tian Si’s proposal is also a full ticket。
Shen Tian Si saw this scene is also a long-awaited。
After the meeting,Deng Jiaoguo is also directly chasing Shen Tianzi。
Laugh:“Sink,Thank you for your comments today.,If you don’t have you,I may really have to go to Lianhua Village.。”
Shen Tianzi heard this,First glance first,Then I laugh again。
“Deng Lao Ge,You call me a small sink.,If you don’t want to discover my brothers,In fact, I am thinking about this today.,After all, people in our bureaus are basically in the county.。”
“And the family is also in the county,If you go to Lianhua Village,It must live there,If you run back, it is too far.,There are also those working problems that are very troublesome.,So I will tell the truth.。”
Deng Jiaoguo heard Shen Tian Si said that he quickly thanked the road.:“Shen Persie,Anything else,This time is much more thanks to you.,Just don’t have a hotel not far away,Let me be my heart,How about it?”
For the invitation of Deng Jiao,Shen Tian Si this wants to refuse,But the road after thinking,More than one friend is more than one enemy strong。
Think of these,He also nodded with the other party to enter the hotel.。
soon,The two drinks in the hotel.。
Because there is no outsiders,The two talk is also a lot of freedom.。
After three patrols,Deng Jiaoguo looked at the neck of Shen Tian Si,Laugh:“Shen Persie,In the second half of this year, I heard that our county has to be mobilized.,And Shen’s brother is in the list of broken.,Shen Persie knows?”
I heard the words of Deng Jiao,Shen Tian Si immediately woke up a lot。
After all, what he enhanced is known as a few people in the town.,But it’s broken to improve this kind of thing,He is also the news that I just got yesterday.,I didn’t expect Deng Jiaoguo to know.。
This makes him feel awkward。
“Hey-hey,Deng Lao Ge,You are laughing.,I am a deal,How can I get it again? It can also be can’t set with you.?”
“Hey-hey,Shen Lao, you still don’t tell your brother.,I heard that you have to upgrade into the county head.,This is the level of the right level.,The next step is rising” The following words haven’t finished,Shen Tian Si hurriedly interrupted。
“Deng Dado,Are you reliable??
Why don’t I know??
And I heard that Shen Shuji this year,The above will come from other places to come over,How do you have a different news about me??”
Deng Jiao is deeply seen in Shen Tianzi,Laugh:“It seems that Shen Lao brother has someone.,Before you really said,However, Song Secretary, you also know that during the period,Especially in your town’s performance,That is also the Song Shuji。”
“The above feels that Song Song’s performance is very good.,Therefore, Song Siji will not be unexpected.,But it is also necessary to cultivate new backbone,This new backbone,Shen Persie first。”
Be said by Deng Jiao,Shen Tian Si is also a fast operation in the brain.。
“Deng Dado,I ask you a question.,Are you really really good??”
“Nature is really good,It’s hard to be a special purpose to find you, drinking, you can’t blow with you.?”
Shen Tianzi hesitated:“Deng Dado,Will people behind you talk to people behind me??”
“Forehead,This should be considered,But I don’t know,After all, we are small shrimp.,You dare to ask so much?
What is Shen’s high??”
Deng Jiaoguo has been a long time in this location.,If nothing unexpected happens,He should do it in this position to retirement。
But who wants to always be flat。
He also knows what you have learned before the lotus village.,And this Sundian Si is proposed in Lianhua Village, he is actually some unsatisfactory.,After all, the Tourism Bureau is his business.,Is this not a show that he is not obvious??
But thinking of Shen Tian Si’s next improvement,There are also those conditions presented by the other party.,It’s just awarded a promotion of promotion.。
As long as he does not make mistakes,So how long does it take?,He should also be able to promote a small step。

Wang Lin on the phone asked softly:“Are you OK!“

“What can i do,I’ll come to work in a while“Xia Jian hung up the phone。
Xia Jian stood in the room for a while,He cleaned up and walked out of the room。No matter what happens,He must calm down,Anyway, he is now the boss of the startup group,He has to set an example。
Stopped a car on the side of the road,Xia Jian returned to the venture group a little groggy。When he entered the door of the company,Also paid special attention to,Found everything is normal,No different from the past。
When Xia Jian entered the elevator,Met the staff of cleaning and company,Be very polite to him。Once in the office,Lin Wei followed in,She asked quietly:“President Xia drinks tea or coffee“
“Drink nothing,You can invite Mr. Wang over“Xia Jian said coldly。His voice has not fallen,Wang Lin has walked in。Xia Jian waved his hand weakly towards Lin,The clever Lin Wei understood what he meant,Then retired。
Xia Jian glanced at Wang Lin,Asked angrily:“Is it interesting for you guys to do this??“
“Everyone is not for your good,So I discussed with Fang Fang,Gave you a chance to reconcile,But from your words last night,I know the past will never come back“When Wang Lin said this,Took a long breath。
Xia Jian calmed his mind,Then asked:“What does Xiao always mean?“
“He only gave me one call so far,He said on the phone that Xiao Xiao is back,Then hung up the phone,I almost broke down then,I am not happy,Still sad,Anyway, my heart is in a mess。She was when you went swimming yesterday,Fang Fang called me the same number“That’s it for Wang Lin,Then stopped。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“So you know everything,Only keep me in the dark,Is this fun?“
“Don’t you be really angry!“Wang Lin whispered。
Xia Jian stood up,I took a long breath and said:”What is angry?You arrange work,Let’s go to Nanyuan。and also,Tell the guard,Xiao Xiao definitely cannot step into the group“
First1248chapter Halma Exit
When Xia Jian gave this order to Wang Lin,He suddenly felt sad。Maybe this is his last order from the startup group。
No matter how hot the city is,How unbearable,But the mountains always refresh the body and mind。Xia Jian, who got out of the car, stood by the parking lot of Nanyuan,I took a look at the charming scenery。
He turned around and said to Wang Lin:“So beautifully built here,But i am now,Haven’t actually visited once。No one believes it”
“Nothing,I’ll take you to visit in a while,Maybe this opportunity won’t happen again in the future”Wang Lin lowered her voice and said to Xia Jian。

“Over ten thousand,And kill Saito、The primordial Taoist of the blood killing the building and the Wushengtianjiao!”

Saito,Is the enemy of the Bai clan,Blood Killing Tower and Wushengtianjiao are the enemies of the Winter Journey Immortal Palace,But Winter Tour Fairy Palace will not deal with it personally,But to sharpen other forces and their own disciples。
“Then give me the list!”Li Ming said,“I have to choose~”
Baishi,Naturally, all the three hostile forces of the Xuxu Dixian and Yuanshen Taoist were registered.。
but,Bai’s can lock specific information,The possibility of killing is only part of it。
For example, the Yuanshen Taoist of Saito stayed in the clan,Who can kill?
same,The Lair of No Shengjiao also has a big array,The large array support can even resist the attacks of the two top powers outside the Winter Journey Immortal Palace,Who can kill in this big formation?
Blood kills the building hidden,And the identities of most of them are unknown,Only a handful of people in this killer organization are exposed,And once exposed, it will soon usher in the hunt,Either escape from Oxwei County or fall。
And most killers,Are actually from other forces‘part time’,Only a few direct killers。No one can find,This is called,How to kill!
and so,Hope to be killed,Only a few。
“With definite news,Only five people。”Fairy Bai Yuan raised her brow and said。
“Take it to see,Ming Keqing!”
Li Ming doesn’t care about the other party’s attitude,Take the intelligence and glance。
There are indeed only five Yuanshen Taoists。
“Three Yuanshen Taoists of Saito,Two Yuanshen Taoists who are Wushengtianjiao。”
“Saitosan,Monk,Participate in the practice of gods and demons to achieve perfection in Vientiane,Comprehend the mountain domain,Good at using a pair of mid-tier celestial hammers and magic weapons for close combat,Worth 8,000。”
“Saitokai,Yuanshen perfect monk,Comprehend a kind of water course,Shots often fight with spells,Strange methods,Worth 13,000 great merits。”
“Yuan Yeyi,Disciple of the Saito clan,Yuanshen perfect monk,Good at night、Way of Thunder,Way of the Void,And reach the realm of Tao,Unknown skills。I only know that I have killed three Yuanshen Taoists。Worth 20,000。”

“I go,Your big array is really complicated,Just know the route to get in。”

“Uncle Five!”
“Grandpa Five!”
Comer,Is a Yuanshen Taoist of the Bai family,Seniority is not high,He is the youngest Taoist of the Bai family。
he,Good wine,Good formation,Like to drink wine,Self-named sommelier。
Li Ming is not good,But also like the formation,As the formation improves,He has also improved his understanding of other aspects of Tao,This is the characteristic of formation,Any Tao can be transformed into formation。
Delve into the formation,Can’t do it behind closed doors,To communicate with other monks。
The wine master,Is a Taoist friend Li Ming often talks about。
“Haha,Brother Ming Dao,This time I got a broken image of the formation from a monk traveling outside,I’m not asking you to help me check it out。”
“Oh,Array residual figure!Then come on,You little guys don’t run,Let’s take a look。”Li Ming still takes good care of these young monks。
If it’s another way,These realms are at most the little guys who feel the true meaning of Tao,There is basically no hope for understanding high-level methods,But in terms of formation, you can comprehend。
After deduction with this Yuanshen Taoist,It’s time for lunch—There is no need for a Yuanshen Taoist like Li Ming,But those weak monks are necessary。
Five little guys ran to have lunch,But Li Ming is inferior to Bai’s Tibetan Taoist Pavilion。
The Bai Family,Although the current strength is not strong。But there was a fairy,Background,Especially the Taoist background is not much worse than the other two top powers outside the Winter Youxian Palace。

“The last sentence is the point,Take precautions?,This is an inertial thinking,Don’t go around such a big circle,Wait for him back,Just grab it directly。”

“What’s the matter with you today?Serious discussion,No constructive opinions at all,But I’m arguing with Laozi everywhere?”
“What you just said,Tell me if you have a problem,This is what i really think。”
“You are so old……”
“Two,Two,Talking,Why is it choking??All calm down。”Li Shaobo can’t stand it anymore,Kindly persuade。
“you shut up!This guy,His grandma’s,Wrong thinking,I have to correct him,Don’t interrupt!”Gu Changfeng angrily lit another cigarette,“I never give people a random character,I also admit,At least until now,The position of the walker is no problem,But it doesn’t mean it’s okay in the future,Do you understand the word expansion……”
at this time,Outside the window,Under the bright moonlight,A pair of big invisible eyes are quietly watching every move in the meeting room,That’s Li Tianzhu’s spiritual knowledge,He also listened to the content of the meeting.,But it’s strange that I don’t have any anger,There may be a little wronged,But I can’t talk about being more concerned,It seems to have expected such a result very early。
Gu Changfeng is still talking,He talks a lot today,All aspects,Treat these big bosses in field work as administrative clerks,Li Tianzhen realized that Gu Changfeng should have heard something against him or‘Sharp’Action group news,I’m afraid the base can’t stay any longer。
No need to listen to the following content,Li Tianzhen took back his spiritual consciousness,He appeared in Quan Xingguo’s ward the next moment,The other party is lying quietly,Like falling asleep,Pity,Brothers of life and death。
Li Tianzhen sighed,He is now unable to retrieve the lost soul of the other party,I can only try my best to extend his life,Qi Yun refined some pills for life extension,Enough for one year,After leaving these pills,Li Tianzhen left silently,Both the instructor and Gu Changfeng know what to do when they see the weird medicine on the bedside。
Subsequently,Li Tianzheng appeared in the instructor’s room again,Thought for a while,Still left a note,Only eight words,leave temporarily,Never forget the original intention。
Li Tianzhen did not take away the black gold puppet and the two war puppets,In the days to come,‘Sharp’We will face extremely vicious supernatural beings,A little life-saving means may not be enough,But he can only do this,These things do not belong to this world,If the storm passes,The puppet fluke survived,He will take away or destroy。
“This kid is gone。”The instructor handed Li Tianzhen’s note to Lan Ling。
“Make this,Won’t hurt people too much?”
“will not,He has a thick skin,I believe in character。”The instructor looked up at the deep night sky outside the window。
Night sky,A faint trend slowly swept southeast,Li Tianzhen riding on Lihuo,Looking down at the mortal lights of Canruo Xinghe,With emotion in my heart,He didn’t mean to blame anyone,Just thinking about the past,Like a picture scroll that automatically turns pages,One by one,Scenes。
Chapter Eighty Four Regret a few years ago
This tumult lasted for more than ten minutes before it gradually calmed down,layer102The nurses in the room are all panting from exhaustion,Feeling weak,You can fall asleep as soon as you lean anywhere。
But the patient who is bound by the restraint is still struggling,Although I don’t scream,But it makes a bang on the bed board,Make people feel irritable。