But casting is the same as other crafts,While having superb skills,More need to have a proficient technique,Physical strength to adapt to its strength。

I wish Minglang start with an apprentice,Slowly get back the feeling of this craft。
And learn to forge a complete set of dragon armor as soon as possible,He doesn’t have much time to hone slowly,You must practice more intensively than when you first came into contact with casting。
Third day,carry on!
Protect the sword from sharpening,Plum blossom from the bitter cold,Stick to your bottom line of personality!
If you don’t get back to this craft,,In my current situation, I really can only sell the young and handsome hue!
time flies,Be an apprentice in armor casting for half a month,Zhu Minglang also gradually recovered some of the original feelings。
Now he can cast a complete suit of armor for soldiers,This also means that Zhu Minglang can make some money by selling this coolie。
of course,Soldier armor profit is too low。
Make good armor,Sell to those soldiers、noble,Is able to maintain the current expenses。
As for making dragon armor,That is to start on the path of making a fortune!!
The end of autumn approaches,I wish Minglang didn’t go to the city state foundry these days。
Not deliberately lazy,But he promised Teacher Duan Lan to go and overturn the clouds and rain with her……amount,Xingyunbuyu!
This is a traveling class,Seems to be to the east of the city,Is traveling,Have to do some preparation in advance。
This time it’s not the students who are still hovering under the dragon gate,But a real student of Dragon Shepherd,Those who already have real dragons!
First26chapter Be a concubine
Bai Qi sleeps most of the time。
Occasionally I wish Ming Lang in free time,It will fly out of the spiritual realm,Treat Zhu Minglang’s mind as a warm nest,Keep sleeping。

Xia Jian knew,Luo Yi told him to go out in formal clothes,Must be talking about things,Otherwise it won’t be so formal。So he didn’t hesitate to wear which suit Wu Qian bought him。

When he goes downstairs,Luo Yi has gone out to drive early。When he goes out,Luo Yi rushed out of the underground garage with her beautiful sports car。
“boarding!”Luo glanced at Xia Jian,Signaled that Xia Jian was sitting in the passenger seat。It seems to go out this time,Luo Yi is going to drive himself。
Xia Jian said nothing,Pull the door and sit up。Luo Yi kicked the throttle,The sports car drove out of the alley with a hum。Then turn right onto the main road。
Luo Yi’s driving skills seem to be very skilled,She drove the car,Xia Jian can’t match this cruelty。The car got on the elevated rail in a while,And then drove to the suburbs。
Luo Yi drove the car intently,Say nothing。Xia Jian sitting on the side,Eyes slightly closed,He is enjoying the happy time in life。
Beautiful girl,This is the dream that many people pursue。Since Xia Jian had this opportunity,,He has to feel it well。
suddenly,The car drove off the viaduct,Drove towards a small building in the suburbs。At this moment Luo spoke。She first:“Hey”With a,Then he said to Xia Jian:“A while,There are a few foreign companies’ bosses and managers drinking tea with us,Then talk about investment promotion”
“it is good!”Xia Jian responded,Immediately took out the phone,So I called Xiao Xiao。
The phone is connected soon,Xia Jian is straight to the point,Just ask:“Yang Ying’s construction drawings should be given to you, right?!What’s the situation now,How much area is left,Specific location”
“Have a floor plan,I have hired someone to fix it。I will post you nowQQmailbox,You can understand at a glance”Xiao Xiao is also very quick,Finished saying this,He hung up the phone immediately。
Okay,Xia Jian brought the laptop when he went out,Otherwise, this email is sent,He can’t watch。But through today’s matter,Xia Jian understands one more thing,When I go out to discuss business,This laptop must be brought。
Waiting for the car to approach,Xia Jian discovered that the place they came was originally a clubhouse。When Luo Yi’s car drove in,Several luxury cars have been parked in the courtyard。
Two get off,Xia Jian followed Luo Yi towards the small building。Their dress today,Let everyone look like a couple。
Luo Duo, this seems to be a familiar road,She doesn’t need to ask at all,Led Xia Jian to the third floor。This small building is not conspicuous from the outside,But as soon as I walked in,Xia Jian knows what quality life is。
The decoration style and the level of decoration,Really feel,Here is another world。To the third floor,Under the leadership of a female staff member,Luo Yi pushed aside a room and wroteVIPRoom door with words。
There is a comfortable single sofa in the room,Into two semicircles echoing each other。Between the two sofas,Is a small coffee table。One is convenient to put something to drink on it,The second is that two people next to each other can also talk a few whispers。
Xia Jian, stop at the door,I have this idea in my heart。The appearance of Luo Yi,All the foreigners sitting inside stood up,They came over and shook hands with Luo Yi。

“Ha ha。Isn’t Fan Fan not clear in his heart??”Aman’s yin and yang on the phone。

“Aman,What do you mean?I told you all the people in Yuxing are crazy,Keeping them in Fukuyama is a disaster。Not to mention the grievances of my brothers,Even our business will suffer。oldAIt’s inconvenient to deal with too much,You shouldn’t be confused……”
“okay,Fan Ye。We are a businessman,Those messy things on the road have something to do with me?You fucking raise my boss to talk about things。”Ah Man’s tone was unexpectedly cold,Doesn’t seem to take Ahao’s affairs to heart。
Wang Fan’s nose is crooked,I didn’t expect Ah Man to have such an attitude,He held back his anger,“Aman,You can leave it alone about Yuxing,But I can’t help but guard,Business can’t go on normally,You can’t blame me,Lao Tzu still expects to live in Fushan。”
Aman laughs,“Yoha,threaten me?The first three-legged toads this year are hard to find,People with two legs can be everywhere。I have goods in my hands,I’m afraid I can’t go down?”
Working together for so long,Wang Fan knows very well that these drug dealers cannot be trusted,Except money,Absolutely deny。But now the situation has taken a turn for the worse,No way out,I had to suppress my anger and let it go,“Ahao is oldAGuest,You introduced him to me,Everyone can’t cooperate,At least the rabbit and the fox are sad?You wipe it clean now,I fucking admit。But the current situation is not good,Lao Gui’s order is temporarily cancelled,Otherwise I can’t afford to have a problem。”
“cancel?You don’t understand the rules for the first time?Kind of say it again, let me listen。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Eight abandon?
Wang Fan was furious,The anger in my heart can no longer be controlled,“Aman,What are you playing with Lao Tzu?Even your boss can’t have this attitude towards me,I don’t bother to talk with you。No cancellation is possible,Goods before payment。”After speaking, he slammed the phone to the ground,Not enough hatred,Ran up again and stomped on both feet。
Paralyzed,This is a joke。I sacrificed a brother so much,Risking the risk of hanging up again in exchange for such a result?The gap between reality and imagination made Wang Fan almost mad with anger,He kept running back and forth in the hall,So that I can calm down quickly。
After all,After venting his anger,Wang Fan quickly controlled his emotions。I started to sort out the ins and outs of the whole incident in my mind,Recalling since I met Ahao,I seem to slowly fall into a trap, And the designer is obviously not him,Not Ahao,Very likely to be oldA。
Wang Fan doesn’t know the oldAThe real relationship with Ahao,The whole process,oldADoesn’t seem to participate much,Like an outsider,Just entrusted Xie Man to introduce Ahao to him and expressed a wish,Make good use of his and Ahao’s hatred of Yuxing,Besides,Almost no trace。
The wish is of course high-sounding,But the purpose is clear,Is to get rid of Yuxing completely。Such a common goal,Can satisfy Ahao’s revenge,Can also give Wang Fan what he wants,But oldAWhat can you get?Just to maintain Fukuyama’s old order,Ensuring drug access?
I haven’t figured it out,Today’s sudden change of Xie Man made Wang Fan suddenly clear,A thought suddenly flashed,Suddenly made him dumbfounded,Then I broke into a cold sweat,Is it oldATo change the agent in Fukuyama?Bang,He fell heavily on the chair。

“I have a knife。”

“……”Completely unable to communicate normally,Dao Chang Ziyun felt depressed。
The back figure has disappeared at the entrance of the cave,He pondered for a moment,Go back to the side hole。
Then as Gan Yifan expected,Taoist Ziyun goes to Xu Wan,Have a good chat,Gave her a piece of Taoism before leaving。
Old Ziyun left soon,Xu Wan came over and called him out,Show him Taoism。He watched,Is a Taoist swordsmanship,Suddenly there was a scene in the mind of the Taoist Master Ziyun killing sand insects with his sword,Envy,Willing not to return to Xu Wan,Xu Wan grabbed it back,Said it was for her。
Gan Yifan is depressed,Obviously Daoist Ziyun wants to please himself,It’s Xu Wan that benefits“Sisi sister”。
“What do you want they want?”Xu Wan is getting more and more curious。
“how could I know。”Gan Yifan didn’t give her a chance to ask more,Go back。
Xiuxiu also came,But not for him,But to find Xu Wan,Two women are grunting in the grottoes nearby, not knowing what to talk about。The distance between the two grottoes is more than ten meters,He can’t hear,Actually he doesn’t care。
What he cares about now is the newly acquired black blade。
I will cut a few times after practicing,No fixed routine,I can’t talk about moves,It’s all the experience of using the knife accumulated during those years on the island。Limited space for knife practice in the grotto,If you are not careful, you will slash it,He didn’t pay attention at first,It’s too dark after all。Once with the headlights on,Slashed on the stone wall,He saw the knife like cutting tofu。
Look at the surrounding stone walls,Knife marks deep into the rock,He really realized the sharpness of the black blade。
Seventeenth,Entering the abyss space for the third day。
Six o’clock,Gan Yifan is still practicing,Watch vibration,He woke up from practice。

“Call your comrades over,Otherwise I will break your arm”Xia Jian shouted。

The stand-up collar man got up from the darkness,Slowly walked towards Xiajian。At this time,A motorcycle ran from behind Xia Jian。
First1956chapter Night in the quarry
At this juncture,Suddenly another motorcycle came,Xia Jian thought these two men came to help again。He is ready to respond。
I saw the light of the motorcycle swept from the three of them,Immediately stopped on the side of the road。A black shadow clever Chao Xiajian approached here。
“who are you?Don’t come again”Xia Zhima alertly issued a warning。
“it’s me”With a familiar voice,That person has reached Xia Jian’s side。Xia Jian couldn’t help but be overjoyed,It turns out that this person is Zhao Chunling。I didn’t expect she would come to help him at this time,Xia Jian is really happy from the bottom of my heart。
Zhao Chunling is not stupid,She doesn’t have much words at all,But a moment of observation,Two steps,He brought the stand-up collar man to Xia Jian,Also used the same move。
Stand-up collar man kneeling on one knee,So much pain。Xia Jian asked coldly:“Who are the photos you took?Just say it,I’ll let you go”
Xia Jian asked coldly,Secretly。The man who was subdued by Xia Jian couldn’t hold it anymore,He gasped and said:“We don’t know him either,Just give him the film,He can give us money”
“Heard clearly,If you two want to lie to me,Then your arm is useless”Xia Jian’s voice is as cold as ice。
The stand-up collar man spoke at this moment,He said in a very small voice:“I don’t know who you are?But you can’t afford to run the newspaper。If he doesn’t have two brushes,This kind of illegal operation can exist in Pingdu,So I advise you,Just enough,Don’t get angry”
“This is not your concern,You just need to take us to where the tabloid is printed”Xia Jian said coldly。
The stand-up collar man paused and said:“We do something like this,Also to eat。But we can’t offend this group,So you have to leave us a way to survive”

And looking at it all,at this time,Wei Yunquan raised his head a little bit and looked in front of him。

While seeing here,Wei Yunquan feels more serious the more he looks。
“All right,Now words,In that case,Then this matter,We should do something。”
“you all,Prepare first!”
When Wei Yun finished,Those around,Nodded again and again。
“Patriarch is right,In this case,What are we doing with them??”
“What you want me to say,Hurry up and get rid of this one beforehand。”
“Instead of,Then we have no time to delay。”
at this time,Those around,I didn’t forget to say here。
And start now,The more I speak, the more excited I feel。
Looking at it all,at this time,Wei Yunquan sees here,Is very direct。
“He intends to act first here, right??”
“Since this is the case,Then we can’t miss this opportunity!”
slowly,When Wei Yun finished,Those around,I looked at him all together。
After all, from now on,Such a thing,What will it represent,Other people also understand very well。

Just three months ago,Ling Jing beat Yan Tian, the first-in-law of the Yan Dynasty,This Yantian is the only son of the Yan Dynasty King Yan,The only prince。

Same as Lingjing,Are designated next-generation heirs,result,Ling Jing took over the generations who couldn’t be passed down in this hot day。
King Yan pulled the cart himself,Pulling Yantian from the royal city of Yan Dynasty,Go to Beilan Imperial City to seek justice。
After arriving at Beilan Imperial City,The gray-haired Yan King knelt at the gate of the imperial city,Crying for justice,This incident has caused a stir in the entire northern state。
In the end, my father and the emperor personally comforted me,Rewarded a lot of natural treasures,This is the problem。
My brother,Not afraid of the sky,The two most afraid of,One is the father,One is myself。
But my father is very busy every day,Naturally it is impossible to watch Lingjing every day,It was Lingju watching。
only,Lingju entered the Yaochi Holy Land to practice a year ago,No one looked at Lingjing at all。
The mother is extremely doting on Lingjing,That’s why this happened。
But if I look at it now,This senior seems to be able to hold Lingjing,This is Lingju’s most satisfying。
Lingjing respects an outsider so much,Lingju had never seen it before。
If this senior is there,I don’t have to worry about this。
Thought of here,Lingju also suddenly remembered the Dragon Heart Soft Armor that Ling Jing just said.。
My younger brother had never cared about such trivial things before,Don’t say take the initiative to help yourself,It’s good not to cause trouble to yourself。

“Hi!If you call me one day earlier,I will arrange this。No more,Now that it has happened,It’s no use saying more。Or else,I asked Lu Hao out,Let’s drink tea,Open up the matter?”Yao Junli said,Took a look at Xia Jian。

Xia Jian nodded and said:“Ok!Then we will call him when we get to the teahouse,The police are looking for him for questioning”
Yao Junli nodded,Got in his car first。Xia Jian hesitated,Still got in my car。He wanted to drive it himself,But when he got in the car,Wang Lin is already sitting in the cab in advance。This is a woman who considers men。
First2235chapter one stone two bird
On the third day when Wang Youcai returned to Chenzhuang, he received a call from Lu Xiuli.,Said that all the information has been submitted。The person who handles things says that there are no problems that can be done,Let Wang Youcai renovate it!
This is so happy that Wang Youcai,He arranged for Liu Ying about the Chenzhuang base,So he drove his broken jeep to Pingdu。
The first person to find,Of course it’s Doctor Lu。When Wang Youcai told Doctor Lu the good news,The old man is still a bit commercial,But not as happy as Wang Youcai imagined。
He stroked his beard and smiled and said:“Then let’s start!You find someone from the decoration team,I guide and supervise on site。Of course,You come and pay,My old man can still handle the rest”
Thus,Wouldn’t it be better。Wang Youcai thought about it,So he drew a thousand yuan from the wallet and gave it to Doctor Lu。He smiled and said:“You take this money first,No money for not going out,But when I go out,A lot of money”
Doctor Lu smiled,I laughed so heartily this time。He smiled and said:“Nice guy,If you can be so sensible,If the small clinic we closed is not popular,,My old Lu will never look down on purpose”
Dr. Lu said,Took the banknote Wang Youcai gave him,Carefully put it into the pocket of his jacket。
Where did Wang Youcai come from Doctor Lu?,I immediately called Wu Wu。Not much time,Wu Wu rushed over。Wang Youcai asked him to find some decoration teams,Let them come and have a look,First quote。
Considering that there is Supervisor Lu,And Wu Wu has time,So Wang Youcai’s meaning is to contract labor but not material。With this mental preparation,He opened the store door,Stand inside and wait。
This year,There is no shortage of workers。Less than an hour,Three people from the decoration team came。Lao Lu gave them a rough idea about the place to be renovated and what it looked like。These people in the decoration team,Calculate immediately on site,Gave Wang Youcai a price。
Last collegiate,Selected one of the decoration teams。Machine equipment came from Lima,Work while doing,Open a list of materials,Let Wu Wu go to the building materials market to buy materials。
About three o’clock in the afternoon,Wang Youcai’s small clinic started work。Because of the presence of Lao Lu,So Wang Youcai found an excuse to walk away。

“well,But now look,Actually like this,It feels very interesting。”

“Now words,I predict,They should know what to do!”
When I see here,For the moment,Wang Teng is very calm。
Just see these,Now,Wang Teng whole person,I don’t forget to wave my hand here。
“All right,Now words,These are secondary,Estimated time,The Zhao family should also get news。”
“But these,Actually it has nothing to do with us!”
When Wang Teng just looked at him a little bit,obviously,Such a thing,What should I do,Actually just these problems,It becomes very difficult。
And looking at these,The more so,Actually from now on,Wang Teng felt more and more interesting。
slowly,Looking at these。
At this moment,The more Wang Teng thinks, the more he feels,This is pretty good。
And while seeing here,Actually from now on,Wang Teng suddenly found it interesting。
“All right,Actually now,These things,Completely secondary。”
“As for what else,Wait a minute。”
at this time,Zhaojia。
Someone rushed to Zhao Yuan, the head of the Zhao family。
“Patriarch,Something bad,Master is dead。”
With these words finished,Zhao Yuan at this time,Whole person’s face,I can’t believe it。

First0586chapter Female boss’s male assistant

How smart is Gu Yue,She immediately said to Xiaoting who was making tea:“Okay, Xiaoting,You can go down and wait for me in the car“
Xiaoting responded,So he put down the tea set in his hand,Closed the door and went out。Bayi Middle School?Wenwang? ?㈠?.㈧8?1㈠Z?㈧.COM
Gu Yue motioned to Xia Jian,Smiled slightly:“Sit down!Even if you want to leave,Don’t have to be so hurry。You can tell me your story,I am definitely someone who can keep secrets for you“
Xia Jian hesitated,Put the packet back on the sand,He took a breath,So why did you comesZI told Gu Yue about the matter from beginning to end,Gu Yue’s eyes widened after hearing it。
She said after a long time:“I think you are not easy,I didn’t expect it to be so easy。In this case,You can’t leave,Stay!Do something for me,Just wronged you“
“My situation,You’re not afraid that i will hurt you?“Xia Jian smiled,Deliberately asked Gu Yue。
Gu Yue shook his head and said:“What am i afraid of,You come to our company to be my personal assistant,No need to do personnel files,In this case,Maybe no one will know your life experience“
“Thank you!“Xia Jian let out a long breath,He finally has a place to stay。
at this time,Gu Yue’s phone rang,She picked it up and said:“Sister Aju called,She should be asking about your current situation“
“My work here,Best not to tell her“For safety reasons,Xia Jian reminded Gu Yue。
Gu Yue nodded,Connected to the phone,She asked with a smile:“What’s wrong, Sister Aju,Do you want to ask where Xia Hao went??He’s still here“
I don’t know what Aju said on the phone,Gu Yue kept nodding her head in agreement。After she hung up the phone,Smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Sister Aju cares about where you go,She just said let me keep you“