Screamed tentatively,But no one,The arm faintly covers the forehead,no way,I have been photographed by the old man in the shadows during this time。

Fuming is looking everywhere,But no one was found,Suddenly found an information device on a tree stump,Fu Ming picked it up and opened it。
“Kid,I’m very happy during my time with you!”
The old man’s voice sounded,I’m very happy to hear。
“The two of us met are also fate,Actually even if you don’t save me,That great ape can’t hurt me,But just because you have the courage to turn around and save me,I plan to teach you something in my heart,Thinking about going,There is only energy tremor technology”
“You asked my name before,Now i tell you,My name is Lin Zhentian,But you probably haven’t heard of it,It’s all decades ago,I look forward to seeing each other again,Goodbye”
“Oh, right,Black gold wood for you,Use them well,Will give you a surprise!”
Grandpa Lin’s voice suddenly disappeared,The information device in Fuming’s hand shattered directly,It looks like a one-time information device。
“Lin Zhentian?Really haven’t heard of it”
Fuming and looking at the empty yard,Even the houses made of black gold and wood were taken away,It looks like Grandpa Lin took it together。
“move,Mo Ji will catch up with the student contest you mentioned!”Long Yuan urged。
Nodded,Suzaku’s wings spread out behind him,Fly away。
Grandpa Lin was on the distant mountain watching his life and fluttering away,Speak softly:“What a strange little guy,Not only has abnormal resilience,And there are actually Suzaku wings,Really interesting!”
You will be shocked when you hear about it,The wings behind me were actually recognized by Grandpa Lin!
“Old patriarch,We should go,The patriarch is already waiting”
A guard appeared suddenly,Embroidered with a forest character。
The old man sighed,Leave with a few people。
“Combat skills-Wind without phase-will!”

“Find someone to forge a statement that my brother Cheng Yunxiong renounced the inheritance,Go to the notary office to be a notary……Use the most reliable network,So as not to lose the tongue,And the person who helped us make the false statement and the notary office should not have too much background,It’s better to get them fromLCity disappeared……”

“disappear……Refers to……”Li Hao cautiously tested the meaning of Cheng Yunxiao。
“See if they know each other,You can decide what to do,I just need one result。”Cheng Yunxiao said indifferently,Originally, she intended to make the people involved in this matter disappear completely,But the kindness between thoughts,Made her give up this idea。
“understood。”Li Hao finished,I saw that Cheng Yunxiao had no further instructions,Plan to leave,But I was called back when I was leaving the house。
“Li Hao!”Cheng Yunxiao’s words are full of momentum,I opened my mouth,Weaker tone,His eyes floated to the ground,“My brother’s business,How is the investigation……”
It’s time to come。
Li Hao’s palm began to seep with fine sweat,He didn’t neglect the investigation,Rushed to many places,Also met a lot of people,But the investigation progress has not made any progress,Don’t mention the master behind the scenes,Just the murderer,He has no clue。
“Why don’t you talk?”Cheng Yunxiao raised his eyes and looked directly at Li Hao,Without any expression on the face。
“I haven’t found anything yet。”Li Hao tells the truth。
He didn’t want to make any unnecessary explanations,For Cheng Yunxiao who is fancying the result,He goes to emphasize those useless processes,Will be disgusted。
Cheng Yunxiao turned around,Closed eyes,Li Hao thought she would turn around and make an angry accusation,After all so many years,She has never been able to remain absolutely calm about her brother,Especially when it comes to this major event。
But beyond Li Hao’s expectation,Cheng Yunxiao just said something in a trembling voice,“It’s ok,Do your best to check。”
“Cheng……total。”Li Hao almost blurted out and called her name,But I immediately held back。
“If there is no extra energy to check……Just first……Let it go,Give you one more month。”
Cheng Yunxiao didn’t know what mood she said this sentence。

Gao Yang is still there,Wang Lin is as a north“Barrier”Existence。

to be honest,It is a watchdog that comes with dog food.。Higher ocean did not expect this to have more loyalty,I only hope that they will die in the Northern Week in Jingjing.。
In the heart, I didn’t see Wang Lin and others as it is.“Oneself”。
now,Watchdoor dog does not want“Watch door”NS,I still want to enter the yard or even enter the house.,Really there is this reason!
“This is not,Hou Jing’s things are not far away,Can you have a wolf??”
Yang Wei immediately stood out,Almost reached the point of conditional reflex。
For Hou Jing,Many ministers present in the scene are impressive。When Hou Jing is rampant,It’s just more than ten years.。In addition to Gao Bo Yi“New generation”outside,others,Who doesn’t know how Hou Jing is?
If it is not Hou Jing, the big Liang Guo is covered with a lot.,Now the two Huai area is still in the hands of Liang Guo.,Also, there is no matter what Chen Bao first.!
if that is the case,Strategic situation between countries now,It will also become completely different。
Yang Yu’s words,Although there is only one sentence,But this sentence“Wolf”,I have already said something very clear.。
They are the most fear of these civilians,Don’t worry that Wang Lin becomes North Qi“Houjing”NS。and,I can’t do it, Wang Lin will also be a enhanced version of Hou Jing.。
Why do you say this??
Because Hou Jing is very roughly,but,Wang Lin, is very attractive.。Compared with Hou Jing,,Wang Lin personal credit is very good,Take the next body Huainan Water Piece,I recognize him for the boss.。
Not like the army,More like a community。
This organization structure,There is a very strong life in the underlying folk。you can say so,Wang Lin is going to do things,His energy is absolutely stronger than Houjing!
Especially his origin,Naturally, I am not dealing with the family.,At that time the vibration arm,I don’t know how many slaves have to kill the owner.,Participate in his army。
By the time,The grand occasion is absolutely more than Hou Jingn。
Own“Class stand”Convinced,Yang Wei’s words are completely gold jade,People standing here listening to him,There is a calculation,I should listen to his opinion.。
“I saw Wang Lin in Jingjing.,It is a modest gentleman,Have a letter。Yang Zaun said that he will be the second of Houjing.,I am afraid that some words are exaggerated.。”
Gao Baoyi, of course, what is the meaning of Yang Wei?,Just can’t tell this,It’s okay to say it.。
“Large manager,This is not a joke,If those messy soldiers entered the hinterland of Qi,Grab the burning all the way,I am afraid that it is difficult to curb it.。”
Yang Wei at this time,Compromise in the day of the day is completely different,Almost inch。
“Yup,Large manager,This matter must be careful,It’s better to go directly to Wang Lin.,Let him keep the portal in Jingjing.。”
The swallow is a big uncle standing at Yang Wei.。Or,In addition to Gao Bo Yi and his party feather,Everyone here will stand in Yang Hao。
Cake is only so big,More one more,Then you can share it.,This is a very simple truth。Whether it is for national security,Still for your own interests,No one will agree that Wang Lin enters the hinterland of Qi State。
Because this matter is for them,No benefits,Instead, the risk is very large.,Paying with harvest。North Qi is a high-quality,Even a wild homes,However, it will never be their。
This is like this.,Most“Worker”,Will not take the company’s things as their own things,Unless you are the boss。
“Too,Wang Lin is suspicious,but,If the other party is really attached,We are ignored,So how will people see us in the world??
If there is a thorn history in the future, it is attached to us.,See what we are now,Will it be cool??
At the scene,Take care of yourself,Regardless of state affairs!
Please pay too much!”
Gao Bao,Argade。
“Please pay too much!”
The minister also begged。
This is stissible。

Li Wei hurriedly said:“Yes!It seems you know him too,No wonder the shot is so ruthless”

“Humph!Wu Wu and Tian Baby are my horses,You say i don’t recognize him?”Wang Youcai’s spirit suddenly came,He proudly said。
Li Wei is dumbfounded again,He stammered after a long while:“Boss!I don’t know Taishan。I didn’t expect that I met you today,I used to hear everyone say that we still have a real boss,But no chance to see,did not expect…”
“All right,Don’t sigh。Wu Wu came out soon,Then follow him and do well。Baishui Town is a small town,You better be honest,Don’t arouse public anger,When Wu Wu came out, you went in”Wang Youcai looked cold,Say word by word。
These years have been mixed in Pingdu,Wang Youcai already knows what this boss should do。Especially for the bottom gangsters,He has to be colder,This will make you feel a little majestic。
“listen,Don’t mess around in town,The police station won’t arrest you,It’s not that people are afraid of you,I just think you committed too little,Wait to accumulate to a certain level,Then you are really over”Wang Youcai thinks that Li Wei might still be able to use him in the future,So I said a few more words。
Li Wei hurriedly nodded and said:“understood,Thanks for your advice。starting today,I’ll do things in the town honestly,Waiting for Brother Wu to come out”
“Hey!Have you seen Niu Xiaohu as a bastard recently?“Wang Youcai asked,I just want to tell Li Wei that he is really their boss。Otherwise this guy hasn’t seen him,Inevitably suspicious。
Li Weiyi listen,A smile suddenly appeared on his face,He whispered:“After Brother Wu went in,He wants to do it himself,It’s a pity that Chen Feng’s people were beaten away“
“Ok!I know,But I tell you,Chen Feng counts root hair,When Laozi was in the city, he did his city management。I play the rest and he picks it up to play again,Sooner or later he will have an accident“That’s it for Wang Youcai,Suddenly strode forward。He thinks he has too much,Shouldn’t say this to Li Wei。
Where did Li Wei stand stupidly,I forgot what I was here for。
In the ward,Li Lanxiang is better than when he first came in,He gasped and said:“Boss Wang,I’m so sorry,Our old Chen family owes you too much,I don’t know how to repay“
“Repay a fart,Let Chunni prepare the meal for me“Wang Youcai said with a smile。In fact, he was saying in his heart,Your daughter-in-law has repaid,Don’t worry about it, you immortal。
Just talking,Yao Chunni came in carrying a thermos,She said apologetically:“It’s past five o’clock,You haven’t eaten yet,There is nothing in this town“

After all, this is not only a problem that buries Liu Zhengfeng.,Also related to the death of Fei Bin!

Although the body has been processed,But Fei Bin is missing,Lushan School is impossible to react。
Chu Deirers are now also watching,Lushan Pai really wants him to trouble,I still want to take the left and cold“Cold ice”、“Cold ice”Woolen cloth!
Early-made preparation is……
Waiting for the Qu-Ni smoke to the holy,Chu Deirers immediately got to go to the Manduo Mandari。
As for the family,Chu Deirens only excuses that the smoke is encountered in the middle.,Ordinary girl who disappears with the family,To take a few days in the government,Waiting。
Liu Mo knows that Chu Deirers will take a few days.,Nature is a general wish,However, the Chu Deirers did not bother Liu Jiaren.,After all, Liu Zhengfeng is new.,People are also a strong spirit of people.。
Iron unparalleled is in the second day,Then Liu Que left,To avoid trouble,Liu Jia brothers and sisters accepted iron unparalleled opinions,No settlement,Just when Liu Zhengfeng is“Missing”。
With Liu Xin, I’m going to the Tiefu.,Liu family in Sanxiang,Not afraid of general thief。
In the afternoon, the rice is coming back.,Chu Deiren saw him to find Liu Mo,Specially asked two sentences,This knows that the last month of the moon……Mainly the external entry,Recently in Hengyang activities frequently,I even secretly kill the Shaoshan disciples once!
This is also very worried about Liu Fu,After all, they don’t know.,What is the demon?。
Chu Deirers taking advantage of no one in the courtyard,Togy smoke:“Non-,You teach the holy to lead the outside door,And Directors are very familiar?Don’t see the old agenda of the black wood cliff,Down is the exterior gathers。”
“Grandpa is unbeaten in the East,Not how to return to the black wood cliff,I don’t pay attention to teaching affairs.,Shenggu……Good to have a good time。”Between the smoke,Also hide the Shenggu。
After all, now in the eyes of the outside,Holy Aunt is not small,This is also a layer of confidentiality。
In fact, the so-called emotion is good.,It is Ren Yingying to get a song.——After all, let me have a new child.,Today, the holy god of the gods outside the gods is Yingying.,Also 178!
Chu Deirers are some guesses,Just don’t see it,I have a skeptive attitude,but……Jianghu Shengchuan Sun Moon God’s holy,Indeed that a double sword,And the prior to the non-smoke is also used in the sword,Chu Deirers feel“Have a good time”This should not be fake。
However, in the middle of the nature of the rivers and lakes,The major outer door of the Holy Aunt’s Day Moon God,Another daughter,The age is definitely not small……
That night,Chu Deirers look into the blackened Liufu,Celled,Come to the city outside the hill。
Practice 唢唢。
After all, Liu Fu’s owner has just passed away.,Chu Deirers have such a scenario in the family’s home.。
Two nights,The first night Chu deer is mainly refreshed with,After all, I didn’t have it for a few months.,And ancient and modern is still different,The second night is familiar with it.“Swordsman song”Spectrum。
唢唢 difficulty,Three points in lung capacity,Five points in ventilation,Before crossing, the Chu deer is actually very amateur in this regard.,But once a three or five hundred words,No one dislikes,Sufficient。
Now the Chu Deirens do not have special practice,But there is a good job,I suddenly reached the master’s level,I can’t hear gas.,It’s just that the method is still waiting to be practiced.。
Qu-frozen smoke knows that Chu Deirers are practicing“Swordsman song”,Naturally, I have to follow my heart.,Chu Deer estimated……She is a grandfather,Just usually don’t say it.。
certainly,Qufian smoke looks at the Chu Deee drums the gang to blow.,In fact, thinking is,If the Chu Deirers practice a seven string,She will be more happy……
Chapter 52 Loudly
Tonight Chu Deirers decided to understand a meal!
Previously just for the sake of waste,So I am familiar with it.,It is adjusted tonight.。
The fused part has been exhausted,But the Chu Deirers will《Different fault》And Wu Xianism“Unknown”Integrate,Nothing《Tianshi》,And probably less than four extensions。
More than Chu Dee people think more,After all, how much is the film,Not practicality,Chu Deirers are only summarized,Positive related to the fusion material practice,Other too many don’t know。
There are still many martial arts that Chu deer needs me.,but……Now“Heart”One of them is empty,I must first fill the empty one first.,Take the most efficient?
It’s also blowing twice.,then……Chu Dee’s painting style!
What is the faintness of the smoke?,Unbelievable look at Chu Deirers。
Although the curved smoke blows the slogan,But it will listen。
The Chu Deirers can only be considered“craft”,It is also not very skilled.,and“Art”The distance between the distance is still far away.。
However, this time, the color of the smoke,But I feel that the Chu deer drums the gang.,already“Art”Category!
In fact, Chu Deirers blocked,Remain,Just trying less、Lighter……

Gan Yifan put the phone back in the bag,Say:“I have enough,I bought this phone for my uncle。”

“That way,I keep it first,Your uncle can’t get used to him,Such a good phone for him,Get used to him。”
Xu Wen is not happy anymore,“Mom, why are you doing this?,I always say I’ll spoil Dad。Dad’s phone has been used for five or six years,Soaked in water last year,Sometimes the call comes in without showing。Don’t buy a new one for dad,Brother buys new ones for dad,You don’t plan to use it for dad,I strongly protest。”
“What do kids know,You are not clear about your father’s virtue,This matter is the master,You are not allowed to tell your dad。”
“Do not,I will say,I will call dad now。”
Mother and daughter bicker everyday,Gan Yifan was watching the excitement,For him,Is a rare comfort。
Xu Wen made a call,Not long after,Xu Mingliang is here。
Driving Gan Yifan’s old modelA4,Wearing a woolen coat,Wearing a round hat。Don’t say,I really don’t look like a warehouseman,It’s like……Old school turtles。
“dad,Where do you get this woolen coat,I didn’t even see you through。”
Wang Lan brought out the soup,Tease:“Your dad is stinky when driving a car,Some time ago I kept asking me to buy him a woolen coat,I am too cold and did not agree,Bought him a down jacket。He is good,Said driving down jacket wearing bloated,Just like your dad,Maybe it was pulled from one of his fishermen。Hurry up and eat,Not fit at all,Not ashamed。”
“I think it’s good,Just a bit smaller。”Xu Wen is happy。
Xu Mingliang doesn’t care about his wife and daughter making him amused,Smiled and expressed concern for Gan Yifan,But those eyes looked straight on the phone pocket。
Wang Lan knows him too much,Can’t laugh or cry:“Look at you,Rat-eyed,Take it,Yifan bought you,I also have one,Change quickly,Come over for dinner after a change,I have to go to Ganjiazhuang。”
“okay。”Xu Mingliang suddenly became happy,Start playing phone。
“Don’t even know how to say thanks……”Wang Lan muttered,Add a bowl of rice to Gan Yifan:“Your uncle is such a person,I haven’t had a great future in this life,Let’s eat and leave him alone。”
Xu Wen holds injustice for her father,“My dad is not like my mom said,Brother you don’t know,Now my dad is this among his group of fishing friends……”Thumbs up while talking,Go on:“They look for my dad when they go fishing in Dongming Lake,Go fishing with my dad at no cost,The old stubborn uncle picks up all the way,And let me tell you,No one charged my dad for dinner at Ganjiazhuang,Old cow。”
“That’s what your dad can do?That’s because people give Yifan face,No one is like your dad,Say everywhere‘I am Uncle Yifan’,I’m worried that others don’t know,I have no face to go with him。”
“Dad is my uncle,What can’t be said about this,Uncle Jiabao even insisted Dad go to his restaurant for dinner,Dad paid back,But gave a 10% discount……”Talking and giggling。

He guessed that the captain had something on his mind,80% is related to the box in the pocket,Let’s not talk about broken。Find a place to sit down and pour some glasses of horse urine,You don’t want to listen after that,He will lie on your ears and talk forever。This way of drinking,Li Tianchou has experienced many battles。

Unexpectedly, the small market in the evening is more lively than during the day,Like people rushing to temple fairs,Crowded。Various food stalls are next to each other,Barbecue stalls with heavy smoke but scent is also everywhere,The stall owners lit up big bulbs to attract customers,The whole market is illuminated like daylight。
The captain led Li Tianchou out of the crowd,Stopped in front of a barbecue stall in a relatively off-site position,A small wooden sign beside the stall says“Guo Kee Seafood BBQ”,The boss is a strong middle-aged man。
May be due to location,The stall’s business is not booming,Such a good time,Only one man and one woman sat on the three long stools,Like a pair of young lovers。
“boss,Ten skewers of grilled wings,Ten oysters,Ok,Ten more beers。”Captain seated,Order loudly,Recovered a bit angry。
“Yoha,Wang Zhong,Haven’t seen you for many days,how?Got rich?”The middle-aged boss seems to know the captain well。
“Get rich,A little money in hand。Remember next time,Call me captain。”The captain’s nose crooked,It’s showing great style again。
“Ha ha,okay,Coming soon。”The middle-aged boss smiled honestly,Go busy。
This is since moving into the village in the city,The first neighborhood Li Tianchou saw that did not despise the captain,And also a small boss。No wonder this servant led him to come here to drink。
“Point so many,Can you finish drinking?”
“Underestimate my drinking,Tell you,Ten bottles are not enough,I’m drunk today。”The captain is proud,I started shaking my head again。
quickly,Chicken wings、beer、The oysters are here,The boss also opened four bottles deliberately。
“Li Ge,Got to know you,Is the greatest honor of my captain’s life,I will invite you to drink,I will do it first!”Talking,The captain picked up a bottle of beer,A neck,Boom boom boomed all in my throat。
This surprised Li Tianchou,I’ve never seen this guy so heroic,It seems that the captain is going to use wine to sorrow,The mood is extremely bad。
“brother,Drink,I’m all done,up to you。”The captain had a big alcohol hiccup。
“it is good,I did it too。But it’s OK,Let’s blow the first bottle,Drink slowly next,Not in a hurry。”Finished,Li Tianchou also poured a bottle。
“brother,Do you think I’m a fool?”A bottle of wine,The captain’s face was red,Even the eyes are red。

Ahead,Clear water,When it seems quiet and flowing,But suddenly fell down at the embankment,The floating fog drops and the sunlight spots are intertwined to form a beautiful rainbow。

Fenglin、Green Lake、Waterfall、Wuxia,Nature paints endless romance in such a relaxed and comfortable way。
Zhu Minglang is located very close to the waterfall,This beautiful scenery is also a panoramic view。
“You want to swim,Don’t go far,There is a waterfall,It’s gone,Understand。”Zhu Minglang told the little crocodile spirit on his shoulder。
“Oooo~~~”Little Crocodile Ling opened his mouth wide,Screamed honestly,I agree。
Arrived by the river and lake where countless pebbles were piled up,Zhu Minglang put the crocodile spirit down,The crocodile spirit immediately chased the groupers in the shallow water,Amazingly fast,Zhu Minglang can only see the shadow of this little black guy。
“Good skill!”
Zhu Minglang was a little surprised,Little crocodile spirit is a great fisherman,It didn’t take long to pick up three or four groupers,Fat and big,It must be delicious when grilled。
quickly,Zhu Minglang discovered that Xiao Crocodile Ling doesn’t eat grouper at all,It just uses these flexible groupers to practice hunting。
Grouper is very difficult to catch in river fish,They are not as slow as grass carp,Can often swim quickly against those smooth river pebbles,Sudden change,No matter how bad it is, you can hide in the cracks……
As a young crocodile species,I usually stare at the little water-drinking stupid deer and sheep,Pretend to approach in the mud,Then bite。
There are indeed not many crocodiles that can catch grouper like Xiao Crocodile Spirit!
Caught grouper for a while,Little Crocodile Spirit seems to feel nothing challenging anymore,So I started to swim far away。
I wish Minglang careless,The little crocodile spirit has swam deep。
“Come back soon!”
Near the waterfall is quite dangerous,The surface of the river water will look gentle,But there will be a terrible dark vortex underwater,This dark vortex will throw everything in the water fiercely below the waterfall fault!
Little Crocodile Spirit obviously has no survival experience,I wanted to rely on the rapids of the river to exercise my limbs and body strength,And also deliberately farther away from the waterfall,But I don’t know there is a dark swirl near the waterfall,Is rolling its small body in!!
The little crocodile spirit wiggled its body and tail regularly at the beginning,Flat speed with countercurrent……

Bell,Means Lan Ruo Temple,This open does business。

“Xiao Qian,Lan Ruo Temple has pedestrians,Have you take a look,If it is easy to get,Take him down to me tomorrow night.。”
Semi-air,Virtual sound,Thick male voice,Sudden old female voice,Repeated interlaced,Some people are talking about。
Chapter 195 Is it very expensive?
Xiao Qian is slightly squatting,Spelling sleeves to rush to Lan Ruoji。
“Goblue,Let me take a sister tonight.!”
Xiaoyai pulls Xiaoqian sleeve,Sisters:“My sister is very heavy tonight.,I don’t know which love is,In case, a good laughter is delayed.,That is not beautiful.。”
“Um,Also,Then you go to a trip。”
The tree demon agrees that Xiaoqing took the initiative to ask,Half male and half women’s voice open in the house:“Xiao Qian,Since your heart is a sound,Just take a break,Waiting for the spirit,Change to me again。”
Xiaoqian is a heart,姥 在 在,She cares that the atmosphere in the yard,Didteen management,But many years of sale,Deeply understand a truth。
Competition is pressure!
Only this group of ghosts have a pressure,Comparison of competitions will be exceptionally sold,She can enjoy it to eat it.。
Always send a ghost to Meshan old demon,Also for the same purpose,Let these small people feel pressure,If you have no matter, you will change your old people.,Who dares to work?。
Lan Ruo Temple,Liao Jie point light reading,I don’t see the ghost on the door.,For thinking today,So lazy to open。
Since you don’t open it opposite,Then he doesn’t put anything.,Take out the meat breat in the book box,Oil paper is placed on the sages,Big fast, eat up。
After half-date,He takes a head,I want to smoke the ghost,I have forgotten Yan Chi Qia.。
Next time you can’t。
Put together rice,He ran to the courtyard,I saw Yan Chi, who was sitting in the plate and saw the knee.。
A serious face,Double knees,It seems to grind the sword。
“Yan Hexia,Refining is not over,Hurry today,You haven’t eaten something”
Liao Jie puts the wine in the table in front of Yan Chi.,Open oil paper:“Come Beef、Chicken Two flavor,Song Bakeholders Do not disappear You eat some mat mats。”
Yan Bixia is moving,Plunge Landscape with external temptation,Until Liao Jie seals the bottle。
“What do you mean by your kid? It is not a reading person But set the look,Also point light oil learning people’s books in late night。”
Yan Bixia took up the wine pot and dried a bite.,Then tear the chicken leg,Full mouth:“Tell me What do you want to do??”
“When I am inquiry I heard that there is a ghost in the Lan Ruoyu.,Specially seduce past scholar,I want to see long-term knowledge。”
“real or fake?”
Yan Bixia does not believe,Generally,Can tell people who blend this words In his here,Label on a good color。
It’s problematic. Liao Jie is not a good woman.!
No door,Xiaofeng is reluctantly serving around I often enter the night to help Liao Jiepu bed stamp,But Van Liao Jie is a little thought Xiaofeng should change it.。

Xia Jian thought for a while and asked:“Is there a change in position??You don’t want to do it?”

“Humph!Position is not important to me。The key question is whether I can do something practical for the people in Pingdu,But even this little thought,Some people don’t want me to realize,What do you mean by me as the mayor?”Ouyang Hong took a breath and said。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“how,Do they want to let people be in charge of agriculture??”After all, Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong are close,This sentence finally comes to the point。
“do you know?Who is in charge of Pingdu Agriculture now??Chen Jiang!This shit guy came to master the agricultural production in Pingcheng。Even worse, they also transferred the calm Mayor Zhao to the city,Sent a mayor who also didn’t know anything to Pingyang Town”Ouyang Hong finally couldn’t bear it,Yelled out of anger。
Xia Jianyi listen,I couldn’t help but chuckle,What he worried about still happened。Ouyang Hong focuses on agricultural production,First, she is familiar with several projects invested by entrepreneurial groups in Pingdu。Especially the leisure agriculture has achieved good results。If it wasn’t for natural disasters in Xiping Village,The current development is also very eye-catching。What are they trying to do?
“The new mayor of Pingyang Town is called Ma Xiaofeng,Thirty-two,About our age,But this woman is not a good stubborn,When she was the deputy mayor of another town,Once a meeting made Wang Youdao almost unable to get off the stage。On the surface, she is listed,In fact, the scheming is very deep”Ouyang Hong whispered to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian sneered:“Even if she is Wu Zetian?I shouldn’t wait to see her, right?!”
“Don’t you say,On her first day at work in Pingyang Town,Just announce the dismissal of your honorary mayor in public,The reason is that you are in Bucheon,Can’t serve as an honorary mayor at all。Also, you are no longer the boss of a startup group,She thinks it’s unnecessary for you to occupy this seat”That’s it for Ouyang Hong,Can’t help laughing。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Then I have to thank her。Does this person have any background??The mayor of Pingyang is a good town now,Most people can’t adjust it”
“Or you are smart,Chen Jiang asked to be transferred。According to someone,She should be from Chen Jiang,It seems that her husband has something to do with Chen Jiang,I don’t know the details”Ouyang Hong said,Poured myself a large glass of red wine。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I won’t let you do this!Just a flat city,They like to toss as they please”Xia Jian said,I grabbed the wine glass in Ouyang Hong’s hand,I poured a part of the red wine into my glass。
“I drank this cup,You don’t dislike?”Ouyang Hong suddenly lowered her voice,Asked very tenderly。
Xia Jian glanced at Ouyang Hong’s charming eyes,Whispered:“Kissed,What can i dislike”“
“You say!”Ouyang blushed,I lowered my head embarrassedly。Look at her shy,Xia Jian couldn’t help shook his head。People in their early thirties,She would be shy if she made such a joke,Really a rare good woman。
Finished a bottle of red wine,But Ouyang Hong asked for another bottle,Xia Jian doesn’t follow,She smiled and explained to Ouyang Hong:“I drove,Drinking too much is not good”
“Nothing,Put the car here,Or stay in this farmhouse for one night”Ouyang Hong said with a smile。
Xia Jian glanced at Ouyang Hong,Lower your voice and say:“If you don’t go back,If you stay with me here,I just let go and drink”