“Cough!”Voice came from a certain mouth。

The girl’s face instantly turned red,Quickly jumped out of Wright’s arms,Bow your head and dare not look at people。
“I said third brother,Is this sister-in-law?!”The young man with a short stature and a round face smiled。
Wright is weird:“Maui?You’re back,How long did i sleep?”
“Not long nor long,Just three years,My baby is born!By the way, I paid the gift money for Carl’s marriage,Remember me!”
“real or fake?”
“Of course it’s fake,I just came back from mermaid castle,This time, as the heir of the Mermaid Castle, I paid a tribute to our Emperor.!I haven’t entered the palace yet,I heard that third brother you were beaten by a ninth-level undead?Does it hurt?。”
“。。。。。。”Maui’s words are always difficult to answer!
“Heir to Mermaid Castle!”Wright thought of,Decided to hurt each other,“Did you become a parent?The Duchess of the Future Mermaid Castle。”
Maui waved his hand in disdain.:“No such thing,My last name is Gaskell too,Actually our family is an offshoot of the Duke family!I inherited the title as a side branch,Only one of the conditions attached is marriage,I want to marry my two distant cousins!”
“Yes!Just two,Envy!”
“Take the liberty to ask,Are your two cousins over a hundred years old this year??”
Seeing Wright and Maui talk more and more vigorously(Hurt each other),Cecilia, who recovered, coughed with dissatisfaction。
“That little brother!Wright needs a rest,You go back first。”
Hear‘Little brother’evaluation of,Maui almost fried hair,But was swept away by Cecilia’s terrifying aura,Quit in an instant。

“Jia Chou?”The purple god will be taken aback,Then he looked happy,“Aha,Wu Na Lunhuo,Could it be that I don’t even know old friends?”

Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy Nine Self-destruct
Jia Chou also spread his five fingers in the air and caught it,The giant sword didn’t even appear,Could not help but froze on the spot,Hear familiar sounds,The chaotic brain exploded,Countless fragments are flying and surging like a storm,A familiar picture across,That was the scene where he was fighting with a purple-faced god general when he was on Jiu Jin,Xin Jiang!
This guy is Xin Jiang!I am Jia Chou!We are fighting outside the temple?!So where is this?The fragments have turned into colorful pictures, constantly impacting the soul of Jia Chou,Suddenly it makes him difficult to cope,Splitting headache,Involuntary hands holding head。
“Hi!Silly big guy,You remember Lao Tzu?”The purple god will walk towards Jiachou with a big laugh,And the orange god will no longer grab a gun out of thin air,I suddenly found an old acquaintance,I’m naturally happy,A flash of light and shadow came to Jia Chou,Lift the fist and give the opponent a blow,“Remember Xinghui?”
Persevering, this punch hasn’t fallen into place yet,The orange god general’s arm is dim and has no halo,Then the whole body quickly faded,And the purple god behind him will shout,“not good,It’s a bit special again,Damn,What is this,Jia Chou?Hey,‘Lord of Seven Flames’what,sorry……”The remaining sound is still roaring like thunder,Hem Ha’s second general’s figure has already turned into a little starlight and disappeared。
What are you,Li Tianzhen’s face is depressed,Also helpless,Hem Ha Second General appears very short every time,Although it can be a starting point when it is critical,But it’s like a dragonfly,This supernatural power is too tasteless,Is there only such two idlers in the God Realm??When can the time limit of the summoned supernatural powers be extended??
It is expected that the croaking noise of the small and medium gold people did not appear,Every time,Little golden people will give advice,But this time it’s quiet in the divine consciousness,There is a grunt beside the sea of vitality,Li Tianzhen realized that the other party was gone,Can’t help but sigh,Sad。
This brief passage dropped the jaws of the instructor and Gu Changfeng in shock.,And the soldiers around are even more staring,Suddenly crossing into the outer space,It’s ridiculous!Fortunately, there was no uncontrollable random shooting just now,Otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable。Many people are trembling and want to leave this dangerous place,But I can’t help the huge temptation to stay and see what happened,If yes,No one left。
At this time Jia Chou has already squatted down in pain,Still seems to have not escaped from the torrent of memory,Li Tianzhi maintained enough patience,Standing not far away motionless,And the others had to stand quietly like Li Tianzhen。
Jia Chou suddenly hit the rock with his head,Rumbling rock collapse,Then the whole cave began to shake,Seeing signs of collapse again,Li Tianzhen had to stop drinking again,“Jia Chou,Can remember the Juwu Hall on the side of the temple?”
“Juwutang?”A scandal has finally stopped。
“Not bad,Every time,Who is the head of the Jiazi team in Juwutang?”
“Jiashu!”A ugly without thinking,The Jiazi team has the strongest strength in the class,He is also the only one who convinced Jia Chou besides the God of War。
“Then you remember who i am?”Li Tianzhen is talking,Reappearance of green light in hand。
“‘Seven……Lord of Flame’”Jia Chou finally recognized‘Blasting sword’,Looking closely at Li Tianzhi,Then cried,“I finally waited for the Lord,It’s just that Wenxin fairy is gone。”

He was worried,But hard to say。After all, Yu Shi is now dedicated to helping Zhou Yafang find a son,He mentioned other things suddenly,Seems a bit unkind。

Ji Yunfeng sends Yushi and Zhang Zhaoyuan to Hengneng Real Estate,I went back to the company。
He planned to invite Yushi to dinner after get off work at night,Persuade her again,But Yushi has an appointment,I made an appointment with a few friends who are police officers。
Ji Yunfeng expected,She did it for Zhou Yafang。
Shenzhen at night is like a beauty with heavy makeup and light makeup,Stylish and dazzling。
All kinds of shiny neon make the whole city radiant、Dreamlike。They light up the bustling city,Also concealed the brightness of Xingyue,Throwing gorgeous colors to the sky wantonly。
Yushi rarely drinks alcohol,But I had a few more drinks with these old classmates。of course,No one sitting is awake。Zhu Boyu drinks top-heavy,I know I can’t send words and poems home,Don’t worry about going back on her own,Thought for a while,Called Ji Yunfeng。
In his opinion,Ji Yunfeng is a nice person,Has a good relationship with Yushi,And he can see that he likes poetry,Why not be a peacemaker to help him?
Ji Yunfeng is very happy to accept this errand,According to Zhu Boyu’s address,Brought Yu Shi back home……
The next morning,The dazzling sunlight poured on Yushi’s face wantonly,She opened her eyes hard,Reach out,Cover the sunshine that makes her hate。
She rubbed her eyes lazily,Sit up from the big bed,But just got up,I felt sore all over。It seems,Drinking more is not a good thing。
When she saw the pink silk quilt on her body and the layout of the room,Sat up in shock。
Isn’t this Ji Yunfeng’s house??
She looked over,Seeing Ji Yunfeng’s perfect sleeping face on the chaise longue not far away,Ying Ting’s nose,Thin lips like a knife,Thick eyelashes like butterfly wings。
“Why did I come to Ji Yunfeng??”
Yushi only remembers to chat with a few police friends、drink,I can’t remember anything after that。
“you’re awake,Little lazy pig?”When I am in doubt,Ji Yunfeng also woke up。

Rush into a few big bends,Liu Lingcun appeared in the night。Bright lights all over the village,Looks very dazzling in the night。Xia Jian is the most familiar here,I want to build an Apple base,He and Liu Gui in this village have no less wits and courage。

Xia Jian thought of this person,So he hurriedly asked Chen Erniu:“There is a great man in Liuling Village,What is his situation now?”
“Oh!You mean Liu Gui!Passed away years ago。I heard that his son who was a high official came back,The funeral is very beautiful,Gu heard that not many people went there”
Chen Erniu said and smiled,There are many meanings in his smile。
Xia Sanhu sitting in the back said:“This old man was too domineering when he was alive。I have to deal with everything in the village,Take oneself too high,Actually offended a lot of people。You say that a person like him,Who will attend his funeral after death”
Talking room,The car has been in Zhangbao Village。Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore,He drives the car intently,Looking at these familiar places,He can’t help but think of a lot。
To Shuijing Village,Xia Jian drove the car directly to the gate of Chen Haiping’s house。Under the light of car lights,The original courtyard wall made of mud,Now replaced by red brick。Just took a look,Xia Jian knew that Shuijing Village had changed quietly。
Heard the sound of cars at the gate,Chen Haiping ran out wearing his clothes。He stood at the gate and asked with a smile:“Whose house are you going to?Don’t know you can ask me”
“Go to your house!”
Xia Jian laughed and pushed the car door and jumped down。
When Chen Haiping saw that the person was Xia Jian,This honest old farmer,Threw over excitedly,He clasped Xia Jian’s hand and said:“Oh, Mr. Xia!I really never dreamed that you would come。This place you should grow up,You have to see the changes in our village”
“Hey!Lao Chen,You can’t just have Mr. Xia in your eyes,Those of us who are not the general ones, just ignore it?”
Chen Erniu playing haha,Came over with a gift。Xia Sanhu followed behind him。

He Shouheng understands what Chen Xiu means,I was also moved in my heart,Thought to myself:“He is the friend who understands me best!”

696 No bid
Gong Daoming and He Shouheng both run auction houses,There are naturally many common topics,This chat is endless,Instead, Chen Xiu and He Rongsheng were kept cool。
He Rongsheng said with a smile:“Xiao Chen,We can’t talk about their young people,Let them talk,Let’s go。”
I’m young too!
Chen Xiu protested in his heart,But he really can’t talk about business matters,I had to stop and go with the gambling king,Look at the various treasures displayed on the exhibition hall。
Chen Xiu’s own strength lies in Xia’s antiques,If it’s not for the dragon jade pendant,,He knows nothing about Western art。
Unexpectedly, He Rongsheng has a solid foundation in Western oil painting,Talking about Picasso’s abstract painting endlessly,Instead, Chen Xiu became a listener。
Half past one in the afternoon,Sotheby’s spring auction is officially starting。
The status of the gambling king He Rongsheng is there,The bid number plate given to him by the conference is naturally“1”number。
Chen Xiu and Gong Daoming、He Shouheng is sitting beside him,The gambler’s assistant came over and whispered in his ear before the shooting,Then He Rongsheng showed a smug smile。
He Shouheng whispered to Chen Xiu and Gong Daoming:“It’s done!”
Chen Xiu and Gong Daoming are both unknown, so they look at him。
“My dad just let out the wind,Said that the dragon head is bound to win,The big guys from all sides responded,Shouldn’t bid with my dad!This is what the assistant just said。”

Zhao Hong spoke,She raised her brows and said:“Since the villagers are not allowed to vote on this matter,There is no need to report to town,When things are almost done,We will report again”

“Why do you do this?“Xia Jian asked puzzledly。
Zhao Hong smiled and said:“What the town wants is the development of the whole town,It is impossible to give us all the good projects in Xiping Village,Although this project is what we think of,But then it’s hard to say which village leader“
Hey!This Zhao Hong’s idea is indeed worth considering,In case the paper goes up,Was robbed by another village,It’s not a good time,Correct,This matter must be kept secret,No village meeting will be held,No report,Wait for things to get better,Not too late。
Xia Jian thought of this,Immediately said with a calm face:“it is good!Just do what everyone said,Only a few of us know about this,Must be kept secret,Wait until everything is ready“
“What about that money?”Zhao Hong asked worriedly。
Xia Jian’s contemplation,Just said:“All funds support the construction of the chicken farm,All personnel are also all on,Wait for the chickens,Immediately build a cattle farm,These three projects must follow closely,Don’t give others any space。Zhao Hong will take everyone to choose a location tomorrow,This is the data“
Xia Jian said,I threw the information Bai Ruyu gave him to Zhao Hong,Zhao Hong opened it and took a look,Smile on my face,She smiled and said:“It’s much easier to do with this“
The meeting broke up,When Xia Jianzheng wanted to go home,Discover the dark night sky,It’s drizzling,On cement road,All a bit slippery。No wonder there is no pedestrian on the road,It seems that everyone is hiding in the warm kang at home。
Xia Jian looked up at the night sky for a while,Took a breath,he does not know,Is the decision tonight correct,But he must take this risk,Otherwise, you will lose the best opportunity for the whole village to get rid of poverty。
When I reach the alley,Only then did Xia Jian think of Zhao Hong,It’s so dark,She is still in the village committee alone,No wait, Zhao Hong,Xia Jian felt a little sad。
at this time,Suddenly came from behind him:“Ouch“Call,Then there was a snap,It looks like someone fell to the ground。
Xia Jianyi listen,Hurriedly walked over,By the weak light,Xia Jian saw,It should be a woman who fell,He thought it was Zhao Hong,He hurriedly bent down,Reach out。
The woman embraced his arm and stood up,A smell of perfume is coming,Xia Jian was taken aback,Hurriedly took a look,Can’t help but ask softly:“You are Song Fang?“
“Ok!I twisted my ankle,May hurt a bone,Please help me to home,Ouch,It hurts me“Song Fang said,Painful straight**。
Xia Jian took a look,There is no one in the dark alley,He can’t ignore,But what about,Rural people are no better than city,Serious feudal thoughts,If this is seen by others,Time to gossip again。
“How about you wait here for a while,I’ll call someone at your house”Xia Jian’s inspiration,Suddenly said to Song Fang。
Song Fang angrily pushed Xia Jian away,Shaken and said:“So you can help me,My husband went to the south a few months ago,The child and her grandma are left in the house,I’m afraid I’ve already gone to bed at this time,Really,Still mixed outside,,People who have seen the world”
Xia Jianyi listen,I feel I still think too much,Then took two steps,Stepped forward and held Song Fang’s arm,This woman too,When I found out that Xia Jian helped her,Leaned her whole body。
Okay,Small village,Turn around an alley,So I arrived at Song Fang’s house,Song Fang gently opened the door,The yard is dark,There is no movement,It seems like she said,Others in the family may have fallen asleep long ago。


First26chapter Eternal kingdom
Six Powers of Endless Territory,Dao League is free,The dark country is low-key and humble,Ancient practitioners lonely and appreciate,Mangya Kingdom is aloof and noble。
And the eternal race,It is very mysterious among the countless practitioners of the Dao League。
In the eyes of most practitioners,The Lair of the Eternal Race‘Eternal kingdom’Undoubtedly a magic cave。
And now,Li Ming flew into this cave!
At the end of Li Ming’s eyes,A vast sea of blood rolls,On the sea of blood, there is a huge and magnificent city exuding golden light,The city is a trillion miles,Vaillant,Spread in all directions。
With Li Ming’s current strength comparable to the master,Also feel a little threat。
This is the eternal kingdom,The eternal family can survive to this day!The eternal kingdom that the master dare not enter。Home of the Eternal Race。
“Rumored,Even the ruler may be destroyed by this eternal kingdom–It seems true。”Feel the solemn breath of the eternal kingdom,Li Ming couldn’t help but smack his tongue。
if we assume,The Immortal Palace of the Dao League makes the master dare not enter,Relying on two leaders,Is a bluestone Taoist,It is a large number of barriers left by the emperors and lords of the past,The power of the eternal kingdom is very pure,That is‘Eternal kingdom’The power of this magic weapon。
“I have always heard how the eternal kingdom is mysterious,Outsiders have never been in。”Li Ming showed a smile,“Nowadays,Just let me go in and take a look!”
The Supreme Token in Li Ming’s hand has a strong connection with an area in this eternal kingdom.
A stream of mana penetrates the Supreme Token,Inspires the power contained in the token。

Hu Li said proudly:“Do you allow you to set me up here,I can’t split my troops to attack your headquarters!”

Yan Yu looked at the fireworks signal that has not dispersed for a long time in the sky and said:“Old sun,You hold this old guy,Our family members are at the headquarters,Must not be lost。
I took some people back to support headquarters!”
Sun Yang pondered a little,Shook his head and said:“This is his strategy to encircle Wei and save Zhao,Splitting troops to attack our headquarters is just a cover,His real purpose is to disperse our forces。
Now is a good opportunity to kill him,Never divide troops。
not to mention……” Sun Yang is staring at Hu Li,Said confidently:“If my guess is correct,Their masters are here,The people who attacked our headquarters must have no masters,Those who stay in the headquarters should be able to cope by themselves!”
“is it?”
Hu Li said with an unpredictable look:“What if your inference is wrong?
As far as i know,Both of your nephews are dead,You naturally don’t worry about the family members of the headquarters being captured by us。”
When he said he was looking at Yan Yu and others and said:“But what about you,Have you thought about the consequences if your family is caught by my people?
Yan Yu,I know your son is only full moon,I heard that wild dogs like the meaty taste of this newborn,I don’t know if I let him be left in the wilderness, will it attract wild dogs; Yao Song,I heard you are a filial son,I don’t know if your parents’ meat should be steamed or braised; Bai Ru,You just got married recently,Wife is said to be pretty,I also sold her to the kiln to pick up twenty overnight、More than one hundred enke,Do you think your wife can stand it??”
Hu Li said the bottom of the three hall masters all at once,Make the three of them face changed,Even more disregarding Sun Yang’s analysis,Qi Qi is heading towards the headquarters of the Broadsword Society。
“Can’t go!”
There was a loud shout in the Flying Eagle Hall,Bai Ru and the three of them immediately stopped.,Hu Li’s face changed a lot,Quavered:“She Letian,You are here!Unexpectedly you actually led the team to ambush me here。
but,You count,I must not have thought that I would split up and attack your lair!”
A figure jumped out of the Flying Eagle Hall,But I saw a young girl with white hair,A character like a fairy is standing in front of the Lord of the Fourth Hall,Sun Yang and others are shouting:“President!”
The person here is the president of the Big Sword Club——She Letian。
It was the first time that She Letian, who Chen Xiu saw, put away his contempt.,She Letian’s breath exuding is obviously a top-notch expert,And it’s stronger than the aura on Patriarch Qingyun! After all, Qingyun Patriarch took away Chen Dayou’s body,It turns out that Chen Dayou is nothing more than a third-grade Zhenqi cultivation base。

“I’ll go to school to swim on the wooden stake,He’s fine,I almost didn’t drown by him。You scold me for not advocating justice for me,Am I your son or he is your son?”

Mom’s face turned red,No more food,Turned around,Still smiling at Dalin’s wife。“The second son is a child,immature,I let his dad beat him hard!Do not be mad,I can’t get angry with a kid!”
“He still curses,sister in law,You don’t know how bad it sounds。Have to take advantage of the small,Take care!”Dalin’s wife yelled reluctantly。
Mom turned her head and yelled at me fiercely:“What are you scolding!do you know,you?You have to call him uncle,Who did you learn from?What are you scolding?Say!”
OK!Let me scold them in front of my enemies,Anyway you let me say,With your backing, it’s comparable to the protection of eighteen arhats。then,I shouted like Hong Zhong“****18th generation of his ancestors,I****daughter in law!”
The father who hasn’t spoken for a long time can’t stand it,Puff,Spit out the rice,Trembling with laughter,I want to hold back but can’t hold back。Mom is at a loss,Look left and look right,What kind of guy is there?。She took the rolling pin from the cabinet again and ran towards me with a smile“Little Bunny。Dare to say anything。I strip you!”
First3chapter The tragedy caused by an apple in my childhood(1)
When I was a kid《Water Margin》,There is a hero who I still respect today—Flea on the drum。Admission over the wall,The skill of flying over the wall can be described as the culmination。Although I’m not stupid enough to use my self-taught Jianglong Eighteen Palms to push the train,Can be regarded as a fool in martial arts。What happened afterwards may also be because I planted the seeds of this heroic complex in my heart long ago。
A weekend in fifth grade,Still in one afternoon,Me and two brothers(One of them is my cousin)Playing glass bombs with others at Xijiekou,Having fun,Yelling,Arguing,I’m about to choke my neck and crotch。I don’t know if we don’t understand the rules,Anyway, everyone is right and confident,“magnificent”。Three generations of the two gangs of grandparents could not run away,I pulled it all out,Seeing that the ancestors cannot keep it。
At this time, an unclear voice came from outside the crowd,“Stop yelling,Replay!Damn it,Six marbles for a dime,Is it worth it?Come come。Just not count,Start over now,Who doesn’t play and roll!”Look around,So it’s Brother Tao,Liu Sijia on the street。The reason why we can’t hear what he said is because he has an apple in his mouth。Apples are not a rare thing in our village,Basically every household has planted some,Surprisingly, this is not the season when the fruit is ripe。Stare carefully,Apple is not big,Green,Is not“Fuji”,But rare“precocious”。Oh shit,We watched the apple rolling in his mouth,Roll from the left cheek to the right cheek。The apple is too full because of his teeth,The juice ran down the corner of the mouth and dripped on the sand,In the blink of an eye,****Lulu’s sandy land sucks up。
This situation,Our three brothers don’t have any thoughts to play again。First of all, my brother couldn’t help but opened his mouth,“cover(At first it was called Taozi, but it went bad without knowing how),Which apple?look at you,It’s fine to be alone,It’s hateful to let our brothers watch,Who can stand this?”Brother said in a reproachful tone。
“From the old fat shop,Beside the fish pond in the south of the village,There are two such fruit trees next to the grove。”The cover answered without thinking,It seems that the location of this fruit tree is clearer than his own。But he is still righteous,There are good things not to forget to share with the brothers。After thanking,Our three brothers are going to leave。He didn’t raise his head and added a word,“Not much,Save me some。”Before leaving, I clearly heard him making a weird smile behind him,But I didn’t have any time to remember, so I followed the two brothers on horseback.……
We walked out of the village along the river bank,Through the grove,I saw two at the corner of the fish pond“Flat Peach Tree”。At this time the blood of the three of us began to roll,Gearing up one by one,I’m itching all over my body。We took a close look at the surrounding environment,Then I found that it’s best to go in from the grove。One is that this place is relatively hidden,I can’t see anything if I don’t approach outsiders;The second is in case of emergency,It’s more convenient when you run away。But there is a problem right now,Between the woods and the orchard“Gap”,Is a fence built with some waste wood branches。This is actually not a problem,But the problem is that a row of pepper trees are planted densely against the fence。Have eaten peppers,Many people are not familiar with pepper trees。Actually nothing else,Just rows of eye-catching thorns on the branches,Let you watch from afar。
There is justice in the world,Effort pays back。Seeing cooked“duck”Sway in front of us,It’s like a tempting beauty taking off her pants in front of you。What are the consequences in my mind,Let’s talk about what should be done first。So we started work!First is the division of labor,Big brother(Cousin)Arranged two positions:Guard(one person)、Troubleshoot(Two people),Rotate every ten minutes。Twenty-five minutes later,We successfully entered the enemy-occupied area。Very quiet inside the theater,Quiet makes people feel a sense of tension that is about to happen at any time。Feel the little heart“Dong dong dong”Up and down like a drum。When we walked under the tree with one foot and one foot trembling,Our three brothers laughed。Because we perfectly interpreted“The sky pays off”This old saying。
Come up and pick one,Gagged,Chew,“Nonsence”,Not sweet。another one,Still not sweet,I always feel that the current one is not the following。That’s it we started“Harm the country and the people”。Less than twenty minutes,The trees are almost clean,Very little to eat,Thrown everywhere。“There are a few big ones on the tree。Two sons,on!”Two brothers licking their lips,Slapped his stomach and shouted。At this time we are completely relaxed,Don’t care about anyone,I also forgot that this is someone else’s home。I watched more movies when I grew up,Then I understood a truth:Often the most relaxing moments are the moments when accidents come。Just when I just climbed the tree and stood firm,I feel three people under the tree。its not right,I obviously came up,The two of them are right under the tree。Look down,Oh my God,This is dying——The boss is here。“run!Run!”These two run smaller thanJennyFor Forrest“Run!Forest,Run!”Still excited、Hard work。So that my center of gravity is unstable,Fell from the tree……
When I got up and found out that the two brothers had already been arrested,Old fat son(Elementary school physical education teacher)Holding their necks one by one。I can’t run either,My ankle,I had to come forward obediently to listen。When the three of us stand in line,“Pop pop”,Everyone got a slap on the head first。He just started talking like he has made a great achievement。

Xia Jian quickly stood up,He first poured a cup of hot water for Tong Jie,Then smiled and said:“I was talking to the U.S. guys about wastage,Let them give us more than 2,000 catties”

“So!I said how could there be more,It turned out to be less than a thousand catties。But it’s normal,This is a thing of water,Is not much loss”Tong Jie said,Take a sip of the boiling water Xia Jian poured for her。
At this moment,Secretary Wang, who was sleeping on the sofa, sat up,He yawned and said:“Mayor Tong!You worked hard all night,Let’s take the time to rest,We’ll call you when we go to the village later”
Tong Jie put down the water cup,I glanced at Xia Jian and said:“I really need to squint for a while,Call me when you leave”
Xia Jian nodded,And fell asleep on the table。he knows,If you go to bed at this time,If no one comes to shout,Definitely can’t get up。
About eight o’clock,Niu Li gently walked into Xia Jian’s office,Called Xia Jian and Secretary Wang。The two said nothing,First went to the toilet,I washed my face indiscriminately,Went to the cafeteria。
Because everyone worked overtime last night,So everyone in the canteen is very depressed。Xia Jian was making porridge,Smiled and said to the fat man in charge of the cafeteria:“You count,Come to see me to check out tomorrow”
“Mayor Xia!This money is really your own money!Really a lot,These people work hard to say,But it can eat,I steamed several baskets last night,Not one left。What you eat now,All steamed in the morning”Fat man with a big belly,Said with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“It’s ok,No matter how much,Since I said the money, I will pay it,Just come to see me tomorrow”
Secretary Wang drinking porridge,Suddenly I touched Xia Jian and said:“Can you let me pay for this money?In this case, I feel better”
“Are you alright!You still have to support a large family with your little money。I am different,The whole family is not hungry,Moreover,Made a little money in the first two years,Can’t run out now”Xia Jian was joking,Two mouthfuls finished porridge,Because his phone rang again at this time。
Xia Jian took out his mobile phone,While letting go and walked outside the cafeteria。Qin Xiaomin called,Xia Jian quickly connected。
“Mayor Xia,I have already boarded the car,You have to wait for me,Don’t leave me in Pingyang Town”Qin Xiaomin on the phone said with a big smile。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Why don’t you let your driver send you off?What car does the mayor takeI knew this,I’ll drive over to pick you up”
“You are so busy,Today is Sunday,Why am I embarrassed to call someone?You are waiting,Don’t talk anymore”Qin Xiaomin hung up the phone。
Xia Jian looked at Secretary Wang who just came out of the cafeteria,He asked a little puzzled:“Is today really sunday?Why everyone seems to come to work?”
“Didn’t you come to work too?Today’s situation,Everyone knows what to do。Moreover,When you were away the day before yesterday,Tong Jie and I hosted a town cadre meeting。Of course,The topic of this discussion is still about the cultivation of black potatoes in these three villages.,It seems everyone is paying attention”Secretary Wang said,Smiled happily。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“If everyone can view their work like this,Then it’s strange that Pingyang Town doesn’t develop”