To really get him,Beautiful dresses in the future,Nice bag,What do you want?

moment,Lena felt that she had to accept her as a queen again……
“He has nothing else,More money。”Qiangwei said a little。
Cloud Sea Villa,That is the most expensive villa group in Juxia City,Converted by the city’s house price,One building has hundreds of millions of soft sister coins,The other party lives in the King of Building One,Have to be doubled several times,How can such a person have no money。
“I rely on,Angkor,Qiangwei is serious?You are so rich?Please hug your thighs。”Xin Zhao,The reaction is no less than that of Lena,I just kneel down to show my mind。
“Local tycoon,let’s be friends。”Liu Chuang’s shameless way。
“Angkor,I don’t ask to hold the thigh,Looking for leg hair。”Ge Xiaolun smiled honestly。
really,Modern society,The local tyrants are most popular wherever they go,Suddenly Wu Xing became the sweet bun in the eyes of everyone present。
“okay,You guys don’t flatter,I spend all my Zhao today……I’ll pay。”Wu Xing laughed,Almost uttered a very classic sentence from the previous life。
“Angkor,mighty!”Xin Zhao excited。
“Angkor,Domineering!”Ge Xiaolun cheers。
“Angkor,6666!”Cheng Yaowen shouted。
“Angkor,One night Nanjiro!”

“okay,Let’s talk about it later。Which city are you in?Dongcheng??Wait for me to go back!”

Qin Feng hung up after speaking,I don’t want to say anything on the phone,After all, his heart is actually bad。
About the afternoon,Qin Feng met Cen Wen and his little brothers at the airport。There is just one more person beside Cen Wen。Qin Feng doesn’t know each other,It’s just that the other person feels a little familiar to him。And most importantly,Qin Feng can feel it,This player seems to want to compete with Qin Feng。
Hong Wan pointed at Qin Feng to Cen Wendao,“This is the one you said knows where my brother is?”
“Yes,this is,Qin Feng。This is Nikaidou Red Maru!”Cen Wen introduced the two to each other。
“Nikaidou?”Qin Feng was stunned,“help
San?What’s the relationship with Nikaido Harunobu??”
“You really know my brother?”Hong Wan was a little happy at this time。I almost shook Qin Feng’s hand。
Qin Feng never thought that the man in front of him named Nikaitang Hongwan was actually here to find relatives.。
“amount,This is before you.”Qin Feng was interrupted by Cen Wen before he could finish speaking。
“Aha,You just came back from outside,Should be tired too。We booked a house for you in the hotel。Rest first,As for finding someone, we’ll talk about it tomorrow。”
Cen Wen looked at Hong Wan after speaking,“You can wait another day?After all, I’ve waited so long,Don’t care about waiting one more day。”
Hong Wan was still a little worried,But nodded after hearing Cen Wen’s words,Didn’t go into it。
Even though he also thinks something is weird,But since I came to China,,His heart becomes more and more excited。
I just searched for a few days without any news,He is actually a little worried。In fact, he didn’t know that all of this was Cen Wen’s design,Just to mobilize his thread。
of course,Cen Wen almost got rid of it,After all, he never thought that Qin Feng was not in Dongcheng,But went to the grassland to deal with the matter。
But okay,Now the goods are finally back,And he also calmed Hong Wan’s thoughts。
that’s it,Qin Feng was inexplicably sent to the hotel。to be frank,He originally wanted to go back to his villa to rest。After all, what are they saying there is Jiang Yan,Qin Feng feels at ease when he is with each other。As for whether this is the sense of security often mentioned in women’s mouth, he doesn’t understand。
When Qin Feng is about to rest,Cen Wen sneaked into his room again。He almost missed Cen Wen flying。

Found Zheng Yao, his grandfather, and Zhu Ruzhi,These real bosses are looking at themselves,For a moment, Xiao Ke still persuaded him,But soon,He regained his attitude。

“If you do it wrong,I know everything,But the competitor who grew up together died unclearly,You don’t want to figure it out,I think!”
Xiao Ke looked at Zhu Ruzhi,After taking a half step back,Not backing away。
Calmly watched and said someone,If it wasn’t for chatting with my sister accidentally,,Xiao Ke didn’t notice Guo Enting’s actions either,All interests have stabilized,Increase marginal cost for no reason,That’s a fool to make such a choice。
Judging from Guo Enting’s resume,He will never be a fool,And Xiao Ke doesn’t believe it either,At this moment, he will brush up on his presence for no reason。
In that case,Then Xiao Ke has reason to believe,Guo Enting is opening up new routes purposefully,So what is the purpose of opening new routes?
The gunman will not shoot Zhu Zhengkang for no reason,But the gunman may be instigated!
Xiao Ke alone,Stalemate with a group of people for a long time,Both sides seem to have no intention of concession。
Guo Enting is a little moved,Silence is obviously not a good choice at this time,But Zhu Shiyao gently grabbed his arm,Beckon him not to act rashly。
“Kid,By your relationship with my grandson,I believe you will not make trouble today,But now there is something like this,If you are wronging my grandson-in-law,It’s not just that you disrupted my grandson’s memorial service.,Our Zhu family has to do a good job with your Xiao family。”
Zhu Ruzhi looked at Xiao Ke with very deep eyes,Xiao Ke is slightly hard to get off,I just wanted to find the truth for Zhu Zhengkang who grew up with him,But after Zhu Ruzhi Chen Ming’s interest,Xiao Ke feels like he understands a bit。
Xiao Xiaoxiao, hiding in the crowd, secretly breathed a sigh of relief,Fortunately, Xiao Ke charged into the battle in this matter,Otherwise, I can’t afford the consequences of disrupting the relationship between the two!
But Xiao Xiaoxiao also thought,Zhu Shiyao would actually protect Guo Enting like this,Did not expect,Guo Enting’s status in Zhu’s family is not the same as other door-to-door son-in-laws。
“I think what Xiao Ke said makes sense!”
Just pick and choose from Xiao Ke,When the atmosphere is deadlocked,A sound broke the inherent tranquility。
Everyone turned to look in the direction of the sound source,Start with the last person,Until Zheng Weiwei and Zheng Ziling sister and brother,People consciously divided into two columns,Gave Zhu Guosheng a way。
Zhu Guosheng took Peng Peng’s body and walked to the photo of his nephew,Behind Zhu Guosheng,Followed by four policemen waiting to recover Peng Peng’s body。
Coming to the forefront of the memorial service,Zhu Guosheng directly threw Peng Peng’s body on the ground,Then turned to Xiao Ke and said:“I always thought you were a young master who spent time and drink,Unexpectedly, your kid still has a bit of IQ!Tell everyone about your findings!”

“Ok,You said。”Lu Menglin replied。

Hu Su nodded,Said frankly:“Of course our tortoise shell is excellent,But the number of children in Hongliu City is limited,And I bought one of these things,It’s not easy to break。Wait until you can afford it,Our business is almost over。In business,Shall we discuss a fresh goods?I can’t stop the business, right??”
When Lu Menglin heard this,,Laughed immediately。
He likes chatting with businessmen like Uncle Hu Su the most!The people of other gods only know how to practice and fight and kill.,Really boring。
“The market will be saturated,I understand the truth。But don’t worry,As long as our channels are still,Selling everything is easy。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
“market?channel?”Uncle Hu Su can hear it,Seems to understand,Not too understanding。
Lu Menglin smiled:“Uncle Hu,Think about it,Let’s sell tortoise shells this time,Where to sell,Who are you looking for,How to push it to more people,Where to promote in the city,You already know everything,right?”
“Yes!That’s true!”Hu Su nodded,Answered。
“Then let’s not stop,Next, continue to launch a new product,Still the same channel,Still push it to everyone。In my opinion,Just make a small pot of tea pill!”
“Small pot of tea Dan?what is that?”Uncle Hu Su was taken aback,Interest came immediately,Asked。
Lu Menglin took out a pill from his arms,And then took the tea cup on the table,Put it in,Shaken twice。
“Uncle Hu,How much do you think this medicine can sell?”
Uncle Hu took the teacup,Open the tea lid,Sniffed gently,Smiled:“This is a middle-level spirit pill,The market price is three jade yuan。”
“wrong!This is based on middle-level spirit pills,After the forty-level master,Special small pot of tea Dan,Special materials from the nether space are added,Something called tea,Can make this spirit pill smell tangy,Each is in a small can,Need to bathe and change clothes when using,Use after burning incense。”
“As for the effect!It is more than three times the ordinary middle-level spirit pill,And there is a certain chance that users will directly upgrade to break the border。”Lu Menglin smiled。
“so smart?”Uncle Hu Su looked stunned,Muttered。
“of course!Same as the tortoise shell,Forty-level strong endorsed it,Can it be great?Our little pot of tea pill,Must use the best materials,The jar should use the most precious metal,Just use level 35 equipment to melt,Let the guests feel the value as soon as they start。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。

If you didn’t guess wrong,It should be protected by the Eight Spear Spider King before,That’s why it was not corroded by the dark spirit。

They can understand each other,This guy wants to take them out?
It seems that it really confirms an ancient truth,If one survives, there will be future fortunes。
So the two went directly on the guy’s back,Go to the front quickly。
In fact, it’s two or three kilometers behind this strange rock.,Is an extremely long abyss,There is no end to this abyss,Dark,Exudes evil aura,Smells dangerously。
There is a humble stone engraved“Kenyuan”Two words,It should also be a very important place for Wan Jianzong。
It stands to reason that many people will go hunting for treasure,But everyone hesitated after coming here,Because of the dangerous feeling underground gives people,It’s too rich,Make people scared。
Among these people,There is another team that is different,After exploring the front, they dogged into a wood not far away,Then directly choose to rest cross-legged。
Someone walked over and came to an old man,Bow down respectfully:“Great elder,Already determined,No one has ever gone down before us。”
The closed old man nodded as if not:“Step back,Let us get people ready,They will definitely come here。”
These people are carrying swords behind them,The emblem on the chest is the famous sword forging city logo,Coupled with its own strong strength,So even if some strong people pay attention,I won’t bother you naturally and boringly。
“Wow,Finally out,Grandma drops,My business chart finally came out。”
White clouds and blue sky,Green and dense forest,Everything is normal and comfortable。
After more than two hours of rushing,They finally came out of the strange stone forest,How is this feeling so cool?。
Get off that guy’s back,The other party turned and left after a while。
That strange stone forest is where he lives,It’s okay to go back again。
Xia Chenglong and Shang Tutu are left,Walk easily among the woods。

“I don’t know if you are missing a string in your mind。”

Although he is talking to himself,But he deliberately said loudly,Just to let his boss hear。
Otherwise, it’s really difficult for him to get down this step。
He has to find himself a step down.。He still knows his boss very well。
Don’t look at his boss who is always harsh to their employees,Treat them all in private。
Their boss is a cold-hearted person,Since he followed their boss,His family’s life only got better。
He really can’t give up his job,Moreover,He is also very reluctant to bear their boss。
then,He just thought of deliberately ridiculing himself loudly,Let the boss see his sincerity,He will definitely leave him behind。
then,He continued his performance,Then he said to Xiao Fan, crying with a sad face:“boss,I know i was wrong。”
“I am a pig brain,My eyes are on my ass,Otherwise, such a despicable technique,I didn’t even notice it。”
As he said, he secretly filled Xiao Fan with the corner of his eye。
Xiao Fan actually knew Liu Meng,He also knows his secretary very well,Although I usually careless。
but,There is really no doubt about his work and loyalty to him。
He knew that Liu Meng cared about him and his wife,Liu Meng wants him and Lin Yoona to reconcile。
I did a lot of things secretly,There are many times I still don’t thank you。
but,Although they are subordinate,but,Their usual relationship is more like brothers and comrades in arms。
They always fight side by side。
The way he looked at Liu Meng,Really bitter。
He pretended not to see Liu Meng secretly watching himself,He just told Liu Meng:“All right,You almost got it。”

“Top meaning?”

Chief Feng said that this is the top meaning,Huang Zhaoluan’s arrogance was half short in an instant——No matter how“Republic’s eldest son”,That’s just“son”,Is not“Lao Tzu”Is not?
Seeing Huang Zhaoluan’s short arrogance,Chief Feng secretly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart,Hurriedly nodded:“But not?Moreover,Do you think that if it does not mean the above,Will we come at this time?”
It’s also!
Huang Zhaoluan nodded,It’s an endorsement of Director Feng’s words:The Foreign Affairs Office of Kyrgyzstan is quite familiar。
Since this is not the Jilin Foreign Affairs Office,Not even the foreign affairs department is tossing about,The hair that Huang Zhaoluan exploded was naturally taken back,Not only handed Lao Feng a cigarette,even“at last”Remembering to tell the secretary to pour director Feng a glass of water。
Director Feng’s moved tears filled his eyes:The person in the Foreign Affairs Office of Jilin Province actually smoked a cigarette here.、Drink tea,Dare you believe?This is good enough for me to go back and blow for a year。
“In other words,Let Mr. Chen go to the capital,This is the top meaning,Right?”
“Yes,Yes。”Director Feng nodded repeatedly,I feel more moved:When did the FAW big brother speak so nicely while handling foreign affairs??
Huang Zhaoluan pondered,Asked again:“Do you know what happened??”
He is still unwilling,Although the FAW up and down also know that the possibility of Chen Geng’s promise is infinitely close to zero,But there is still a case?it’s good now,even“just in case”The possibility is gone……
you ask me?Who do I ask?。Director Feng looked at Comrade Huang with a grimace:“Deputy Director Huang,This is the top meaning,What do you think……How much will the person giving instructions explain to us?”
Yes indeed,This is the top meaning。Aware of this layer,Huang Zhaoluan has nothing to say:Since it means the above,Of course there won’t be a lot of good mood to explain to you……Anyway, just follow my instructions honestly.,Why do you ask so much??
But it’s rare to not watch again“eldest son”Director Feng,Talk about Xing Zhengnong,Then said:“Actually the meaning of the above,In fact, let us breathe you first,Get ready,The next department will send someone to accompany you……”

Comrade Ding didn’t know what to say for a while,Sour in my heart:This girl,Are you really confident in Chen Geng?,Still blindly confident?

For a while,Comrade Ding asked Ding Ruoyan:“You have so much confidence in him?”
Ding Ruoyan gave her father a strange look,Strange way:“dad,Speaking of,You have known Chen Geng for so many years,From1978Years to now,It can be said that you watched how he went from being an unknown person to the present,It is said that you should be the person who knows Chen Geng best,What you said……”
Speaking of which,Ding Ruoyan shook his head。
Ding Haijun licked his lips,He was suddenly embarrassed——The daughter is right,I’ve known Chen Geng since I was the deputy director of the China American Liaison Office,At that time he could only be regarded as just starting his career,I watched Chen Geng step by step from the beginning of his career to the position of the world’s richest man.,Now turning to American politics,It can be said that I am the person who knows Chen Geng best,But just now……
Shook his head,Throw that bad feeling out of your head,Comrade Old Ding asked Ding Ruoyan:“Girl,I heard that Chen Geng invited you to America?”
Chen Geng invited Ding Ruoyan to the U.S.,Ordinarily, only Chen Geng and Ding Ruoyan know,As for why Ding Haijun knew,This is normal,Because of Chen Geng,Ding Ruoyan’s phone has always been under state surveillance——If you feel“monitor”The word is not good,Say as“attention”also。
Ding Ruoyan knew that the call between himself and Chen Geng would definitely be given by relevant parties“attention”Up,She was not surprised,But even so,She gave her father an angry look,No one likes being on their phone“attention”,But she nodded:“Ok,We need to discuss the marriage。”
“you……you guys……Ugh……”
Comrade Old Ding looked at his daughter incomparably,Quite a kind of homemade Chinese cabbage was delivered to the pig’s door、Actively ask for the helplessness and sadness of being a pig,But think about the age of my daughter,Ding Haijun could not help but sighed again:“Forget it,You are so old,It’s supposed to be married long ago,I won’t say anything,But this time,Let your mother go with you。”
“My mother must go,Not only my mother is going,Chen Geng also invited his aunt to come with him……”Ding Ruoyan looked at her father in surprise:“I don’t believe you don’t know this。”
Didn’t you hear this in your monitoring content??
Ding Ruoyan knows very well,What Chen Geng said to himself on the phone,It also means to send certain signals to the domestic high-level:I am very dissatisfied now,If you continue to stop,Just try。
be honest,Ding Ruoyan actually had some dissatisfaction in her heart——Whoever gets stopped by a raw girl becomes an old girl,Especially the girl herself is not unfavorable,Her mentality won’t get any better。
Comrade Old Ding blushed,As the object of focus,Of course, Ding Haijun knew the content of the conversation between his daughter and Chen Geng,It’s just about my daughter,Some things were forgotten by his instinct:“This one……alright,When are you going to go?”
“Early next month,”Ding Ruoyan said:“Early next month,A counsellor from the U.S. Embassy in China wants to return to the U.S.,Chen Geng asked us to go back with him,Let him take care of us on the road。”

“He usually helps me more,At work,In life,This time,Without him,may……”Jiang Yan did not continue,The whole person seems to be lost in thought again。

“He is your husband,No matter how much I can do for you,So sister Yanyan,You don’t have to think something is wrong。
and,I think between husband and wife,Can’t care about who gives more,But to treat each other as yourself,So long walk,Long walk,Will be happy,What do you think?”Qin Xibei asked。
“Yes,But easy to say and hard to do,But he did,He really uses his life to protect me,Whether it is at work,Still life,As long as I have difficulties,He will spare no effort to protect me,Even if it hurts himself。”
Jiang Yan said,While remembering。
Think about the past few months,If there is no Qin Feng,What will happen to my current life,These are things that Jiang Yan couldn’t predict,But she knows,That man named Qin Feng,Helped her too much。
And at this moment,I just secretly rejoiced,They didn’t ask themselves to go with the past Qin Feng,Suddenly sneezed,Followed by,The familiar phone ring rang again。
Qin Feng picked up the phone,In the heart“Chuckle”a bit,What should come will always come。
Look at the caller ID,When Jiang Yan’s phone number is displayed,Qin Feng has the heart to escape,But he dare not,Really dare not。
Because the whole world,The only two women he didn’t dare to offend,Now forming a team and waiting,In case I offend them,I believe the two will bomb themselves in turn。
Thought for a while,Qin Feng’s heart,Answer key pressed。
“Hey,Wife,Do you miss me,Bear with me for a while,I saw my husband when I went home at night,be good,Nothing,Husband died。”Qin Feng holds the argument that he will speak first,Hippie said with a smile。
“Minister Qin,are you busy?”Jiang Yan breathed a sigh of relief,Asked calmly。
“Yan Yan,If Minister Qin doesn’t have time, then forget it,Or just change the security。”Qin Xibei said with a smirk on the side。
I don’t know that she is really talking to Jiang Yan,But actually she told Qin Feng。
Implication,Only Qin Feng can understand。

“Brother Xiaolu,Don’t come here unharmed!”The other person sitting next to Major General Luo Li,And smiled at Lu Menglin。

Lu Menglin took a closer look,This is actually the highest leader of the Iron Lion army,General Li Qingsong。
After the secret medicine group was controlled by Lu Menglin,The significance of the existence of the Iron Lion troops has been severely weakened,General Li Qingsong hasn’t appeared for a long time。
I didn’t expect to see him again in this video conference,While Lu Menglin was quite surprised,I can’t help but have some curiosity about the content of this meeting。
He also held video conferences with the military several times before,Basically, both sides first based on the intelligence obtained by the military,Confirm the location of the female horn fly,Then Lu Menglin cooperated with the military,Wipe it out。
The first few times,The military also sent a large force to follow,I found out later that I didn’t need it at all,As long as Lu Menglin goes out,Basically solve the horn flies quickly,He has become the secret weapon of the Chinese military to deal with the expansion of the red zone。
And within Myanmar,The whole area is a blue zone,I can’t even see the horn fly。
Because of Lu MenglinBUGExistence,Even if there is a red zone in China,There are mutant creatures affected by the red mist,But there is no female horn fly,And the scope of the red zone will not expand。
By contrast,Other countries are much worse。They must spend a lot of manpower and material resources,To control the expansion of the red zone。
but,I heard that there are strong players in other countries that can deal with the horn fly,But thinking about it, it’s normal,After all, the human population is so huge,It is inevitable that some powerful characters will pop out。
Just when Lu Menglin thought about Lian Pian,All the split screens in the video screen flashed up。
Chapter VIII Secret Realm Record
Three more people appeared in the video,The far left is a white general,Gray hair,Wearing a straight American military uniform,Still holding an oak pipe in his mouth,Quite a bit like an eagle looks at a wolf。
The man on the right, Lu Menglin, looked familiar,Take a closer look,That old foreign man who was winking at himself,Isn’t it the American consultant Smith I met before??