Although this idea is a bit one-sided after all,But Chen Wenjin felt this way too。

Reliable ingredients,Actually, the diners didn’t know,In this age,If you don’t have diarrhea, you may also put antidiarrheal drugs.,The experience of security depends entirely on the emotional feelings of the boss。Too smart、The boss who is reluctant to get the slightest profit,Naturally, people think that there is a greater probability that they will be unscrupulous in the cost of ingredients,And looks atmospheric,A more emotional boss is more reassuring。
Chen Wenjin chatted with Lin casually,After a meeting,The boss brings food,Looking at the white plastic bag with the plate,There are a bunch of grilled products on it,Lin had a moment of hesitation。
Lin took the skewers to try,Probably not satisfied with the taste,Then I ate more naturally and casually。
“Not often eaten?”Chen Wenjin sees Lin obviously rarely eats roadside barbecue。
“Eaten several times when I was young,Later, my mother’s stomach was not good,Just care about the environment。I don’t have much chance to have barbecue with classmates and friends。”Lin rarely wanted to talk about his own affairs,Can eat something like this,She suddenly asked:“Did you really break up with Hui??”
“Yes。”Chen Wenjin is not surprised,Because in the eyes of others,Don’t believe they will break up,If they get back together anytime,People I know will take it for granted。
“Hard to accept,Because I think you can go very far together。”Lin’s feeling is to know them、Many people think。“but,Actually, I don’t think you are too suitable。”
“Things you couldn’t talk about before,Now willing to say?”When Chen Wenjin remembered the playground, Lin’s mouth was tight,Don’t reveal my personal opinion of Hui at all,Obviously I don’t think I should talk about Hui’s bad things。
“nor,Hui this person is pretty good,I just think her personality and pursuit are quite different from yours,So not suitable。”Lin asked curiously after talking:“Is the rumor between you and Butterfly true??”
“Not when it was rumored,Later,Now the relationship is confirmed。”Chen Wenjin drank a coke,Comfortable,It’s good to drink cold beer at this time,Because the taste of barbecue makes the taste buds unable to taste the unpleasant taste in the wine,Only the irritation of ice and alcohol。
“Do you know?”Lin Jian Chen Wenjin nodded,I can’t help but show an incomprehensible attitude:“Feel more difficult to accept,People who know you think they can go far。Broke up suddenly,And you started a new relationship so soon……Hui can still get along with you like a friend……”
“Someone has to come out first,It’s more appropriate for me to come out first,I should bear the pressure,Hui’s reputation will be better。Besides, we break up peacefully,No resentment,There is no reason to hold each other,I just wish each other better and better。”Chen Wenjin finished,Watching Lin Dingding look at himself,There are doubts in those eyes,Can’t help but encourage her to say:“It’s ok,Say whatever you want。”
“I’m just confused,love……Can you be so calm?”Lin made no secret of the doubt in his heart。

Why did you win just now,This requires a good thank you for the dragon species staying in the inner courtyard at this moment!

Natural bloodline suppression,Caused a gap between the two sides。
Xia Chenglong understands now,These two guys don’t want to go,Not because they want to avenge their children,But for the dragon’s blood in his body。
“it is good,Since you want,Then take it!”
Xia Chenglong finished,Circling arms,Light golden air burst out from the body,The six dragons halved and went to both sides。
“Chiba Xianglong!”
Not just a contest of Reiki,In the body of a roaming dragon,Mixed with the terrifying power of the true dragon。
The golden winged tiger is trapped,They did not expect that the martial arts displayed by a human being could be so powerful,Especially the Longwei distributed inside,Has made them lose their fighting instinct。
Two tragic cries rang,Followed by another natural fall。
But this time I’m not as lucky as before,The two big guys don’t have the strength to fly!
Xia Chenglong is down,I saw two guys struggling to get up,Reiki floating in the hands。
Instead of struggling like this,Why not reunite with my son as follows,Survival of the fittest,The weak and the strong,This is the state of nature,Nothing to be a pity。

After all, this one in front of me is just a stunned young man in his twenties,Not necessarily foresight,If he gets confused for a while,Give yourself a palm to death,Then I’ll get home。

Want to be here,Liu Niuer’s eyelids jumped,Suddenly stand still,Fluttering on one knee,Said in a crying voice:“Lord,Please listen to me explain!”
Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,He didn’t expect Liu Niu’er to be so nervous suddenly,But when I think about it, I understand,Liu Niu’er is afraid that she cares about him not showing up for support。
“it is good。You said。”Lu Menglin didn’t say anything,Nodded and said。
Su Xuehen is watching this scene,But I was even more surprised。
Those people in the banquet hall just now,All Hong Kong celebrities,Are all great figures,But when they saw this fat man,All scared like quail,All shrunk,Dare not breathe。
Now when this fat man faces Lu Menglin,But trembling,Walking on thin ice,Change from this little detail,Su Xuehen found that she had no way to judge what status Lu Menglin really was.。
When he wanted to protect himself,Called so many people in one sentence,Whether it’s the police or community members,All listen to him,Now even these Hong Kong Island celebrities are the same,Even the ransom is paid so easily,I hate you。
Maybe,This is what Lu Menglin said about having power!Because he has the power to defeat that god,So these people respect him so much。Su Xuehen thought silently。
At this moment,Liu Niuer’s chest and feet,Sighed:“The Lord is on,I’m Liu Niu’er, people don’t speak secret,When you and Miss Su were on the streets of Sheung Shui,I heard the wind。
I originally planned to mobilize the support from the past immediately。But i think too much,Worried about stealing your limelight,Anyway, you have done it yourself,I don’t care if Liu Niu’er shows up。You say no?”
Lu Menglin didn’t comment on these words,But based on his understanding of Liu Niu’er,It is indeed possible for this fat man to think too much。
“But then how did I know,You went all the way to Bao’s house!Binggui speed,Subordinates are ashamed!”Liu Niu’er gave a fist,And patted a flattery。
“Ashamed,The news that the priest Sommeron is also at the Bao family,I received it one step late。The two boys under me received this news first,Concealed it,I won’t say it until I am ready to send troops to help you level Bao’s house。”Liu Niu’er smiled bitterly。

I discussed with Zhang Meng,I don’t think it makes any sense to continue talking,It’s better to divide the Gaoda Group!

Give him the part that belongs to Mr. Gao,The rest has nothing to do with him!
After making a decision,We announced this idea on the Internet!
Say everything,But it doesn’t matter!
We have already contacted Mr. Gao and his daughter,And that vixen!
We live broadcast,Completed the negotiation。
Several industries of Gaoda Ceramics and Gaoda Real Estate belong to our name,Other industries belong to Mr. Gao!
As for Father Gao in the future, will he give it to his girl or son or to that vixen?,Has nothing to do with us!
Gaoda Group’s asset split has ended。
I renamed Gaoda Ceramics and Gaoda Real Estate to Gaoda Ceramics and Gaoda Real Estate,The same goes for several other industries,It is a memory and commemoration of Gao Qiang!
Zhang Meng and Mrs. Gao are very satisfied with the result。
I will continue to control these industries,I made a will again,Sign the agreement。
These assets in the future,Will be controlled by the mountain。
I am not interested in these assets at all。
Those assets of overseas trust companies,Plus my own assets,Have spent a few lifetimes!
Continue to do industry now,Development business scale,More just for a goal of pursuing more excellence!
But compared to the previous mentality,I am now a lot relaxed。

HowCI haven’t seen you one night,It suddenly became like this?

Could it be that something big happened at home again。
Lin Feng heard what Lin Yuner asked herself,I also sighed deeply,Then he said to Lin Yoona:“Is such that,Yoona,It’s your grandpa and his family。”
“Grandpa’s family,they.What happened to them?”Lin Feng mentioned grandpa and his family,Lin Yuner’s face immediately became ugly。
Of course,For the reason,Xiao Fan knows a little too,But it’s not very clear。
Because Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona said they have been married for more than two years,But for the relatives of Lin Yuna’s grandma’s house,Xiao Fan has only met once。
And if Xiao Fan remembers nothing wrong,The only meeting that day,In the end, it broke up unhappy。
but,It was a short meeting from that day,Xiao Fan could see it,Lin Yoona doesn’t like her grandpa’s family very much,Which is Liu Chunlan’s mother’s family。
so,For when Lin Feng suddenly mentioned Lin Yuner’s grandfather’s family,Except for Lin Yuna,Xiao Fan also felt very surprised。
“Yoona,You don’t want this,They are your relatives anyway,Your grandpa,my dad。”Liu Chunlan looked ugly when she saw Lin Yuner,Also began to persuade。
“What kind of relatives do they count as me?,He’s not your father,How can I count as my grandpa?!”Lin Yuner said immediately。
“Yoona,you.They raised me anyway, didn’t they??”Liu Chunlan said。

“this price……”Chen Geng frowned:“Taller。”

“Mr. Fernandez……”
Campbell opened his mouth to defend,But he just spoke,Chen Geng waved his hand:“Mr campbell,These projects are not highly technical,Are the simplest things,If you can’t give me a sincere offer,I want to change a company to do this project is also a good choice——In Detroit,Engineering company that can do this kind of project,Dozens always have。”
Campbell opened his mouth,But it’s speechless。
Fernandez is right,In Detroit,It is an exaggeration to say that there are hundreds of engineering companies that can do this kind of project,But twenty or thirty companies are really easy,Because the technical content is not high,I think it’s very difficult for a small company like myself to survive,In order to compete for a project almost every time I have to break the head。
Grit your teeth,Campbell says:“23Ten thousand!All down23Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Mr. Fernandez,I promise that there won’t be any lower quotes than mine。”
“OK,23Wanjiu23Ten thousand,I am a happy man,Don’t care about you,”Chen Geng nodded happily,Don’t forget to brag for yourself:“Then the payment method……”
Campbell breathed a sigh of relief,Said quickly:“sign a contract,Pay20%,Then pay in proportion to the progress of the project,Payment to the total amount of the project after the project is completed and accepted80%,After half a year of use, there is no problem,Pay the last20%。”For fear that Chen Geng does not understand the market,Campbell finished,Explained again:“This is a consistent payment method in the construction industry。”
Campbell really didn’t play tricks on this,Chen Geng nodded:“Then it’s settled,such,Let’s make an appointment tomorrow,Find a construction engineering consulting firm to draw up a contract,You can officially enter the site for construction the day after tomorrow。”
I didn’t expect Fernandez to be so happy,Campbell smiled happily,Patting his chest repeatedly assures Chen Geng that he will complete the entire project on time with quality and quantity,Can listen to Chen Geng and the other party,The last trace of luck in White’s heart also disappeared without a trace,The whole person is like a concubine:My sister is right,Fernandez really didn’t know where he got a sum of money to buy this land.,And ambitious plans to show off。
Seeing White standing aside like a dead mother,Chen Geng smiled secretly,Raise your hand to say hello:“Hey,White,Hello。”
“Hey,Chen Ge,”White barely lifted his spirits,Try to make a smile:“I’ll come over and see if I can help。”
“You kid,Not honest,”Chen Geng smiled and shook his head:“You think I don’t know why you are here?”
White smiled awkwardly,Did not speak。

At last,This disciple of the Rohir family just brought Qin Feng to a manor that didn’t seem too prosperous.。But speaking,This place in the United States,In fact, there are still a lot of private

Man manor。
After all, for them,This is the real mansion。
After arriving at the destination,The disciple of the Rohir family thought Qin Feng would let him go。It’s just that Qin Feng sentenced to death the Rohir family members early.,How could he let him leave alive at this time??
So he just waved his hand,This one left a knife mark on his neck。
“Is this the home base of the Rohill family??”Qin Feng couldn’t help feeling。
Some guards even appeared on the way to block,“who?Private heavy land is not allowed to enter!”
Qin Feng didn’t mean to stay alive,So of course the guards who blocked him fell directly to the ground。Maupassant followed Qin Feng and swallowed continuously,I feel that I have never experienced this kind of fear in my life。
“You dare to break into our Roshir family without permission?”
Some of the members did not go to the address Qin Feng left on the phone。And now he hits the door。
But the two god-level experts who kept their hands naturally rushed up when they reacted.。
But haven’t asked anything yet,Was brought down by Qin Feng。
“Keep people!”
Suddenly a voice rang,Then Qin Feng shot extremely fast,Naturally, there can be no mercy。At this moment,Qin Feng found out,An old man with white hair rushed over。But just from the speed of his sprint,Qin Feng can feel,This person’s strength should not be below him。
Yes,It’s the kind of momentum that is stronger than the old man Jiang Min just broke through。In other words,The person in front of you,Should stay longer in the dark period。
Originally, Qin Feng really thought that the Rohill family was just ordinary“Mortal family”,After all, if it involves masters above Anjin,,That can’t be regarded as“mortal”Degree。At least it can be regarded as a practitioner。
In addition, Qin Feng was also surprised that,He thought that after he killed the Rohill family disciple,The old man who was sprinting will not stop,Will directly take advantage of the momentum to attack Qin Feng。

Hui thought about it seriously,Nod and say:“I think about it……Anyway,Made an appointment to wait three months for him to reply,Still early。”

Finished talking,When Hui got up and went back to sit next to Xiao Gao,Don’t wait for Xiao Gao to be anxious,Chen Wenjin first gave Xiao Gao a reassuring wink。
Xiao Gao wouldn’t think they were talking about a lot of things,Will definitely suspect that it has something to do with what he confessed,Chen Wenjin’s suggestion made Xiao Gao feel at ease,Knowing that the conversation is getting better、At least not bad。
Hui Gang,Abao said:“Gold look,there、Wang Shuai and Amei。”
Chen Wenjin saw them coming out of the corridor,Wang Shuai looks as usual,But Ami looks like she has cried,What is revealed in the expression、Did something wrong,Very guilty and uneasy,So that the state of loss。
“Could it be Amei cheating??”A Bao is looking forward to Wang Shuai’s bad luck,There is this kind of association immediately。
“Not too possible。”Chen Wenjin thinks it’s impossible,If there is such a thing,Why is Wang Shuai unhappy?,Will be very happy to play again。
Wang Shuai doesn’t care about Amei,I don’t care if Amei sends a green hat or green grass。
but,It looks like something happened,Based on Chen Wenjin’s Understanding of Wang Shuai,He must have severely reprimanded Ami in a place where no one,Even more serious expression of emotions。
Chapter One Hundred Sixty Five Get people’s hearts
Di just saw someone he knew,Said hello in the past,Close to Wang Shuai and them。He happened to be back at this time,Haven’t sat down yet,Abao asked him:“What happened to Wang Shuai and Amei just now??”
“No!Shuai Wang’s girlfriend is unrestrained,Someone just joked that she is in good shape,LikeXXXX,Amei is very happy to say that she feels a lot like herself when she looks in the mirror,That person was surprised that she knew each other too?May said she has seen several of her movies。”Di sucked and said:“Tut……Such a relaxed girlfriend,Wang Shuai must be cool from day to night, right?!Hey,By the way, Amei and Butterfly have a match!”
Abao couldn’t help but smile:“Fucking!May this is crooked by a butterfly, OK?!”

“Go and try harder,”After thinking about it,The big man finally made a decision:“Even if we strive for three or four percentage points,After all, we have taken such a big risk。”

Three or four percentage points,Doesn’t seem to be much,But this is three or four percent of net profit,Relative to the original ten percent benefit,Three or four percent is equivalent to thirty or forty percent of the original,It’s worth fighting for anyway。
“OK,I try my best。”Old Jotson nodded,Although he is not very optimistic about this ratio。
Beyond the expectation of old Jotson,Face your own tentative overweight,Fernandez agreed very happily:“25%right?can。”
Old Jotson said nothing,Winking and waiting for Chen Gengkai condition。
Chen Geng’s honest and unkind way:“As long as the National GuardM38、M38A1、M151All replacedHMMV,25%?no problem!”
Old Jotson was dumbfounded:This bastard,Even the change of the National Guard has been spotted?
The current U.S. National Guard is not the wealthy one in twenty or thirty years.B-1B“Lancer”Strategic bombers andF-22“Raptor”Stealth fighters have、Equipped with the enviable National Guard of all countries except the United States, drooling,U.S. National Guard,Some are even still using50ChronologicalM38Jeep,Yes,It was the famous Willis Jeep used by the US Army during World War II and the early 1950s.。
What Old Jotson didn’t expect was,Fernandez was even fighting the idea of the National Guard。
First321chapter The face of the congressmen
“you……Do you know how many people are in the National Guard?”Dumbfounded for a while,Old Jotson asked in disbelief。
“I know,”Chen Geng nodded:“Army National Guard over44Million,Air National Guard over11Million,The total number of people exceeds55Ten thousand,Activem8、m8a1、m151、m151a1、m151a2Number exceeds5Ten thousand……”Looking at the old Jotson,Chen Geng’s indifferent way:“If not for this5Ten thousand old military vehicles waiting to be replaced,Do you think I will agree to take it away25%?”
Paused,Chen Geng added another sentence:“Oh,correct,All three services and the National Guard need to be replacedhmmv,We all use Ford engines and gearboxes,In addition, the four-wheel drive system is provided by GM,and so……”
Looking at the old Jotson,Chen Geng didn’t say a word。

And several heavyweight leaders of the embassy all the way to the small reception room,After a few greetings,Chen Geng explained his intention:“Ambassador Liam,And gentlemen,I’m here this time,It is to convey goodwill and support to China on behalf of the U.S. government。”

ambassador、Deputy envoy、The counselors did not speak,But quickly looked at each other:really!I really got it by Lao Yang,Chen Geng’s visit,It actually has something to do with the US government。
Not in vain, I stayed up for hours last night,Think of the jokes and dogs jumping last night,It’s worth it now,If it’s not for the mental preparation,I’m sure to be shocked by Chen Geng’s words right now?
Lian Changheng nodded slightly:“Mr. Chen,Can you say in more detail?”
“of course can,”Chen Geng nodded:“Simpler、Straightforwardly,That is, the U.S. government values the long-standing traditional friendship between the two countries very much,After knowing that China’s northern border is facing huge national defense pressure,The American government is willing to provide China with some help within its capacity。”
“what do you mean……”Lian Changheng hulled and stood up,Because I was too excited,His hands are shaking slightly:“The US government is willing to sell us military equipment?”
The faces of the other embassy staff are unbelievable joy。
First569chapter incredible
? No wonder everyone is so excited,It is really too much defense pressure facing China’s northern border!
Since the Soviet Union has a million soldiers on the Sino-Soviet border、Always ready toTU—22、TU—22M2Large supersonic bombers carrying precision-guided weapons to the military command center north of the Yangtze River in China、Large military factory、Military base、Radio and Television Building……Surgical precision strikes on high-value targets,Then a torrent of steel consisting of tens of thousands of tanks will consolidate the results,The northern border of the Republic is facing unprecedented defense pressure。
But under this weight,The leaders at the time did not give up resistance,But with great perseverance、Great courage determines the construction of the third line。
While facing this pressure,The comrades at the embassy of the China Amoy Liaison Office in the United States at the time were all facing various military magazines bought with funds sponsored by Chen Geng.、The U.S. military equipment in the journal drools,I wondered more than once if we have AmericanXXJust equipped、If we haveXXDo you dare to see Lao Maozi?……
Think about it,In fact it is impossible,It is impossible for the U.S. government to sell their military equipment to China’s socialist camp.——During the previous Sino-US diplomatic negotiations,Huaxia asked whether it could buy some U.S. military equipment,Wasn’t it also rejected by the US negotiator??
how,How long has it passed,The US government actually told itself through Chen Geng’s mouth,Can actually be sold
“Yes,”Chen Geng nodded:“Mr. Reagan meant,fighter、tank、radar……These things can be discussed,of course,The most advanced equipment will definitely not be given to you,But the second class should be ok。”