And the person with the most chance,Sitting in front of everyone right now,There is a smile on his face holding the winning ticket。

“wonderful!Really wonderful!Lu Menglin,The time I saw you,I don’t treat you as a competitor,I just think you are a man of creation,You killed Morgan that time·Rod,I also think there is nothing,Let you go。”
“Now it seems,I got it right!You have done a great job for mankind,On the monument of a new era in the future,There must be a strong stroke of yours。”
Chen Qingyun slowly said,Unspeakable calmness。
The voice has not fallen,Chen Qingyun stood up,The whole body exudes a powerful and domineering momentum。
His energy just dispersed,The powerhouses all around stared at him,An incredible expression on his face。
Because Chen Qingyun’s burst of energy and blood is too strong,It is beyond the reach of human cognition。
General eighth-level strong,If the strength of blood and energy is one hundred,Then Chen Qingyun is in the blink of an eye,300 blood has burst out,And it continues to climb。
Four hundred,five hundred,Six hundred.Chen Qingyun’s qi and blood bursts like endless,The strength of Qi and blood alone,Comparable to the most powerful mutant creatures deep in the red zone。
Is he a mutant creature?How could human beings have such a terrible breath?
Many people present were secretly surprised,Especially those who are strong,Everyone is filled with shock。
Everyone knows that Chen Qingyun is very strong,But didn’t expect him to be so strong。
Could it be that he has entered the ninth rank?This is not the qi and blood that can be achieved by the eighth-tier strong!He is the first strong man in the world to enter Tier 9?
Many people are surprised,All thinking。
The complexion on Chen Qingyun’s face became like jade,Crystal clear,It shows that the power of qi and blood in his body has deteriorated,Too much energy。
“Lu Menglin,Surrender!Otherwise I’m afraid I can’t hold it,Kill you!”Chen Qingyun smiled slightly,Tao。

Lu Menglin quickly replied:“Not in a hurry,Wait。”

He hasn’t figured it out yet,If the space channel is closed immediately,What will happen。
Discover parallel space,Open a channel to another unknown world,This is for human society,It’s definitely an extremely shocking news,And the resources and development space it may bring,It’s so huge。
Earth’s population explosion,resource crisis,Countries compete for that bit of oil,Even the dog’s brain was typed out,If once they know that the parallel space is opened,Those politicians will definitely be confused about this new world。
and,Because of Su Yi’s existence,It has been proved that there is intelligent life there,And there is almost no difference in appearance from humans。
Parallel space is different from aliens,There is very likely to be in the same line as the earth humans,Even from the same family。Because of this,That’s why Lu Menglin hesitated。
at this time,Tu Chanchan seems to have made up his mind,Turning his head and grinning at Lu Menglin,Smiled,Tao:“brothers,I figured it out,I still have to go。But go and see for yourself what it looks like over there,I’m afraid I won’t sleep anymore。”
Lu Menglin heard what he said,Suddenly wake up,Take a deep look at Tu Ching,Nodded:“Ok,Just think clearly。The opening time of this channel is limited,But I can seal it。”
“Don’t!Wait until I get over!I know you are capable。The responsibility of protecting the world is left to you!Lao Tu also!”Talk about it,Tu Chuping strode towards the jet-black passage,Without looking back。
Seeing Tu Qinqin’s figure completely disappeared in the space channel,Lu Menglin feels a little lost,I almost couldn’t help but rush through with him。
If it weren’t for Xiaozhi’s opening time to seal the space channel,I can go anytime,Lu Menglin is really a little impulsive。
“Seal the space channel!”Lu Meng stared at the dark mirror hole for a long while,Only then told Xiaozhi。
“You put the tripod close to the space channel,Leave the rest to me。”Xiaozhi replied。
Lu Menglin Yiyan,Put a few pieces of the prison pot in front of the passage。
Suddenly,The mental power in Lu Menglin erupted like a tsunami,Into layers of ripples,Blasted all the fragments of the prison pot。
I don’t know what method Xiaozhi used,After absorbing Lu Menglin’s mental power, those pieces of the prison pot shards,Regroup,Formed an intact green small tripod。
At the moment when Xiaoding took shape,That mirror-like space channel suddenly disappeared,Exposed the mottled rock wall behind。
“This becomes?”Lu Menglin was taken aback,Asked surprised。
“Yes!I am Shipborne Intelligence,My computing power is beyond your imagination,Two or three seconds,Enough for me to do many things。”There seems to be an emotion called pride in Xiaozhi’s tone,Seems more humane。

Liu Chunlan thinks that she has said so bluntly,But my daughter obviously still doesn’t understand,then,Just say:

“so,Because my mother likes their wedding photos very much,Yoona, take a look,There are just a few broken paintings on our wall,Not good looking,Not warm at all。”
At first Liu Chunlan thought that what she had said was obvious enough,But what Liu Chunlan never expected was,After Lin Yoona heard her words,,Directly swinging his hands and said:
“No no no,mom,This won’t work,Why should my son’s wedding photo be placed in our house?,People can’t agree,Moreover,Step back and say,Even if they agree,What’s the matter with the wedding photos of others on our wall?!This is not justified!”
“mom,This is too hard for you to treat Xiao Fan and me,Or you can change it?”
Lin Yuna finished,That is simply going to subvert the three views of the three people present!
because,Even Xiao Fan seems to understand the meaning of Liu Chunlan’s words,But Lin Yoona is still a dead brain,Didn’t understand。
No one thought,Usually start business,Talk about rebellion,The shrewd Lin Yoona, who can’t be shrewd anymore, is so dull to this matter。
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Two compromise
Liu Chunlan is now basically making Lin Yuner angry and unable to say a word。
This daughter,How can you deal with such a simple thing,So dull?
And what about Lin Yoona?
Obviously, I don’t know anything about it,She has also been entangled in the matter of Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan thinking about bringing other people’s wedding photos to her own home.。
Last resort,Xiao Fan had to cough twice,Then reminded Lin Yuner:
“Yoona,Dad and mom are not what you mean!”
Lin Yoona turned her head in surprise,Then inexplicably asked Xiao Fandao:

Still relying on my relationship with my uncle?

Do you think the world is too beautiful?
Although Chen Geng looks very upset,But Peng Guangming and Liu Qianjin can’t care so much anymore,Chen Geng is not happy、unwilling,It’s not normal、Did you prepare before you came??And then again,He can be happy if he rests it on?to be honest,This time I came to the capital to find Chen Geng,Don’t you just want to catch Chen Hongjun’s old face and find food from Chen Geng’s rice bowl??
“Yes……”Liu Qianjin bit his head and said。
Don’t wait for him to finish,Chen Geng waved his hand,Motioned him to wait for himself to finish:“For China’s army,I admire,Myself、And many overseas Chinese have benefited from you,This request of yours is not an excessive request,Let alone my uncle there。Now that my uncle spoke,For the face of my uncle and my aunt, I can’t refuse……”
Won’t you refuse??
Chen Geng’s words,Chen Hongjun、Yuan Jia、Liu Qianjin and Peng Guangming have different tastes in their hearts。
Of course Liu Qianjin and Peng Guangming are ecstatic,They didn’t expect Chen Geng to talk so well,Although he looks really embarrassed,But I promised so happy,It seems that he really values the affection with Lao Chen;
But Yuan Jia and Chen Hongjun thought differently,Chen Hongjun is so ashamed,I feel ashamed of my cousin who I’ve never met and my cousin,It’s very disgraceful to do it by yourself,Yuan Jia,He is directly hurt in his heart,At the same time, I feel sorry for Chen Geng who has lost his parents since he was a child.、Child without relatives:This kid really cares about the affection,I would rather wrong myself than make myself embarrassed……
In her opinion,Peng Guangming and Liu Qianjin are basically kidnapping Chen Geng with the affection that Chen Geng values very much.、Blackmail him,Didn’t this kid say,It’s because of the face of my couple。
Also,My cousin was received by the leader of the country,If it’s not for the face of my husband,,He knows who Liu Qianjin and Peng Guangming are?These two guys don’t even have the qualifications to appear in front of him。
Chen Geng didn’t seem to notice the reaction of several people,Then said:“But your unit is a military unit after all,If we cooperate,I have to contact you,This one……Are you ok??You don’t worry about leaking military secrets,Your leader can allow you to do this?”
Liu Qianjin and Peng Guangming are simply ecstatic at this time!
Chen Geng said so,Obviously, I have indeed agreed to my excessive request.,It seems that the decision to invite Lao Chen to come forward was really correct。Liu Qianjin nodded quickly and explained:“Although we are also the army,But not the same as those combat units。”

But I didn’t expect the old man to stop,Then pointed at Qin Feng and cursed,“Why are you still holding on?”

“Ha ha,Are you kidding me?I’m obviously going to kill。You think I will stop if you shout?”Qin Feng originally regarded him as the number one person。After all, the opponent’s strength is similar to his level。
But now listen to what the other person says,Qin Feng suddenly felt that the people in front of him didn’t understand the world at all.。
Could it be an old monster hiding in the deep forest??
Naturally, Qin Feng wouldn’t be surprised,Because people at their level have surpassed“Humanity”Category。
“well,Actually hit our Roshir family。I am the ancestor of the Rohill family,It’s really necessary to show your muscles。What a pity,My children and grandchildren,After all, I didn’t wait until I came out。”
Hear the other side’s emotion,Qin Feng still felt surprised。
After all, he never thought,The old man in front of you
Rohill himself。Which is the ancestor who founded the Rohill family!
“Ha ha,Unexpectedly,I thought it was just a human family。There are still practitioners who exceed the limits of human beings。Then what do you guys pretend to do??”Qin Feng couldn’t help but verbally abuse。
“Why did you slaughter so many people in our family。”At this time, Rohill discovered,Many children of their family fell in a pool of blood。Or,I didn’t even see any living person。
“well,I want to avenge my family。You take it!”Lohill emphasized many times at this time。
Qin Feng didn’t care,After all from the beginning,He has thought that he might meet a cultivator。After all, a family like Rohill,You said they don’t have any masters。Qin Feng didn’t believe it。


As soon as the man said,Almost laughed everyone to death,I’m ashamed to say at this price?
Five-level crystal nucleus,Although the thing is precious, it can be obtained elsewhere,As for five million,Oh my god,Is that something that can be said??
The one here has no such worth,Dare to pull it out?
The man seems to feel a little ashamed,I can only lower my head amidst a burst of laughter and dare not say anything。
Originally also,I also don’t weigh it carefully,So many people here are hesitating,Naturally knowing the preciousness of that thing on stage,Want to take those away,Not easy!
“Anything else you want to take,You know these things are extremely precious,If there is no suitable overweight,The boss is likely to give up this transaction。”
Chapter six hundred and one Fertilizer does not flow out of the field
“Top Grade Breakthrough Pill,Can make people walk flat on the ground when they encounter barriers after entering the Holy Land。”
“Deep Sea Giant Shark Soft Armor,Can withstand the full blow of a martial artist above the fifth rank。”
“Prefecture-level advanced martial arts——Chaotic cloak,It will never grow from grass within a hundred miles,No survivor。”
For a time,Various baby information appeared in the venue,Not hard to see,How enthusiastic these guys are for this batch of rare metals。
Xia Chenglong looked at everyone,No change in color,Can’t see any decision。
of course,When I hear all kinds of things,Really moved,It’s just not showing up on the surface。
After everyone was on for more than ten minutes,The sound on the court gradually decreases,But Xia Chenglong still didn’t choose something that moved。
At the moment,A black-robed man stood up。

Especially those maids in Nanfu,When I peeked at Hebu, the eyes were all hot,Seeing Xiao Hebu blushed,I only dared to walk with my head down。

Nan Fengtian also learned of what happened at the gate of the city government,When I saw He Bu,Nothing,Struggling,Bow down,Can’t stop others。
Madame Nan also had tears in her eyes,The eyes looking at He Bu are extremely hot,Even closer than looking at my own son。
“Lord He Bu,Kindness without saying thanks!You avenged my little sister,From now on, I will be your pawn in Nanfengtian,Forever!”Nan Fengtian ignores the opening of the chest wound,Bloodstained Heavy Clothes,Also thanks to Hebu,Said with a serious face。
for him,It’s reasonable to have such a reaction。Yesterday he broke into Qin Mansion desperately,Was seriously injured,Throw it out like a dead dog,Know without thinking,That little demon Qin Chusheng said a lot of bad things to him,Even told him the city government’s decision,That’s why he was so desperate,Be After people carry home,Lying in bed without a word。
The so-called sadness is nothing more than death!Nan Fengtian knows he can’t avenge her little sister,I can’t swallow this breath anyway,With this knot,Even if he is abolished,It’s not too much to say the walking dead。
But only after one night,He Bu, the friend he made halfway,Although just meet,But for him,See the road,Help,Duel with Qin Chusheng who has a white tiger battle line as a minor,Slashed the little beast in the street,Righteous act made a sensation。
This cut,For Nanfengtian,Is like giving him a new life,Gave him the courage to live again!
That’s why he was willing to join Master He Bu,This is my heartfelt gratitude,It takes a lifetime to return。
Wudang and Xi looked at each other,The two nodded at the same time,Also left and right,Kneeling to the ground with the south wind。
“I Wudang,Willing to follow Master He Bu,Never regret。”
“Xi is also willing to follow the adults,Imitating dogs and horses。”
Warrior Wudang and female mage Xi expressed this,He Bu is more embarrassed,Shook his head repeatedly。
The two of them and Nan Fengtian are in a team,Nan Fengtian wants to be loyal to Master Hebu,Both of them feel suitable。

Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Two Excited curator Fang

Curator Fang still presides over the meeting,It is about how to arrange the exhibition of the Nine Dragon Jade Cup,Where should it be placed in which area, etc.,There are many specific matters。
News of the Nine Dragons Jade Cup,Has been spread now,Will be displayed in their museum。
Since yesterday,There are a lot of calls to Director Fang’s cell phone,Or museum,Confirm the information of the Nine Dragon Jade Cup, etc.。
“Next,What we are going to talk about is……”
Not finished yet,The door of the meeting room opens,Ye Xin first say sorry to everyone,Then walked to Director Fang,Said a few words in his ear。
Director Fang was surprised,Didn’t you arrange this girl to receive Hu Yang??Isn’t something wrong??
But after listening to Ye Xin,Suddenly his face changed,Jerked head:“determine?”
He was so surprised,My own museum actually hides a piece of wood kiln porcelain?To know,No one can find a complete firewood kiln in the world,Which one came from Japan,Are suspected of being fake,Not true at all。
totally unexpected,He just gives face,Let Hu Yang come to the museum for an in-depth live broadcast,So he discovered such a rare national treasure。
Ye Xin shook his head:“Not sure yet,So Mr. Chen asked me to let you go and take a look。”
Curator Fang nodded,Said to the dumbfounded participant:“Everyone temporarily adjourned,Notification of specific time。”
Finished,Don’t wait for everyone to react,Just follow Ye Xin out of the meeting room,Leaving a group of people looking at each other。They all thought:What else,Can be more important than the Nine Dragons Jade Cup?
Curator Fang walked briskly,While listening to Ye Xin telling the process。
He lamented,Also very depressed,I didn’t expect a kind deed of myself,In exchange for such a big surprise。According to Ye Xin’s description,He can almost guess,That may be the legendary firewood kiln。
The characteristics are obvious,Thin carcass,Bright as a mirror,Azure,But everyone dare not knock,Don’t know what the sound is。
“It seems,Our work is still not careful enough,Almost destroyed a national treasure。”Thought of this,Curator Fang has lingering fears。
Simultaneously,Also praised Populus,To that young man,I appreciate it more and more。Nothing else,Just this careful,It’s worth learning。

One to take the bag,Don’t let one take,The two are deadlocked,At this moment,A fist“sudden”Fly to the front of the ridge,The ridge is the same as last time,To the ground。

The person here is Ye Xingkong,Thousands of ways in his eyes“Cold light”,Like eating people,Tian Lu quickly picked up her bag,Ye Xingkong quickly helped Tian Lu carry the bag,Put the bag in the car one after another。Tian Lu looked at Ye Xingkong in surprise,Asked:“You have a car?”
Behind the ridge picked up a brick-sized stone from the flower bed,Threw it over bitterly,It’s about to hit Ye Xingkong’s head,Ye Xingkong adjusts the distance of the bag facing the carriage,Your right hand has a stubborn eye,The stone is neither side nor west,It happened to be firmly grasped by Ye Xingkong。
Ye Xingkong originally threw the stone back and hit the ridge,Tian Lu instinctively stopped:“Starry sky!”
Ye Xingkong gritted his teeth to help,Hand stretched back,Push towards the ridge,The stone is broken,Slid off Ye Xingkong’s fist。
Tian Lu stared at Ye Xingkong holding the broken stone in shock。Seeing the stones in the ridge can be crushed by Ye Xingkong,Trembling legs,transfixed。
Ye Xingkong opened the door,Let Tian Lu in,I got into the cab,Start engine,“A slip of smoke”Gallop away。
First78chapter Live in
Tian Lu sitting in the car is in shock,I looked at my side in surprise and concentrated on the operation skillfully.Ye Xingkong。
If before getting in the car,Tian Lu won’t stop him throwing stones over,Or Ye Xingkong didn’t listen to her,Throw it over,Maybe the ridge is dead,Tian Lu is scared after thinking about it。
but,Ye Xingkong’s move scared Tian Lu,Also made Tian Lu like it,Think this is a man,Show your skills in times of crisis,And extraordinary,Let Tian Lu look more impressive。
It didn’t take long to drive to Mid-Levels Apartment,Tian Lu, with the help of Ye Xingkong,Move the luggage to the second floor one by one,Yang Zi cleaned up the room,He Ye Xingkong’s first floor。
Put your luggage,Chen Limu is here,Tian Lu screamed sweetly:“Aunt Mu!”
Chen Limu responded。Although she can’t say how much she likes Tian Lu,But it’s not annoying,As long as Ye Xingkong likes,Just open one eye and close one eye。

“Yes,It seems Qilin is still more optimistic about you。”Middle-aged man,I couldn’t help but smile after I figured it out。

Even if the ozone layer is not destroyed,Are there no professionals?,Besides, this phenomenon has caused some riots in the city,No natural disasters,Explain that it is not too far to save。
“People,Be optimistic。”Qilin finished,Then said“Lao Hu,Traffic here is almost restored,You go to Hutong Road,I get to Xinhai Road。”
“no problem。”The middle-aged policeman nodded,Then he rode an electric police car next to the street。
Qilin see this,Looked at the sky again,No more thinking,Put on a police cap,Drive the electric police car to the next street to maintain law and order。
When all parties are in action,Wu Xing has come to the end he found,Cloud Sea Villa。
This is a group of villas located on the coast of Juxia City,environment of grace,Facing the sea,Of course,More importantly, the home is readily available,Can live in and live,Can save a lot of time。
After entering the villa,Wu Xing did not intend to visit the villa,But to sit down on the sofa in the lobby。
His Tianzhu engine was already modifying the villa information,Just take everything here into my eyes,It can be said that every floor,Every room,What is it,All clear。
Just sat down,Wu Xing can’t wait to open the chat group,Just opened it and was slightly surprised。
I saw in the chat group,Showing999+a message,Let him have to admire the active level of the chat group。
To know,Whole group,Add him,Altogether9Members,For a while,Just over999a message,It is conceivable that the water group ability of these members。
Just wanted to post a message to say hello to the group members,Wu Xing glanced casually,I found myself becoming the owner of the group!