Drink ginger and red jujube tea

Drink ginger and red jujube tea

As the saying goes, a layer of wind and rain and a layer of cold, after the cold dew is the formal sense of autumn, the temperature gradually began to fall, and the sense of autumn has become stronger.

In the fall, “Autumn Lack” and “Autumn Dryness” are two people’s big problems. In addition, when the temperature drops, it is easy to be affected by the cold autumn. A ginger and red date tea recommended by old Chinese medicine for everyone, drink a cup of teaAutumn troubles!

Ingredients for ginger and jujube tea: 4 jujubes, 4 slices of ginger, 3 peppercorns, a handful of wolfberry, water, brown sugar Moderate method: 1. Soak the jujube in warm water and cut it for nuclear use, slice ginger, and wash wolfberryNet reserve; 2. Put the red dates, ginger, wolfberry and pepper into the pot, add brown sugar and then add 500 ml of water, cook on high heat until tumbling, and continue to cook on medium-low heat;Can pour out impurities, you can eat red dates and wolfberry later.

First, jujube moisturizing lungs and cough can effectively prevent fatigue. Jujube, also known as red jujube, dried jujube, jujube, is one of the most nourishing and healthy ingredients for Chinese people, especially Chinese women. It has been in China for more than 8,000 years.The history of planting has been listed as one of the “five fruits” (chestnut, peach, plum, apricot, jujube) since ancient times.

Chinese medicine believes that jujube has a sweet and warm nature, returns to the spleen and stomach meridian, can replenish qi and nourish qi, nourish blood and soothe the nerves, and is used for spleen deficiency and lack of food, fatigue and diarrhea.

There is a saying in the folk that “you can eat jujube in one day, and you will not be old when you are 100 years old.” “To make your skin better, add red dates to porridge.”

Nutrition studies have found that cyclic adenosine monophosphate contained in red dates is an essential component of human cell energy metabolism, which can strengthen muscle strength, eliminate fatigue, dilate blood vessels, increase myocardial contractility, and improve nutrition. Therefore, proper consumption of jujube in autumn can really achieve reliefFatigue, nourish conditioning purpose.

Jujube skin is rich in nutrients. When using jujube stew or porridge, remove the skin alternately. At the same time, although jujube can be eaten often, it is best not to exceed 20 at a time. Excessive eating will damage digestive function., Trigger constipation.

Excessive consumption of jujube can cause hyperacidity and bloating, so pay due attention.

Second, picking good dates can be more healthy. Everyone says that eating dates is good, but you must know that picking good dates can have health effects. If you accidentally eat micro-rotten dates, it will not only have no nutritional value, it may even harm your health.
When selecting jujubes, choose a large jujube with appropriate size, fullness, no cracks, and crimson and bright jujubes. If you feel a soft pinch, but the flesh inside is full, then it is a good jujube.Already.

4 types of careers that pay well in the eyes of headhunters

4 types of careers that pay well in the eyes of headhunters

Experts from headhunting companies have the following views: 1. Although the demand for IT, computer, communications, and electronics professionals is not as popular as before, the price of intelligence workers will still rank first in the industry.

The advantages of the industry and the development of the country’s economic environment must inevitably lead to differences in the prices of certain talents and talents in other industries, so they are generally ahead of other industries.

  2. The demand for professionals in life sciences has just begun to spring in recent years, and its price will perform well.

Life sciences and information sciences have been listed as important pillars of the new economy in the 21st century.

The average first-time employment rate of absolute life science majors is about 80%, and it is also one of the top ten majors with the highest number of overseas studies. The prospects are generally promising.

  3. The investment return rate in the financial, financial, political and legal industries is high, but the risks remain.

Not long after China’s accession to the WTO, its policies on financial investment and foreign trade are still in line with international standards, and it is still in the stage of continuous reconciliation.

With the acceleration of internationalization and the breakthrough of barriers, the salaries of various talents will increase.

  4. Broad talents will be evaluated on the basis of quality.

The demand for agricultural majors will pick up this year, and the social demand for environmental science, civil engineering, management, and foreign language majors will increase significantly.

These talents are universal talents with broad development space, so the appreciation of talent prices is broad.

In the future development of talents, the general trend of various types of talents will change the changes in the industry field, and prices will also change.

The white radish in late autumn season is even more eye-catching.

The white radish in late autumn season is even more eye-catching.

It is said that radish is a treasure of winter, and there is also a saying that “radish in October is ginseng”, which means that eating radish in October in the lunar calendar benefits as much as ginseng.

  Li Shizhen, a medical scientist, has overdone radishes like this: “It can be cooked and cooked, it can be cooked with sauce, it can be cooked with vinegar, and it can be cooked with rice.” It is “the most beneficial person in vegetables”.

  Indeed, it is already late autumn. In addition to the popular radish that some people like to eat, the medicinal value of white radish is even more impressive.

  I. The medicinal value of white radish1. White radish can supplement digestive tract disease, bloating, dyspepsia, poor appetite, and can spit juice and vomit; nausea and vomiting, pantothenic acid water, chronic ulcer disease, chronic chopped honeyFry thin jaw pharynx; constipation, can be cooked; mouth ulcers, can be gargle with mouthwash.

  2. The effect of white radish on the respiratory system cough cough, it is best to chop honey and fry the throat; pharyngitis, tonsillitis, hoarseness, aphasia, you can take juice with ginger juice; nose bleeding, you can pound juiceHot clothes with wine and juice can also be used to make nose drops; hemoptysis, cooked with mutton and catfish; prevent colds, can be cooked.

  3. The effect of white radish on the urinary system. Various urinary stones, poor urination, can be taken orally with sliced honey; all kinds of edema can be taken with radish and floating wheat decoction.

  4. Other functions of white radish are beauty and can be cooked; beriberi, decoction and external washing; detoxification, hangover or gas poisoning, can be used, or leaf decoction to drink juice; Tongli joints can be used for cooking.

  Radish is one of the chronic and ancient vegetables. In ancient times, it was called “immortal bone”. It has the effects of quenching thirst, relieving blood stasis, lowering blood pressure, and suppressing sputum.

How to make a chubby breakfast

How to make a chubby breakfast

Researchers surveyed 37 children aged 9-12 and asked them to eat 3 different types of breakfast, and multiple to eat for 3 consecutive days.

The first category is breakfast with low glycemic coefficient, such as low-fat but high-protein, high-fiber muesli, oatmeal, beans, linen bread, etc., and the blood glucose index of food does not exceed 55.

The second type is similar to a low glycemic breakfast, but with added sugar, the blood glucose index exceeds 55.

The third category is breakfast with high glycemic coefficient, such as white bread, milk, sugar or chocolate-flavored cornflakes, etc., and the blood glucose index is between 75-100.

  Investigators followed up and asked if children felt obese during the lesson, and watched their lunch intake.

It was found that after eating a low glycemic breakfast, the child did not easily feel hungry, and also had enough lunch.

  The organizer of the survey, Jaia?

Professor Henry said that the results of the study are instructive in at least two aspects: First, parents can choose breakfast suitable for their children, which can change their habit of adding meals between classes; second, breakfast with low glycemic coefficient can make children eat lunch.

This all helps them lose weight healthily.

“The first thing we should do is to have children eat breakfast every day, which is very important for their studies and activities,” the British Nutrition Foundation objected.

Furthermore, a low glycemic factor and a high-fiber breakfast are the best choice for children, as whole grain cereals are very beneficial for them.

“The reporter interviewed Yu Guixiang, director of the nutrition department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital.

Director Yu said that the British survey is very reasonable. Foods with high expected fiber are easy to make people feel full, so it helps children lose weight.

The traditional Chinese breakfast is mostly churros, fried cakes, buns, etc., which have a high transformation and cannot cooperate with the breakfast of fat children.

  Parents can prepare milk, eggs, steamed bread, etc. for their children. If possible, it is best to learn from abroad. It is also beneficial for children to eat vegetables, fruit salad, or apples, bananas and other fruits in the morning.

Winter woman qi and blood drink three red soup

Winter woman qi and blood drink three red soup

Click here to buy anemia again in winter. Various symptoms will be particularly obvious. Cold in winter, the capillaries on the surface of our skin will shrink, and the blood will slow down.It will be slower.

What is the most effective way for women to eat blood in winter?

  Red bean is flat, has spleen and water, clears heat and dehumidifies, and reduces swelling and detoxification.

Women are particularly suitable for eating red beans, because they can be iron and have the effect of nourishing blood.

Brown sugar warms into the spleen, has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, slowing down pain, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis.

Jujube calcium phosphate and iron are good choices for iron and blood.

These three types of food cooperate with each other to increase the absorption of iron and improve the cold resistance of the body.

  The specific method is, 250 grams of red beans, red dates 15?
20 pieces of brown sugar.

Wash the red beans, pick out the impurities, and soak for two hours.

The red dates are washed and pitted.

Add red dates and red beans to the pot, add about 600 ml of water, and pour brown sugar.

Bring to a boil and keep boiling for about half a minute.

After the red beans are cooked, you can drink.

It needs to be reminded that Sanhong Soup has a high sugar content and is not suitable for female friends with diabetes. It is also not suitable for people with abdominal distension and dry constitution.

  Winter women drink Sanhong soup, can quickly replenish blood and replenish energy.

The heart and blood are red in the five colors, and red food can be used to replenish blood.

Red dates, brown sugar, and red beans are warm in nature, which can regulate the deficiency of the physique.

Those who are physically weak or hot are not suitable for long-term use.

Women’s white-collar workers: eat more eggs

Women’s white-collar workers: eat more eggs

Guide: There are many foods in the food that are quite effective for women’s beauty, especially eggs, and the effect of nourishing yin and beauty is more prominent.

  Eggs: Eggs are rich in nutrients.

Contains protein, phospholipids, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, iron, vitamin D, etc.

Egg yolk contains a certain amount of phospholipids, and the choline separated from the phospholipids entering the human body can prevent skin aging and make the skin smooth and beautiful.

Eggs are also rich in iron. 100 grams of egg yolk contains 150 mg of iron. Iron plays a role in hematopoiesis and transports oxygen and nutrients in blood.

The rosy beauty of the human face is inseparable from the iron element. If the iron is insufficient, it can cause iron deficiency anemia, make the person’s face pale, and the skin loses its beautiful luster.

  Duck eggs: Duck eggs also have skin care and beauty effects, and their beauty effects are slightly worse than eggs.

Duck eggs contain protein, phospholipids, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin D, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that duck eggs are sweet, cool, and have the effects of nourishing yin, clearing lungs, enriching muscles, and smoothing skin.

If you eat 1 duck egg regularly, 10 grams of white fungus and 20 grams of rock sugar stewed duck egg custard, it has the effects of nourishing yin and reducing fire, and nourishing the skin and skin.

The method is to make Tremella water, wash it, add water, and cook it until it is cooked; add duck eggs, add rock sugar, and cook on high heat until the duck eggs are fully cooked.

Duck eggs are cooler than eggs, so the spleen-yang is insufficient, and those with cold and wet diarrhea should not take it.

  Quail eggs: The nutritional value of quail eggs is no less than that of eggs, which has better skin care and beauty effects.

Quail eggs contain protein, brain phospholipid, lecithin, lysine, cystine, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin D, iron, phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that quail eggs are sweet, flat, and have the effects of nourishing blood and nourishing qi, strengthening the body, strengthening the brain, and enriching the skin.

Quail eggs have a tonic effect on patients with anemia, malnutrition, neurasthenia, irregular menstruation, hypertension, bronchitis, and vascular sclerosis; especially for women with anemia and irregular menstruation, its tonic, beauty, and skin beauty functionsSignificantly.

White-collar happy decompression: watching horror movies?

White-collar happy decompression: watching horror movies?

Support solution.

Please list the pressures in your life, one, two, three, four . Once you write them down, you will find amazing that as long as you “break through”, these so-called stresses can be gradually resolved.

  Cry when you want to cry.

Medical psychologists believe that crying can relieve stress.

Psychologists have measured blood pressure in some adults. As a result, 87% of normal blood pressure people said that they occasionally cried, while those with high blood pressure said they never shed tears.

It seems that letting the emotions out is better than burying them deeply.

  Hug the big tree.

In some parks in Australia, too many people are seen embracing big trees every morning.

This is one method they use to relieve psychological stress.

It is said that hugging the tree can release the happy hormones in the body, which is refreshing.

  Watch horror movies.

Experts in the UK have suggested that people feel pressured at work because of their sense of responsibility for the work.

What they need at this moment is encouragement and uplifting.

So with relaxation techniques to overcome stress, it is better to motivate yourself to face stressful situations, such as watching a horror movie.

  Put on your favorite old clothes.

Put on a pair of old trousers that you usually love, and then put on a loose shirt, your psychological pressure will be relieved unconsciously.

Because of the volume of clothes worn for a long time, people recall some of the feelings of a certain time and space, and their emotions also rise.

You can also become citron


You can also become citron

Sun, beach, love . Sometimes beauty is bothersome because of body scent.

  On the streets, offices, bars . Sometimes, self-confidence disappears because of the taste.

  Taste, taste, when can I leave this source of annoyance and turn myself into a fragrant tea?

  Get rid of irritating odors If you don’t take your smell for granted, then it will happen: when your head accidentally reaches under someone else’s nose, it will make people doubt your personal hygiene habits .From a normal person’s head, 144 to 192 sebaceous glands are distributed per square centimeter, which is much higher than the skin on the face.

The sebum they secrete hydrates the hair and keeps it shiny and soft.

But at the same time, sebum also becomes a medium for bacterial growth. Oxidation of sebum will give out a rancid taste and oily smell.

  There are also a large number of small sweat glands on the hair. When exercising or emotionally stressed, they secrete a large amount of sweat to reduce the temperature of the brain. The sweat contains a large amount of salt, lactic acid and urea.

When you wash your hair with hair cream after your first exercise, you will smell a touch of ammonia, which is what urea brings.

  Nowadays, the environmental pollution is getting more and more serious, and hair styling and other hair cosmetic residues are getting more and more, which will make the hair emit a special odor, and it will be accompanied by itchy scalp.

  Research has found that odor is an odor that can easily cause people to feel irritable and lose patience, which has a significant impact on work efficiency.

  Previous experts told us that in order to protect sebum on hair, 4?
Wash your hair once every 5 days.

But in reality this is impossible unless you want every colleague to hide from you.

The new view is that you should wash your hair once a day.

According to a survey conducted by Lreal, a major cosmetics company in the world, back in 1995, the average American’s washing frequency has reached 5 per week.

3 times, many people more than once a day.

  Tips: A.

Beauty is based on cleansing. In order to avoid excessive degreasing of hair, more and more people choose conditioning shampoos for daily shampooing. Daily shampooing is also a good way to avoid odor.

Do not shampoo for 10 minutes each time. After applying shampoo on your head, massage your head with your fingertips for 5 to 10 minutes.


Use a refreshing fragrance-free leave-in conditioner every day.


Clean the comb before each use.


Eat less greasy food, eat more vegetables, fruits, etc.

  Being careful not to detect bad breath bad breath is a very embarrassing problem, because the bad breath person will not be aware of it.

Bad breath is still a very stubborn problem. It is almost impossible to completely avoid bad breath.

  Causes of bad breath One of the causes of bad breath is internal medical disease, which is the so-called lung and stomach heat in traditional Chinese medicine, yin deficiency and fire, and the internal organs.

Severe hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer patients have smelly egg smell or ammonia smell in urine.

Other diseases that cause bad breath include diabetes, tuberculosis, and leukemia.

  The other root cause of bad breath is oral diseases, including gingivitis and periodontitis, which can cause bad breath.

  Even if there is no disease in normal people, there will be odor in the mouth. This is mainly caused by the replacement of oral mucosal cells, food residues, and dry saliva in the mouth under the action of bacteria.

In addition, tobacco and alcohol and irritating foods can cause bad breath.

Our age is also related to bad breath.

Generally speaking, the intensity of stench in healthy people is directly proportional to age, children’s bad breath is very light, middle-aged people are more concentrated, and the elderly even have a slight stench.

  Tips: Reducing bad breath is a physical system project. You must exercise and keep your internal organs running normally; quit smoking and alcohol to maintain a healthy lifestyle; brush your teeth after a meal.

Pay more attention to the following points:

Fasting can cause bad breath. Girls who refuse to eat breakfast in the morning should be advised to eat at least a few biscuits and drink a glass of milk or fresh fruit juice, otherwise the sour rancidity of food residues in the stomach may be unknowingly transmitted during the chat with colleagues.Going forward, the fracture made the adjacent seat gag.

  B.After lunch, the sulfur-containing protein (mainly meat residues) is decomposed for several hours, and it will emit a pungent sulfide smell in the afternoon, which is a peculiar malodor after meat spoilage.

This is one of the reasons we advocate brushing your teeth after lunch.

After a period of stressful work, if you feel dry and dry, avoid personal closeness to people, sticky and dry saliva in your mouth will emit odor.

At this time, you better find an excuse to avoid it, and then drink some water to rinse your mouth.


If you eat healthy foods such as garlic and green onions, don’t expect to chew a few pieces of tea to pass the level. The volatile and strong irritants contained in these foods can be exhaled through the capillaries of the lungs.

So if you have a date at night, you should prepare for lunch.


If you hold your feet, mouthwash, refreshing spray and liquid gum, the effect is much better than ordinary gum.

  When BYE-BYE’s amazing inferior underarm stinks were replaced with short-sleeved or sleeveless knitwear, did you consider your own bad taste?

According to statistics, due to physiological reasons, women have four times as many men as men with underarm odor.

Southerners have more people than northerners and have family genetic characteristics.

The function of the sweat glands is affected by the gonads, which usually start to be active during adolescence, and the elderly will decay or heal on their own.

  Arm stinks are usually born.

In general, people with strong underarm odor often have liquid (earwax), which is often referred to as oily ears.

Yellow-white fine crystalline particles are often found under the arm.

  There is almost no perfect way to cure underarm odor. Some people advocate the complete removal of the sweat glands. The problem is that the sweat glands are buried deeply and the surgery is difficult to complete. If the cut is deep and wide, it will easily hurt the upper limb trunk plexus in the arm socket.

The same problem exists with laser therapy and X-ray therapy.

The drug temporarily inhibits the activity of the sweat glands, but it cannot be eradicated.

  Tips: A.

Fragrance antiperspirants are originally odorless, but bacteria attached to the body ‘s surface in the atmosphere break down the organic matter in the sweat to accelerate reproduction, coupled with the oxidation of sebum, odor will be produced.

To drive away the unpleasant smell of the jade body, you can ask an antiperspirant body lotion to help.


It is the wish of many women to keep the jade body fragrant.

Deodorants, light perfumes, perfumed shower gels, body powders, etc. can all add wonderful effects to the body in summer.

The average value of the fragrance and ethanol content of the deodorant, and the addition of cooling agents and anti-inflammatory agents, have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects. Applying it on bath or clean skin can give people a fresh and refreshing feeling.


It is easy to cover the malodor with the pleasant aroma essential oil, or use the deodorizing fragrance to mix the malodorous components, body odor and complex essence odor to combine into a pleasant odor.

  Just use a small amount of aromatherapy oil under your armpit and you will feel refreshed immediately.

Take a deep breath of the fresh scent and relax immediately.

  Stay away from the annoying foot odor this season, no matter how beautiful the shoes can not cover up the bad smell, let alone you go to the guest!

  Foot Taste The foot is the part that bears the heavy load. It carries all the movements of the human body. Heavy pressure and friction will generate a lot of heat. In order to cool down, the foot will secrete sweat.

There are 300 to 350 sweat glands distributed on the skin of the foot per square centimeter, far exceeding the average level of 200 to 230 on the hands and forehead, so the sweat flow on the feet is greater than other parts.

  Healthy feet, sweat secreted contains 0.

3% to 0.

8% salt, as well as lactic acid and urea, they produce isovaleric acid under the action of normal bacteria on the feet, causing acrid goat and salty odor.

The athlete’s foot odor targeted at athlete’s foot has something to do with flour.

  The amount of sweat in the feet can basically reflect the age of the person. The sweat glands of the young and young feet have strong secretions and heavy odor. The elderly are often dry and tasteless.

Therefore, young women do not have to worry about foot odor, which just shows your youth and health. If you change a pair of cotton socks every day and wash your feet with germicidal soap every day, the intensity of the odor is acceptable.
  Tips: A.

Research by shoe companies has shown that the vast majority of conversions to the feet are disseminated through the soles.

In addition, considering that the cloth surface is the material with the best ventilation, people with sweaty feet are best suited for thin-soled shoes when walking slowly.

Such as shoe size, preferably one and a half.


People with feet smell should not wear chemical fiber socks. Be sure to wear cotton socks. Put on talcum powder on the feet before wearing socks.

Between the toes is the place where bacteria are most likely to breed, but unfortunately this place is often overlooked when washing feet.


Every night before going to bed, use foot bath with antibacterial ingredients, soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes, massage with foot reflexology liquid containing washing aroma for 10 minutes, and then wash with warm water.

  Experts analyze that people who eat grains and cereals cannot completely lose their body odor, so they don’t have to worry about excessive care.

Almost everyone has a more or less troubled taste.

As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, they can be controlled to an acceptable level.

  There are several common body odor prevention and suppression methods: A.

Inhibit the secretion of sweat glands: temporarily block the sweat gland ducts with a supplementary astringent antiperspirant to suppress sweat.

Commercially available antiperspirants are mainly aluminum salts.


Inhibit the proliferation of bacteria on the skin surface: use a variety of fungicides.

Inhibits bacteria from breaking down sweat gland secretions and prevents body odor formation.


Suppressing body odors that have occurred: By using a chemical deodorant or odor adsorbent, the original odorous substance is changed to a non-odorous substance.


Aroma masking: mask the malodor with a pleasant smell, or use the deodorizing flavor to mix the malodorous components, body odor and fragrance odor, and combine to form a pleasant smell.

Why spend money in babies

Why spend money in babies

British scientists have found that people’s desire to shop during the drought will greatly increase, in addition to the food is more attractive, and other goods are more easily attracted.

  Researchers have found that people secrete a “hormone” during drought, and this hormone secretion is affected in the brain, making us salivate for the goods on the shelves.

In order to verify the effect of “diabetic hormone” on the human body, the researchers injected a certain amount of “hormones” for healthy injections, and showed them pictures of hamburgers, clothes, landscapes, etc., while scanning brain changes at this time with brain waves.

It turns out that food, clothing and other daily necessities make the areas of the brain responsible for happiness more active.