Causes of psychological disorders in young children

Causes of psychological disorders in young children

The survey found that there are three main causes of psychological disorders in young children.

The first occurs in the perinatal period, during which the mother suffers from infectious diseases, poisoning, malnutrition, abdominal trauma, asphyxia and hypoxia at birth, dystocia or childbirth; the second is kindergarten education, where children at home are excessiveToo shy, afraid to see people, difficult to adapt in strange environments; the third is the family environment.

  Among these reasons, the impact of unhealthy family environments and incorrect education methods on children is particularly important.

First of all: family disharmony or divorced parents make children overwhelmed or lose their due caress, which can easily lead to abnormalities such as inferiority, depression, strange personality, and irritability.

First of all, education methods are inappropriate.

One is to cope with the child’s covetousness, to make children feel bad, such as pride, selfishness, and willfulness; the other is to use beating, scolding, scaring, and other education to make children timid and depressed.

In addition, the parenting methods, requirements, and attitudes of both parents make young children fearless or confused.

The healthiest sunscreen method for green tea skincare

The healthiest sunscreen method for green tea skincare

Various researches on the benefits of green tea for health are constantly being developed.

A study in the United States points out that catechins in green tea have a strong antioxidant function. After applying skin care products containing green tea ingredients to the skin, unless exposed to intense sunlight, the skin will be sunburned, loosened and roughThe peroxide is reduced by about 1/3.

  The scientists asked the testers to apply catechins extracted from green tea and a placebo without any effect, and then exposed them to the sun. As a result, the skin damage of the former group was less severe.This proves that the ingredients in green tea have sun protection.

Another study showed that if it is possible to place green tea, it will have the same sun protection effect as applying green tea skin care products.

  Herborist Cleansing and Beauty Tai Chi Clay Green Tea Skin Care is rising around the world at the same time. Several major cosmetic brands have launched their own tea series skin care products.

The tea series skin care products launched by many brands are made by extracting and concentrating these two main ingredients in tea and adding active auxiliary ingredients.

The purified and activated antioxidant molecules in green tea skin care products have dozens to dozens of times higher protection and repair ability than vitamin C and vitamin E, which can effectively replace the damage to the skin caused by the environment.

In addition, in addition to the above-mentioned beauty effects, green tea itself also has gentle cleaning, anti-fire, anti-inflammatory effects.

The men’s green tea aftershave lotion introduced by Shiseido in Japan exactly uses these effects of green tea, while preventing men’s minor wounds from shaving from infecting, at the same time toning, skin care, and anti-inflammatory cleansing effect.

According to consumers, Revlon’s green tea products in the United States use the cleansing function of green tea itself, no longer add saponin, and are soft, refreshing, fresh and natural when used.

  Asian brands were launched relatively early, and the market response was relatively good.

For example, the green tea series of South Korea’s DE-OPROCE company, the green tea aftershave launched by Japan’s Shiseido, and the green tea cleansing cream of Shu Uemura, Japan are all well received by consumers.

Recently, European and American brands have also launched green tea skincare series, the United States’ Mizuo H2O green tea antioxidant cream, essence, and the world’s top brand French Lancome company’s green tea beauty series.

The ten best acne-removing habits_1

The ten best acne habits

Acne is the pain of how many youths are less!

The most hateful thing is that after puberty, you may not be able to say goodbye to acne. Acne does not seem to be willing to break up with you completely, and always entangles you from time to time.

To get acne, you need to develop ten good acne habits!

  Acne is a big problem for many girls. If you try a variety of acne removal products and still don’t work, then you should see if you have adhered to the following 10 good habits to fight acne, each one may be youThe lingering roots of acne!

  1. Do not blindly take acne because there are many reasons. If you want to get acne and acne, you must first figure out why your body will develop acne. Only by completely improving the recovery incentives can you effectively control youth.The spread of acne.

Do not use acne products blindly. Using the wrong method will not only remove acne, but will hurt the skin.

  2. Maintaining personal hygiene Poor personal hygiene may be the cause of long-term acne.

If acne grows on the lower jaw and around the mouth, don’t wear clothes with a collar. The collar is a place where dirt and dirt are hidden. It is easy to aggravate the disaster due to constant friction with the lower jaw.

In addition, often keep the hair behind your ears, and do not leave bangs, so as to avoid the dust and oil on the hair gradually infected with acne.

  3. Maintain the habit of changing towels and washing the pillows. Most people do n’t know. In fact, pillow covers are the easiest place to accumulate dead cells, dust bugs, dust, dandruff and other dirty things, and it is easier to make contact with the skin during sleep.Bacteria breed and multiply.

Therefore, dermatologists vigorously promote and maintain the good habit of changing pillow towels daily, especially those with severe acne conditions, and pay more attention to this.

  4. Avoid hair spray. Spray the styling liquid onto the hair spray on the face. The styling liquid contains the fixative components. Once sprayed on the skin, it is easy to cause clogging of pores, and it is more difficult to clean the oil and dirt.

In addition, washing your hair daily and keeping your hair clean can also improve your acne condition and prevent infections.

  5. Pay attention to whether the selected used cosmetics contain oily hydrophilic formula. Friends who have acne, sometimes apply some foundations moderately, which can have a considerable degree of “concealer” beautification effect. However, when replacing foundations and lipsticks, you mustTake care to avoid oil-soluble products, so as not to worsen acne.

At present, professional make-up brands have developed water-based creams that are very suitable for oily skin. A small amount is refreshing and does not increase the fat burden on the skin. The best thing is that this type of dual-water powder has both foundation and powder.Function, don’t make crickets more obvious due to flapping powder.

  6, do a good job of sun protection measures UV rays in the sun, once passing through the acne wound, penetrate directly into the epidermal layer, black spots like ice chisels will form on the wound, even after the acne disappears, it still leaves an image likeDark spot-like burn marks.

If you are worried that the sunscreen is too oily, you can use a tissue paper to suck in your arms after pressing the sunscreen to absorb the excess oil.

In this way, it will not affect the function of sunscreen and prevent the burden of oil.

  7, the use of skin care products with oil and fat control function of modern cosmetics technology, has been caring about the real problem of oily skin.

In the past, most oily skin care products could only wash away excessive oils, but the oily skin care products launched since last summer also have the functions of “oil control” and “fat cleansing”, that is, use of biochemical or plant ingredients, Deep inside the skin.

Control the secretion function of the sebaceous glands, and “absorb oil” on the skin surface, transform oil, and shrink pores at the same time, reduce the secretion of oil.

  8. When acne is inflamed, patiently waiting to control yourself not to squeeze acne is really not an easy task. You can buy a tube of youth gel with powerful anti-inflammatory and acne-removing functions.When the hair has been or has been, use a cotton swab to apply the youth gel to the acne.

In this way, it can help dry acne and expedite the end of its life.

But please note: Youth gel can only be applied on acne. Do not apply the whole piece on the body, otherwise it will over-irritate the uninflamed skin and cause redness and swelling.

  9, the diet should be healthy If you want to make your skin less acne, you should take more vegetables and fruits with more vitamins, and ensure adequate sleep and normal eating habits.

Especially the MM who likes to eat spicy and greasy foods, it is the right way to be beautiful if you quit.

  10. A happy state of mind is a cure for acne. Do n’t think that you are the only person in the world who has acne. Remember, acne is only an episode in your life and will soon pass. As long as you deal with it correctly, do n’t letIt disturbs your emotions and you will find that it is fragile!

Moderate drinking is good for health

Moderate drinking is good for health

According to a US study, the overall mental state and behavioral ability of moderately drinking elderly people are less than those of non-drinkers.

  A new study suggests that the proportion of older men and women who never drink alcohol, with a small or moderate amount of alcohol, is less likely to decline.

The results of this study suggest that small or moderate drinking helps maintain the cognitive capacity of older people.

  Prior to this, some studies have found that small or moderate drinking has potential drawbacks.

A recent study also found that for older women over the age of 70, drinking a drink a week is slower than a mental decline in a non-drinker.

Other studies have also suggested that drinking is good for heart health, especially red wine.

  In this seven-year follow-up survey, researchers at the US Federal State Psychiatric Hospital conducted a survey of 1,000 residents over the age of 65 living in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Before the investigation began, these people did not suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers divided the elderly into three groups: non-drinkers, few drinkers (one or most per month), and moderate drinkers (more than once a month).

  At the beginning of the study and during the study, the researchers evaluated their intellectual function every 2 years.

The results of the study showed that older people who seldom drank alcohol and moderate alcohol consumption scored less on their overall intelligence, behavioral and mental effects on motor nerves than those who did not.

  The researchers said the original purpose of the study was to understand the relationship between alcohol intake and old age intelligence.

Although many studies have suggested that drinking has a certain flaw in the balance and function of the human brain, it does not want people to rely on heavy drinking to keep the brain healthy.

First figure out the character of the enterprise

First figure out the “character” of the enterprise

According to Pu Xiaojun, the company’s corporate culture can be roughly divided into three types: The first is called a “product company”. This company is characterized by the importance of developing new products, advocating creativity, like creative people, and leaders.Also more visionary.
  The second type is called a “customer company”. This company is characterized by being customer-oriented and prefers people who can build and maintain relationships.
  The third type is called “operational company”. This kind of company emphasizes the completion of things, and they like those who pay attention to the methods of doing things.
Because the “characters” of enterprises are different, it also determines that their approaches to making decisions and managing employees are very different.
  From a decision-making perspective, “operational companies” are often top-down, they focus on whether they can achieve the desired results in the end, so they are more culturally efficient and orderly.
“Customer companies” often value their customers’ opinions, so they make decisions from the outside to the inside.
The “product company” believes that as long as the results are achieved.
  From the perspective of managing employees, the “operational company” does not rely on the advantages of product innovation. It emphasizes how the entire team can create the greatest value for customers at the lowest cost. They pay more attention to the way of doing things, pay attention to quality, and staff willI feel stressed and work is very stressful.
But the advantage is that you can learn good management methods in such companies.
  ”Customer companies” are characterized by being able to meet the needs of employees in order to retain employees and maintain relationships with customers, as is the case with large consulting companies.
  The “product company” will create a comfortable environment and provide employees with sufficient resources, including a lot of training, so as to keep technicians as free as possible.
So for an employee who is pursuing training, you can only gain more if you find the right company.
  Pu Xiaojun pointed out that due to the increasingly fierce market competition, customer-oriented companies and product-oriented companies have transformed into operational companies, and they have emphasized the need to reduce costs. This phenomenon is particularly common in the telecommunications industry.It is more emphasis on localized talent.
  But no matter what type the company is and how it changes, in order to be a good employee, you must do the following four points. These four points also apply to companies of various cultures: first, to serve customers and create value for customersThe second is to respect the individual; the third is to have a team spirit; the fourth is to always pursue the supreme quality standards.

Watermelon Summer Recipes Inventory: Watermelon Peel Kimchi Refreshing and Moisturizing

Watermelon Summer Recipes Inventory: Watermelon Peel Kimchi Refreshing and Moisturizing

Watermelon In the hot summer, watermelon should be the most popular fruit. Its water content is over 90%, and it is the fruit with the highest slice ratio.

Moreover, watermelon tastes sweet and can not only remove heat and thirst, but also has a good diuretic effect. Therefore, Chinese medicine regards it as “born white tiger soup”.

In addition, in addition to impurities and cholesterol, watermelon contains a large amount of glucose, malic acid, fructose, protein amino acids, lycopene and rich vitamin C and other substances, is a nutritious, pure, safe food.

Watermelon combines Qingshu and thirst quenching, and uses food and medicine together, which is really a rare good thing in summer.

  Watermelon flesh is delicious to quench thirst. Watermelon peel is also a good thing. Traditional Chinese medicine calls melon peel “Watermelon Jade”.

In addition, because watermelon rind contains vitamins C and E, use it to rub the skin, or apply it to the skin in a paddle shape and apply 10?
Wash it with water after 15 minutes, it has the functions of nourishing, rejuvenating, beautifying and agitating.

  How can I eat watermelon rind?

In addition to making soup, the most common ones are cold dressing or stir-fry, or making tea with lotus leaves to refresh the heat.

  Here are two pickled watermelon peels with different flavors, which are very suitable for summer: appetizing sour watermelon peel, half a watermelon peel, half a lemon, white vinegar and granulated sugar.

Remove the green peel from the watermelon rind, leave the white meat, and cut into small dices; Bring a pot of water, cook the diced watermelon for two minutes, soften and remove; use a large plate of cooked diced watermelon, add a little salt, and pourWhite vinegar and sugar, squeeze into lemon juice and mix well; cool in the refrigerator and serve immediately.

  Watermelon skin pickle ready-to-eat jellyfish skin 150g, watermelon skin 300g, half red pepper, 1 shallot, 1/2 tbsp sesame oil, 1/2 tbsp sugar, moderate salt.

Shred the jellyfish skin for future use; thinly peel the watermelon peel to remove a layer of green and wash, then cut into shreds, and salt it for 15 minutes each time. After the watermelon peel softens to water, squeeze the water; red pepper and green onionWash and shred separately; add all the ingredients to the seasoning and mix well, and marinate for about 20 minutes before serving.

Watery skin starts with drinking Sanbai Licorice Soup

Watery skin starts with drinking Sanbai Licorice Soup

Modern urban white-collar workers, office workers, work under pressure, living in front of a computer for a long time, and staying up late, many people are in a state of qi and blood deficiency, so the skin is rough, dry, chlorosis, melasma, pigmentationHere, we recommend Sanbai Licorice Soup, a recipe for whitening skin.

Dr. Wu Guozhong has been to the LCD in the Huang Di Nei Jing manual.

  Sanbai licorice soup, as its name implies, is the collective name of the four flavors of medicine. Sanbai refers to Baizhi, Atractylodes, Poria, plus licorice, which is exactly four flavors.

Paeonia lactiflora, Atractylodes macrocephala, Bai Poria and licorice, decoction, warm clothing, can be used as tea.

These medicines are very common and can be bought in general pharmacies.

  In the theory of Chinese medicine, paeony is sweet, sour, slightly cold, and has a function of nourishing blood. It can treat chlorosis, facial stains, and dull skin. It is warm, sweet, bitter, and has the effect of delaying aging.Bai Fuling has a sweet, mild, and flat nature, which can remove spots, whiten, and remove acne, treat acne, and clear away heat and dampness.

Glycyrrhiza licorice is flat and sweet, has the effect of moisturizing and deodorizing, and is used for bad breath and cracked skin caused by weak spleen and stomach.

Paeonia lactiflora, Atractylodes macrocephala, and Poria cocos are traditional moisturizing and whitening drugs. Together with licorice, they can nourish qi and blood, and delay aging.

  According to the “Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica”, white Poria is ground into powder and applied to the skin. It can also treat acne and freckles after pregnancy. It can remove blackheads, whiten skin, and make teeth strong and black.

  Chinese medicine believes that the skin’s luster or not is closely related to the function of the viscera. If the viscera is displaced, the blood is not uniform, the skin is rough, and the face is spotted.

Therefore, Sanbaigancao decoction starts from reconciling qi and blood and regulating the functions of the five internal organs, so as to achieve the effect of whitening and freckle.

  This recipe is much better than those skincare products that are superficial articles. This is a healthy beauty.

It seems that the ancestors left us the wealth of traditional Chinese medicine is inexhaustible, and there are still many waiting for us to dig.

  Guoaitang, as a domestic professional dietetic health organization, has carried out deep processing on the basis of this prescription, breaking the cell walls of the raw materials, resulting in a very fine powder that is easily absorbed by the body.

The first task of the winter vacation is to rest

The first task of the winter vacation is to rest

On January 27, the reporter interviewed Liaoning Province’s top teacher, Shenyang education expert Liu Fu and Shenyang Normal University’s School of Education Science Liu Hui. The two teachers thought that the newspaper’s investigation reflected the current winter vacation situation of primary and middle school students.And analyzed.

  Phenomenon family needs to make up lessons, and children are eager to play: Liu Fu believes that parents and children are aware of the opposite.

This shows that parents do not have a scientific education method, and always think that their children’s progress can only be talked about by grades.

Solution: Liu Fu believes that students in the winter vacation have made a reasonable plan just like their parents.

Through mutual discussion, consensus was reached and breakthroughs were made.

  Phenomenon 2: Parents feel relieved when attending supplementary classes: Liu Fu believes that supplementary classes should vary from person to person.

Children are not containers of knowledge. For long-term learning, children are extremely prone to weariness, and make-up lessons will be worthless.

Solution: Generally speaking, lower grade students stay in focus for 15-25 minutes; junior high school and high school students stay in focus for about 1-2 hours.

In this way, even if parents let their children study for a day, the children’s concentration time will not be very long, and the effect is self-evident.

“If some children do not have a clear grasp of certain sections of the last semester, it is possible to make up for the class appropriately.

Liu Fu said.

  Phenomenon three: Parents are unaccompanied, and the child is “indifferent”: Liu Hui said that the modern gap between parents and children is formed over time.

Parent-child communication should pay attention to three aspects: speech, time and topic.

Parents need to find a suitable way to develop the habit of communicating with their children from an early age.

Of course, the indifference of children may be superficial and emotional. In fact, their innermost needs the care of their parents.

Solution: Liu Fu suggested that parents should not only care about their children’s learning, but must spend time with their children to do things together.

  How should the conclusion be based on student development and what is a meaningful vacation?

Both Liu Fu and Liu Hui suggested that the winter vacation should be based on ensuring adequate rest and increase knowledge.

“Holidays are a buffer. It doesn’t make sense to set up a holiday if you can’t get enough rest.

Learning can not only focus on book knowledge, growth is all-round, and expand the essence of experience.

Looking at extracurricular books, organizing tourism will be a great gain.

Long-term fatigue learning is against the brain development and is not conducive to the growth of students.

Liu Hui thinks so.

Raiders of college students’ fitness exercises

Raiders of college students’ fitness exercises


68% of college students feel insufficient exercise, 7.

57% of college students do not eat breakfast, 15.

44% of college students do not know how to mix and match vegetarian diets.

What a hefty amount of data this is!

  According to a previous survey by Fudan University, 44% of undergraduates develop the habit of staying up late, and the proportion of juniors sleeping after 2am is as high as 14%.

Only 2.

8% of students felt “full” after getting up, and 38% of students felt “relatively tired”.

  It is precisely because of incorrect health concepts and unscientific lifestyle habits that have led to various shortcomings in college students’ physical fitness.

  According to a survey by a certain university, the constitution of college students in their senior year will be much lower than that of their freshman year.

Colleges and universities generally perform two physical fitness tests on freshmen and seniors. Seniors’ physical shape, cardiopulmonary status, strength, etc. have all declined, and myopia rates have remained high.

  College students’ fitness exercise methods are all suitable. For college students, fitness is not necessarily simple and casual.

Undergraduates do not have a fixed source of finances, and they usually attend classes, sometimes for a limited time.

So how can you maximize your own limited fitness investment benefits?

  At the same time, what can the club do to attract more college students to become its own members?

As a potential consumer, it is certain that current college students will be the main consumer group of future fitness clubs. In a certain sense, this is a long-term investment, but it is definitely worth it, not to mention that there is a return now, only a relatively small amount.

Why not do it?

  University student thesis: From the perspective of consumers, it is nothing more than the words “good quality and low price”, but these words are even more important for college students. After all, college students have no stable economic source.

First of all, I have a budget in my heart, and based on this budget, we must make sure that the price of this gym will not be very high and it must meet our own capabilities.

Some clubs have special packages for students to see if they are suitable for them.

Ask the classmates around you if they are or have been club members before, and take less detours. The opinions they give you should be valued. Most of them are important because they didn’t pay attention.

Considering the inconvenience of transportation, most college students go to the gym on Saturday and Sunday. In that case, there will be traffic jams. It is important to accumulate more. Don’t let time be spent on the bus.

When the price is acceptable, the transportation is convenient, and the word of mouth is good, you can communicate with the club’s membership consultant.

Under normal circumstances, the membership consultant will be enthusiastic, and carefully ask the items you need, if you can experience it, you must experience it, and turn yourself into a question before you regret it, wait until you pay the money and find that the club environment is poor, equipmentLess, coaches are late.

It is best to go on Saturday and Sunday to see if the courses and equipment are enough on Saturday and Sunday. Will you pay for the lack of money because you can only “watch” the lack of equipment?

Remember to always look at the most important, do n’t be attracted by some items you do n’t need but forget the point, just like a club may have free mineral water and only one treadmill, while another club does not have free mineral water,There are dozens of treadmills and dozens of spinning bikes, so which one to choose?

Well, when you have done all of the above, you will enter the final step, which is also the step with the highest technical content-bargaining.

Do n’t think that clubs do n’t bargain. According to many college student consumers, in general, first declare that they are students and have no money. This can at least reduce the price.

Two thousand annual cards can generally be won at 1200.

If you ca n’t live or die, I ‘ll teach you a trick, leave, of course, it ‘s a fake, and usually it will work. If it ‘s still not good, you can only use the last trick, let the club add you a few months,For example, 1200 can apply for 1200 for 13 months, or give you a few private education courses, or other discounts.

Some clubs will launch installment payments, some of which are generally paid first, and the other half after 3 months.

In short, open your mouth for three cents, as long as you do n’t pay, there will always be room for profit, so as long as you have time, you must bargain.

Finally, good luck!

  Club articles: There are more and more college students going to the gym. Although the annual cards and packages for college students will be relatively cheap, the small profits and quick sales are still a big cake.

So what do you do to get more cakes?

Ordinary college students will be attracted by the price first. For example, when the Hosa Club annual card promotion is 399 yuan a year, many people will stop and take a look.

Then there must be a membership consultant with more professional qualities and experience.

There is also an initiative to attack, and in general, let the membership consultants distribute leaflets to attract the attention of college students who want to keep fit.Then let them pass the experience and try the lesson.

At this time, the membership consultant needs to know Gu very well, and it will make the students feel that they will not be deceived. This is what the students are most afraid of, so as to dispel their worries.

The general price war should be started after asking the specific needs of the students, bringing the interested students to the club to experience and experience his targeted aspects, such as: group gymnastics classes can let her learn what she wants to learn,Exercise team awareness and enjoy fitness; exercise bikes exercise your cardiopulmonary function and help you lose weight; equipment can exercise your muscles and muscle strength, and have a good shaping effect.

To the best of his ability, he felt that the gym facilities and coaches as well as the course arrangement could meet his needs, and was very suitable for himself. After her interests were met, other things only needed to be briefly introduced, and remember to grasp the key points.

The price is discussed after everything is introduced, otherwise students will feel that you are not introducing services but cheating money, and it will be difficult to succeed.

The last is a golden principle, always considered for customers, except for hardware, service attitude is everything.

  In the future, more and more college students will enter the gym, and fitness services for college students will surely become more and more perfect.

I believe in the end it will be a win-win situation for students and clubs.

Seven contradictions of attention

Seven contradictions of attention

In health care, it is important to deal with the dialectical relationship of the following issues for health and longevity.

  Being full and hungry can hurt your body and inadequate nutrition also harms your health.

“Baopuzi” said: “Health depends on diet, but drunk and strong wine, full and strong food, no one does not hurt the body.

“The Tang Dynasty poet Sheng Du Fu died because of a full meal of roast beef from Liyang County Order.

During the Shunkang period of the Qing Dynasty, the family minister Shang Maqi enjoyed a long life for four generations since his grandfather. Among them, five were 100 years old, and Ma Qi himself was 88 years old.

According to rumors, the Ma family is mainly good at eating and shooting, insisting that “the breakfast is light and the lunch is thick and full, and the dinner needs to be small.”

However, some people are eager to lose weight and eat too little to seriously harm their health.

The health motto says: “Eat full after eating and living old without illness.

“A moderate diet can alleviate the burden of high blood pressure and internal organs, improve the body’s immunity, reduce disease, and prolong life.

  Yusu cannot be absolutely vegetarian or eaten, and should be matched reasonably.

Only light vegetarian food is good for health.

The first of the four cornerstones of health is “reasonable expectations.”

The elderly are mainly right with a vegetarian light diet. Pregnant women and obesity in food can effectively prevent or slow down the occurrence and development of common diseases such as hypertension, hypertension and even diabetes, and para-liver.

But you must not absolutely refuse to eat.

Because mascots and plasma are also non-transmissible nutrients for the human body, such as a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, both brain and heart protection, and anti-cancer function.

It can be seen that the three meals with vegetarian food are mainly vegetarian and supplemented with vegetarian food.

  Dynamic and Static “Health Quotes” said: “People who are sedentary and easy to hurt their blood will be cautious; those who have experienced the script and are vulnerable to internal organs should abstain from it.

Therefore, it is said that there is no disease and pain when there is movement and stillness.

NASA scientists have confirmed that a person is inactive for three days and loses one-fifth of his muscle’s maximum strength.

According to a report in Zhejiang Province, the immune function of people who exercise has significantly improved, and the incidence is only 1.

9%, while the incidence of people with lack of exercise reaches 11.


However, exercise must be moderate. Overloaded exercise will accelerate the “wear” of some organs in the body and some physiological functions will cause diseases and prolong life.

  Sleeping more and younger in ancient times, the ancient health practitioners believed that “younger is a serious problem for the elderly”.

Some people have put forward the theory of “sleep health”, saying that good sleep can prolong life, but not the more you sleep, the better.

A study by the American College of Cardiology found that people who slept 10 hours a night were twice as likely to die from a heart attack and three and a half times more likely to die from a stroke than those who slept only 7 hours.

The folk saying that “get up early and get up early, and you won’t be ill with you” makes sense.

Insufficient sleep is harmful to the body. It affects both work and study, as well as physical health, and causes various diseases.

But too much sleep is also harmful.

Excessive sleep, stagnation of various body functions, will cause illness over time.

This shows that sleep is indispensable but not greedy.

  Indulgence and abstinence of the emperors of many years did not last long, and it was related to indulgence.

A famous doctor in the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao, said: “If you have the passion, you will be the same as Zhaoluo.

When you are less refined, you are sick, and when you are exhausted, you are dead.

“In the Ming Dynasty” Eight Health Prescriptions “said:” Yin and Yang are in good harmony, and you can extend the year if you have the degree. ”

“A survey of 600 people by American researchers found that older people maintain an active sex life and help maintain their vitality and alternative memory for a long time.

If old people give up sexual relations, their intelligence will quickly decline.
Obviously, abstinence is harmful, and abstinence is also harmful to your health. Abstinence is definitely the best choice.
  After retirement, the elderly in joy and sorrow are unhappy because of their mental suspense, and often feel depressed and unhappy, which is extremely detrimental to their health.

“Lingshu” said: “Sadness and sorrow are heartbeats, and heartbeats are shaken.

“If you can participate in social interaction through various forms, such as playing poker, playing chess and other entertainment games, it will help eliminate loneliness and increase the joy of life.

However, some people spend a lot of time in it, leading to mental imbalance and even sudden death under the Mahjong table, which is even more tragic.

As the “health motto” says: “Entertainment is controlled, and uncontrolled is exhausted; happiness is moderate, and loss is extremely sad.

“Cold and hot cold water baths are a great way to keep fit.

The low-temperature stimulation of cold water can increase the excitability of the human nervous system, enhance material metabolism and activities of various organ systems, gradually increase breathing, strengthen heartbeat, accelerate blood circulation, increase blood pressure, strengthen gastrointestinal motility, and regulate the body’s body temperature.Will be strengthened.

At the same time, under the mechanical effects of water on the skin and the chemical effects of some minerals on the human body, it can also increase the skin’s resistance and greatly reduce the incidence of skin diseases.

The hot water bath and sauna bath can expand the skin pores and capillaries under the action of high temperature, effectively emit the transformation in the body, and take away some dirt and toxic substances existing on the surface of the skin. The health effect is also very good.
Whether it is good to take a cold bath or a hot bath depends on the individual and depends on the constitution and habits, but the most basic daily water should be a folk proverb: cold water, beauty and health, warm water, brushing teeth like, hot waterWash your feet like taking a tonic.