The beauty of the stars


The beauty of the stars

As the focus of the spotlights and the public, the star characters on the Avenue of Stars naturally have their beauty.

  Xu Qing wants fair and clean skin. The most important thing is to keep the skin fresh and natural. Don’t put a lot of cosmetics on the face. It just happens to be self-defeating.

  Maggie Cheung generally does not go to beauty salons, and skin care is just her own.

Like skincare with fruits, like lemon can make the skin clean and white.

If you add some herbal juice that dilutes the pigment in the mask made of fruits, honey and egg whites, the whitening effect will be better!

  Because Liang Jingru grew up in Malaysia and belongs to a tropical country, her skin is inevitably darker.

In the past, everyone called her “dark chocolate”, but after starting to use the deep whitening combination, she found that it was really effective, her skin became very healthy and radiant, and even the makeup artist found her skin was whitening.Everyone changed her name to “white chocolate”.

During the recording and recording period, due to the need to put on makeup, in order to avoid skin fatigue, Liang Jingru also chose a mask to moisturize and whiten.

Regardless of long-distance flight, staying at the hotel will use the mask to calm and restore clean skin.

  Regardless of the type of skin, Qu Ying must be hydrated before whitening.

In the spring and summer, Qu Ying likes to use a sea mud mask, which can not only replenish the skin’s moisture, but also relieve the pigmentation of the skin after sun exposure, making my skin fair and transparent.

  Cecilia Cheung To whiten, first moisturize and lock water.

In fact, sun protection, whitening and moisturizing should be paid attention to in any season, not even in winter.

Outdoor activities, facing the computer, you should apply whitening sunscreen.

In addition, go to bed as early as possible and get up early, eat more foods containing vitamin C, are good for skin whitening.

  Meng Guangmei’s bathroom has more than 200 bottles of skin care products.

Every time she makes a new product, she buys it to try.

With the same product, she no longer feels the skin, so she often changes the pattern.

In the past, her skin was particularly dry, so she used that kind of moisturizing cream that was very rich in nutrients. The result was not good, and her skin was still dry.

Later she did not improve moisturizing, which is not the same as anti-wrinkle. Now she uses moisturizing and moisturizing products.

Then I slowly feel that my skin feels more comfortable.

Remember five don’ts in family education

Remember “five don’ts” in family education

Parents want to give their children the best tutoring atmosphere so that their children can grow up physically and mentally in this environment.
However, parents may easily commit some taboos during family education in primary and secondary schools, which will have a negative impact on the child’s mind. Let ‘s look at these five taboos.
Don’t look down on the child. Sometimes he is anxious and will say to the child, “Why are you so stupid!
Or “Are you a wooden man?”
“Every time this kind of words that look down on a child blurts out, it will damage the child’s self-esteem and weaken the child’s self-concept.
Don’t intimidate the child. Using intimidation to discipline the child will also weaken his self-concept.
If your parents say, “The next time you do this, you need to look good!
Or, “If you hit your brother again, your mother will hit you hard.”
“Every time a child listens to these words, they will be terrified and sad, thus creating a kind of fear for their parents.
Do not over-protect and supervise your child. Over-protection and supervising your child will hurt your child’s self-concept and weaken the ability to cultivate your child’s autonomy.
Because when parents over-monitor their children’s behavior, they are actually telling them: “You can’t take care of yourself.
“Most parents are not confident in their children’s ability to care for themselves.
We should take “as long as the child can do it, never arrange for replacement” as the motto.
Only in this way can children gradually develop their own ability to take care of themselves.
Don’t chatter with your child excessively, it will make the child feel that his parents think he has no ability to understand things. Over time, the child will feel disgusted.
In fact, a methodical account of things to your child will increase your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.
  If you force your child to forget what he is doing and listen to you and do something else, his reaction will be unhappy.
Parents should remind the child in advance and wait for him to do something, such as: “Little army, almost ten minutes later, you should come in for dinner!
“At the same time, they can allow the child to have a little freedom to complain before obeying the order, for example,” Oh, mom, do I have to come in now? ”
“Requirement of immediate and blind obedience by children is ineffective in bringing up independent and self-regulating people.
Don’t use inconsistent rules to discipline your children. Some parents set rules at will based on their own moods and anger. The same behavior is sometimes punished, sometimes by him.
This can confuse children.
Your child needs you to teach him a set of consistent, credible, and reliable rules.

A must-have mentality for small companies

A must-have mentality for small companies

With the formation and improvement of the entrepreneurial mechanism, various small companies will sprout out like bamboo shoots.

Although small companies have advantages such as flexible mechanisms and large development space, due to the entrepreneur’s funds, experience, management and other unfavorable factors, employees often feel that they have a high risk of self-prediction and many unpredictable factors.

How to work as an employee in a small company?

  First, investing with a partner mentality in the entrepreneurial stage has many clues and many things. As an employee, you have to do everything in detail. It has become a “multi-faceted person” while serving multiple roles.””, Such as avoiding risks as much as possible, completing tasks as much as possible, and saving money as much as possible.

Because of frequent contact with the boss, the feeling of “helping the same boat” for the boss will easily form a unity of change.

  Second, at the beginning of starting a business with a conscious and self-discipline mentality, the company is certainly not satisfactory in terms of management methods and operating procedures.

In this case, as an employee, you should not care about or deliberate too much. Instead, you should work proactively and abide by professional ethics and codes of conduct.

Such as regular overtime, no travel allowances, etc.

As an employee, we should be considerate and give full play to our own experience and capabilities.

The feelings established during the entrepreneurial period will be carried out by each boss in the past through compensation or reward.

Such as loyalty to the company, the contribution to the company often has a “red envelope”, a gift of promotion.

  Third, pay with the courage to innovate and be responsible. Due to the limitations of the entrepreneur and the uncertainty of the internal and external environment, the company’s approach is often changed, and some ideas are swaying.

Under the premise of obedience and respect, employees should always make their own bold predictions in a spirit of ownership. The approach should be to communicate with the boss or other employees frequently to reach consensus and strive to achieve it.

In this way, it not only expands the thinking of the boss, but also opens a channel for realizing its own value, which greatly benefits the company’s development.

  Fourth, the mentality of dying from the ground cost several invisible “walls” between people. As a boss or employee, they want continuous cooperation, but because of the existence of this wall, they often “divide shortly after getting married.””.

This is especially true in small companies.

As an employee, you should not have too much suspicion or trade-offs in your work. Otherwise, it will easily cause your boss to be “unsure” about you.

Now that you are a member of the company, you should combine your career with the development of the company and be competent and optimistic.

The lessons learned in this way are also a lot of wealth for myself.

  Fifth, with the attitude of development and truth-seeking, invest in the beginning of each company, always want to do a lot of work.

But if you encounter difficulties or underestimates, you will either be caught off guard.

As an employee, we should face this fact squarely and treat it with an ordinary mindset.

It is necessary to be actively involved in work, and at the same time have an objective evaluation of the problems that the enterprise may encounter, whether it is a developing problem or an error caused;The cause of the problem and try to solve it.

If you complain or comment on the role of an onlooker, you will not show your own cleverness, nor will it be recognized by the boss and colleagues.

  Sixth, the attitude of doing something and doing nothing in a small company is not everything can be arbitrarily, do not pay attention to the small section.

Because I usually have contacts with my boss and colleagues, and often judge a person from small things.

It’s easy to slap, and it’s easy to be found.

Therefore, as an employee, you should do something and do nothing.

Perhaps if you keep a proper distance from employees, don’t be intimate.

While doing your job, don’t make irresponsible remarks about things that are no longer relevant.

  All in all, to be based on a small company and not to be highly liquid, we should learn some “survival methods” and not act in a habitual way of thinking.

Unwavering in the Three Principles of Autumn

Unwavering in the Three Principles of Autumn

After the beginning of autumn, the air is clear, the wind is cold, everything changes color, morning and evening cool winds, autumn winds and autumn rains are gradually changing, and the climate is changing. At this time, you should follow the seasons and realize that health, especially the elderly should do three “persistence”, namely:Autumn freezing, autumn prevention, autumn training to improve health and enhance disease resistance, that is, the body’s autoimmunity.


Stick to autumn freezing.

As the saying goes: “Spring covers autumn and freezing”, it is necessary to follow the rule of “cold-resistant exercise from the beginning of autumn”, and always fall, but do not rush to add too much clothes, so that the body has the ability to resist wind and cold, and strengthen the body’s resistance.

But Qiu Jie can’t overdo it. People with a history of bronchitis and gastritis should pay attention to proper warmth to prevent recurrence of old diseases.


Stick to autumn training.

In autumn, the yang energy in the natural world tends to converge from evacuation, and it is closed, and the daily life should be adjusted accordingly.

“Four Atmospheres and Gods” said: “In autumn and March, you lie down early and get up early.

“Look up early to conform to the collection of yin essence, to support” receiving “Qi.

Get up early, in order to conform to the yang qi’s stretching, so that the qi can stretch.

As the saying goes: “If you move, you will never decline.

“Elderly people should often arm some labor or sports within their ability, such as sweeping the ground, watering flowers, going upstairs, doing exercises, playing Tai Chi outdoor walking, jogging, ballroom dancing, short-distance travel, etc.The purpose of delaying the aging of various organ tissues.


Stick to autumn support.

Autumn maintenance refers to dietary maintenance and proper rest.

Autumn is the harvest season, and a large number of grains, vegetables and fruits are mature and available on the market.

The motherland’s medical work “Su Wen” states: “Five grains are to be supported, five fruits are to be assisted, five dishes are to be filled, and the smell is just to supplement the essence.”

The autumn climate is dry. Drink more water, light tea, soy milk, milk and other beverages as appropriate. Eat sweet potatoes, corn, sesame, greens, persimmons, bananas, honey, red dates and other soft products.

Proper rest is also a good recipe for the elderly.

Work and labor during the day should be moderate, entertainment can not be deep into the middle of the night, and sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Secret: In fact, dysmenorrhea is also good!

Secret: In fact, dysmenorrhea is also good!

Lead: Almost half of women have dysmenorrhea, so why is it?

Is it a disease we are born with?

Or is there some kind of physical interference that women cannot escape but are useless?

Useless is that about 60% of women with dysmenorrhea need to endure dysmenorrhea every month, from slight discomfort to shaking their bodies.

What’s even more disturbing is that a month passed and everything will repeat itself.

Truth: The implantation of dysmenorrhea trains women’s ability to withstand the onset of strong and weak dysmenorrhea, so that women have a stronger ability to resist pain than men. After dysmenorrhea exercises, women have better health than menIt is also more delicate and rich.

In this sense, the implantation of dysmenorrhea cultivates the ability to tolerate and tolerate our lives.

It’s like a hazy day. People who come out of the haze naturally have different sunshine in their eyes.

Marriage for the dysmenorrhea is marked with a rest, it will not hurt when it grows up-it will not hurt when it is married-it will not hurt when the baby is born-still painful?

That must be not enough!

Truth: Maybe you do n’t have to wait that long to put it simply, the pain is caused by violent tibial fractures of the uterine muscles and pelvic congestion.

Warming to Alleviate Pain Every time a woman is suffering from menstrual pain, most women will refill themselves with a cup of hot ginger sugar water, and then fill a hot water bottle.

This seems to be a recognized remedy.

About 50% of women will use similar methods to deal with dysmenorrhea. Certain menstrual periods must not be covered with cold water, drink hot beverages, warm the abdomen, and cupping.

However, at least 30% of them did not work at all.

Truth: The role of heat compress is limited. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, everyone’s constitution is divided into virtual, solid, cold, and heat.There are various combinations on this basis.

Deficiency cold type is more common. This condition plus “thermotherapy” is symptomatic, but it may not be effective for other types of people.

Even for people with debilitating constitution, this warming effect is actually very limited. If the pain is severe, other methods are often needed to solve it.

Massage to relieve pain Some women may relieve dysmenorrhea through massage, but many people do not even relieve the pain, and the amount of bleeding will increase significantly.

Truth: Massage also has anesthesia and acupuncture. Massage has been considered a good way to treat dysmenorrhea because the stimulation of meridian metabolism in certain points (such as Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, etc.) can relieve uterine muscle painAnd pelvic stasis, analgesic effect.

However, many medical practices show that at this special time of menstruation, it is not appropriate to take excessively intense massages, which may easily cause endometrial replacement and aggravate bleeding.

If the masseur’s technique is incorrect and the intensity is not used properly, the so-called is more likely to be caused.

The most reasonable method is to massage before and after menstruation, not during menstruation.

Even so, it should be checked in advance whether dysmenorrhea is functional or organic. If it is organic, the cause should be removed first.

The traditional notion that painkillers should not touch makes many women refuse painkillers during dysmenorrhea, because many people are worried about: will they be addicted?

Truth: Do not be afraid of painkillers. Experts generally believe that for dysmenorrhea, the most important thing is daily conditioning: regular exercise, balanced nutrition, adequate sleep, and a good attitude.

At the same time, early pain relief is beneficial to promote physical health and improve quality of life, so it is correct and necessary symptomatic treatment.

Selective and safe painkillers at the onset of pain without having to tolerate it again and again.

Articles on menstrual sex that add oil to the classification of women’s health and women’s diseases have explicitly proposed “prohibiting menstrual sex”, and almost all women adhere to this common sense.

Truth: Menstrual periods need more soothing comfort. Menstrual sex has always been considered a restricted area.

In ancient times, men thought that men would suffer bad luck when they were exposed to menstrual blood. Modern medical experts believe that this is inconsiderate, non-compliance or even a violation of women’s rights.

The reason is: the menstrual cervix is slightly more open than usual, coupled with changes in the pH of the vagina, susceptible to bacterial invasion and infection, sexual behavior is fueling fire.

Nowadays, more and more sexologists have challenged this traditional concept: the small amount of bacteria and viruses brought in by the insertion method is not harmful, and condoms can also be used to ensure cleanliness.

In addition, sex can produce a large amount of endorphins in the brain-this special hormone can regulate bad mood, mobilize the neuroendocrine system, improve immunity, and relieve pain.

On this special day of menstruation, in fact, women need more soothing sex.

14 reasons to make you a spotty girl


14 reasons to make you a spotty girl

Why do other people’s skin be fair and flawless, and your shells have so many spots for no reason?

What causes you to become spotty M?

There are many reasons for pigmentation. You must first understand the cause of your speckles before you can put forward a method and plan for freckle removal.

Fourteen main causes of pigmentation, which one do you belong to?

  1. Endocrine: Estrogen can stimulate melanocytes to secrete melanin granules, and progesterone can promote the transport and diffusion of melanoma.

The study found that in female chloasma patients, serum estrogen (E2), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinizing hormone (LH) levels were significantly higher than normal people, androgen (T) levels were low, and progestin (P)) And prolactin (PRL) levels were not abnormal, suggesting that the incidence of female melasma patients is related to changes in sex hormone levels.

  2. Ultraviolet rays: UV rays are the main physiological stimulus for human melanocyte proliferation and increased skin pigmentation.

The darkening of the skin is mainly caused by the medium wave of ultraviolet rays.

It can cause melanocyte proliferation and melanin production.

  3. Microecological imbalance on the skin: Researchers have discovered the distribution of bacteria in the melasma skin lesions.

Temporary resident bacteria such as Corynebacterium and Micrococcus aureus in the skin lesion area increased significantly.

In particular, brown and orange-yellow micrococci increased significantly.

It has also been found that the right amount of temperature can promote the production of pigments and increase the amount of bacteria.

The changes in the normal flora of the skin reduce the resistance to skin colonization, and the competitive inhibition and interference between bacteria are reduced.

It can make M. chromogenes multiply and deposit in the epidermis, making the skin color worse.

  4. Trace elements in the body: Researchers have tested the blood rheology, lipid peroxide level, superoxide dismutase activity, whole blood glutathione peroxidase activity and patient serum on melasma patients.In the analysis of zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, etc., it was found that the change of trace elements has a certain relationship with melasma.

Increased serum copper in the blood can replace increased tyrosinase activity.

  5. Genetics: Research finds 30%?
47% of chloasma have a family history.

Researchers at the Institute of Dermatology of Anhui Medical University have found that the pathogenic gene for freckles is the long arm of chromosome 4 32?
34 zones.

  6. Chronic diseases: From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the position of the liver in the internal organs is extremely important.

The liver is blood, which stores and regulates the whole body’s blood volume, and can also regulate the ventilator to make the blood flow smoothly.

Such as liver dysfunction, liver qi stagnation and liver fire, etc., the internal organs of the five internal organs will suffer.

Promote adrenal hormone increase, slender stimulate black cells to produce a large amount of melanin.

Liver disease, chronic alcoholism, tuberculosis, visceral tumors, thyroid disease, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, uterine appendicitis, infertility, etc. can all cause melanin deposits.

  7, oral medication: long-term oral administration of hibernating spirit, Lumina, Anti Shutong, contraceptives, etc. can also induce melanin.

  8. Diet: Researchers have found.

Long-term lack of glutathione in the diet increases tyrosinase activity in the skin.

Older people oxidize tyrosinase to dopamine to form melanin.

  9. Social pressure: Nowadays, many women live in tension and have irregular schedules.

Causes low autoimmunity, internal secretion disorders, and activates free radicals in the body, thereby increasing the abnormal secretion of melanin.

  10, skin aging: “Chinese skin typology” report shows: Chinese women in the process of skin aging, the first proposed is pigmentation.

  11, acidic constitution: Because the blood is acidic, the metabolism of cells and the function of life are blocked, so that melanin cannot be metabolized normally, causing the deposition of melanin to form black freckles.

  12. Environmental pollution: Pollution caused by various reasons in cities is getting worse and worse.

These pollutions cause tiny inflammation of the cells on our skin.

Causes the cells in the skin to naturally secrete an arachidonic acid substance to fight this inflammation.

This arachidonic acid substance activates tyrosinase to a certain extent and accelerates the formation of melanin.
  13, computer radiation: computer radiation is also very harmful to the skin.

Working for more than six hours a day in front of the computer for a long time will cause the skin’s autoimmunity to decrease, which will cause it to become dull and dull and cause pigmentation.
  14. Destruction of sebum film in the skin: The skin is a natural barrier to protect our body. The most important thing is to absorb the effect of sebum film.

Sebum film It is an oil-in-water emulsion on the outermost layer of the epidermis.

Belonging to a slightly acidic pH = 5.

This environment is not conducive to cell growth and reproduction.

It has antibacterial and sterilizing functions.

  Its main functions on the human body are: 1. It can make the skin delicate, moist, smooth and shiny.

  2, can prevent microbial invasion, reproduction, development and growth.

  3. It can prevent air pollution from damaging the skin.

  4. It can prevent the internal and external environment of the skin from losing balance due to various factors and maintain the ecological balance of the skin.

  5, can prevent UV damage to the skin.

  6, for the skin’s normal physiological functions of breathing, penetration, metabolism, humidity regulation and so on.

At present, artificial factors (abuse of cosmetics, chemical treatment for freckle removal), environmental factors (excessive climate, excessive air pollution), and diseases (tuberculosis, hepatitis, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism) can all damage the sebum membrane, leading to melanin deposition.

  What are the possible complications after a quick freckle?

  There are many ways to treat pigmentation. Quick replacement is just one way. Because the epidermis is damaged, you must choose carefully.

  1. Dry and cracked skin When the stratum corneum is peeled off, when it is cold, the skin loses water, the blood vessels contract, and the blood flow is slow or bruises.

The skin loses its warmth, causing the skin to become tight and wrinkled or even chapped and infected.

It also accelerates the aging process of the skin.

  2. Red blood capillaries are stripped because of the epidermal cell layer, and capillaries are faintly visible. When exposed to heat and movement or emotional excitement, blood vessels expand and blood flow accelerates, which makes the face red.

This is our common red bloodshot.

  3. After the epidermal cell layer of the allergic reaction is peeled off, the blood vessels dilate or rupture.

As a result, itching and desquamation of skin rashes, bacterial infections easily fester, and can even cause skin cancer.

  4. Exacerbation of melanin deposits Due to large-scale damage to the epidermal cell layer, its self-repair and UV protection functions are affected, which may make the disease worse.

The rainy season of the Meiyu season has learned to protect the furniture

The rainy season of the Meiyu season has learned to protect the furniture

The Mongolian species is around June 5th every year. At the time of the mangling, the temperature rises and begins to enter the rainy and rainy season. The air will be very vertical and the weather will be hot. Various clothing utensils are very prone to mold and cause normal life.inconvenient!

So, how do we do moisture-proof work during the rainy season?

The following small series will teach you: clothing quilts sealed clothes and quilts are another major focus of home moisture.

Some materials are prone to mildew after damp. This kind of mildew is difficult to clean. The quilt is also heavily affected by the moisture, so moisture protection is especially important.

  The storage of clothes and quilts is different depending on whether it is used or not.

Winter clothes and thick quilts that are not worn are more resistant to moisture, preferably sealed.

We can use the vacuum storage bag, which is called the “artifact” to save the wardrobe space. No matter how thick the clothes quilt, it can be vacuum-compressed into small pieces, so that more clothes quilts can be stored. In essence, this sealed vacuumThe state can effectively replace the penetrating air to prevent the clothes quilt from getting wet and mildew.

However, vacuum storage bagged clothes are easy to “press” the marks, do not want the clothes to be compressed, to maintain the original shape of the clothes, or a storage box with a sealed cover, the daily wear must be replaced, preferably also a plastic storage boxOr put the cloth bag cover storage box, etc., and put it in the closet.

In addition, the hood can also exert a certain moisture-proof effect.

According to the daily use of underwear, it is best to use a special underwear storage box, the popular products are mostly bamboo charcoal material, good breathability, and can prevent moisture.

  The food kitchen is the “heavy town” for household moisture protection. The food stored in the kitchen is eaten by people. The quality of food is directly related to health, and the kitchen is an environment that is easy to accumulate water.Bringing certain challenges, especially in the near-weather, how to better preserve food, you need a variety of sealed containers to help.

  Pursuing a healthy diet, always have some whole grains, and if you like snacks, there will be some nuts, candy, and the like. The original bag is sealed with various sealing clips. It is also a preservation method, but it is better to put it in a sealed container.
Nowadays, there are many kinds of sealed crisper on the market. Polycarbonate is mostly plastic particle size. In recent years, the glass thickness is more popular and the sealing effect is better. The material of transparent glass is also easier to see the contents. The glass sealed container hasSquare box type, also canned type, can be selected according to their own needs.

  For the “coating” of wooden furniture, the upper layer of protective film has too much air humidity. In addition to the moisture storage of various items, it is also necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of furniture, especially wood furniture is more susceptible to air.

  According to the professional introduction, solid wood furniture is best to use special protective wax for maintenance, to maintain the home’s luster, while the solid wood furniture appearance is “plated” with a protective film, but be careful not to use a brush or a wet cloth to wipe directly.

Furniture with wood-based panels requires special protection.

Hidden dangers of wood-based panels are mainly hindered by the edge-sealing treatment. When purchasing, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of edge-sealing panel furniture, and also pay attention to waterproofing during use, using waterproof mats.

  Long-term exposure of wood flooring to high air is also prone to expansion, deformation, and arching. Therefore, it is best to use a wax every two weeks or one month to remove the moisture absorbed in the floor. You can also purchase it for wood flooring.The moisture-proof film sticks the film on the surface of the wooden floor.

  Shoes open now the men’s shoe cabinet, there will be a full of shoes, leather, cloth, with, flat, short, long tube . . different occasions, but the faceFor the shoes of this cabinet, how to do moisture-proof storage is a problem that causes too many headaches.

  In fact, it is best to keep the original shoe box. Nowadays, the brand will provide moisture-proof bags, etc., put the shoes into the moisture-proof bag, and put them into the shoe box. The neat shoe boxes are easier to store than the shoes of different shapes.many.

If there is no original shoe box, now there are transparent shoe boxes in various daily necessities stores. The benefits of such shoe boxes are clear at a glance, the same size, more convenient and easy to put on, very neat.

  If there is limited space in the home, there is no way to accommodate so many shoe boxes. You can put the shoes together with a large storage box, but it is best to put the shoes in a moisture-proof bag first. There is no special bag to wrap the shoes with old stockings.Newspaper parcels, newspapers have many uses, they can also be stuffed in shoes, able to prevent moisture and deformation.

Then stacked one by one in the storage box, so that it can be protected from moisture and can be reset.

  Have you learned the above moisture-proof methods?

If you are facing the damage of moldy fungus, don’t hinder the above method to try it yourself, I believe it will bring convenience to your life!

Teach you how to manage your baby’s sleep scientifically

Teach you how to manage your baby’s sleep scientifically

Scientific management of the baby’s sleep burst into tears, and Chen Rong reluctantly sat up and looked up at his watch at half past three in the morning.

Holding up the crying blossoms, Chen Rong sighed secretly.

I do n’t know from which day, the blossoming life turned black and white upside down, sleeping desperately during the day, but when it was time to sleep, she was so shaken that she managed to coax her to sleep, and she would wake up once in the night, andWaking up and crying.

Fang Jianye was annoyed. In order not to affect his work during the day, he had moved to another room to sleep.

He was relieved, but Chen Rong was bitter, and he always tossed for a long time, until he could coax the blossoming to sleep again, and the sky was about to light up.

Her biggest wish now is to be able to sleep well until dawn.

But how to correct the black and white upside down sleeping habits?

Baby Sleeping Features Babies between 1-3 months of age mainly spend their sleep.

Although there may be problems such as crying at night, upside down day and night, and breastfeeding at midnight, but only a little soothing, sleep is not likely to consume parents.

For babies 6 months, they usually sleep 15-16 hours a day.

Sleep is still the most important part of your baby’s life.

During this period, the baby’s light sleep time is shortened, which is manifested by rich facial expressions during sleep, such as smiling, frowning, pouting or doing something strange, sometimes stretching the limbs, humming, and uneven breathing.

Light sleep has an important effect on the baby’s brain development, it can increase protein synthesis and metabolism, and enhance the baby’s memory.

Notes on parenting for new mothers: Some mothers pay close attention to their babies. At night, they are worried about a little movement: Is your baby hungry?

Or is it thirsty?

Wet urine?

Too much care or care for your baby will disturb your baby’s normal sleep.

Do not place plush toys, small pillows, etc on your baby’s bed to avoid blocking the child’s breathing and causing danger.

Other toys with ropes or corners cannot be placed on the bed.

Why babies don’t sleep well After 4 months, many babies refuse to sleep obediently or fall asleep alone, and often wake up crying even after going to bed.

What is the reason for this?

One is because of poor sleeping conditions.

Excessive indoor light and excessive external noise can interfere with the child’s normal sleep and easily wake up.

Babies tend to kick the quilt at night and catch cold, or the quilt is too thick and too hot, which will cause the baby to become restless and easy to wake up.

To avoid this situation, all the mother has to do is to create a safe and comfortable bed environment for the baby.

At this stage, the baby’s bones are not fully developed. The mattress should be soft and hard, and should not be spread too soft, so as not to affect the growth of the baby’s bone complications.

This time should choose a suitable pillow for your baby to facilitate their sleep.

In order to prevent the baby from kicking the quilt at night, you can cover the baby with a small cotton quilt, put thick socks on the little feet, and expose it outside the quilt.

It is not advisable to let the baby wear thick clothes to sleep. The baby is tightly wrapped in thick clothes, which can easily lead to poor breathing and blood circulation and affect physical development.

The second is no good sleep habits.

Most babies don’t sleep well because their habits are bad and they don’t form a circadian clock, which causes them to sleep day and night.

Three ways to help your baby develop good sleep habits One is to create a good sleeping environment.

The mother can control the light and sound in the bedroom to trigger the baby’s biological clock.

Cultivate your baby’s understanding of day and night through the contrast of light and darkness.

When the baby should get up in the morning, the mother opened the curtains in the room to let the sun shine in.

You can give your baby a hug, or play soft music to wake him up.

When the baby is awake during the day, try to play with him as much as possible so that his room has extra daylight.
Everyday life noise, mute telephone ringtones, TV volume, or buzzer of clothes dryer, adults walking and talking, do not need to be deliberately lightened.
One or two hours before the baby falls asleep at night, the mother can pull up the curtains and dim the indoor light. When it is time for the baby to sleep, turn off the lights and close the door. Do not let the door slits pass or make a noise.

If you need to take care of your baby at night, you should also choose a dark night light or flashlight.

The curtains in the room should be thick to avoid the light entering the window from affecting the baby’s biological clock.

The second is a programmed sleeping pattern.

A programmed sleeping pattern helps your baby develop regular sleeping habits.

An American expert once mentioned in “Sleeping One Night”: “If your baby knows what to do next, he will be more relaxed.

The more relaxed your baby is, the easier it is to go to bed and fall asleep quickly.

“The content of this bedtime program is determined by the mother.

It usually includes taking a bath, changing pajamas, telling a story, singing a nursery rhyme or pressing a massage to the baby, and playing a quiet game with the baby.

The mother should stick to these bedtime procedures as much as possible, so that the baby understands that it is time to go to sleep after doing all this.

This program will be enough to help your baby go to sleep quickly, and it can also promote the baby’s intellectual development through the interaction between the mother and the baby.

The third is to train the baby’s ability to fall asleep autonomously.

Many mothers are used to having the right to pat their babies to sleep, and then put them on the bed after they fall asleep.

This is actually a very unscientific approach, especially when your baby is 4-6 months old and starts to learn to establish a sleep habit.

If every night is useful to seduce him to sleep, in the years to come, he will be accustomed to using the same way to fall asleep.

As your baby grows older, coaxing him to sleep becomes a “tough” task for mothers every day.

The mother can try to encourage the baby to fall asleep independently. When they are observed to be drowsy, put the baby on the bed and let them fall asleep. If he starts crying, it will not hinder his heart and let him cry for a whileIn a few days, the baby will gradually develop the habit of falling asleep on its own.

When he learns to fall asleep himself and wake up in the middle of the night (all babies wake up several times in the night), he can also fall asleep by himself without relying on the help of his mother.

Don’t sleep with your baby too much. Moms worry that their baby may have an accident during sleep, and often sleep with their arms around.

In fact, doing this just increases the chance of accidents: 1. Dozing off makes it difficult for the baby to breathe fresh air, and it absorbs mostly the dirty air in the quilt, which is easy to get sick; 2. It may make the baby grow up to eat bad milk when he wakes upHabits, it is not easy to form timing adjustments, which prevents the baby’s appetite and digestive function; 3, restricts the baby’s free movement during sleep, it is difficult to stretch the body, and affects normal blood circulation. If the mother sleeps too well, the nipples are blocked by accidentBaby’s nostrils can also cause serious consequences such as suffocation.

Kiwi: a rare fruit for health

Kiwi: a rare fruit for health

Kiwi is a kind of vine fruit. It is also known as thorn pear, hairy pear, dahongpao, kiwi, etc., and it has many kinds.

Kiwi is native to China. Li Shizhen, a pharmacist of the Ming Dynasty, thought that it was named “it looks like a pear, its color is like a peach, and kiwi loves it”.

The herbal flavors and functions of kiwifruit have been recorded in previous generations, and they are called fruits with high medicinal and therapeutic value.

Kiwi can be eaten fresh, can be stored, and can also be used as fruit juice, fruit wine, preserved fruit, jam and so on.

  Kiwi is sweet, juicy and juicy. It is a nutritious health fruit.

According to the calculation: every 100 grams contains 14 grams of sugar and 1 protein.

6 grams, 320 mg potassium, 56 calcium.

1 mg, iron 1.

6 mg, phosphorus 42.

2 mg, magnesium 19.

7 mg, also contains carotene, folic acid, vitamins C and E, especially containing up to 300 mg of vitamins, which is nearly 10 times the equivalent vitamins and about 12 times higher than lemons.

Medical research shows that taking kiwi fruit and liquid regularly can prevent cardiovascular disease, urethral stones, hepatitis, leprosy, etc.

Effectively reduce the cholesterol content in the blood.

The study also found that the roots, leaves, and flowers of kiwi can be used as medicine, which has a certain effect on treating esophageal cancer and gastric cancer.


hzh {display: none; }  值得一提的是,猕猴桃对育龄女性来说是很好的营养食品。We know that folic acid is a vitamin B vitamin, which plays an important role in cell division and the synthesis of nucleic acids, amino acids, and proteins. It is an irreplaceable nutrient for the growth and development of fatty acids. Folic acid deficiency in pregnant women may cause birth at birthLow body weight, cleft lip and palate, heart defects, etc.

The kiwi contains up to 8% of folic acid, which has the reputation of being a “natural folic acid household”.

Eating kiwi fruit before or during pregnancy can help prevent these types of defects and congenital heart disease.

Kiwi also contains three natural antioxidant vitamins: carotene can improve the body’s immunity and help the development of the eyes; rich VC and VE can improve the body’s resistance, promote the body’s absorption of sugar, and get nutrition.

In addition, the phenols, sugars, and minerals contained in kiwi fruit have an important role in repairing cell membranes and activating immune cells.

  Therefore, expectant mothers can often eat kiwi, because folic acid and vitamins are easily decomposed and destroyed by high temperature, so kiwi is better to eat raw.

Women’s Health: 7 Tips for Iron Supplementation During Menstruation to Make Eggs Healthy

Women’s Health: 7 Tips for Iron Supplementation During Menstruation to Make Eggs Healthy

Take good care of your eggs just for pregnancy?


French female physiologists say that if your eggs are healthy, not only will you not have dysmenorrhea, but your menstruation will be normal. The eggs will affect your mood. The more lively you are, the stronger your ability to withstand stress. Insomnia, forgetfulness, upset and other “common workplace diseases”Will stay away from you; a healthy egg means you have a strong ovary and uterus. When planning a pregnancy, don’t worry even if you have passed the “safe” pregnancy!

  After 5 years, are they still healthy?

If you haven’t done this test yet, do it first.

Knowing the current situation of your eggs can better prescribe the right medicine.

  1. Do you need menstrual care if you have more iron supplements during menstruation without PMS?


During menstruation, menstrual blood will take away a lot of iron from the body, and iron can provide sufficient nutrients for the eggs.

Therefore, eat more spinach, animal viscera and other high-iron foods during menstruation to make the eggs healthier.

  2. Red wine is more beneficial than beer. The Dutch Women’s Health Research Institute found that drinking a small glass of red wine every day can increase egg activity by 20%.

The polyphenols in red wine can make eggs healthier. The content of polyphenols in white wine is only 10% lower than that of red wine. It is also a healthy choice, but the yeast in beer will “hypnotize” olive oil and reduce egg activity.

  3, boiled tofu is more healthy than fried tofu, soy milk contains a lot of plant protein, which makes the ovaries stronger and the eggs more healthy.

But you must eat boiled tofu. The cooking oil of fried tofu contains unsaturated fatty acids, which will destroy the activity of plant protein and reduce health.

It is enough to eat a small plate of tofu every day. Excessive plant protein will burden the kidneys.

  4, self-confidence, must be contraceptive medical research shows that every time an abortion is performed, the egg quality decreases by 6%.

Don’t think that painless human flow is not a big deal, it will make the inner wall of the ovary thin and reduce egg activity.

The best contraceptive method is a condom, not a pill.

Both long-acting and emergency contraceptives can disrupt hormone levels in the body and affect egg quality.

  5. “Ovarian Maintenance” Be cautious. “Ovarian Maintenance” popular in beauty salons is not reliable!

The Japanese National Health Organization conducted a random inspection of more than 400 beauty salons in Asia and found that the essential oils used for ovarian maintenance were mixed, with less than 20% being qualified.

If it is not a very secure and trustworthy beauty salon, do n’t just do “ovarian maintenance” casually!

The infiltration of essential oils in the hands of beauticians into the body can affect endocrine levels and even reduce egg activity.

  6. Take less painkillers. A survey covering more than 4,000 European women shows that, at the age of 25-35, an average of 77 tablets of painkillers per person are taken per year, which will make the egg activity in the body lower by 7% than those who do not use painkillers.

Experts say that painkillers inhibit the nerves in the brain, and long-term use will “confuse” the nerve center, reduce the speed of instructions to the ovaries, and weaken egg activity.

  7. The farther away from computer radiation, the better. Studies have shown that computer radiation can affect egg quality, but it is impossible to completely avoid computer radiation.

  Most people think that the LCD screen can be radiated by the computer. In fact, the biggest radiation is not the backlight power of the display.

American health experts say that laptop computers emit less radiation than desktop computers. The best way to avoid turning on the computer is to charge the laptop, unplug it, and work with batteries.

  Tips: 2 medicated meals, egg healthy meal A, lotus meat ginkgo porridge: 30 grams of lotus meat, 15 grams of ginkgo, 5 grams of pepper, 100 grams of glutinous rice.

Mash lotus meat, ginkgo, pepper, add casserole with glutinous rice, add water, cook porridge, fasting instead of breakfast.

  B, Chixiaodou Porridge: Chixiaodou, 100 grams of rice each.

Boil the red adzuki beans first, then add the previous rice and cook porridge, season with an appropriate amount of sugar, instead of breakfast, eat once a week.