Brown sugar egg frying can effectively relieve dizziness

Brown sugar egg frying can effectively relieve dizziness

◆ 30 grams of brown sugar, 2 eggs.

Take an appropriate amount of soybean oil and heat it in the pot. Pour eggs and brown sugar (stir in a little water) and cook in the pot. Take on an empty stomach for 10 days.

In order to consolidate the effect, you can also take a few more days.

This side attends dizziness.

  ◆ 250 grams of chicken, 30 grams of angelica, 15 grams of chuanxiong, steamed and cooked in water, twice a week.

Indications of vertigo.

  ◆ Black sesame, Chinese wolfberry, Polygonum multiflorum 15 g each, Hang Ju 9 g, decoction, 1 dose per day.

Indications of vertigo.
  ◆ Schisandra chinensis, jujube kernel, 15 grams of longan meat, 1 dose daily, decoction.

Indications of vertigo.
  ◆ 3 white nuts, 7 longan meat.

Add water and fry, and take it daily on an empty stomach.

Indications of dizziness and dark eyes.

  ◆ Shouwu, Angelica sinensis, 25 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 250 grams of chicken.

Add water and cook together.

Indications Dizziness, dazzling.

Women must eat 4 black fruits that can whiten and wrinkle

Women must eat 4 black fruits that can whiten and wrinkle

Recent research by nutritionists has found that black fruits have far more anti-aging capabilities than other fruits.

Several light-colored fruits, black fruits also contain more rich vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, calcium and other minerals than ordinary fruits, which is essential to increase the body’s resistance and maintain the body’s ion balanceRole.

  Mulberry Mulberry: Very rich in nutrients, rich in many amino acids, vitamins and organic acids, carotene and other nutrients, the content of minerals is also much higher than other fruits, mainly potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, Zinc.

Modern medicine has proven that mulberry has the functions of enhancing immunity, promoting the growth of hematopoietic red blood cells, preventing hardening of human arteries and bones and joints, and promoting metabolism.

Mulberry tastes sour and juicy, but has a slightly cold nature, so women should eat less during the holiday, in case the cold is too large and the stomach hurts.

  Recently, nutritionists have researched and found that black fruit has far more anti-aging ability than other fruits.

The reason why black fruits have a black appearance is because they are rich in pigments, such as proanthocyanidins, chlorophyll, etc. These substances have strong antioxidant properties.

Light-colored fruits and black fruits also contain more rich vitamin C, which can increase the body’s resistance.

In addition, the content of potassium, magnesium, calcium and other minerals in black fruits is higher than that of ordinary fruits. Most of these ions are present in the form of organic acid salts in fruits, which plays a vital role in maintaining the body’s ion balance.

  Black plum Black plum: rich in vitamin B2, potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, etc.

Modern pharmacological research believes that “blood is alkaline for longevity”, and ume is an alkaline food because it contains a large amount of organic acids and will quickly change to alkaline substances after being absorbed through the intestinal wall.

Therefore, black plum is well deserved as an excellent anti-aging food.

In addition, the organic acids contained in ume can also kill pathogenic bacteria such as molds in the invaded tract.

  Black grape: The grape itself is a nutritious fruit.

The medical book “Spare Materia Medica” in the Song Dynasty described the role of grapes as “main bones and bones, warming the spleen and replenishing qi, strong energy and aspiration, shocking, fatigue and wind cold, long food and light weight, not old and prolonged, can be used as wine, water conservancyPee. ”

The health benefits of black grapes are better.

It is rich in minerals calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, etc. It also contains a variety of amino acids required by the human body. Regular consumption of black grapes is toxic to nervous breakdown and fatigue.

When black grapes are made into raisins, the sugar and iron content will be higher, which is a tonic for women, children and frail anemia.

  Blackcurrant: Also known as black currant, black currant.

Blackcurrant is rich in many nutrients and has great health benefits, so it is very popular in Europe and elsewhere.

In the domestic market, you can only see blackcurrant processed fruit juices, jams, etc. Fresh fruits are still rare.

Blackcurrant is very rich in vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, anthocyanins, and phenols.

The health benefits of blackcurrant currently known include prevention of gout, anemia, edema, arthritis, rheumatism, oral and throat diseases, cough, etc.

  Nutritionists also point out that there is a rule for fruits: the darker the color, the better the nutritional value.

  Even if it is the same variety or different parts of the same fruit, due to different colors, the content of vitamins, pigments and other nutrients is also different.

Therefore, the black skin of black fruits contains more nutrients. When everyone eats, it is best to completely clean the fruits and eat them together.

White-collar work busy office health 7 coups

White-collar work busy office health 7 coups

Modern urban white-collar workers sit for a long time, which can easily lead to weight gain and physical decline.

The resulting work makes it difficult for white-collar workers to take time out to exercise.

Here are 7 tips to help you get healthy during your working hours.

  1.Open a “walking session” to avoid confinement to meetings near small, narrow offices. You can brainstorm and discuss your work while walking with your colleagues.

  If you need to make a meeting record, please book a meeting room farther away, and get a workout on the way back and forth between the laptop and the meeting room.

  2.Standing and answering the phone and standing on the phone is more than twice the frequency of sitting and answering the phone.

If you go further, you can burn more than 225 calories with a slightly bent knee.

  3.Drinking water in small cups naturally increases the chance of water being connected to the water dispenser.

If your company has several floors, it is recommended that you go to a different bathroom every time and the consumption will increase absolutely.

  4.Shorten the stepper to sit in the office, do not idle under the feet, without affecting the alignment of the work, the stepper will let you burn 91 cards in just 20 minutes.

  5.Going to the distance to throw garbage Every day after work, there will be some paper documents and other office waste. Don’t throw it in the paper basket around you. Throw out a few rubbish into the trash can at the other end of the office building. It is also a good exercise.

  6.One day a week, don’t go to the colleague with MSN, tell him personally what information you need to tell, and let the body get fully exercised while keeping close colleagues, why not?

  7.Become a fitness partner with a colleague and become a fitness partner with a good relationship, which can increase the motivation and competitiveness of exercise.

You can make more progress by exercising with your friends and exercising separately.

Undersized bras can cause cervical spondylosis, do you know?

Undersized bras can cause cervical spondylosis, do you know?

The bra strap is too tight and can pressurize the muscles, blood vessels, nerves, and the cervical spine, which can cause cervical spine strain and bone hyperplasia. Boots also affect the vertebral nerves and vertebral arteries, which can cause patients with numbness of the upper limbs, resulting in soreness, dizziness, and nausea.Chest tightness and discomfort.

  After Xiaoli had a baby, she bought some smaller bras because of sagging breasts to put on the sagging breasts. Although she felt a little restrained, she could see the beautiful figure and still endured quietly.

After half a year, Xiaoli always felt shoulder discomfort, sometimes even chest tightness, dizziness, nausea, numbness in her upper limbs, and acupuncture sensations when she turned her head, especially in the front of her shoulders.

So he went to the hospital for medical treatment.

The doctor found that Xiaoli’s latissimus dorsi, scapular horn muscle, and sternocleidomastoid muscle were aging at different degrees, and X-ray examination showed cervical hypertrophy.

The doctor said that these symptoms were caused by the small size of Xiaoli’s bra.

  The size of the bra is too small and too tight, because the skin seems to wear a thin wire. When the human body continues to move, the muscles of the shoulders of the upper limbs continue to move, while the bra has increased friction in a small area of the skin for a long time.Excessive fatigue of these muscles will aggravate blood circulation disorders, which will cause discomfort and soreness in hip muscles.

In addition, the tight bra strap restricts the movement of the respiratory muscles, and the thoracic contraction and dilatation are not smooth, which affects the respiratory function, resulting in insufficient ventilation of the two lungs, causing chest tightness and shortness of breath.

  Cervical spondylosis also has compressible blood pressure muscles, blood vessels, nerves that are too tight in the bra, and cervical spine strain and bone hyperplasia caused by the involvement of the cervical spine. Boots also affect the vertebral nerves and vertebral arteries, causing patients with numbness of the upper limbs, and thus pain in the upper limbs.Dizziness, nausea, chest tightness and discomfort.

  It can be seen that a suitable bra can protect the breasts and prevent excessive sagging of the breasts. It plays a supporting role in showing the beauty of women. If the bra is not suitable, it will also cause pain to the body.

Therefore, female friends must pay attention to the appropriate size when buying bras, should not wear too tight or too slender, and pay attention to often move the upper limbs, move the sling on the shoulder position.

Do not put on a bra while sleeping. When not going out at home or welcoming guests, consider using less. This can relieve or relieve the restraint on the head.

Rongchuang · A Duo Town | A courtyard door, how many people’s hearts are knocked?

Rongchuang · A Duo Town | A courtyard door, how many people’s hearts are knocked?

In the town of Rongchuang·Aduo, the summer flowers in August are gone, leaving only the yellowish memories, infiltrating the gentleness of the town.

“How many depths does the courtyard have?

Yangliu piles of smoke, the curtain has no heavy number.

The poet Li Qingzhao’s yard reads and reads the people’s heart and spleen. The countless people’s hearts are more expensive. The more the mountains and rivers are like the Chinese people’s way of life, no matter how rushing, the sea of business rises from the time of entering the world to the world from temptation to confusing to noIn the end, I will find a quaint philosophy of life in the courtyard. I will condense a poetic China. I will return to nature and re-read tea. I will listen to the wind and rain, and the arches will cross the sky and the outside of the window.The piece cut off by the courtyard is a blue sky that belongs to the owner. Everything here is a floating cloud. The way of life in the courtyard is small bridges. The flowers are fed by the fish, and the wind is heard.Flowers, branches and leaves are intertwined with the cane chairs in the afternoon sun. The life is roughly the same. The people who know the yard must understand the life of the town of Adu with 15 years of accumulation to establish the benchmark of the Chinese town through the “Heaven and Man”A new town life integrating traditional culture tourism, fashion shopping and entertainment, quality living, healthy sports and leisure, health and wellness experience, and farming and pastoral consumption模Style.
The courtyard that has been circulated in the millennium, and the leisurely opening of a courtyard door by the Chinese people will be another self-sufficient life. The town of Ado will welcome you to visit the tasting address: Azao, a tourist resort in the West Coast New District of QingdaoTown Life Aesthetics Museum

Office Bodybuilding

Office Bodybuilding

Sitting in the office for a long time, not physically active, and not having time to work out?

The following methods are feasible and easy, so that beauty OLs have a good mood to lose weight!

  Sitting on the chair with beautiful arms, hold the rope with both feet, pull the rope with both hands, and lift the legs horizontally.

  Tip: Don’t stick to the back of the chair, sit forward slightly, lean back, lean on the back, step on the rope with your forefoot, and shorten the rope properly to make the leg lifting easier.

  The slender calf takes a small step forward with the left leg and the right leg with a lunge.

Hold your left hand on your left leg, your right hand on top, and lean your upper body forward.

Push your body forwards and downwards, and then lift up to rest for 5 seconds.

  Tips: When you stretch your legs and do lunges and depressions, adjust the amplitude to your comfort. When you exercise, you will feel a stretch in your leg muscles.

  A healthy refractive index finds a ball with better elastic tension.

Clamp it between your elbows.

The elbows naturally bend inward, with both hands flat and the support point of thigh force.

The ball is clamped by the strength of the leg, and after 5 seconds of stopping, the ball is relaxed and recovered.

  Tip: If you feel difficult to clamp the ball, you can move the ball slightly to the thigh.

The power of both hands can also be used to assist in the completion of the action.

  Beautiful pink shoulders look for a high back chair.

Sit on the chair with the tail tightly on the back.

Hold your right hand around the back of the head and hold the raised left hand. Hold it for 5 seconds and then do the same exercise on the other side.

  Tip: Leaning your head back slightly during the movement will help you work harder.

Stretch your arms and torso until you feel tight.

  Reiki’s full hands held in the right hand, with the forefoot of the left hand against.

Push your hands hard against each other. After a 5 second pause, swap your hands for the same exercise.

Six misunderstandings make up

Six misunderstandings make up

You may think that taking some health supplements will definitely be good for fitness. As everyone knows, if you don’t do well, your body will become weaker and weaker!

The theory of “Winter Season Tonic” is a rich cultural heritage passed down from years of experience accumulated in the country’s traditional Chinese medicine.

However, you must avoid opening up some misunderstandings.

  The wrong area blindly believes that in the advertisements, the propaganda about the “magic”, “spiritual”, and “effectiveness” of various supplements is often exaggerated.

  Health products are divided into food and medicine.

In foreign countries, such health products are called “functional foods”, which can neither be effective against a certain disease nor make you stronger on the basis of your internal health.

It can only restore your sub-health to normal health.

  Misunderstanding two supplements is equivalent to health care. Only people with physical problems need to supplement. People who are rich in nutrition and free of disease and pain do not need to take supplements.

This is like repairing clothes that are broken, not crippled, not short, not torn, and not perforated.

In the past, many long-lived people lived in old forests in the mountains and had thick tea and rice. They were still physically fit.

On the other hand, since the emperor Qin Shihuang unified China to the Qing Dynasty, there are many short-lived emperors who love tonic.

  Misunderstanding 3 Non-dialectic tonic Even if you are physically weak, you can’t blindly tonic.

There are many types of physical deficiencies, and each type of deficient syndrome has targeted supplements and tonics. If the syndrome is not correct, it will not only be invalid and useless, but sometimes it will be controversial.

  The medicine of the older generation of Chinese medicine practitioners is very rigorous, even if it is a ready-to-use tonic or cream, its prescription must be observed.

Therefore, how to supplement, adjust, and take which type of supplement is more appropriate and effective according to the physical quality and functional status of each person should be performed under the diagnosis and guidance of a doctor.

  Misunderstanding 4: Supplements instead of three meals a day The human body replaces nutrition with three meals a day, and must not rely solely on nutritional supplements.

“The Emperor’s Canon” clearly states that supplements can only be used for the maintenance of a weak constitution and the body’s nutritional supply, and it must be placed in the daily necessary diet such as grains, five fruits, five animals, and five dishes.

Modern nutrition proves that only a balanced diet of three meals a day can make your nutrition balanced.

  Misunderstanding five: using tonic instead of exercise. Medical therapists offer advice to someone: “Life requires exercise, and only when supplemented with necessary physical exercise can nutritional supplements work better.”

  Because whether it is the intake of normal nutrients or the absorption and utilization of nutritional supplements, it must depend on the body’s sound digestion, absorption and utilization functions.

Some people lack exercise, have a weak constitution, have poor digestive and digestive functions, and have low metabolic absorption. When they take nutritional supplements, they cannot digest well, and may even have side effects or adverse effects due to weak constitution or improper supplementation.

  Myth 6: The more expensive the supplement, the more effective it is. The high-priced supplements are mainly added some expensive Chinese medicinal materials, such as tortoise shell, turtle shell, saffron, cordyceps and so on.

However, there is no targeted medication and generally no special effects appear.

Besides, how many tortoiseshells can there be in a tonic?

Therefore, the price of medicine does not fully represent the pros and cons of efficacy.

Post-holiday problem skin care


Post-holiday problem skin care

After the holidays, go to visit relatives and friends, go out for a trip, eat and drink, make a mess, go crazy, and look in the mirror, oh my god, the face in the mirror looks like another generation, is that you?

  Each face has a dull, dull, black panda eyes, dull eyes, and even more irritating is that some red acne appeared on the cheeks, and the feet were not comfortable, and the whole body was uncomfortable.?

  Question 1 During these days of vacation, hot pot and seafood have almost become my staple food. Now the problem is coming. My blush is red, my complexion is not shiny, and small acne is coming out one by one.

Pox Small acne is caused by over-eating spicy and dry food, spleen and stomach dysfunction, and toxins are produced in the body. Long vesicles are a way to detox.

In order to prevent problems, in addition to eating less spicy food, makeup removal before bed is also an important procedure.

  Use a neutral cleansing milk with strong degreasing power. After cleaning the skin, use some oil-free moisturizing skin care products, such as pore lotion and toner.

It is best not to put on makeup and let your skin breathe more.

  Do not squeeze the vesicles and grow one or two pimples, but it is not necessarily acne. You can use 75% alcohol to sterilize and sterilize.

  If you are sure that the vesicles are mature, you can swell with a clean cotton swab, remembering to apply antibiotic ointment at the end.

  Going to a beauty salon to do acne treatment is also a good choice.

  Question 2 After two nights, the black and black around my eyes seemed to be punched, and the bags under my eyes came out. My God, a ridiculous giant panda.

  In addition to inheritance of dark circles and bags under the eyes, most of them are caused by bad living habits such as staying up late.

The skin around the eyes is too delicate. If you don’t pay attention to daily care, especially if you don’t remove the makeup thoroughly after applying eye shadow, it will also easily develop dark circles and small fine lines.

  Before going to bed, carefully wash your eye makeup, apply some eye cream to eliminate eye bags, and sleep on a pillow that is not too high, which can help you effectively suppress the generation of eye bags.

  The eggs are cooked and shelled, and wrapped in sand cloth, which can block the skin around the eyes while hot, which can effectively eliminate dark circles.

  Cover the eyes with soaked tea leaves. Of course, the most effective way to get rid of dark circles is to get enough sleep.

  Question three: I came to Hainan, my dream, but my skin was miserable, because I did n’t get used to it, and some red spots and dandruff appeared on my face the next day.I had a dermatitis and flat nephew. The effect was not bad at that time, but I couldn’t control it for a long time, and the rash and dandruff appeared again as soon as I stopped taking the medicine.

  Some patients purchase dermatitis such as dermatitis and skin-easy ointment after the dermatitis of the face.

Although these drugs have good anti-inflammatory and inhibitory effects on the antigen-antibody response, these drugs can only temporarily relieve symptoms. Once replaced, symptoms recur quickly. Frequent use causes patients to become “addictive”, making it difficult to cure for a while.Of “hormonal resistance dermatitis”.

  Patients should apply drugs such as pure non-irritating zinc oxide ointment and Benhailamming cream under the guidance of a doctor.

  Wet face with 155 grams of Chinese medicine Sophora flavescens, white part, snake bed, wild chrysanthemum, cork frying.

  Every night before going to bed with cold water soaked in towels for 20-30 minutes, the skin and skin blood vessels will shrink and harden.

  Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to prevent constipation and indigestion and avoid excessive fatigue and mental stress.

  Question 4 My lips seemed to be covered with two pieces of iron skin, which were tight and dry, and the corners of my mouth were rotten. There were many dense small herpes on it, and I could n’t laugh, and it was difficult to talk.

Herpes simplex is a common skin disease, commonly known as “heat sore”, but it is not entirely caused by fire, but belongs to a viral infection.

It mostly occurs at the junction of the skin and mucous membranes, such as the corners of the mouth, lips, eyelids and nostrils. The most common is the junction of the lips with the surrounding skin.

The affected area is itchy and burning first, the surrounding skin is red, and there are blisters on the mucous membrane. After the blisters rupture, the erosive surface is exposed, and then it becomes dry and exfoliated, leaving no trace after exfoliation.

  The course of herpes simplex is one week. Even without treatment, as long as there is no secondary bacterial infection, it will heal automatically after one week.

However, the disease is prone to recurrence. The treatment is mainly to prevent infection. The principle of local treatment is to keep dry and use 0.

Apply 5% neomycin ointment.

At the same time, local recurrent attacks can be injected with transfer factor and gamma globulin to improve the patient’s immunity and reduce the chance of infection.

  Question 5 I was very happy to dance yesterday, but now my feet and foot alignment are swollen, and I am seriously dead. I am really worried that it will fit in my shoes?

  I didn’t expect to have swollen feet when dancing, but it is necessary to take some remedial measures after dancing.

  Before going to bed, soak your feet in hot water, wash your feet with a special foot lotion, wipe them off with Vaseline lotion or hydrating skin care products, and then wear cotton socks.

  You can also drop a few drops of essential oil in hot water and massage carefully, which is good for reducing fatigue and preventing edema.

  Apply a little bit of honey to the feet and apply it to your feet. Reduce the size of your feet. It is not as dry as before, but feels cool and tight.

Watching TV for more than three hours is easy to get sick

Watching TV for more than three hours is easy to get sick

● Spotted rash: There are a lot of static spots on the surface of the TV screen. The accumulated dust is transferred to the people’s face by the light beam. If the face is not cleaned in time, a serious rash will occur.

  ● TV autism: 3?
7-year-old children (children’s food) watch TV for a long time and develop a personality that is very lonely and difficult to communicate with others. This is a mental illness.

  ● Cold: Because there are many time before sitting on the TV, there is less time for outdoor activities, lack of sun bath, no fresh air, which makes people’s blood run poorly, body activity is not working, can’t adapt to indoor and outdoor environment, body immunityLower, so it is easy to catch a cold.

  ● Obesity: Watching TV reduces the consumption of human body power, and the accumulation of subcutaneous feces. When watching TV, you will eat high-energy (energy food) snacks without restriction, making people unconsciously gain weight.

  ●Dry eye disease: Keep staring at the screen, make the eyeballs congested, make the eyeball’s photoreceptor dysfunctional, and the eyeballs will dry up; it will cause visual disturbances and cause autonomic disorders.

  ● Gastrointestinal disease: Eating while watching TV causes stomach dysfunction.

According to statistics, more than 40% of people who watch TV for more than 3 hours have stomach ptosis and stomach ulcers.

  ● Cardiovascular disease: After watching a highly stimulating program, lower blood pressure (blood pressure food) or high blood pressure.

  ● TV legs: watching TV sedentary to hinder blood flow in the lower limbs, resulting in swelling, hemp, pain and other symptoms; because the vein wall is thin, easy to be pressed, resulting in blocked blood flow, so that lower extremity venous thrombosis, the formation of TV legs.

  ●Caudal bone disease: Long-term sitting in front of the TV screen, there will be varying degrees of pain in the tailbone, sometimes radiating to the buttocks and thighs, called “TV tailbone disease.”

Measure the best decompression method for you

Measure the best decompression method for you

You accept your friend’s invitation and go out to sea to play together.

The sky was very clear, the weather was good, and you were in a good mood.

After you fished at sea for a while, you decided to take a break first.

So you dropped the anchor and planned to stay at sea for about two hours.

At this time, do you think you would choose where to rest?


Go to the top of the boat, B.

Go to the bow of the ship, C.

Go inside the cabin D.

Go to the stern. Answer: Choosing A means that you care about your performance in front of others.

You can go to eat your favorite food or go shopping and buy things, etc., may change your mood.

In a good mood, your work will go very smoothly.

  In the bottom of your heart, choose B. Always assign the idea of “want to travel to other places”.

I suggest you go abroad or bubble hot spring is also good.

If neither of these methods can be realized temporarily, then going to the sea is also a good way to relieve stress.

  Choose C. When you feel depressed or depressed, you may wish to organize a dinner or sing karaoke around you.

After pouring out all your dissatisfaction in front of your friends, your stress will be eliminated a lot, right?

  If you choose D, you are quite mentally and physically exhausted and can’t do anything about it.

The best way for you to rest is to unplug your telephone line!

Put aside work or schoolwork for a while.

If you can’t calm down by doing nothing, I suggest you read a book or tape.

After two or three days like this, wait until you have a “feeling to do something” in your heart, and then resume your work.