The sky is three stars。

Zhou also noticed that the tyranical force appeared on the hand of the forest,Not willing to show weakness,I took out my strongest move。
The swords in his hand are like the sun’s general dazzling。
It’s really a light color。
Can be just like this。
When the two is the movement of the movement,Lin looked muffs in the mouth:
“Star hand。”
Destroyed strength。
Zhou also broke out in the hands of the hand。
But after the pick-up of the merits,Instant to be destroyed。
Zhou also horrible eyes,Turn around to escape,I really feel that my chest is cool.。
Lower,Seeing a bloody cavity in the body。
Look around,Holding crystal clearing yuan baby,After regard, with him,Disdain, a laugh, direct pinch。
Zhou also bodied as the reason broke the ground from half space。
Lin ring resolves the revival,The teacher is too incredible to stare at him.。
how is this possible?
During dozens of years ago, the week is also like this to die in the hand.?
So many?
Even start cultivation from the mother,It’s not like this.!
Lin looked at her.:
“what happened?Are you very familiar with him??”
“Yes,He is the person who killed my master.。”
“Yes?So, do I give you a revenge??”
Lin walks,Just hug she,It was pushed away.。
“I can get up.。”
Stand up,But it is soft,Shake swaying to fall。
It’s still a forest to hose her.,Not letting it fall again,In the official path,Go to the towns in front。
In the city gate,Master is still struggling to hand,But due to serious injury,Half your body is on the arm of the forest。

“You said.,Big brother。”Night clear turns and laughs。

“it is good,You can call me big brother,Prove that your heart has this big brother。”Tang Bao fired a diameter:“Today you really determine the shot?”
Night cold, there is no hesitation。
“it is good,I see。”Tang Bao fires sighed:“You go to the mountain to rest first.,I went first.。”
Tao Yao Yao and Night Qing Double Women Women Wen Yan Xiao Xiao Xiao。
Tang Boon immediately turned around,His figure is floating to the top of Taishan,Looking at the horrible sword,His figure finally went in,Rugged mountain road along the top of Taishan,I finally came to the source of the sword.。
The source of sword light is sitting on the knees.。
胧 身 手 手 神 神,His breath is like a sense of God,Constantly,There is a feeling of sword,At the same time, his body emerged on the 9th.,Nine rounds are too yin,Jiuyin Jiuyang Interweaving。
Tang Baohu looked at this fashionable figure complex。
“You finally came。”The figures of the hazy。
“I thought you were still hiding from me.。”Tang Bai Road,He looks for Zhang Shaze in these days,But Zhang Shaze is essentially avoided.。
“Why hide you?I do these days to practice to critical moments。”胧 的 道。
Tang Bai Fire Words Watch,And behind the figurus:“Old two,Are you still the old two??”
The figures of the hazy have a shock,Silence for a long time:“What is this difference??”
“You have not changed,Or you are like this.。”Tang Baohuai Neway Suddenly,He has a painful color on his face。
“You are here to say this.?”胧 的 道。
“The three brothers are in the closed customs,You taking advantage of him at him today.,It is inevitable,Xuanyuan Sword is the ancient sword,Royal Hold。”Tang Bai Fire is a little cold:“Don’t you think this is a satirical??”
NS933chapter Taishan meeting
朦 朦 影 闻 闻 沉 不 不 不 不,Backward:“it is good,I also understand your purpose.,But Huaxia must be a piece of iron plate,I don’t want to hear noise,All noise must be removed,No one can stop my footsteps。”
“You always let the three brothers leave Huaxia.?”Tang Baohuo Shen Sheng。
“Ha ha!”I can’t help but laugh at the sky.:“Why do you let him leave Huaxia??And don’t convince them to follow my order!”
“Because this is the best result!”
Tang Baohuai Wen Yan light stared at the figurine:“You should understand the personality of the three brothers,Will not succumb to anyone,the same as you,I don’t want to see you fight,Never want you to carry a history of history!”
“it is good,it is good!”朦 朦 影 闻 闻 言 道 道 道:“I promise you,I don’t show this today.,But you persuade them to leave Huaxia,This is the best result,I also know that they operate.,This is the only condition。”
“it is good!”
Tang Baohuai:“I hope you don’t want to make a message.。”Tang Bihu’s figure turned around。
The back of the Tang Boon for a long time,His figure is sitting there still not moving there.,A brunette sound is issued from this hazy figure.。
“Don’t be soft!”Next to the mirror standing with a mysterious figure,This mysterious body is wearing a month – white robe,It is a glamorous woman.。
“do not worry!”朦 胧 faint road。
“Since ancient times, the heart is soft and soft.。”Monthly white robe:“Achievements,What is the sacrifice?,Xuanyuan sword does not know how many blood is contracted,I don’t know how many people have killed in this sword since ancient times.。”
“All right,My things don’t need you,I own myself。”朦 胧 faint road:“You handle your own things.。”
“Humph!”Month white robe woman is cold,Turn around。
Tamya Turkish Emperor Western Side,It is Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Huangquan people,The golden big puppet and the tiger king’s two guys are swallowing clouds.,Two guys standing around,White,Sun Li Tian et al.。