Always,A lot of cognition in the summer in the martial art,Also unable to clear,Infusion。

Why do you value this at first?。
It is because he realizes the true skill.!
Even is in the Academy of Justice,This genius concentrates,Can realize the genius of true skill,Also ten fingers。
Xuanao and true skills,It looks like some similar。
but in fact,The two have essential differences。
Mystery force,It is also one of the power of heaven and earth。
From a certain aspect,The students realized the power of Xuanao.,It is also equivalent to know how to borrow the world.。
This is also in the presence of phoenix colleges.。
Wei Zheng people also realized the mystery of fire,So I became a master list master。
Mystery force,Just part of true skills!
A person’s integrated skill、Mystery force、Spirituality、Willful……Fully integrated,This is the true skill!
to be honest,Wei Zheng people so-called fire mystery,Just simply make itself a slight increase.。
True skills are all-round increase。
In the excitement,Summer step forward,Sword,Wei Zheng’s fire is like a water.,In an instant。
He is more painful.,The whole person is a lightning strike,In the mad trembling,Fly out。
This moment。
All-sided eight-party。
All have a time-sluggish illusion。
They looked at the eye,Open mouth,The eyes of Wei Zheng people who slowly followed by half-air。
Leaf falls。
When Wei Zheng is squatting on the ground floor,Four-sided eight-party is like ignited gunpowder barrels,Crack。
In addition to Chuyang,Below299The newborn is all crazy outbreaks.。
Especially those magic boy,Although their age is not large,But everyone is high,Comparable adult。
At this moment, it has risen red face.,No matter how men and women,All like the beast is generally screaming。
This is a unique way of emoticity.。
“Wang Wei!”

NS251chapter Become you a daughter-in-law

Liu Ru silk bravely said:“Yes!He is a person I really like.!”
“Oh!It turned out to be like this,Your true feelings!”Rui Rui has seen Su Wenqian from the door.,Then play a task to finish the gesture,So he came to the iron forest and pulled out the gun before he asked.:“Is she your love??”
Long Tulijun auxiliary hand holding a gun,Tielin wokens a lot,He likes Liu Ri silk and never recognizes it.,Now Liu Ribi is standing for life and death.,How can he be moved in his heart?,He struggled to sit up and said that Liu Ru silk was behind him.:“Long pool!Don’t bully women,What do you rush me?!”
“Oh!No wonder this Liu Miss is not willing to accompany me.,It turned out to be a good!”
I saw a long pool Jun auxiliary gun.,林 林吓:“Long pool class!Please do not!Iron forest is a bastard,Long pool length don’t know with him.!”
Long Tuli Jun and aircraft, the gun is frightened.,Because this Japanese have killed two two days ago.,This time it seems to be a hand.。
I saw a long booth to watch the gun and looked at the iron and Liu Ru.,料 啸 林 again:“Long pool class,I apologize for you for them.,Please do not!I will teach the iron forest.。”
啸 林 has truly hate iron forest,But now he is dead here.,I can’t explain the public office.,In addition, the old iron, I have to die.,There is a brigade of Liu Ribi is a first sign of Xianleis.,After death, Xianleis can’t open it.。
“I am very happy today.,But this iron forest is the same as the madman.,Let me not kill him,Answer me two questions!”Rui Rui:“Is she your woman??Said to be!I killed her.!Said that I will kill you!”
“no!”I didn’t hesitate to answer,
Liu Ribai listened to crying and holding Tielin:“Long Pool Tajun,Please don’t kill him,You have to do anything.!As long as you don’t kill the iron forest!”
“Touching!”Unreasonable:Not like this, don’t you know which day?,Just ask the iron forest:“Since Liu Miss protects you,Then I ask you again.,do you like her?Tell the truth, no one can kill,Said that I kill you two!”
Iron forest stalks with neck:“like!”
“You are willing to marry a singer’s wife?”Qi Rui,
“Ha ha……I am happy to kill today.,I am not difficult for your true feelings.!”Rui Rui said that the gun is harvested.,林:“Total!I still have to spend advance.!”
“Long pool class,This is an embarrassment,Waiting, I will ask you.!”啸 林 说 对 对 对:“Let’s take a long box for long tank.!”
啸 林 说 铁 铁 道 道 道:“Feather,Still don’t hurry, thank you for the long-term class long.!”
Iron Forest stands up to pull Liu Ru and Xu Tian Head to leave Xianleis。
They just left Xianleis,啸 林 林 声:“What did you say,Gone!?”
“Total!That box really disappeared!”
“Go and see me.!”林,He is running to the second floor office,Sure enough, it was gone to the boxed boxes prepared for a long time.,He came to the cabinet again,See the lock above,He shakes two shakes.,He is closed his eyes to open the door,Then open it slowly,The money box in the same cabinet is even more fearful.。
“Who comes to?”啸 林 大吼 Ask the guard in the second floor,
“The main real thing has not seen someone.!”
“Total!what happened?”Rui Rui comes in,
啸 林 欲 哭 无 无 无:“Long pool class,I have given you a box, and I haven’t seen it all.!”
“Gone?”Hurdled to the room,Then 啸 林:“Let your people go out!”
“Go out!”
Careful inspection of the office,Ask Xiaolin:“People come in the box from the window!Who knows your office rich?”
“who knows?”I am thinking that many people know that many people know,Because I have pulled a lot of people in order to buy this batch of soil.,
“Total!You still ask you to patrol the room to investigate this matter.!”Rui Rui said out angry:“My current mood is very bad!I really want to kill people!”
“Long pool class!I will find a way to make up for all this.!”Xiaolin said,
“Mix,How do I say there?!?”
“I will find ways,Please ask for a long time to say that I will give me a few days.,I will definitely!”
“Then wait for my phone.!”Take the rude。

Han Jiang took a nod。

I don’t know what I found is the star.,Still the holy margin of only awareness。
Holy marks,Han Jiang is not bad, this strength is blessing。
If the star of the star,That role is big.。
Now the main universe crisis,All parties forces the tiger。
De Lisa and Kii have a rich army,But the talent is flat。
To discuss the guides,Intelligent,No one will be more appropriate than the starry star。
I don’t know,How can I let the star heart will be willing to follow the universe?,Help Plus to fight against collapse,This is going to work hard.。
Hanjiang before crossing, knowing the star name,But don’t understand her life,Can only take a step。
Anyway, in his strength, playing this world, no enemy.,What kind of request is satisfied?,I am afraid that I am afraid that the star is not destroyed.,Didn’t want to meet the desire。
“If there is no other thing,Let’s take it first.,Remember,Step out of this door,You have never seen it tonight.。”
“Yes。” Paint shaft,Han Jiang turned and left Litta’s study。
Going out is a deep long-term corridor,The big white lantern on both sides makes the entire corridor.。
It should be the palace of Moon City.,Building a style。
Or,Here is just Lita’s place of residence.?
No matter what is,Obviously not the flat, people can be built。
Outstanding yard,Han Jiang found that it is only a resequence of Lita.。
Yuemong City does not have a curfew,Distance to the emperor is still in a few days.,The whole city is white light。
Although there is no curfew,The country is the emperor, the emperor will go to the piety.,It’s even more no one dare to play in this junior.。
Han Rong is a bit not going.,Twelve old little girl growing in the palace,Run out how far。
Even how smarter,I have never experienced the life of the world.,In the palace, they reach their meals.,Can you live after going out??
Hanjiang brought himself,I have to go back for a day.。
Who is a child, there is no trouble to leave home?,It’s amazing.,A little,When I got, I went back.。
I want to think about it.,Han Jiang found that this star is really not average。
Can leave Herhewei in the main hub,Even if the trajectory is different in the world,It is not possible to general people。
Anyway, let’s go out and say,Huangchengry City,Lita is in high position,Squares under the hand,Find a flies,Don’t say a big living person.。
After the city,Han Jiang looks up at the sky。
There is no modern light affecting the sky.,Seven bright stars are arranged in the sky like a spoon.。
“good,That’s north!”
Beidou Star told him to north,Star watch star,Even the name is with stars,It should be right。
In short, under the God of Communication of Hanjiang,He secretly slipped out of the city.。
How is the ancient Municipality?,There are few people living after out of the city.。
Han Jiang’s speed is not slow,Flying in the sky in Blackbrong winter,Staring at the place where there is Mars on the ground。
His idea is simple,The big night will live fire,There is a flare。
Stattery is not normal child,In addition to the intelligence,Some strength is also part of,Aunt, think it isBLevel of the strength of the gods。
There are a lot of people who have known as the Empress Taosun.,Every intersection of the official road has soldiers,It’s not far away.。
Therefore, Hanjiang’s choice goals have shrunk.,That is the sparse field of roads.。

A tall and thin man with a disheveled hair is tied to the chain,The man’s face is like white paper,But the lips are very red,Looks like something raw just finished eating,Even the blood drank into the mouth。

“Xing Kun,Do i need to repeat it again?”Yan Xu approached this murderer,Cold questioning。
“Smash all the teeth,Cut off his tongue,Break all the bones,Make sure he is brought to you alive,Then scrape all his meat……”Murderer Xing Kun laughed,There is blood in the teeth,Scarlet Terrible!
“I have given you the portrait,That person is called Zhu Minglang,The surname Luo next to him,Just interrupt his leg,Don’t kill him will cause me some trouble。”Yan Xu said。
“Master Yan Xu,Can i say something in front of you?”Asked the murderer Xing Kun。
“In fact, your Master Yan Xu is no different from someone like me,I guess there are no fewer people who died in your hands than I did.,The only difference is,I, Yan Xu, were born in a good family。”The murderer Xing Kun sarcastically。
“Ha ha,you are right,But I never need to kill myself。”Yan Xu didn’t mind the words of the murderer Xing Kun。
“You better find him before us,And bring it to us,Otherwise you are worthless to us。”Yan He said。
“Stay alive,I’m not used to,But since it was Master Yan Xu’s order,,I will try my best。”Xing Kun said。
“We will have someone report his position to you,Pay attention to yourself。”
“I heard that many trainees from the How to Train Dragon High School participated in the hunt this time,Young and pleasant……”Xing Kun licked his lips,The tongue is as sharp as a snake。
“Just do the things I explain to me,Then you still have a chance to survive。”Yan Xu said。
Great mountain,There are some gray rock fragments everywhere,Messy scattered on the ground。
Not many trees,This limestone mountain is not very ups and downs,But very wide,Most of them are slowly rising uphill,It’s even very gentle at first glance。
A big pterodactyl landed on this gentle mountain,The Yan clan guards wearing black clothes stared at Zhu Minglang for a few moments,Then he rode the pterosaur into the air。

This mood lasted until the luncheon。

Tell the truth,Wang Yufei is not used to this kind of dinner。
Too many questions,A group of old experts seem to collectively incarnate into curious babies,I’m no longer as reserved as I visited,One problem after another。
of course,This is also a question asked after careful consideration。
Mostly will not involve true confidential technology,At this point,The old professor who can be selected by Pan Wenyue is still reasonable。
But it’s the first time to keep answering questions at the dinner table,Seriously affect the efficiency of eating。
Of course this is not over yet。
Because I can eat better,So the lunch is very generous。
But the professors didn’t eat much,After hurriedly asking a few questions, he returned to the underground laboratory,Continue to watch Xiaozhi running with a pilgrimage mentality。
Xiaozhi is already running2hour37Minute,And calculated the factorization of more than one hundred large integers。And from the data feedback from the background,The current operation is still very stable,There is no sign of possible error。
Such as abnormal noise、Abnormal temperature etc.。
Of course, the record of Xiaozhi’s normal operation has not been broken yet,So no one was surprised。
When Wang Yufei took the professors to visit in the morning,Has published the laboratory records,And told them that the longest running time has already183minute,Only now157Minute,Naturally nothing to be surprised。
Pan Wenyue naturally followed Wang Yufei into the operation room。
“Everything here is amazing。correct,Have you received the news??”
Professor Pan looked at Wang Yufei with complicated and unspeakable eyes and asked。
At that time, the kid in front of me said he would worship him as a teacher,What does he think?What kind of energy is reserved?This is really some opportunity once missed,Can’t look back。Why is he embarrassed to bring up the old things now??
“what news?”Wang Yufei asked。
Recently he put his mind on solving Xiaozhi’s problem in the laboratory,I really don’t know much about the outside world。of course,Generally speaking, what major events really happen in the industry,Someone reported to him via email,But these two days are special,He didn’t even open his work mailbox。

Zhao Hong’s words surprised Xia Jian,He pricked his ears and listened,Proves what Zhao Hong said is true,If so,This shows that when the Xichuan River reaches the east of the village,Was blocked by something,Only this explanation is the most reasonable。

Xia Jian staggered,Almost sat in the water。Ouyang Hong discovered the strangeness of Xia Jian,She asked softly:“What’s wrong with you?Did you find something?“
Xia Jian did not answer Ouyang Hong’s question,But looked up to the east,At this time the sky has begun to light up。The mountains in the distance can be seen slowly。
Xiping Village at this time is like waking up from a big dream,Vocal、The barking of dogs is mixed,Sounds very annoying。
In this chaos,Finally dawn。Standing on the balcony, Xia Jian looked at the stagnant water on the road in the village,The whole heart is cold to the extreme。Especially the Xichuan River has no movement,This makes him even more worried。
The clever Ouyang Hong finally understood why Xia Jian didn’t answer her question.。As the deputy mayor in charge of agriculture in Pingdu,Xiping that she is proud of,I lost my vegetable greenhouse yesterday,If there is another problem with the breeding plant,Her efforts over the years have been wasted。
Just at this time,Suddenly there was a loud crash。Over the peaceful Xichuan River,There was the roaring sound of the river suddenly。Xia Jian standing on the third floor balcony can see clearly,Which village road at the entrance of the village,The stagnant water poured in instantly,In an instant, even the water in the yard of the village committee rose a lot。
This scene is really scary。Just when everyone is in shock,Suddenly there were several rumbling noises from the village,If you guessed it correctly,It’s not someone whose courtyard has fallen down again,Whose house collapsed again。as expected,Immediately came the cries of the villagers。
Watching the standing water everywhere,Xia Jian and Zhao Hong and the ants on a hot pot,But they can’t get down。How to do?What should I do?
“Zhao Hong!Listen to me,After this incident,Buy some rubber boats right away“Ouyang Hong got angry nowhere,Suddenly shouted to Zhao Hong。
Zhao Hong responded,I should be very reluctant。At this time,Xia Jian found that the stagnant water began to slowly drop,But the rate of decline is still relatively fast。This shows that the Xichuan River has been unblocked,Otherwise the water in the village will not flow out。
Xia Jian stood on the balcony,Listening to the chaos in Xiping Village,He can’t wait anymore。So he took the time when these women were not paying attention,Took off his shirt,Ran downstairs naked。
The stagnant water in the yard overflowed the steps,Under the window on the first floor。Xia Jian’s silent estimate,The water depth is at least one meter,Have a bottom,He jumped in with a plop。
The water in the yard is deeper than he thought,It’s almost under his armpit。But okay,He can still swim in this depth of water。When Xia Jian swims out of the gate of the village committee,Xi Zhen also swam up from behind。Xi Zhen’s swimming skills are better than Xia Jian’s,So she quickly swam to Xia Jian’s side。
The muddy water in the village is slowly falling,Xia Jian took Xi Zhen and swam towards the entrance of the village。Approaching the village entrance,Suddenly someone shouted:“Don’t swim forward,Come back soon!Danger ahead”

Gain,Because of time,How can this effect should come out?。

Why will it be so calm?。
Even the lake,Laozi lost a stone,Will it be 漪 and sound??
Is it not right in treatment??
Zhou Ye looks to the horse seal,I only see the old man in front of the face and have been gasping.。
“I listen to the Supreme。”Zhou Ye went to take a stethoscope of the bed in front of the bed,I immediately listened to the double lungs of the horse seal.。
This listen,I found that the dry and wet odds of the lungs in both sides are still。
It seems that heart failure symptoms。
This wet Rogy plus breathing difficulties,ThenbnpAs well as it is,How to see is a heart failure?。
Heart super-blooded score is also very low。
Zhou Ye thinks that his diagnosis is not wrong.。
Why don’t you use diuretic drugs without any reactions??The antihypertensive effect is also very unambiguous。
Zhou Ye is also confused about this,He comforted the wife after the horse,The stomach came out of the ward,Walking in the galler,He wants to want to go but still can’t understand。
He rushed to Professor Li,Professor Li is the superiors of Dr. Wu。Zhou Ye I thought about this old head.:“teacher,it’s me,The appearance of horse seal here,I have some response.,Come over。”“it is good,Which room he is in??”Professor Li agreed。
Professor Li from Li,He just came out from the operating room,The surgical clothing has not taken off and rushed over.。Professor Li went to the hospital bed before the horse:“What is the current situation?”。“The original state is actually not bad.,After eating fruit,Suddenly began to get bigger,Blood pressure has also begun to rise。”Zhou Ye closed his eyes carefully to think about the situation at the time.。
“what?He ate fruit?”Professor Li exposed a surprised look。
“it’s me,I don’t know if he can’t eat fruit, thinking about adding a nutrition, cut an apple to eat.”Mo’s wife is born,Her eyes are unable to,Hand tightly grab the corner,Low head,Like a child who is wrong。
“He is like this after eating fruit.?Then there is no cough when he is eating.?”Professor Li did not continue to ask Mr. Mr. Mr.,But turning the head to Mr. Chen’s direction。
“should not,At that time, the family members did not observe the abnormalities in any misunderstanding when they were fed.。”Mr. Chen immediately understood the meaning of Professor Li.,So hurry to answer。
Professor Li listened to the silence,Mr. Mo lies in lying on the bed,After thinking about thinking,I personally listen to the patient’s heart。
“How is his liquid in liquid??Take me with the liquid in these days.。”Professor Li asked calm。
“Patients have little urine today,Even if the drug gives him the need for diuretic, it is not obvious.。”Mr. Chen took the report to Professor Li and Professor Li.,Side answered。
Professor Li carefully looked at the report,Suddenly understand how it is。He walked to the old Mo bedside, a quilt,His abdomen。Look carefully,Press the hand,Then I looked down at the urine bag.。Professor Li has changed it.。
“Do you have inspected his bladder??”Professor Li and Mr. Chen。
“Not yet……”Mr. Chen,Hand straight cold sweat,finally understood,Just finished, all are busy,Actually only take care of the patient’s heart and lung,I forget the abdomen。
“You go to carefully observe the patient’s abdomen,Then slammed his bladder。”Professor Li,Mr. Chen gave a position。
Mr. Chen hit the scalp and opened the quilt of the old Mo.:“I rely on!What’s happening here?”Mr. Chen, I don’t know, I don’t know.。
I saw the abdomen of the old Mo.。Mr. Chen stretched out of his bladder part of his bladder.。
“You tap!Don’t kill the bladder of others.!”Professor Li stands on a look。
“啥,bladder?Is there a bladder in the abdomen??The original bladder can be so big?That is why ah?Is it that urinary retention??Why do you have urinary retention??This is not a urete.?”Mr. Chen grabs the head,Professor Li Li。
Professor Li also looked at him,Laugh,Ignore him。Mr. Chen also touched the upper abdomen of the old Mo and knocked it on it with his hand.。It can be seen that it is visible to the turbidity.,The lower abdomen should be liquid。
Is it true that the urine in the bladder cannot smoothly remove urinary retention phenomenon in vitro??Mr. Chen looked at the abdomen of the old Mo,I looked at my hand again.,He can’t believe it。
“I just observed,The patient’s urete has a sediment。And the discharged is very turbidity of numerous urine,Under this circumstance, the patient’s urete is extremely easy to block.,If he is really blocked,Don’t come out,This is not the urinary retention.?”Professor Li looked at Mr. Chen, a petrochemical,Continue to say:“Patients have accessible these days2000lUrine,How is there only300lWoolen cloth,Such obvious questions, you didn’t know。look,He is all dead.!”
Mr. Chen thinks:“Yes,Although the old Mo, because of his hello to say,But the urine can also feel uncomfortable.。He is because the uterus is difficult to suffer.,These phenomena have been said,I just do it.,Actually,Go attention to his heart and lung problem……”Mr. Chen’s hair,Suddenly speaking to yourself。

On the one hand, we are worried that others will affect the following.,On the one hand, it is worried that once this space is broken.,They will appear on the real emoticoo。

It is really difficult to get it.,Because ordinary people even even blue staining with his spiritual pressure,Will be pressed into ashes!
“It seems that we seem to have become a cumbersome”
Looking at the air is just a simple escape attack,But there is no anti-blue dyeing night,The head leader under the bottom of Pudao Help and others,Instantly understand the status quo。
The fire extinguishing is already killed by the head of the captain.,But now the battle,Even the team leader is also inserted.。
“Let all the dead gods in the empty seat,We leave the battlefield to them。
Let the ghost pass the space with the world.,Can’t let these two people play in the world,Otherwise there will be big things.。”
The team leader is running quickly,All other dead gods,Also act。
Winter Lisho with the hive,I saw two figure in the air collision.,Sigh a breath, I will finally choose to leave.。
once Upon a time,The body of the corpse is respectful,Since the strong guards, the team leader has become a so-called cumbersome,This is really complicated inner heart。
In addition to leaving the 13th team,People who have false military also left,Their fumble has consumed half,Leave it to basically help。
Even possibilities because of excessive pressure consumption,It is not suppressed in the case of the body。
Although it is extremely unwilling,But I have to recognize,They are too large from the current blue dyeing distance,Even“opponent”No qualification。
Night and one-to-use, Pudu, etc.,They have more than a power to protect themselves in battle.,And they also have their own tasks。
Takasaki must leave the export of the fault,Otherwise I can’t do it again.。
In the night, I have to stay in Kurosaki.,As for Po Hua Hao,The collapse is coming out.,This pot must be back,He also got to leave the epigherapeutic style of yourself to enter the blue dyeing.。
Non-related person’s retreat,Also let the nights open hands and feet,A high-density spirit is smashing the spokes of blue-stained instantaneous。
But even if the team leader has strengthened the strength of this empty seat model,But under the collision of the two,This space is broken in the morning and evening.。
And there is“Collapse”,Basically, it is different from evolutionary blue dye.,The night of the night is limited.,It has already begun weak phenomenon.。
Although it is able to continue to swallow“Magic spirit”,To increase the time of the dragon,But what to do,The consequence is also extremely serious。
Dragon’s original side effects are very large,Night is still in force,If you are unscrupulous“Magic spirit”if,Side effects that can’t work,Can you make him breath。
“no solution anymore,Use the last means,If the epidemic in the blue dye is still not launched,Or can also evolve into a new form,That can only be replaced.。”
Night is ready to use the last resservated means,If you still have no way to solve the blue dye,Then I can only wait for a wiper to clean up the residence.。
“Village,We have to go up.!”Night looked at the chop of the knife in the hand,Loosen the hand of grip,Let the blade fall in the way from the way。
Incredible one happened,The village being opened by the night,There is no such thing as it is,But it is like it is not going to the water.,Splashing a slice,Subsequently enter the space。
“The chapter of the sin, the second chapter!”
As the village is completely incoming space,Countless chains suddenly appear from all directions,Most of the number of chains,Can only be described。
Void、on the ground,Source constant lock chain,It’s like a shackle.,Explosion to blue dye position。
I have suffered a bitter,Blue stains natural will not be bored again,The sniper in the hand is connected,The radiosis behind him also continues to shoot。
Unfortunately, the open-covered chain,Do not move,Even if you are broken or bomb,The void will extend a larger chain.,It’s like a vine-like vine.。
the strange thing is,The goal of these chain chain attacks,Not blue dyeing one person,Containment with night horses,It is also the target of attacks?
Chapter 619 The door of hell is coming
But compare blue staining,Night is much more calm.,For the chain from the void,Night, there is no meaning to resist,Similar chain。
Blue dye also does not have to persist,Even if he is now strong,But facing the open-covered chain,Also finally exhausted。
And I saw that the night was wrapped in a dice.,Blue dye is ultimately giving up resistance,He wants to see it.,What kind of trick is playing at night?。
Anyway“Collapse”Be in the body,Blue dye consciously even if you have a lot of waves,Anyway, I can’t die.。

Good,Found yourselfngTalked about it,ngI also realize that I am not very suitable.。

ngAlso after this,Find Liu Qingcong apologize。
but,Looks to Liu Qingxong’s expression,I don’t know how to know,Liu Qingsong is not a matter of doing this.。
Or,Light look at the expression,He even Liu Qingsong thought yesterday.ngIf you can’t see it?。
In short,The atmosphere in the team has experienced a small period of time.,Just recover normal。
After all, remember this kind of thing,It’s really normal in the professional team.。
Back your thoughts back to the game,BPAlso started after this。
SDGofbanThree hands,Direct Sindra、Dele、ZoibanLose。
These three heroes,forIGConvinced,Both are more signature heroes,SDGYou will thinkbanDropping is also true。
IGFormer three hands,BebanAkali、Lu Zi’an and Snake。
SDGFirst hand selection,Directly lock the ice female。
SubsequentIG,It is directly locked the spear of swordsman and revenge.。
thisBPThe meaning is obvious,It is what it means to play the middle of the middle.。
And for the personal capabilities of Qiangqing,SDGNature is also more taboo。
Aperture,The best partner is a cattle or hammer。
andSDGAssisted hero in the pool,The cattle should be better than the hammer stone.。
SDGTwo、Third floor,Therefore, it is directly locked Niu Heada.。
IGThird hand selection,It is very reasonable,Directly lock the hammer stone。
Liu Qingxong’s hammer,Palace Qing once encountered in the ranking,Really fierce。
and,During this time of training,Liu Qingsong uses this hero effect is also veryOK。
I saw it,The opponent’sBP,It’s really like the Wanghai coach last night.,ngFace expression,It is revealed some of them.。
SDGLast two handsbanpeople,Green steel shadow and Olaf are directlybanLose。
IGLast two handsbanpeople,Then after this,Direct excavator and leopardbanLose,This isSDGTwo signatures of the wild。
IGFourth floor,Then after this,Directly decisive Selas,This is what they have already thought ofBP。
and,What they envissed,Heroices whose other party should choose,The other party has also been selected.。
so,This hand is not hesitant.。
SDGFour、building,Then after this,Directly locked the blind and knife。
butIGFive floors,Then after this,Locked a choice for everyone to accidentally。
Sole,Don’t say it is the audience.,Even the explanation of the scene,It’s a little bit.。
And with the lineup of both sides,The audience is also finally understood.IGLineup arrangement。
Blue squareSDGline-up:Single knife、Play wild blind、Single Li Sangso、ADCCasa、Auxiliary cattle。
Red squareIGline-up:Loing Lords、Wild sword、Sands、ADCSkateboard、Auxiliary hammer。

He likes a woman!He is definitely straight。

“Of course it is about wine.。”
White ink is strange to watch him ,“What do you still want about??”
Chu Feiyang’s pale face is much redrious.。
“Row,Line,About wine?”
Chu Feyang relaxed。
Blue Qiqi looked at Chu Feiyang,She knows the character of Chu Feiyang,“So,Chu Feiyang,What did you think??”
Chu Feiyang,Does he really express it clearly??
He smiled and laughed.:“Kiki,I didn’t want anything.?”
“But you just tell me what you just,You are there。”
Lan Qiqi is not。
Chu Feiyang, a face, Qi Qi, you have already let my expression。
This Kiki,When you are smart, you are not smart.,Not smart, smart。
How can this thing to say??
“Kiki,I want to go to the toilet.,You talk。”
Chu Feyang stands up,The head is not going back。
Bai ink is also very eye-catching,Looking at Chu Feiyang,He didn’t dare to stay again.。
Blue Qiqi looked at Han Yuxuan,Indignant:“Your man is not a good thing.。”
Han Yuxuan:“”He didn’t have anything well.?
How to burn the fire of white ink to him?。
“Kiki,I am also very wronged.。
”Han Yuxuan reached out。
Blue Qiqi quickly patted his hand,Stand at him:“What is this kind of thing is a woman who is losing?,What is your man??”
“I don’t want to talk to you now.,I am going to see Yun Yun.。”
Blue Qiqi said。
Han Yuxuan:“” Blue Qiqi goes to the studio to find poetry。
Snow now,They are shooting indoors。
Just on this upstairs。
Blue Qiqi is very fast,She walked to the elevator。
But I saw two figure at the corner,Looking at the back of the man。
Follow,She will hear the voice of poetry。
“White ink,What are you hiding??”
Poetry will put white ink wall in the corner,Handsome man looking at the horns。
Lan Qiqi stopped to listen to the corner of the wall,Such powerful allowance,She seems to be the first time.!“Allow,I really didn’t hide.,I just want to do something.,Why do you want to kick me out of bed??
I am, I am the first time.!More than two times,I will definitely be very good.。”
Bai ink is sour,He just took time to digest something that happened to him last night.。
“What,What are you??