“I must marry you.。”Lin Feng is tightly holding a girl’s waisto:“thank you,Ying Yao,Ying Yao,I don’t want to let the cold to pass through.。”

“She is not the same as the Shu Yin,Do not worry。”Tao Yinyao Wen Yan said soft voice:“do not worry。”
Lin Feng heard a little bit,I immediately stood up,Just when the two people just stood up,A cold,Serious voice passed from high altitude:“Lin Feng,Hello big courage,Actually fled to the wasteland!”
NS654chapter Longtaijun comes
Lin Fengnan wants to start,The murder of his scorpion,Looking at the figurus of the sky:“Longtaijun,Your eyes are put in pants.?Which eye saw me escape??”
This is not someone from the sky.,It is the Director of the National Security Bureau Longtaijun!
“Mix,what are you!”Long Taijun heard angry,Face iron green,He has a powerful breath,The horrible murderous gas is diffuse in the empty,His figure steps。
Town to Lin Feng。
Tao Yinyao cold road:“Dragon bureau,He has already got me here.,Dragon Board, you don’t divide the green road,Actually, I will squeeze Lin Feng.,I am afraid I don’t meet your identity.。”
“Not in line with my identity?”Long http://www.lytxcy.cn Taijun heard the words:“Tiyin Yao,I am thinking on the face of Tang family.,I don’t care with you.,Give it to let me open,I have a good lesson today, this kind of small animal that does not know the sky is high.!”
“Ying Yao,Step aside,I have a good teach this old thing that I don’t know the sky.。”Lin Feng’s cold voice sounded,His figure greeted,fear,The stunned breath is filled in the empty。
Tony Yao hurriedly blocked in front of Lin Feng。
“Tiyin Yao,Step aside!”Longtaijun cold road。
“Tang Yin Yao!”A cold voice sounded in the void,A powerful breath falls from the sky,A respect is smashed in the void than the breath of the Sky.。
A figure of a road drop from the sky。
“it is good,I let me open,But Director Dragon,You are a fair match between the prisoner or two people.?If it is beat the prisoner,I don’t mind http://www.sytkyl.cn the appeal。”Tiyin Yao Mei is looking at Longtai Jun Road with a cold。
“Humph!”Longtaijun snort,Frown。
“Director of the National Security Bureau,Be unworthy,Instead, dependent power bully prisoners,Are you the rule of the entire security bureau??Still you are afraid of being smashed?”Tao Yao’s voice is in the empty。
“Mix,Tiyin Yao,Who are you going to talk??”
“Tiyin Yao,Do not believe,Our Dragon God Brigade is teach you today.!”
“Tiyin Yao,Do you believe that you can’t get this island today.!”
The members of the dragon god brigade rebuked Tang Yao Yao,Drain all kinds of hats on the head of Tao Yin Yao。
“enough!”Long Taijun heard angrily,Powerful breath,Let the members of these dragon gods directly shut down。
“Dragon bureau,If you are single and Lin President,I am never inserted.。”Tao Yinyao cold road,Tang http://www.hrbguangri.cn Yao’s figure with a step of exiting a dozens of meters in one step。
Longtaijun snort,Then look up in Lin Feng Shen Sheng:“Lin Feng,This is a good training today.,Let you know how high it is,Multi-thickness!”
“Oh,I also want to teach you a meal.。”Lin Feng carrying his hands and looks indifferent to Longtai Jun Road。
Talking between Lin Feng’s figure is going on step。
A roaring sound,Longtaijun’s figure is like lightning, to Lin Feng,horrible,Amazing breath explosion。
Focus on the sound of the dragon,Dragon Tailing’s figure is crashing between Lin Feng’s surrounding palm,Concentrate a huge palm of terror,This huge palm of palm with a shocked power。
A slaughter is pumping on Lin Feng’s body,Lin Feng’s body quartz fifty,Dissipated in the void,Longtaijun’s face。
Just when Longtaijun was shocked,A shadow is like an air appeared in front of him.,A slap slipped to his face。
Holding a golden long gun in the palm of your hand,The golden champion contains horror horror.。
Of course, this golden gun is covered with a brilliant air.,The outsiders don’t know the look of this golden gun.。

Struggle to refine the talent growth talent (People’s Forum)

"Beijing understands, congratulations on Shenzhou 13, you have worked hard, and extend your respect to you!" At 9:56 on April 16, 2022, Beijing time, Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft returned to the Dongfeng landing field successfully Landing, the familiar sound sounded again.

Beijing dispatching positions that have received much attention because of "Beijing understand" are actually a young collective composed of post -90s. With the journey of Chinese aerospace to the star in the stars, this group of young people released their lives in their lives and vividly interpreted the style and responsibility of Chinese youths in the new era. Not long ago, the news office of the State Council released a white paper in "Chinese Youth in the New Era", which outlines the mainstream group portraits with strong quality and comprehensive development of Chinese youth in the new era.

Active and active theory, culture, science, learning skills, ideological literacy, physical fitness, spiritual character, and comprehensive ability have been continuously improved. In the new era, Chinese youths have grown wisdom in innovation and entrepreneurship. To realize the value of life in the great struggle to realize the Chinese dream, to write the Chinese color chapter worthy of the times and history with youth. The ideals and beliefs of youth are related to the future of the country. The ideal of youth and a firm belief is an indestructible motivation for a country and a nation. Taking the correct ideal and firm belief as the foundation of standing, and striving to grow into the aspiring youth expected by the party, the country, and the people, you have the right life of life. Among the 26th Chinese Youth May 4th Medal, there are scientific researchers engaged in high -precision technology research, courier who come to rain in the wind, and there are elementary school teachers who have studied people and acts. There are the secretary of the village who take root in the grassroots … they integrate their self -ego into the big self and the people of the people, and the same steps with the times, the fate of the people, realized the value of life and sublimated the realm of life.

The ideal direction of life, belief determines the success or failure of the career.

To establish a belief in Marxism, the belief in socialism with Chinese characteristics, and confidence in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, in the comprehensive construction of a new journey of socialist modernization, the pioneer of the road, strive for a career, and let youth innovate in innovation Create flash.

Young people are vigorous and are the most vibrant and creative groups in the society.

Excessive quality, can withstand the storm, be able to stand hard, and hold it; enjoy more fair and higher quality education, scientific and cultural literacy to a new level; adapt to society, integrate into the society, participate in the process of social development, and become the process of social development. The advocates and practitioners of positive energy … In the new era, Chinese youths are energetic and active. They are growing up and working hard to grow up.

Facts have fully proved that Chinese youths are young people with great ideals, young people with deep family feelings, and young people with great creativity. Regardless of the past, now, or future, Chinese youths have always been a pioneer for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The stage of contemporary youths is unprecedentedly broad -minded, and dreams are true. You can take the burden, the bravery, and the risks of the brave, and you can bear the heavy responsibility of the times.

On the one hand, struggle is not just loud slogans, but to do a good job of every trivial matter, complete every task, and fulfill the spirit of each responsibility. Excellence, when he shoulders the heavy responsibility of the times, it is better than the words, and achieved a career in the hard work of the real knife and real gun. On the other hand, the knowledge updates of today’s era are continuously accelerated, the division of labor is increasingly detailed, the new technologies, new models, and new formats have emerged endlessly. It has put forward new and higher requirements for the quality of youth capabilities. Too hard skills, make your own vision, ideas, and understanding levels grow faster and faster.

When inspected Renmin University of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "the majority of young people must be a firm belief, active dissemination, and model practitioner of the core values ??of socialism." On the way forward, whether it is Pingchuan or High Mountain, whether it is sunny or windy, as long as you are firm and convincing, you will have a good ability to practice, be courageous to innovate, and work hard. In the process of life and dedication, writing a magnificent chapter worthy of the times.

He and Ah Jiu have hundreds of ecstasy pills on them,I’m still very nervous。Yesterday in a small familyKTVSold more than fifty,Although small gains,But the place is too small,Extremely insecure,Whether it’s the police or the big brother who covers the field,Can ruin them both。

Red hair has seen the world,Flexible mind,Decided to take a shot and change place,It only takes two or three days,The money is almost collected,Resolutely stop doing it in the future。
Hongmao knows that this is a huge risk,First of all, it is not good to ship,Regular customers don’t usually choose,And the bigger threat is the professional sellers in the market,If caught,You have to peel the skin if you don’t die;Police again,Got caught in bad luck,A few years is considered light。So he is very careful,Only brought the clever Ah Jiu to help keep the wind。
Since I decided to take a risk,Hong Mao no longer considers right and wrong,The only supply issue that disturbed him。yesterday morning,A buddy who hasn’t seen him for a long time came to the Internet cafe to find him,While retelling the past, I asked Hongmao if he wanted to get rich,Hong Mao who was worrying about money immediately became interested,My friend whispers a few words to sell ecstasy,Hong Mao hesitated,The lesson a year ago is profound,Untouchable。
“I just heard you talk about lack of money,Just give such a suggestion,I didn’t want to be。”My friend seems to care。
“This thing is not a drug,Not that serious。And make a lot of money,Hot goods。My purchase price of 35 pieces,60 yuan for you,Also earn a shipping fee。You sell it for one hundred and five,grass,Ship 100 capsules overnight,What kind of concept are you?This is you,Don’t even think about changing other people。”
“So profitable,Can’t you just sell it yourself??”
“grass,Rules,How can i show my face?Do you think I feel http://www.fuzuweb.cn too much money。”
“I……Let me think。”
“to make,up to you。Call me if you are interested。”
It’s another heavy metal music that shocks the eardrums,The excitement and mania of the guests reached a new*。Red hair has been staring at the young men and women on a deck diagonally in front,From the behavior point of view, it should be an office worker who is new to society,Rare opportunity for indulgence,The movements of a few people shaking their heads are extremely exaggerated。
At this moment,A round-faced man hugged the girl next to him and shook together,The other free hand wiped the girl’s mouth,The action is very hidden。But Hongmao immediately judged,Man feeding girl medicine,Have a way。
Red hair looks around,A noisy sight,Lobby、Security guards greet guests at the door,The waiter walks fast with a drink,The bartender is too busy to http://www.art0393.cn even spend time,No one noticed them,Seems very safe。He touched the plastic bag in his pocket and the dagger hidden in his waist,The cold sweat on my palms。
After a while,The round-faced man suddenly got up,Looks like going to the bathroom。Hong Mao immediately stabbed Ajiu with his elbow,Also left the seat and followed。

Behind the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games: Special Art Blooming Fanghua

Disabled people’s culture into the "five one" project of the disabled family. The special art of the China Disabled Patriotic Federation is rich and diverse infiltrating the beautiful minds and special arts and culture.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese Disabled Persons’ Federation has actively developed special arts and organized mass literary and artistic activities. It has organized the ninth and tenth national disabled art performances.

Each performance, the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps formed a team to participate in the performance of more than 200 programs, covering four major types of art, covering vocal, instrumental music, dance, and opera. The number of more than 30,000 people. When the disabled in the silent world shows a graceful dance on the stage, when the disabled people who cannot look directly at the light are moved by singing … the meaning of the cultural services of the disabled seems so profound and long -term. "The disabled actors brought not only the beauty of art, but also a spiritual shock, the purification of the soul, and the sublimation of the soul.

Through the special art performance of the disabled, the development, exploration and innovation of the arts of the disabled in China were seen. Ganlu, director of the Chinese Dancers Association and the national -level director, lamented.

During the "Thirteenth Five -Year Plan" period, 200 special art talent training bases were built by Tarter Education Institute and Art Team.

The success of disabled people’s affairs under the "Belt and Road" framework -the success of the Special Art Forum, which promoted the development of international disabled art.

The Chinese Disabled Art Troupe has visited 75 countries along the “Belt and Road”. It promoted the popularity of the people with special art and spread the story of the cause of the disabled in China.

Li Defu said that in the next step, the China Disabled Persons’ Federation will conscientiously implement the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" Planning and Development Plan ", implement the" Fourteenth Five -Year Plan "Implementation Plan for Improve the Cultural Services of the Disabled Persons", and promote the high culture of the disabled. The quality of quality, continuously enrich the spiritual and cultural products of the disabled, effectively strengthen the cultural service work of the disabled at the grassroots level, and carry out special activities for "learning and listening" to create a good atmosphere of helping disability in the society. (Responsible editor: Wen Lu, Qin Hua) Share let more people see it.

Compared to Sima disaster,Others are not so lucky.。lt;/Pgt;

Yuanshi is expensive,It is because the royal family has been pressing the Yuanshi.,They are true for the hate from North Qi.,Incomplete。lt;/Pgt;
However, the http://www.isayido.cn Northern Army,The lyrics are also non-fake,Because they think that the Yuanshi is the fall of the phoenix is not as good as chicken,What happened to him?!lt;/Pgt;
So I solve people to take people to grasp!,He didn’t order,Those soldiers are welcome,Tell a dragon service,Come to the people!lt;/Pgt;
One day,Yuan people are actually arrested more than 800 people,It is not a root of the root.。lt;/Pgt;
Luoyang,A day change,Only change the way to Sima disadvantage!lt;/Pgt;
NS160chapter Change
Sima disaster“coup”fail,Luoyang Cheng Yuan’s heart is almost a thing of the Internet,I definitely can’t get it.,So almost the first time in the event,Gao Biyi is personally interrogated in the Hummer House,Carry out the next plan!lt;/Pgt;
In the study of the Hummer http://www.iyinrui.cn House,Gao Baoyi and Yan algae are sitting in front of a book,Atmosphere is some dignified。lt;/Pgt;
People such as 藻,Using penalty is the last means,Attack is the first thing you want to do.。lt;/Pgt;
“I know what you want to do.,But I won’t do so.。”lt;/Pgt;
The attitude of 藻 is very hard。Do this,If you fail, you must have generous to die.。lt;/Pgt;
“Hui family is also Guanzhong University.?You are a head of the family,Yes, not?”lt;/Pgt;
裴 藻 nodded,This is nothing to conceal.。lt;/Pgt;
Gao Baoyi smeared:“Do you want me to put a message?,It is because you gave it to Qi,Sima disaster will be arrested?lt;/Pgt;
Do http://www.tongmingled.cn you know why is the Han Dynasty Li Ling??lt;/Pgt;
As long as I declare there,You are tricky,Gao Yang’s sister is a wife,What do you think Yu Wentai wants?,You are bypass,Don’t have your home to be named by the owner,Then a family will be killed by slaves.。”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bo Yi’s ideas are very poisonous,But 藻 is not four eyes, they are mixed in the bottom.,Gao Baoyi’s fraud is not necessarily used in 藻。lt;/Pgt;
“Many of the scratched spies have an illusion,That is, they often think that they are very important.。lt;/Pgt;

CCB Guangxi Branch: Continue to improve the satisfaction of financial consumers for the elderly group

CCB Financial Mission.

Zhou Ying’s financial services came to the door to solve the "difficulty of travel" of elderly customers. On May 12, the business department of CCB Nanning New City Sub -branch received a call from a lady. Her mother was hospitalized due to illness, paralyzed in bed, and urgently needed to print bank cards. On May 13th, CCB Nanning Suzhou Road Sub -branch also provided on -site services for an elderly customers who were inconvenient to move and urgently needed to receive elderly customers who were used to receive elderly subsidies, solving customers’ urgency.

It is understood that since this year, the on -site service provided by the CCB Guangxi Branch has reached 531 times to the special group, solving the financial needs of many "difficult travel" customers. Improve service facilities and promote the characteristics of "aging" of financial services for the customer group of the elderly. From the special needs of the elderly, the bank continues to improve the various software and hardware service facilities of the outlets, including the old flower mirror, magnifying glass, wheelchair, convenience of convenience The medicine box, setting up barrier -free channels, caring seats, etc., adds "big characters" in channels such as self -service equipment, smart tellers, and other channels. Mobile banking increases the "care mode" to improve the convenience of the elderly using electronic equipment.

In addition, the bank is gradually promoting the "suitable aging" service transformation to further enhance the satisfaction of the elderly group handling business.

On April 19, an old grandmother handled social security cards at the Changzhang Road Sub -branch of Nanning, CCB. Because of her high age, she was unfamiliar with the bank card business and was anxious and nervous. The staff repeatedly made mistakes during operation. The staff was very patient to soothe the customer’s emotions. Always use gentle and detailed services to help customers calm down to do business.

Customers later called for praise.

In addition, the bank also relies on CCB outlets "Workers’ Harbor" to link other institutions to provide public welfare services such as free haircuts and health clinics to surrounding elderly customers.

"We hope to continuously optimize services so that smart devices are" easier to use ‘for the elderly and make the outlet service’ more intimate ‘.

"According to the person in charge of the Consumer Rights Protection Department of the Guangxi Branch of CCB, the bank will use a variety of means to increase innovation exploration efforts to continuously improve the satisfaction of financial consumers in the next step.

(Deng Xing, Zhou Ying) (Responsible editor: Liu Jia, Xu Yanwen) Share more people see it.

“Is it a metaphor?,But”Think of this,Qing Palace,I took out my mobile phone.,Dial a number。

“Kaya,Please do me a favor”
(This chapter is over)
NS99chapter Teacher will not easily spare you.
“Baffle,so,How do you feel now??”
When the Qing Dynasty returned to Xiaomei teacher early,Already on the same day,Although this is close to eleven points,But the Qing Dynasty is still habit of taking food in the food.。
perhaps,This is often used to sleep naturally
“Bother,Qing Palace。”http://www.hbdmsz.cn Hold a greeting with a faint dark circle.,Then look at the eyes of the eyes of the eyes.,“Restore is really fast。”
“Glasses!”Yintker cheers,The two eyes stare at the food in the hands of the Qing Palace,Can’t help but lick your lips,At this time, the Yintker is wearing a pink rabbit pajamas wearing yesterday Xiaomei.,Looks abnormal cute。
“Eye glasses?”Qing Palace,For this strange outline, which is more coming overnight, said helplessness.,But there is no way。
Remember that it is right.,Yintke can also be tuned to the Meiqin
“Say,Xiaomei teacher can be a mature woman who loves to smoke and love to drink.。”Have the eye,Tucao,“Why is her pajamas you dress such?I don’t want to think about a few years old.”
The Qing Dynasty smiled。
“Upper strip!”Xiaomei teacher crazy screaming,I almost flexed him。
“Be http://www.syw111.cnnumb!Can you talk to this kind of tone?!”In the side of the Yintker, I looked at the above.,After listening to this, Xiaomei teacher nodded,But the next sentence makes her instantly fall down.。
“Although I also think that this pajamas is a little small.”Yindith blinks,Whispered。
“Hey!Overstate!”Xiaomei teacher wants to cry without tears,“I am obviously a mature adult.!”
“I got the teacher.。”The Qing Dynasty is on the wall,Can’t help but laugh,“Obviously, I just got by you.,I still misunderstood your father saved my time. I really stayed in you.。”Speaking of which,He couldn’t help but laugh.。
“Xiaoqing Palace”Hear this,Xiaomei teacher can’t help but look at the Qing Palace,Mutter,A pair“I am angry”Expression,But this expression is not angry with it.,Instead, she looks more cute with this kind of young childhood.。
“You are got by the teacher?”Listening to this sentence,Suddenly,Turning through the Qing Dynasty,“When is this??”
“Well,About three years。”The Qing Palace does not matter to lift the head outside the window,Faint tone,Bring a silk memory,“Is it an accident?,At that time, I was not yet.1eve1 5,There is no such power,I was in the evening of Xiaomei teacher at the time.,Her home。”Speaking of which,Qing Palace does not help but laugh,“At that time, I woke up and saw the first reaction of this room.,Also thought of which of the martial arts came home?。”
“You are enough!”Xiaomei teacher once again,Indignate look at the Qing Palace,“How can I say that the teacher is really a bit in a little chaos?”Finally, the more I don’t have the bottom gas.,Finally, I don’t say it.,Just look angry and look at the Qing Palace。
“but,It’s really fortunate.。”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,“If it is not a teacher?,I am afraid I am now not knowing.,What is it??”
“Which is so exaggerated。”Listen to this sentence,The upper strip is not a moon laughter,“You are also a powerful person.,How to listen to your description like a small white mouse on the test?”
Qingguang laughs and not speak。
On the upper strip,If three years ago,I have not been saved by people.,But I was arrested for the research institute.,Yourself at this time,I am afraid that I have become a part of Muyuan Gongsheng’s ability.。How can it be a power now??
“so,Hope you,Just like I have accepted me three years ago.,Accept this child。”The Qing Palace looked at the Yindith between the upper and Qing Palace.,Lightly said to Xiaomei teacher,“The truth of the school city,It is not necessary http://www.maidikuai.cn to have such harmony on the surface.,The teacher will know early.,so”
“The teacher if it is irrelevant strangers,Maybe we involve you incorporated it yet.。”Looking at Xiaomei teacher,Sighed,“But,Teacher, you are gratitude,I am also the same for me.,So this matter,Don’t involve the teacher, don’t involve it.。”
Xiaomei teacher is silent,Look at the Qing Palace,I also looked at the silver woman who has been staring on the upper.,Finally, I am sighed.。
“No matter what the wind wave you are involved in,But in the urban city,Teachers are obliged to solve it for you.,This is also the obligation of adults.。”Xiaomei teacher looked at the Qing Palace and the upper,Conscientiously,“so,There is no problem that there is no involvement,This is also the responsibility of the teacher.。”
“Just determined you to probation。”Xiaomei teacher said it stood up,Pull the door to go outside,“but,Said that those who are cool are not used.!Teacher will not be so easy to spare you.!”
“teacher,Where are you going??”See Xiaomei teacher walking outside the door,Have a hurry。
“To buy three meals。”Xiaomei teacher turns back,Look at the Qing Palace and the upper strip,“Is there anything to tell me?,You two will be tiered in this time.!and also”
“and also?”Contest,The Qing Palace is slightly tone.。
“If you buy something, I am too focused.,Or too much thing,Teacher may forget this。”Xiaomei teacher turned her head,Faintly said,“So when I came back,You are not born when you don’t have anything.!correct,Charlova came to me last night.,Probably because you didn’t go back to feed him.。”Finish,She waved softly,A whispered cat is coming from the kitchen,Then a brown object is directly from the kitchen.,Put directly to the Qing Palace,The smart and skilled a few times slipped to the top of the Qing Palace.,Low 低 一。
Xiaomei teacher。

Dream back to Datang! The first Tangfeng City Jingjing Life Experience District is in Xi’an Xi’an-Xi’an News

[Abstract] Among them, the "Flower Dance Datang" on the south side of the atrium is the most outstanding. The scene layout restores the scene of Xu Hezi Shangyuan Flower Circular Patrol in "Twelve hours of Changan", and cleverly use the original two -layer air corridor. Give full play to the three -layer hollow three -dimensional space and create a public performing arts stage, which not only conforms to the setting of modern commercial public spaces, but also creates a brilliant stage effect in film and television dramas. Tang Le performed "The Great Tang Sanskrit". Twelve hours of Chang’an stepped on Ge Cai.

  Time -down day, Xianshan Red Dragon, Taishang Xuanyuan Lantern, Hydna Xianghui Building, Jing’an Department … Yesterday, I walked into Xi’an Qu Jiangmanti Square. Light and shadow scenes are overlapping. The combination of film and television IP and commercial IP. The combination of multiple formats and immersive experiences has opened a dream journey of integration and development of film and television and tourism and business.

  It is reported that the 12 -hour project of the Chang’an Twelve hours was jointly created by Shaanxi Wendou Group and Yongxingfang and Yu Yue Culture. Food gathers, Baiyi hand work, cultural banquets, immersive performing arts and other formats to create China’s first immersive Tangfeng market cultural experience place will officially debut on April 30 to meet people’s new needs for Tang cultural experience. Source: The moment the Meteorological Dream returned to Datang’s first Tangfeng City Jingjing Life Experience District entered the gate, and then entered the Tang Dynasty time and space, like Changan through 1500 years ago. Drum sounds, the city flags, and the scenes of Datang Kai City rushed. Tangfeng buildings such as the studios, stepping, and music garden, almond cheese, Shangyuan oil hammers, Wuxiang drinks and other Changan diets, throwing pots, double land, and drama such as Tangfeng entertainment activities … Here, tourists can be comprehensive and full. Experience, whole body and mind, and immersed in a deep journey of Tang Dynasty.

  The twelve hours of Chang’an has a total of three floors. The negative layer is the original Tangjing Life experience space of "Stars and the Moon · Changan Changan" theme. Hand -work, cultural and creative shops, silverware, glazed, spices, Tang embroidery, pottery, three -color, wooden work, etc.: The first floor is the theme of Tangfeng theme intermodation and leisure space with the theme of "Hyonalm of Hehe · Fengya Changan" Essence Here is the shadow of clothes, dancing in neon, and in the three major stages in the public areas of the north and south atriums. Special performances such as sword dance perfectly presented the scene of "Yixiang and Shadow is the Tang Dynasty". At the same time, the large immersive interpretation game "Datang never sleeps", leading tourists to experience 12 classic story scripts; the second floor is "Hydnah Xianghui · Night Banquet Changan" theme cultural banquet experience space. Lu Tao, deputy secretary and general manager of the Shaanxi Wendou Group, said, "The project is based on the six immersive fields including ‘Tang Food Hi, Eating the Downship, Tang Fengya, Film Nagana, Situation Performing Arts, and Cultural Feast. Let citizens and tourists enjoy the "watch a Tang Feng Tang Yi, listen to a Tang Yin Tang music, play a Tang drama in the Tang Dynasty, play Tang Food Tang flavor, play the Tang custom of Tang customs, play the Tang customs, play the Tang customs, play the Tang Dynasty. The one -second experience of the Tangwu Tang Li ‘in the Tang Dynasty. "Source: Xi’an Meteorological Innovation Breakthrough Film and Television IP Empowerment of Cultural Tourism and Business Integration from" watching "to" enrolling ". The project combines the plot in the original drama, the plot, Characters, props, and story characteristics, the original art setting team of "Twelve hours of Chang’an" was invited as a consultant to completely restore the scenes such as Jing’an Sand, Rido, Wanglou and other items in the play. Perfectly restored the vivid figures, local customs culture, and food customs of the Tang Dynasty, allowing tourists to experience Changan, experience Changan, and fall in love with Changan, and integrate new scenes of film and television IP to enable urban cultural tourism and business.

  Among them, the "Flower Dance Datang" on the south side of the court is the most colorful. The scene layout restores the scene of Xu Hezi Shangyuan Flower Circular Tour in "The Twelve hours of Changan", and uses the original two -layer air corridor to make full use of the three -layer air corridor and give full play to the three three -layer air corridor to give full play to the three three -layer air. The three -dimensional space of the layer, creating a public acting stage, which not only conforms to the setting of modern commercial public space, but also creates a brilliant stage effect in film and television dramas. The rich Tangfeng three -dimensional decoration creates a strong visual impact, giving a unique aesthetic experience. The public performing arts platform has concentratedly presented Tang Changan’s various song art dances.

On the stage of "Dance of the Dance of the Dance", the acting arts such as the dance and Lingbo dance of neon feathers and dances will be performed to reproduce the charm of the prosperous Chang’an dance music.

From the court to the folk, from dancing to Quyi, the art of all colors of the Tang Dynasty art collections on this stage, combined into a wonderful Tang Changan audiovisual feast. Source: Xi’an Meteorological Inheritance and Development Create Ancient Capital City Culture Culture New Business Card Secretary and Chairman of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Shaanxi Wendou Group. Tangshi Cultural immersive cultural tourism project. The project takes Tang Changan’s historical culture as the core, with inheritance of traditional literary pulse as its core, and uses original IP to enrich the cultural tourism experience, promote the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional culture, and create a classic cultural tourism integration brand with Shaanxi characteristics and Shaanxi style. The project contributes to the cultivation of new hotspots of consumption, promoting the integration of cultural tourism, and promoting the construction of trillions of cultural tourism industries and cultural strong provinces. At the same time, the twelve hours of Chang’an also carried a rich humanistic spirit and cultural connotation. Through cultural cultivation, multi -party linkage, and in -depth integration of cultural tourists to realize the symbiosis of tradition and modernity, to provide citizens and tourists with immersive, touching, can be available, can be available, can New experience and new cultural tourism experiences, leading the trend of urban cultural tourism, and creating a new business card for urban culture. (Wang Wenjing Yang Xinkai) Source: Shanxi Daily.

Although he is not a quantum physicist,But Love·Dracula can be so humble that he understands the meaning of quantum computers for the future better than anyone.。

From advancing the construction of five quantum technology laboratories,Up to now to match the quantum technology alliance,He has been working hard,But now all the efforts have no hope。
Ok,Love at this moment·Dracula is really http://www.sandcat.cn lost。
Until back to the hotel,Only gradually wake up,And thought of the last words Wang Yufei said to him。
“This is an open world,Whether it’s Xin system or quantum computer technology,Yuxin Technology has never thought about hiding private。correct,One of the conditions for Professor John to join Yuxin Technology is within five years,We will http://www.tyblwd.cn open up our quantum computer technology。In other words, anyone interested in cooperating with us,And are willing to pay some price,We can cooperate regardless of nationality。of course,not now。Because our technology is not perfect for now。”
This sentence was in a daze at the time,Didn’t think about it,So I didn’t pay attention to the point。
But after returning to the hotel, he was suddenly agitated。
and many more,Before signing the employment contract, Old John first signed an agreement that would open up quantum computer technology within five years.?
If this is true,In other words, Yuxin Technology will give up the so-called quantum hegemony,Just give money to share quantum computer technology with other companies?
Is this true or false?
The other party will not understand what quantum computing power represents?
If you don’t http://www.guerqiang.cn understand,Certainly can’t develop such an advanced quantum computer,If you understand that you should not make this kind of decision?
For a time,Love·Dracula can’t make up his mind。
This is a very important news,This news also determines what attitude the Quantum Technology Alliance should adopt towards Yuxin Technology.。
Must be certain。
Sent Love away·Dracula,Wang Yufei returned to the laboratory。
Actually he is not suitable for this kind of netting。