“I must marry you.。”Lin Feng is tightly holding a girl’s waisto:“thank you,Ying Yao,Ying Yao,I don’t want to let the cold to pass through.。”

“She is not the same as the Shu Yin,Do not worry。”Tao Yinyao Wen Yan said soft voice:“do not worry。”
Lin Feng heard a little bit,I immediately stood up,Just when the two people just stood up,A cold,Serious voice passed from high altitude:“Lin Feng,Hello big courage,Actually fled to the wasteland!”
NS654chapter Longtaijun comes
Lin Fengnan wants to start,The murder of his scorpion,Looking at the figurus of the sky:“Longtaijun,Your eyes are put in pants.?Which eye saw me escape??”
This is not someone from the sky.,It is the Director of the National Security Bureau Longtaijun!
“Mix,what are you!”Long Taijun heard angry,Face iron green,He has a powerful breath,The horrible murderous gas is diffuse in the empty,His figure steps。
Town to Lin Feng。
Tao Yinyao cold road:“Dragon bureau,He has already got me here.,Dragon Board, you don’t divide the green road,Actually, I will squeeze Lin Feng.,I am afraid I don’t meet your identity.。”
“Not in line with my identity?”Long http://www.lytxcy.cn Taijun heard the words:“Tiyin Yao,I am thinking on the face of Tang family.,I don’t care with you.,Give it to let me open,I have a good lesson today, this kind of small animal that does not know the sky is high.!”
“Ying Yao,Step aside,I have a good teach this old thing that I don’t know the sky.。”Lin Feng’s cold voice sounded,His figure greeted,fear,The stunned breath is filled in the empty。
Tony Yao hurriedly blocked in front of Lin Feng。
“Tiyin Yao,Step aside!”Longtaijun cold road。
“Tang Yin Yao!”A cold voice sounded in the void,A powerful breath falls from the sky,A respect is smashed in the void than the breath of the Sky.。
A figure of a road drop from the sky。
“it is good,I let me open,But Director Dragon,You are a fair match between the prisoner or two people.?If it is beat the prisoner,I don’t mind http://www.sytkyl.cn the appeal。”Tiyin Yao Mei is looking at Longtai Jun Road with a cold。
“Humph!”Longtaijun snort,Frown。
“Director of the National Security Bureau,Be unworthy,Instead, dependent power bully prisoners,Are you the rule of the entire security bureau??Still you are afraid of being smashed?”Tao Yao’s voice is in the empty。
“Mix,Tiyin Yao,Who are you going to talk??”
“Tiyin Yao,Do not believe,Our Dragon God Brigade is teach you today.!”
“Tiyin Yao,Do you believe that you can’t get this island today.!”
The members of the dragon god brigade rebuked Tang Yao Yao,Drain all kinds of hats on the head of Tao Yin Yao。
“enough!”Long Taijun heard angrily,Powerful breath,Let the members of these dragon gods directly shut down。
“Dragon bureau,If you are single and Lin President,I am never inserted.。”Tao Yinyao cold road,Tang http://www.hrbguangri.cn Yao’s figure with a step of exiting a dozens of meters in one step。
Longtaijun snort,Then look up in Lin Feng Shen Sheng:“Lin Feng,This is a good training today.,Let you know how high it is,Multi-thickness!”
“Oh,I also want to teach you a meal.。”Lin Feng carrying his hands and looks indifferent to Longtai Jun Road。
Talking between Lin Feng’s figure is going on step。
A roaring sound,Longtaijun’s figure is like lightning, to Lin Feng,horrible,Amazing breath explosion。
Focus on the sound of the dragon,Dragon Tailing’s figure is crashing between Lin Feng’s surrounding palm,Concentrate a huge palm of terror,This huge palm of palm with a shocked power。
A slaughter is pumping on Lin Feng’s body,Lin Feng’s body quartz fifty,Dissipated in the void,Longtaijun’s face。
Just when Longtaijun was shocked,A shadow is like an air appeared in front of him.,A slap slipped to his face。
Holding a golden long gun in the palm of your hand,The golden champion contains horror horror.。
Of course, this golden gun is covered with a brilliant air.,The outsiders don’t know the look of this golden gun.。

He and Ah Jiu have hundreds of ecstasy pills on them,I’m still very nervous。Yesterday in a small familyKTVSold more than fifty,Although small gains,But the place is too small,Extremely insecure,Whether it’s the police or the big brother who covers the field,Can ruin them both。

Red hair has seen the world,Flexible mind,Decided to take a shot and change place,It only takes two or three days,The money is almost collected,Resolutely stop doing it in the future。
Hongmao knows that this is a huge risk,First of all, it is not good to ship,Regular customers don’t usually choose,And the bigger threat is the professional sellers in the market,If caught,You have to peel the skin if you don’t die;Police again,Got caught in bad luck,A few years is considered light。So he is very careful,Only brought the clever Ah Jiu to help keep the wind。
Since I decided to take a risk,Hong Mao no longer considers right and wrong,The only supply issue that disturbed him。yesterday morning,A buddy who hasn’t seen him for a long time came to the Internet cafe to find him,While retelling the past, I asked Hongmao if he wanted to get rich,Hong Mao who was worrying about money immediately became interested,My friend whispers a few words to sell ecstasy,Hong Mao hesitated,The lesson a year ago is profound,Untouchable。
“I just heard you talk about lack of money,Just give such a suggestion,I didn’t want to be。”My friend seems to care。
“This thing is not a drug,Not that serious。And make a lot of money,Hot goods。My purchase price of 35 pieces,60 yuan for you,Also earn a shipping fee。You sell it for one hundred and five,grass,Ship 100 capsules overnight,What kind of concept are you?This is you,Don’t even think about changing other people。”
“So profitable,Can’t you just sell it yourself??”
“grass,Rules,How can i show my face?Do you think I feel http://www.fuzuweb.cn too much money。”
“I……Let me think。”
“to make,up to you。Call me if you are interested。”
It’s another heavy metal music that shocks the eardrums,The excitement and mania of the guests reached a new*。Red hair has been staring at the young men and women on a deck diagonally in front,From the behavior point of view, it should be an office worker who is new to society,Rare opportunity for indulgence,The movements of a few people shaking their heads are extremely exaggerated。
At this moment,A round-faced man hugged the girl next to him and shook together,The other free hand wiped the girl’s mouth,The action is very hidden。But Hongmao immediately judged,Man feeding girl medicine,Have a way。
Red hair looks around,A noisy sight,Lobby、Security guards greet guests at the door,The waiter walks fast with a drink,The bartender is too busy to http://www.art0393.cn even spend time,No one noticed them,Seems very safe。He touched the plastic bag in his pocket and the dagger hidden in his waist,The cold sweat on my palms。
After a while,The round-faced man suddenly got up,Looks like going to the bathroom。Hong Mao immediately stabbed Ajiu with his elbow,Also left the seat and followed。

Compared to Sima disaster,Others are not so lucky.。lt;/Pgt;

Yuanshi is expensive,It is because the royal family has been pressing the Yuanshi.,They are true for the hate from North Qi.,Incomplete。lt;/Pgt;
However, the http://www.isayido.cn Northern Army,The lyrics are also non-fake,Because they think that the Yuanshi is the fall of the phoenix is not as good as chicken,What happened to him?!lt;/Pgt;
So I solve people to take people to grasp!,He didn’t order,Those soldiers are welcome,Tell a dragon service,Come to the people!lt;/Pgt;
One day,Yuan people are actually arrested more than 800 people,It is not a root of the root.。lt;/Pgt;
Luoyang,A day change,Only change the way to Sima disadvantage!lt;/Pgt;
NS160chapter Change
Sima disaster“coup”fail,Luoyang Cheng Yuan’s heart is almost a thing of the Internet,I definitely can’t get it.,So almost the first time in the event,Gao Biyi is personally interrogated in the Hummer House,Carry out the next plan!lt;/Pgt;
In the study of the Hummer http://www.iyinrui.cn House,Gao Baoyi and Yan algae are sitting in front of a book,Atmosphere is some dignified。lt;/Pgt;
People such as 藻,Using penalty is the last means,Attack is the first thing you want to do.。lt;/Pgt;
“I know what you want to do.,But I won’t do so.。”lt;/Pgt;
The attitude of 藻 is very hard。Do this,If you fail, you must have generous to die.。lt;/Pgt;
“Hui family is also Guanzhong University.?You are a head of the family,Yes, not?”lt;/Pgt;
裴 藻 nodded,This is nothing to conceal.。lt;/Pgt;
Gao Baoyi smeared:“Do you want me to put a message?,It is because you gave it to Qi,Sima disaster will be arrested?lt;/Pgt;
Do http://www.tongmingled.cn you know why is the Han Dynasty Li Ling??lt;/Pgt;
As long as I declare there,You are tricky,Gao Yang’s sister is a wife,What do you think Yu Wentai wants?,You are bypass,Don’t have your home to be named by the owner,Then a family will be killed by slaves.。”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bo Yi’s ideas are very poisonous,But 藻 is not four eyes, they are mixed in the bottom.,Gao Baoyi’s fraud is not necessarily used in 藻。lt;/Pgt;
“Many of the scratched spies have an illusion,That is, they often think that they are very important.。lt;/Pgt;

“Is it a metaphor?,But”Think of this,Qing Palace,I took out my mobile phone.,Dial a number。

“Kaya,Please do me a favor”
(This chapter is over)
NS99chapter Teacher will not easily spare you.
“Baffle,so,How do you feel now??”
When the Qing Dynasty returned to Xiaomei teacher early,Already on the same day,Although this is close to eleven points,But the Qing Dynasty is still habit of taking food in the food.。
perhaps,This is often used to sleep naturally
“Bother,Qing Palace。”http://www.hbdmsz.cn Hold a greeting with a faint dark circle.,Then look at the eyes of the eyes of the eyes.,“Restore is really fast。”
“Glasses!”Yintker cheers,The two eyes stare at the food in the hands of the Qing Palace,Can’t help but lick your lips,At this time, the Yintker is wearing a pink rabbit pajamas wearing yesterday Xiaomei.,Looks abnormal cute。
“Eye glasses?”Qing Palace,For this strange outline, which is more coming overnight, said helplessness.,But there is no way。
Remember that it is right.,Yintke can also be tuned to the Meiqin
“Say,Xiaomei teacher can be a mature woman who loves to smoke and love to drink.。”Have the eye,Tucao,“Why is her pajamas you dress such?I don’t want to think about a few years old.”
The Qing Dynasty smiled。
“Upper strip!”Xiaomei teacher crazy screaming,I almost flexed him。
“Be http://www.syw111.cnnumb!Can you talk to this kind of tone?!”In the side of the Yintker, I looked at the above.,After listening to this, Xiaomei teacher nodded,But the next sentence makes her instantly fall down.。
“Although I also think that this pajamas is a little small.”Yindith blinks,Whispered。
“Hey!Overstate!”Xiaomei teacher wants to cry without tears,“I am obviously a mature adult.!”
“I got the teacher.。”The Qing Dynasty is on the wall,Can’t help but laugh,“Obviously, I just got by you.,I still misunderstood your father saved my time. I really stayed in you.。”Speaking of which,He couldn’t help but laugh.。
“Xiaoqing Palace”Hear this,Xiaomei teacher can’t help but look at the Qing Palace,Mutter,A pair“I am angry”Expression,But this expression is not angry with it.,Instead, she looks more cute with this kind of young childhood.。
“You are got by the teacher?”Listening to this sentence,Suddenly,Turning through the Qing Dynasty,“When is this??”
“Well,About three years。”The Qing Palace does not matter to lift the head outside the window,Faint tone,Bring a silk memory,“Is it an accident?,At that time, I was not yet.1eve1 5,There is no such power,I was in the evening of Xiaomei teacher at the time.,Her home。”Speaking of which,Qing Palace does not help but laugh,“At that time, I woke up and saw the first reaction of this room.,Also thought of which of the martial arts came home?。”
“You are enough!”Xiaomei teacher once again,Indignate look at the Qing Palace,“How can I say that the teacher is really a bit in a little chaos?”Finally, the more I don’t have the bottom gas.,Finally, I don’t say it.,Just look angry and look at the Qing Palace。
“but,It’s really fortunate.。”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,“If it is not a teacher?,I am afraid I am now not knowing.,What is it??”
“Which is so exaggerated。”Listen to this sentence,The upper strip is not a moon laughter,“You are also a powerful person.,How to listen to your description like a small white mouse on the test?”
Qingguang laughs and not speak。
On the upper strip,If three years ago,I have not been saved by people.,But I was arrested for the research institute.,Yourself at this time,I am afraid that I have become a part of Muyuan Gongsheng’s ability.。How can it be a power now??
“so,Hope you,Just like I have accepted me three years ago.,Accept this child。”The Qing Palace looked at the Yindith between the upper and Qing Palace.,Lightly said to Xiaomei teacher,“The truth of the school city,It is not necessary http://www.maidikuai.cn to have such harmony on the surface.,The teacher will know early.,so”
“The teacher if it is irrelevant strangers,Maybe we involve you incorporated it yet.。”Looking at Xiaomei teacher,Sighed,“But,Teacher, you are gratitude,I am also the same for me.,So this matter,Don’t involve the teacher, don’t involve it.。”
Xiaomei teacher is silent,Look at the Qing Palace,I also looked at the silver woman who has been staring on the upper.,Finally, I am sighed.。
“No matter what the wind wave you are involved in,But in the urban city,Teachers are obliged to solve it for you.,This is also the obligation of adults.。”Xiaomei teacher looked at the Qing Palace and the upper,Conscientiously,“so,There is no problem that there is no involvement,This is also the responsibility of the teacher.。”
“Just determined you to probation。”Xiaomei teacher said it stood up,Pull the door to go outside,“but,Said that those who are cool are not used.!Teacher will not be so easy to spare you.!”
“teacher,Where are you going??”See Xiaomei teacher walking outside the door,Have a hurry。
“To buy three meals。”Xiaomei teacher turns back,Look at the Qing Palace and the upper strip,“Is there anything to tell me?,You two will be tiered in this time.!and also”
“and also?”Contest,The Qing Palace is slightly tone.。
“If you buy something, I am too focused.,Or too much thing,Teacher may forget this。”Xiaomei teacher turned her head,Faintly said,“So when I came back,You are not born when you don’t have anything.!correct,Charlova came to me last night.,Probably because you didn’t go back to feed him.。”Finish,She waved softly,A whispered cat is coming from the kitchen,Then a brown object is directly from the kitchen.,Put directly to the Qing Palace,The smart and skilled a few times slipped to the top of the Qing Palace.,Low 低 一。
Xiaomei teacher。

Although he is not a quantum physicist,But Love·Dracula can be so humble that he understands the meaning of quantum computers for the future better than anyone.。

From advancing the construction of five quantum technology laboratories,Up to now to match the quantum technology alliance,He has been working hard,But now all the efforts have no hope。
Ok,Love at this moment·Dracula is really http://www.sandcat.cn lost。
Until back to the hotel,Only gradually wake up,And thought of the last words Wang Yufei said to him。
“This is an open world,Whether it’s Xin system or quantum computer technology,Yuxin Technology has never thought about hiding private。correct,One of the conditions for Professor John to join Yuxin Technology is within five years,We will http://www.tyblwd.cn open up our quantum computer technology。In other words, anyone interested in cooperating with us,And are willing to pay some price,We can cooperate regardless of nationality。of course,not now。Because our technology is not perfect for now。”
This sentence was in a daze at the time,Didn’t think about it,So I didn’t pay attention to the point。
But after returning to the hotel, he was suddenly agitated。
and many more,Before signing the employment contract, Old John first signed an agreement that would open up quantum computer technology within five years.?
If this is true,In other words, Yuxin Technology will give up the so-called quantum hegemony,Just give money to share quantum computer technology with other companies?
Is this true or false?
The other party will not understand what quantum computing power represents?
If you don’t http://www.guerqiang.cn understand,Certainly can’t develop such an advanced quantum computer,If you understand that you should not make this kind of decision?
For a time,Love·Dracula can’t make up his mind。
This is a very important news,This news also determines what attitude the Quantum Technology Alliance should adopt towards Yuxin Technology.。
Must be certain。
Sent Love away·Dracula,Wang Yufei returned to the laboratory。
Actually he is not suitable for this kind of netting。

Wang Lin in the car sighed and said:“Move your whole body at once,Doing such a big project,Without a comprehensive survey,It’s not realistic to just think about using money to drop this project。After all, this is a livelihood project,It concerns the lives of so many residents in Bucheon”

Xia Jian nodded,Parked the car by the elevator entrance。
When they get off,Wang Lin started calling,Very simple communication,Even if this is done。It seems that the relationship between Wang Lin and her classmate is very unusual。
The shopping mall is on the third floor,The contents are all overseas,The price is really not something ordinary people care about。So there are not many people in the mall,Looks a bit deserted。
Wang Lin and the waiter briefly exchanged a few words,Under the leadership of the waiter, they came to the counter for buying binoculars。Just bought one,It cost Xia Jian hundreds。He really hurts,If not for today’s work,He really can’t bear to spend this money。
Just came out of the mall,A security guard in uniform called and greeted him。This person confirmed that the person who answered the phone is Queen Wang Lin,He immediately smiled and said:“Mr. Hu asked me to take you to the top of the building,Present,Two please”
Because of elevator,Under the operation of security personnel,As soon as they got out of the elevator,And reached the top of the 15th floor。Because the front of this building is a low shanty town,One stop up this building,Suddenly there is a feeling that the hand can pick the stars。
Wang Lin took Xia Jian’s arm,The two gently walked to the edge of the building,Then Wang Lin opened the telescope in her hand and handed it to Xia Jian.。Xia Jian holding a telescope,Constantly adjusting the focus。From near to far,I sighed while watching。
After Xia Jian finished watching,So he gave the telescope to Wang Lin,Wang Lin looked at it for a while and said:“Why not speak,Did you watch it tonight for nothing?”
“Great harvest。look,Such a big shanty town,The residents inside are called a secret,Can be said to be very difficult。You mentioned living and working tonight,There must be a place to live in that building,Where is the kid going to school?Seek medical attention,shopping,And where to let them relax”
Xia Jian said,I took the telescope from Wang Lin again。
He watched,Said with a smile:“look,I think to build a leisure square in the most central place,First is shopping,Followed by entertainment。The square certainly advocates http://www.jiangjun163.cn national fitness,Of course there will be basketball courts around,Wait for a series of sports。And next to here,Build another commercial pedestrian street,And integrated market。Thus,Residents around have a place to buy things,Can some of them be bosses here!”
Xia Jian is more happy,It feels like what he said will happen immediately。
Wang Lin smiled and said:“You only said part,I will add the rest。Children’s education cannot be ignored,So there must be four kindergartens,Something must have two elementary schools,In the middle is the best high school in Bucheon,The hospital cannot be missing”
“Ok!This is no problem。Dragon Ball is goneSHI went to a private hospital,If you can run,Let’s do this project in a shanty town,Can also be written into the plan”
“That’s great,I will go to the municipal administration with Miss Jin tomorrow,Try http://www.diexz.cn to get the drawings here,And then visit the scene,According to your prompt,Come up with a detailed plan。Of course,If we come up with such a plan,The probability of winning the bid is much higher,But our profit point can be reduced a lot”
Wang Lin was talking,A little worried。
Xia Jian holding a telescope,Pointing to a soil mountain bag in the distance:“Don’t level any hill。Yishan University engages in green flower planting,Then develop small villas on it,This will increase our profitability”
Wang Lin heard Xia Jian say this,Excitedly snatched the telescope in Xia Jian’s hand。She looked at it for a while and said:“You are so smart,Which mountain is a bit small”

More than an hour。

I wish I ice only ran back.,About six kilometers,It is already very big for her normal exercise.。Immediately, she smashed on the side of the group to wait for them.。
However, the group is cold,Never let her touch,Not made to care about her。
The more you can,She is fascinating,The more you want to take the heart of the group,It is good to make a group look like her.。
I wish you two rounds.,Thirteen kilometers,Zhou still ran three rounds,And the distances of each return are much longer。
Finally, they actually go to the bridge at the same time.。
“You go to the national team.,Glory for the country。”I wish the doubles。
“not interested。”Zhouzhi pretend to gasp。
“……gone back。”
I wish the Shuang deep sigh.,And secretly determined,I have to practice long running in the next few times.。
Three people slowly play their legs to go back。
I wish I ice is already cold.,Out of running,But wait for them for so long.,she says:“You can run well,I have been bored here with the group.。”
“You just want to be a group。”I wish the double say。
“What’s wrong?”
“Didn’t haven’t happened……”Although I am only half a minute than her,But I wish my pair of respectful sister。
Zhou listened to them chat,I took the mobile phone and saw it.。
Nano news——
Li Daishi:I want to go out today.
Half an hour’s news。
Zhouzhi looked up and watch the sky,Really a sun,Just winter fog,The sun is temporarily covered。
Zhou left back a expression。
Li Daishi:Today I heard that there is a diagnosed case in my hometown.,Jiangcheng back,Don’t go anywhere
http://www.lyzhizuo.cn Depth:Oh
Nan Ge is still listening。
He felt as long as he listened to Nan Ge,Be a good job,There is also a nanigang cover,Don’t say this relatively safe small city in Yancheng,Even if you are in Jiangcheng, you can safeguard your life.。
Back home。
槐 is sitting on the window and looking at the window。
Zhou I want to think,Out another ancient book,Hard scalp began to read seriously。
He feels since the college entrance examination,His learning consciousness declines in line,Now now,In fact, he still guarantees full body investment.(A demon does not interfere)Not easily interrupted,It is possible to have a struggle every beginning.。
As for learning efficiency,Nowadays, it is much higher.。
This is benefited from the powerful ancient reading ability now,Now he looks at some ancient literary http://www.fcllq.cn works,Except for the except,The rest has almost no reading obstacles。If you still don’t understand,He again checks information、Ask the stalk,Or send text messages ask Zheng Yalan。With the slow recovery of 槐 记,It is possible to solve a little problem for him.。
After a moment。
Zhou turn over one page,I heard the stalks who are still sitting on the window.:“I want to go out today.。”
Zhou Zhihe did not lift a copy:“Nan Ge also said。”
“you say,Yansheng’s sun is not taken away by Chunming.?”
Zhou Zhiji,Repeatedly:“I made a decision,I have to read the book every day during the epidemic.,Strive for the small use of several spiritual power recorded in this book before opening the school,Otherwise it is so bored to go.,People must waste,You supervise me!”

“In fact, many nearby people like to come here.,Eat, drink, play,Here is a happy paradise。”Laughter,“In addition to the environment。”

Four people still have to find Yan Yan,Zuo Luo has packaged two copies,Preparing,Zhou Di came over and smashed a box of things.。
Rosau’s eyes,See the corner of the box:“Why do you have a condom??We have to go to the field?This brand quality is general,too thin。”
“You used?”Jiang Hong is shocked,Rosau is like a lone。
“Use。”Rosau is affirmed,“The branches are broken gently.,Survival in the wild does not work。”
Jianghong:“……”It is what he wants to。
Zuo Luoyuan pinching the box of condoms,Take the eyes of Ji Ya,She left after she left last night.,He deliberately disassembles the condom throw away?
The bount of Ji Yong does not look at her。
Next to the thirteen’s weeks of the condoms, the dark flow between Ji Yong and Zuo Luohuan,Finally determined two relationships,Let go of your heart。
NS 59 chapter(video)
When they go to the hospital, Yan Yan is preparing to buy breakfast,Zuo Luo hits the packaged breakfast:“We want to go to the mine to see。”
“I have already applied yesterday.。”Yan Yan took a breakfast,“Waiting will。”
“Your mother……Do you want to take a look at the capital??”Jiang Hong, Left 左 洛 欢,“money is not a problem, 377The army is also a strong, Left family can bear。”
Zuo Luo nodded:“The best brain hospital in the capital。”
Yan Yan looked at the mother lying on the bed, Hesitated:“If you go, My mother has not awake, Then trouble the sister.。”
Waiting for Yan Yan and his father after breakfast,The group walked toward the mine,The large-scale transport vehicle is constantly, Road dust, sky、land、Almost all the roads are mixed together, Foundation。
377The general of the military will be sent to Xijiang to give the stars.,A large part of the reason is that their strength is not strong in the winter army.,On-side lading can only do unnecessary sacrifices,Finally, I was sent to this.。Children who are born like Yan Yan,Many of the military schools, Stay away from Xijiang。
“Another year,I can’t dig anything here.,377The army can return to the team。”Yan Yan all the way explanation, “Many people have begun to prepare a plan, Only one area is not http://www.granitemedicalsystems.cn explored。”
“The area is where your parents have to blow.?”Zuo Luo。
“Yes, There is no silver blue in the detection.,But my mother insisted that it was necessary to open the mine.。”Yan Yan mother is377A team of squaders, Part of responsible for the mining,This injury, The final project is handed over to another squadron。
The Yi’s sudden asked:“377The army does not have the main reason,Everything rely on yourself?”
Yan Yan nodded:“Rely on selling ordinary minerals,Can make equipment required。”Just in life,377The head of the army feels that he is not a mission.,I don’t want to apply for funding to the Winter Army.。
Most places in the mine have been closed.,Only one large machine is still exploiting the mining ore,A team is working there。
One of the teams like a leader is looking back.,come over:“Small rock,This is the classmate you brought?”
“Sisters and http://www.hgbaoyuantang.cn seniors。”Yan Yan stands on the side,Leader,“They want to come to the West River to drop the star。”
Zuo Luo is actively reaching forward,Self introduction:“Zuo Luo Huan。”
“左……You are the daughter of the left general?”Leader shocked,Turn off your gloves immediately,Reach your hand,“377The captain of the military six teams,Lu Hui。”
“Let’s take a look,I heard that the mine is sealed.?”Zuo Luo laughs。
Lu Hui:“right,Soon,Next, check the mountain range from the Eastern District,We will Fengshan,gone back。”
“Can we go around??”Zuo Luo swept around a circle,“Also never came to the mine。”
“Can,But the mine dust is large,Nothing is fun,It is better to go to the city center,I heard that the entertainment industry developed。In addition, those places pulled up with red police lines,Can’t take it in,Capacity。”Lu Hui finished,Pointing a soil yellow pickup lane,“I will give you a car.,You will go shopping。”
“Lu Shu,I will bring good way。”Yan Yan walks with Zuo Luo Huan on the side of the car,He is responsible for driving。
It is indeed like Lu Hui said,There is nothing better here.,Language after mining,A circle is walking down,Like a huge spiral ring constant surface,I haven’t mined it without a mineral.。
“The original here is a bare mountain,Later was opened.,The underground also digs so deep,There is still no useful il.。”Yan Yan pointed to explain the following,“Reopeous of the green house,Yes377Military place,We come out every morning.,Stay a day in the mine area,Go back at night。”
Take a clean net in the morning,Night dust back,Don’t say that your hair is dust,They even the noses are the dust of the mine.。Nothing without masks,Sometimes stop resting to eat,Always take it down。
Entire mine,Only there is still not developed in the east.,Squeezing, Yan Yan, parents,,accident,So I will hand over the subsequent job task to Lu Hui.。
“Lu Shu and my parents are friends,So prompt to bring the team to help。”Yan Yan explained,“377There are not many people who agree to exploit the last mountain.,Every three months have a person who has a test group to test,I have never discovered the trace of Yinqing,This biacio does not even detect ordinary minerals.。Everyone feels that I am doing useless.,Already ready to leave。”
Yan Yan is actually unclear that Zuo Luo has to come to the cause of the mine.,However, the people of the capital may have never seen it.,So curious。

“Big brother,I http://www.sanyt.cn dare to guarantee,That kid will definitely mix into the city,But……We may not find him。”

Qi Dongyu said the worry of the heart。
Luo Bayun also nodded。
Oriental,“It’s hard to find,So,Participants pay attention to white blade、Li talks、A few people,Maybe there will be opportunities。”
Toned,The look is flashing and spicy,“Can’t,I will involve those forces.,Use them,Maybe you can once。”
……Inside the hole。
Yuanqi,Rich and pure。
Summer dish sitting on a stone bed,Bumper。
Hool!Surrounding scene transformation,Original stone temple,Cave。
He http://www.nastsdzsw.cnclosed three plants,The outside world has only passed for three months.。
Summer feels that your skills are very thick.,It has taken a big step towards the platform.。
If you change to others,Summer conditions,Maybe these three years have already broken the peach。
Summer different。
His San Dynasty,The energy required is too huge.。
Especially from the spiritual sea,This is the sublimation of the flesh and soul,Is a qualitative change。
It takes a huge energy to support it.。
Three years,He continues to transform the energy of the heart print and the Lingtai。
At the same time, it is constantly being developed with the following evolution and changes.。
His understanding of the four-character array is further。
Also increased the confidence of refining four-character。
“Ugh……Time is not enough。”
http://www.dgzbwl.cn Sorting,Summer long sigh。
Since leaving East Pucheng,Calculated with the outside time,Has been half a year。
In fact,Calculate the time of the secret treasure,He has been cultivated for six years.!He used to be very advantageous.,The bottom is very,So advanced faster。
But after the Ling Haijing,All the advantages and the heritage that have been accumulated,It’s almost the same.。
[Eight one ]Two close to the secret treasure,Time lapse six years。
He is only a big success since the medium term of Ling Haijing.。
Put your heart,Start to review their thoughts。
finally,The idomymus fell in the abdomen。
Can’t help but laugh。
He is a spiritual seize,Nature also has a heartm。
Dantian,Yuan Li has become a wide range of maritime oceans,One of the imprints will be over the ocean.。

“Didn’t anyone challenge?!”

Throw the long sword on the floor in the http://www.zldq888.cn summer,Scan from thick iron nets。
No human response。
Sitting in the left area。
Summer has not continued inquiries,Standing quietly on the stage。
He still follows the rules。
A minute,three minutes,five minutes。
Ten minutes have passed。
“Since no one challenges,Then I declare one thing,This matter will also be announced to the world。”
Summer voice came,The eyes become meaningful。
“I announce,Exit,Pass the overlord to Blue Emun Ji Margaret。”
What!!Fall into the voice,Everyone in the field is all。
Not waiting for them to react,Summer turning around。
Mai stepped into the elevator in the depths of the ring。
Leave only one of the people。
at the same time,The entrance flies into a group of black people,Quick disassembly iron network,At the same time cleaning the body。
“what happened?”
http://www.chengxuhuajiaoyi.cn “Yes,How is it improper??”
“Is there anything we don’t know??”
“……”The rest of more than 200 masters,The face is full of strong invisible。
Why do they also want to understand,Why do you want to do this in summer?。
……Shortly,The challenge of the challenge event in the world is coming to the event.。
The original killer is ranked first,Become a new hegemony in the world。
But anyone who gets the message and forces,I am in listening to this matter.。
Not long,Another insider message is transmitted at the speed of horror。
It turned out before challenge,Killing God announced the second day of exiting the world,Blue enchanty has encountered challenges,Live to bullets。
In other words,The challenge of this overlord is not a blue demon,Bullet。
Hear,Two super masters from rice,Gemini Pulang.Arnold Brothers,Bulk http://www.zt-xc.cn before and after being bomb。
Super master Houston from Wolf,Subbed life hammer。
rumor,Bullets from Huaxia 30 Ancient Wu master,Every one is the war of Sheng Sheng。
He not only wins,It’s more to find the strongest.,Even the thirty-six sword。
In addition。