Confucius Institute has a platform to let foreign people appreciate Chinese culture

Original title: Let foreign people appreciate Chinese culture with the continuous increase of "Chinese", and the global influence is continuously enhanced, and more and more foreigners enter the Confucius Institute to learn Chinese.

Since its establishment, Confucius Institute has learned Chinese in Chinese, understanding Chinese culture, providing an important contribution to promoting human communication, promoting world harmony and diversity development.

  For students who are eager to learn Chinese, Confucius Institute provides them with excellent learning opportunities.

Graduated from Uzbekstatthegan Regional East College Chinese professional Akbar Tur Song Boyov, I have studied Chinese in the local Confucius Institute at high school and has a strong interest in Chinese. Today, with a fluent Chinese, Tursone Boyov took place in Tashkend’s well-known translation company.

He said that now, more and more Chinese companies go to Wu, which also enables the Confucius Institute to learn Chinese Uzbekistan students increasingly. Looking at the world, like Turnson Boir is more and more foreigners having a strong interest in Chinese interests. The Confucius Institutes of the countries are booming, so that more foreign students can enter the classroom to learn Chinese, and feel the Chinese culture. charm.

  Yang Lei, China Dean of Confucius Institute, the National Eurasian University of Kazakhstan, said that since its establishment in 2007, the hospital trained the trainee, covering the ages and occupations; Wang Zhenghai, China Dean of the University of Malaysia, said At the beginning of the hospital, the registered students were less than 300. By 2019, 22 have been 22,2310, and the number of registered students reached 12,310; the Sino-Philippines, the Chinese Dean of the Confucius Institute, said that the hospital has established 14 years. Cultivate students with thousands of students, and the size of Kongyuan has expanded rapidly, and the influence is increasing.

  Brazilian Han Shengjie, Professor And Lie Brino, Professor, Ancient Central School, Rio State University, said that in 20 years ago, if you want to learn Chinese in Brazil, there is only a formal Chinese course in Sao Paulo at the time. By 2008 Beijing held an Olympic Games, the situation has changed, but Brazil’s domestic books, courses and related experts are still very small. It can be said that the arrival of the Confucius Institute completely changed this situation, let Brazilians can learn Chinese in formal education institutions, and teachers have professional qualifications. While expanding the scale of Chinese teaching, each Confucius Institute actively helped local students to understand China and Chinese culture. According to Wang Lijun, the Chinese Dean of the Scientific and Technological Confucius Institute of Belarus, introduced that in July 2019, the hospital held a summer camp to experience Chinese culture and Chinese, invited Demtritry, Vice President of the White Russian China Chess Association. Lead the children to explore the mystery of Chinese chess. Wang Lijun said, looked at the Chinese characters on the chess, the chessboard is clearly clear, listening to complex but smart game rules, the philosophies contained in Chinese chess flow into the hearts of each child.

  Cai Changjie, executive chairman of the Yakarta Hualian Education Coordination Agency of Indonesia, said that Chinese learning is inseparable from the understanding of Chinese culture.

In Indonesia, the Confucius Institute has introduced many knowledge about China, which is not available in many Indonesian local Chinese classrooms.

  Zhu Junli, Dean of the Confucius Institute of the National University of Mongolia, told reporters that the hospital held a "Chinese Bridge" competition, calligraphy competition, Chinese national dance competition, Chinese essay competition, but also enriched the teacher. The student’s field of life has also opened up the students ‘vision and enhances students’ understanding of Chinese language culture. In addition to learning Chinese students, there are many foreign friends who want to understand Chinese and enjoy the charm of Chinese culture. In this regard, the Confucius Institute also plays an important role.

  Last year is the Chinese Lunar Calendar Year, Belgian Xfland University Confucius Institute, in the "Spring Festival Evening", show 12 Zodiac and Chinese Spring Festival folk customs, so many local people are very curious, and there is an interest in Chinese culture; this year is this year Year of the Lunar Mouse, the "Spring Festival Evening" of the hospital chooses to hold in Ottand City, because Osund City is the starting point leading to China’s "Maritime Silk Road" in the 18th century, and "rat" is the first of the 12 Zodiac .

  Pan Zhangxian, the Chinese Dean of the Confucius Institute of West Flanders, said that the "Spring Festival Evening" of the embarrassment in the next year will find the right place around the 12-zodiac and the Chinese folk characteristics, introduce Chinese culture through specialization "Spring Festival Evening". Local people. The University of Malaya has also carried out a variety of cultural activities, in-depth campus, communities, helping local people better understand China and Chinese culture, and enhance the mutual understanding between the people of the two countries. Among them, some activities have become a brand project, such as the "Malaysian College Chinese Same Competition hosted by the Confucius Institute", has been held so far, and the social response is very good.

  (According to Xinhua News Agency) (Editor: Zhao Guangxia, Song Xin Rui) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

At the end of this year, the Guangdong Village (Resident) Committee has a public health committee.

  Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Office, the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Political and Legal Committee, the Provincial Party Committee Rural Work Leading Group, the Provincial Patriotic Health Campaign Committee Office jointly issued the "Notice on Comprehensive Promotion of the Construction of the Public Health Committee of the Village (House) (Hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), it is clear to the end of 2021, and the provinces (residential) civil committees have established public health committees.

  "Notice", the Public Health Committee is one of the committees of the Village (Resident) Committee, under the leadership of the village (community) party organization, accepting township governments (sub-district offices) and health and health administrative department work guidance, director of the Committee A member of the village (residential) civil committee of a competent health work, the office site is located in the village (resident) civil committee. At the working mechanism, the Village (residential) civil committee public health committee is responsible for coordinating community service stations or village health stations (rooms), property service enterprises, jurisdiction units, villages (residential) and buildings (buildings, units) long communities Volunteers, etc., as a special (and) member, regularly negotiate to solve the health needs of villages (residential) and the major public health issues in the jurisdiction, and under the guidance of professional sectors, complete health and health work.

  In the period of major epidemic prevention and control, the Public Health Committee also undertakes key personnel to find out verification, combined with the disposal of the epidemic, and enclose the prevention of sealing management, epidemic prevention and control policies. (Reporter / Yu Jiamin intern / Chen Zhaihui).

China chip should break through "small courtyard high wall"

  Recently, at the National New Office Press Conference, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that the auto industry is expected to have a relief in the fourth quarter.

For the automotive industry, this is undoubtedly a good news from the authoritative department.However, there are also industry insiders that this short-deficient crisis indicates that the chip supply chain of the automotive industry has been in jeopardy and needs to be rebuilt.China wants to improve their chip supply chain injury and the short-core crisis of the global automotive industry has continued for more than a year, and also exposed the vulnerability of the car chip supply chain.The international chip industry held by the United States is broken for Huawei, so that the Chinese auto industry is awake, and the reconstructed chip industry chain has become a consensus.

  2020 government work report proposes a strategy "to build domestic and international new two-cycle development pattern and promote each other", and this also applies to the strategic restructuring of China facing the chip supply chain.

National "or fifteen" plan and 2035 vision, outline, concentrate superior resources and technological development, including integrated circuit design tools, key equipment and high-purity target development; advanced integrated circuit technology and insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology breakthroughs and other characteristics; the key areas of advanced storage technology upgrading, silicon carbide, gallium nitride and other core technologies.

  The automotive industry has also changed the mentality of the past we do not agree with homemade chips.

China Electric Vehicle hundred people will be released with the China Quality Certification Center, "a new generation of automotive supply chain pain points study – automotive semiconductor chapter," White Paper pointed out: In the past, the country has been in a chip "products, but off → → car prices can not use chip companies upgrade → product is still slow, but off the "vicious cycle. Today, many car prices to domestic chip "green light", especially in the field of semiconductor non-security, domestic car companies have entered the semiconductor supply chain, and thus opened a "car firms the opportunity to quickly upgrade → semiconductor company car rules by loading capacity → iterative continuous improvement → more car companies use Chinese chip "a virtuous circle. At present, my country has formed a Shanghai-centered Yangtze River Delta, Shenzhen as the center of the Pearl River Delta, Beijing as the center of the Bohai Sea, Wuhan, Chengdu, represented by the four semiconductor industry base in the Midwest.

  At the same time, however, the establishment of a complete chip supply chain system in a determined effort under power, but also the eye outward march "going out", because the opportunity reforming foreign automotive chip supply chain has been created.

  International circle area may be "small circle" instead of electric, intelligence swept the world automotive industry, enhanced the huge demand for chips countries, the importance of the semiconductor industry in the economy highlights its safety has also been national attention and even the United States accounted for half of the global semiconductor industry, chip power, but also because of the relatively backward in the field of wafer fabrication, assembly and IC packaging and testing and restless. In 2020, the United States has launched the "bill to create useful incentives for the production of chips" and "2020 American Foundry Act (AFA)".

In May this year, the US Senate passed the "endless frontier" proposal, authorized spending $ 110 billion for five years, including technical research and commercialization of key technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, semiconductors. The United States also plans to spend $ 52 billion to subsidize the construction of the US chip companies to ensure that its key chip technology in a leading position.

In April, the United States and Japan and South Korea met in Washington state security, the United States stressed the importance of the semiconductor supply chain to ensure the security of Japan and South Korea and hopes to become a semiconductor to create a new industry chain of important partners. Europe, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries and regions have begun to strengthen their chip industry. End of last year, the EU 17 member states signed the "European processors and semiconductor technology plan joint statement" in the next two to invest 145 billion euros within three years of the development of semiconductor technology.

In March, the EU has launched the "2030 Digital Compass" program, prepared in 2030 to increase chip production capacity in Europe accounted for 20%. Japan and South Korea also began to force. In June, Japan’s Cabinet approved the strategy of revitalizing science and technology, one of the major initiatives is to turn Japan into Asian data center, to attract Japanese chip makers to build factories. Japan and South Korea 2019 semiconductor trade friction occurs, the Korea continuous efforts in the field of semiconductors to memory-based Samsung, SK Hynix is considering two leading companies build factories to the United States. All along, China Taiwan occupies an important position in the world semiconductor industry, particularly its chip foundry manufacturing capacity.

With the advent of chip shortage, TSMC and other companies are stepping up the expansion of production capacity, and is ready to build factories in the United States, Japan and other countries. Malaysia is also important semiconductor Asian export market, accounting for 13% of the global packaging and testing market share.

  Today, the chip as the core of the semiconductor industry in the major developed countries are classified as strategic industries, spare no effort to promote high-end manufacturing reflux, build localized industry chain, and strive to account for the 5G communications, networking, artificial intelligence oriented high-tech competition get a head start.

As countries have great importance to the local industry chain, the future of global supply chains might also fall apart. In the long run, it is possible to the United States, Japan, European Union, China, Southeast Asia as the center of a small circle of several regional chip’s supply chain in the world.

  From the rampart to break into the international circle epidemic has accelerated the new crown No big change in a hundred years, Sino-US trade friction to accelerate the fission of old and new world order. Before the international order to achieve new balance, to build domestic and international dual circulation pattern and promote each other, help protect the economic security of our country, looking for new growth.

  After 10 years of unremitting efforts, my country’s new energy vehicles to achieve in the overtaking lane changing to battery power as the representative of the new energy automotive industry has to go abroad, occupying a place in the international market. In contrast, my country’s chip industry is relatively backward, especially in commercial chip manufacturing capacity and need to increase the strength reinforcement.

However, we can not wait until after the domestic chip industry strong and then "go out", because now the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia that regional chip supply chain coterie still embryonic stage, is intended to contain Western and Japanese high-tech products to China the world’s "small courtyard walls" has not yet formed, to build a new chip supply chain window has not closed, our country have the opportunity to "break into", "do eye", "seeking life", but this time window of only 3 to 5 years, waits for no man. China’s auto industry only break through "small courtyard walls" in order to go through a cycle of international road.

Shen Cheng Peng, "China Automotive News" (2021-11-15003 version).

21 om de eerste batch van stedelijke updatepiloten uit te voeren

People’s Network Beijing 7 november (Wang Renhong) Volgens het Ministerie van Housing Construction, onlangs, heeft het ministerie van Huisvesting en Urban-Rural Development uitgegeven de "Kennisgeving over het uitvoeren van het pilotwerk van de eerste partij van de stadsvernieuwing" (hierna verwezen naar als "opmerking"). Volgens de "opmerking", zullen Beijing, Nanjing, Xiamen en andere 21 steden (districten) de eerste partij van de stedelijke updatepiloten uitvoeren. De eerste piloten begon in november 2021 voor een periode van 2 jaar. Focus op het verkennen van stedelijke updateplanningsmechanismen, verken Stedelijke update Duurzame modellen en verken de oprichting van stedelijk update ondersteunend systeembeleid. "Kennisgeving" wees erop dat het doel van deze pilot de uitstekende kwesties en korte borden is te benadrukken die worden geconfronteerd met de stadsontwikkeling van stedelijke ontwikkeling in de ontwikkeling van stedelijke ontwikkeling. Sterke eisen van de Update-lijn, transformeren stedelijke ontwikkeling en bouwmethoden, gecombineerd met alle plaatsen , en verkennen Stedelijke updates Werkingsmechanisme, implementatiemodel, ondersteuningsbeleid, technische methoden en managementsysteem, bevordering van stedelijke structuur optimalisatie, verbetering en kwaliteitsverbetering, vormen een kopie, bevordering van ervaringspraktijken, waarbij alle lokale wederzijdse uitwisselingen, wetenschappelijk en ordelijke implementatie van stedelijke uitwisseling, het cre?ren update actie.

De "opmerking" vereist het versterken van het werk, het opzetten en verbeteren van het werkmechanisme van de regeringsplanning, een wandelingssamenwerking, departementale koppeling en gelaagdheid.

Bevinden aan de evaluatie van de stedelijke medische onderzoek, bepaalt redelijk de belangrijkste punten van stedelijke vernieuwing, versnellen de ontwikkeling van stedelijke updateplanning en jaarlijkse implementatieplan, Delineate Urban Update-eenheden, het tot stand brengen van projectbibliotheken, verduidelijking van stedelijke update-doelwitstaken, sleutelprojecten en implementeren timing.

Stimuleer lokale voorschriften, regels, enz., Geef de regel van de rechtsbescherming voor stedelijke updates. Om de oprichting van een duurzaam implementatiemodel van overheidsbegeleiding, marktbediening en publieke participatie te onderzoeken.

Houd u aan de "retentieverandering" en de lift, met het beheer van onderhoudsgebruik, voer de bestaande architecturale onderzoeksbeoordeling uit, stel een algehele co?rdinatiemechanisme van voorraadbronnen in. Bouw een gediversifieerd financieringsmechanisme, verhoog de investeringen van het financi?le fonds op alle niveaus, versterken verschillende financi?le instellingen kredietondersteuning, verbetering van het mechanisme van de sociaal kapitaal, en het mechanisme van de openbare participatie verbeteren.

De eerste batch van stedelijke updatepiloten omvatten: Beijing, Hebei Tangshan City, innerlijke Mongoli? autonome regio Hohhot, Shenyang, Liaoning, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu provincie, Zhejiang Ningbo City, Anhui provincie, Quzhou City, Anhui Tongling City, Fujian Stad, nanchang stad, provincie Jiangxi, Jingdezhen, Shandong Province Yantai City, Shandong Province, Weifang City, Huangshi City, Hubei, Changsha City, Hunan Province, Chongqing Yinzhong District, Chongqing Kowloon District, Sichuan Province Chengdu, Xi’an, Provincie Shaanxi, Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonome regio. (Editor: Wang Renhong, Gao Lei) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

The 14th Men’s Volleyball Tests held 6 games in the Salad North 4

Original title: The 14th Men’s Volleyball Test Fair is held in the Euclifting, the land of 4, PK on May 26th, and the 14th Men’s volleyball test is playing in the eucalyptus.

Western Net Yulin (Reporter Li Ming) On May 26th, the 14th National Games Men’s Volleyball Project (Yulin Division) Test was held at the Yulin Vocational and Technical College.

At 3 o’clock in the same day, the Yokoshan Middle School team was a team of Warm II, and finally, the Hengshan Middle School team won 3: 1.

At 7 o’clock in the afternoon, the second unit competition, Yulin Second Middle School, the second team of War II, Yulin, also won 3: 1.

"The first time I participated in such a high-standard competition, I feel very excited, although we didn’t win in this game, such a practical experience is more precious." Cao Haidong, who was the main attack of Shenmu 2, received a reporter after the game In an interview, I am very proud to have the opportunity to participate in such a game.

This test is a comprehensive drill and comprehensive inspection of the official competition of the 14th National Games. In a three-day competition, there were 4 teams, 59 athletes participated in the competition, 34 technical officials, and referees. Today (May 27) at 3:00 pm, the third unit and the fourth unit will be performed.

(Editor: Deng Nan, Wu Yue).

Shanghai "Xiaoshixing" expands enrollment range: close to art to help

"Little Blue Star" expands enrollment to the art to help the news (Reporter Zhuge) "After the double reduction policy introduced, the small budget’s academic pressure becomes small, and can learn some things you are interested.

"Yesterday, Shanghai Xiaoshixing 2022 spring enrollment exam held in the Oriental TV station, attracting more than 10 years old and 12 years old.

As the first big enrollment, parents and teachers feel new changes. In previous years, this year, this year, the enrollment team has added many primary school students.

Many parents said that because the double reduction policy introduced, the child has more time to learn the art courses.

A father took a 4-year-old little daughter and the 8-year-old daughter participated in the interview. He said that the big daughter likes to hosted from a young, but the previous weekend is busy with the course. Now I have time to let her play a special, I hope she can find her stage.

Teachers also appreciate that children are professionally improved.

The group of Xiaoshixing Art Troupe said that the child participated in the interview this year, in addition to the further expansion of the age, there are more primary school students with certain art, which is large to be the school’s art education. Pay attention to.

At the enrollment site, more than 30 examiners were assessing, involving the four major categories of song and dance, more than two hundred segmentation majors. The interview atmosphere is relaxed, the examiner interacts with the children and stimulates art potential. Children bring carefully prepared talents, including singing, dancing, instrumental, etc.

Many children will work hard in clothing, makeup, and props in the costumes. Xiaoshixing specializes in a wish for the children, and each child has a good art dream on the wall. Some people want to find a small partner who loves to sing with themselves; some people think It is necessary to become a singer and board the stage; some people wrote, want to learn to dance and become a "princess" on a stage. (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

Ruikang Hospital Rehabilitation Medicine: Establishing a new type of rehabilitation model in Chinese and Western, for patients

Branch team.

Ruikang Hospital for Graphic Building and Talent Team Upgrading Rehabilitation Medicine, 92 beds, spacious and bright treatment halls are set separately with independent physiotherapy rooms, work treatment room, language treatment room, Swallow treatment room, cognitive perceptual function treatment room, lung function treatment room, traditional Chinese medicine special treatment room, functional assessment room, daily life activities, outpatient rehabilitation area, etc.

And configure a three-dimensional step analyzer, balance training instrument, upper extremity robot, lower extremity robot, electric displacement (tailor), biofedback neuromuscular stimulation, intelligent OT table, digital meridian flat treatment instrument, brain circulation electric stimulation Advanced rehabilitation equipment such as instrument, pneumatic hand rehabilitation device, diaphragmatic stimulator, electronic bronchoscope to meet the needs of various diseases and dysfunction patients.

There are 79 medical staff in the department, including 18 physicians, 3 nursing staff, 27 rehabilitation therapists; 1 senior title, 5 deputy senior titles, 33 intermediate titles; 12 Master; Innovative Rehabilitation Medicine Talent Teams of Supported Age and Professional Structure and Sustainable Development. Medical technology advantages adhere to the development concept of "Dancing".

The department introduced Japanese new Bobath rehabilitation technology, inviting the new Bobath Rehabilitation Association for the New Bobath Rehabilitation Association for the President New Bao, currently the new Bobath Rehabilitation Conference, Teacher, the teacher, visited the hospital to hold a national rehabilitation class.

The department team also systematically learned the basic theory knowledge of neurophysiology, neurological, biomechanics, and sports development, and rehabilitation therapy under the guidance of rehabilitation therapy, especially the new Bobath concept, and found the essence of various rehabilitation theories and rehabilitation technology. After continuous summary and sublimation, the team took the lead in proposing the rehabilitation system under the guidance of nerve and skeletal muscle anatomical guidance in the national rehabilitation industry, and continued to improve the department system in continuous clinical practice and research. Under the guidance of this system, a stroke patient rehabiliter therapy, and the rehabilitation training of patients with stroke is performed in accordance with the ladder. And combined with the local muscle injection of botulinum toxin under B-ultrasound.

The effectiveness of the rehabilitation of patients with the patient after stroke is remarkable, and it has formed a good reputation in Guangxi.

Rehabilitation of swallowing dysphagia as the advantages and focus of the department.

In the original swallowing-based swallowing functional assessment, the department introduced the domestic advanced swallowing angiography digital analysis technique and fiber endoscope, more systematic and accurate assessment of patient swallowing function, and fully mastered Based on the expansion technology of cyclic muscle balloon, an indwelling duplex cyclic cyclic pulpolactive device is developed, and a practical new patent is successfully obtained.

The rehabilitation technology of the department’s swallowing disorder has been widely recognized inside and outside the district. In 2019, the Guangxi Rehabilitation Medical Association’s Swallowing Observatory Rehabilitation Professional Committee, the director Chen Xiaofeng, director of the Director of the Extension of the Rehabilitation Professional Committee, held a swallowing in the same period at the establishment meeting. Seminar and Chinese and Western Medicine Complex Seminar and Chinese and Western Medicine Combined New Technology New Concept Workshop.

It has promoted the development and progress of the rehabilitation technology of the district.

Aiming at severe rehabilitation in tracheal cuts, using systematic assessment and treatment system, make full use of modern medicine, carrying out B-ultrasound-guided meat toxin-saliva gland injection to the treatment of hustle, electronic bronchoscopy, diaphragmatic stimulator, body seizure shock row Speed, speech valve technology, respiratory training, etc. Accelerate the process of extracting the gas cutting tube, reducing hospitalization time and medical expenses of severe patients. Patients with paraplegic paraplegic paraplegia, and the treatment of recovered paraplegia, which were treated with the emergency paraplegia. In response to the central nervous system damage, especially after spinal cord injury, patients with urinary retention, intermittent urinary technology, solve the problem of patients’ long-term indwelling urete.

Give full play to the advantages of Chinese and Western medicine, combine Chinese and Western medicine as a specialist development. On the basis of continuous improvement of their modern medical technology, the department has also been committed to improving the level of traditional Chinese medicine.

In the case of the continuous learning research theory, after long-term clinical practice, the classic ward has established a Chinese medicine classic ward. Hu Shifu Feng Shilun’s economical system is the main academic guidance thinking. He has blended a hundred houses, with five organs, Zhongjing Qin’an The medicine Fuyang French, the Yellow Emperor, the abdominal needle is a wing, needle drugs, and the law and the whole method, the lottery, inherit the essence, and the innovation, in order to relieve the people’s hardship and inherit the development of Chinese medicine. The director of the Department and the discipline took the leader. Professor Chen Xiaofang was invited to participate in the roadbar of the health of CCTV, taught the national audience combined with the concept of connotation, and the response was strong.

Since its establishment, the Science and Education Achievements Department has trained more than 20 master’s degree. It has also been standardized by the Guangxi Community Rehabilitation Treators hosted by the Autonomous Region Health Committee, which has delivered a large number of high-quality rehabilitation medical talents in Guangxi grassroots medical institutions.

In the department, the department has more than 30 scientific research projects, with a total of more than 100,000 yuan. A total of 70 papers were published in the professional magazine, including more than 20 core journals.

Wen three prizes for Guangxi Medical and Health Suitable Technology Promotion Awards. In terms of technical transformation, 4 new patented technology is obtained in the past three years. In the future, the department will adhere to people-oriented, according to the "independent innovation, key leap, support development, lead the future" work policy, and make full use of modern science and technology, explain the connotation of Chinese and Western medicine connotation, people’s health, and social needs Guide, continuously improve the level of traditional Chinese and Western medicine combined with rehabilitation, and give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese and Western medicine to combine rehabilitation, easy, efficient, and honesty, for the majority of rehabilitation patients. (Ruikang Hospital) (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Social enterprises together to solve the urgent need of the people

  Because of the two-day parking, the life of the residents of the jurisdiction has brought many inconvenience, in order to solve the urgency of the residents’ migrants, Liu Ying Street Xinxing Road Community Jilin Province Sheng Logistics Co., Ltd. Contact the watermaster, which sent the residents of the jurisdiction. water for live. On the morning of August 11, a water train parked on the roadside of the Honoluluyuan Community. The net whose men went to take the water through the WeChat grid group, and the residents of the jurisdiction were in seeing the water delivery notice in the WeChat group. With various vessels such as bucket, pot, pot, etc., in order to let more residents share the water, Wang Chang, the secretary of the Party Branch of Xinxing Road Community, leads the community staff to the water scene, some help the residents to water, there are Maintain the site order, some to help the old man in the old man, go home … Everyone is busy with water. The sound of water, the snoring, the water, the water, there is a laugh, and the sound is sent into a new music for a happy community. The water supply activity solved the urgent urgent urgent, the community United Nations Logistics Co., Ltd. not only sent water to the residents, but also sent warmth, the community will continue to make difficulties in residents, do practical things as the primary task, and use the actual action heart heart Residents, true feelings serving community residents.

Provincial Political Consultative Conference focuses on carbon Dhame peak, carbon neutrics and work launches depth consultations in Fujian Province

Original title: Follow the "Carbon Home" "Double Carbon" 闯 新 路 What is Carbon-Carbon, Carbon?How far is carbon and how far is it from us?Bright, "Carbon," in "Carbon," Action to "Reducing" … Recently, the final topical consultation in the annual CPPC will kick out in a strong popular science atmosphere.This "low carbon" concept is always through the consultative meeting "Deepening Fujian Ecological Civilization Construction, Promoting Carbon Peak, Carbon Neutts".

In addition to the science publicity, the Provincial Political Consultative Conference also purchased 2 tons of Fujian Forestry Carbon Tanning to the Fujian Strait Resources and Environment Trading Center, which was used to offset all greenhouse gases generated by this meeting.Double carbon "concept is deeply rooted.

Creating a new fashion of Fujian Province to achieve carbon-up peaks, carbon, and is the "big man", it is related to the sustainable development of the Chinese nation and constructs human fate community.

China announced that carbon dioxide emissions strive to achieve peaks in 2030, and strive to achieve carbon neutralization 2060. "Double Carbon" target is within easy reach, this is a change in the participation of all people, and it is related to every link in life, everyone.

"It is recommended that more than 100 people subscribe to the ‘One-dollar carbon troll’ project, realize zero-carbon emissions, to promote green low-carbon concepts to society with practical actions, and help to achieve carbon-up, carbon neutralization goals.

Huang Jianping, a member of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, and the original chairman of the Nanping Municipal CPPCC, in the meeting, Nanping City, Shunchang County, Xinchang County, the first "One Dollar Carbon Exchange" project in the province. It is understood that "a dollar carbon" is in Shuchang County, the original poor village, poverty The forest land owned by the household has been implemented by the implementation of the project. After logging in with the real name of WeChat applet, everyone can consume daily production according to the price of 1 yuan 10 kilocarbon exchange, voluntarily subscribed to the Japanese production. The carbon emissions produced by life. Low carbon actions have quietly rise in the province. Since this year, the internationality, digital summers, Wuyi capital Summit held in Fujian Province, have fully bought forestry carbon discharge, Carbon neutralization is achieved in creating carbon neutralization.

"Realize carbon peaks, carbon neutralization is not just government, business things, we have responsibility and obligations to participate!" National Youth Bank members, Fujian Environmental Volunteers Association, Vice President, Fang Yang, Victor, Victor, Victor, to develop Fujian public Low carbon behavior standards, improve the national low-carbon liability awareness and consciousness, and take the lead in establishing a quantified public green low-carbon life platform in accordance with the standard, and take the lead in setting up provincial carbon Dhame, Carbonacer and Contribution Award, and build Fujian "double Carbon "new style.

"We will formulate large-scale active carbon neutralization and management methods, guide organs, enterprises and institutions, and social groups to purchase forestry, and promote carbonaceous and custody, and promote carbonaceous midroachry." The Provincial Forestry Bureau said that the current, Forestry in Fujian Province has ranked first in the country. This year, 10,000 tons, 10,000 yuan. Realizing "Double Carbon" goals To synchronize research data, the net increase of carbon emissions in Fujian Province in the past 15 years, with annual growth trends, carbon emissions are mainly distributed in industrial production and transportation and other fields, coal and other fossils Energy combustion still dominates. "145" is the full-scale period of Fujian Province to promote high-quality development transcendence, and the new number of large projects expect energy consumption and the national energy consumption "double control" indicator has a large gap.

How to achieve economic development and energy saving consumption consumption "same frequency resonance"? Membersist consistently believe that two legs must be taken, both need to optimize energy ratio, and need to adjust the industrial structure. "The coal consumption structure should be promoted, in addition to promoting energy-saving reduction in energy conservation and decline in industrial, construction, transportation, public agencies, but also urges traditional industrial resource recycling and technical transformation and upgrading." Huang Yuezhen, member of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, represents the Civil Engineering Fujian Committee It will be said that it is necessary to vigorously develop the circular economy and gradually realize the growth of economic growth and resource consumption. Go green, low-carbon, and sustainable development have become a consensus.

"Realize the" double carbon "goal, energy is the main battlefield, power is the main force, the power grid is the troops." Provincial CPPCC members, the National Network Fujian Power Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman Tan Yixiang suggests, strengthen new energy storage work, realize New energy diversified flexible application. "Accelerating the Development of Green Low Carbon Industry" "around new materials, new energy, energy-saving and environmental protection, marine high-tech," "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " "" Increase Green Environmental Enterprise Policy Support "… The members have been taught to develop a plan for the development of new low-carbon industrial clusters. At the meeting, the Provincial Ecological Environment, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, said that it will adhere to the growth of the decontamination and decontamination coordination as the total starting point of the economic and social development, the industry, energy, transportation, and land structure accelerated. With the financial "live water" moist "green water Qingshan" "Fujian Province is the excellent student of my country’s ecological civilization construction, it is recommended to speed up the creation of carbon Dhame, carbon, and demonstration provinces.

"The Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Jinnan, Dean of the Ecological Environment Department Environment Planning, in the video connection, depicted green low-carbon beautiful Fujian new painting.

In the process of ecological product value, the development of green finance is crucial.

Guangze County is the only national unusable urban construction pilot county, Guangze County Deputy Prefecture, Luo Xuhui, to reduce the threshold of green financial policy, increase policy support, and broaden financing channels, and better achieve ecological sustainable development. The ocean is a huge carbon settlement, Fujian marine area exceeds the land, is a veritable marine province.

Xiao Junguang, deputy general manager of the Strait Equity Trading Center, to combine the actual research of Fujian Province, strengthen forestry and marine carbon tricks, establish Fujian standards and strive to rise to national standards, while relying on the Fujian carbon market to carry out transactions, seize carbon Research, development and transaction opportunities. How to moist "green water, green hills" in the financial "live water"? The Provincial Political Consultative Conference Committee Peng Jinbin said that when I speaking, I would like to "play the foundation" to formulate the province’s unified ecological product value accounting index system, "Platform", strive for national forest grass carbon exchange trading platform, national ocean carbon Hui Trading Sub-center settled in Fujian, but also "dare to innovate", combat the green financial product industry chain, explore the establishment of government green low-carbon industrial guarantee fund or risk compensation fund, encourage financial institutions to open up green financial services to ensure that green financial related policies are implemented . The Provincial Forestry Administration said that the next step will continue to explore forestry carbon finance and financial products, innovate carbon finance and financial products and derivative financial instruments, support carbon discharge loans, and encourage carbon finance financial product innovation. (Reporter Zheng Yuxi Lin Wei) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Chen Lanyan) Share let more people see client downloads.

so,Although he is a long,But the Lord is to tears。

Liao Jie took the face,Construction site looking to the end of the mountain road,I can’t help but turn over a white eye.,When I worship God later,Is he worship or not worship?。
Originally standing in the mountain,Because of hell invasion collapsed into slope,These days,The ruins of the old site of the Exor Magist Family League Headquarters are cleaned up,The construction of the shrine has just begun。
But because of the internal guessing mystery,The high level is the importance of this shrink,Appropriation additional subsidies human material,Designed to built,Everything is subject to the highest specifications of craftsmen。
In turn, in turn,How much is spent?,Be sure to comfort the gods。
And because there are too many power to visit,I can’t let God blow the sun every day.,White jade image is moved to the armjet,Waiting for the main hall to repair,Will pick a Huangdao Ji-day。
Front,Come and tears take out the pass from your handbag,Deliver a witch who guards the door。
The latter looks at Liao Jie’s face,The brain floated a series of question marks,I feel that this face seems to have seen.,But I can’t think of it.,After the passing pass,A slotted facing home running。
“Among unity,Today, there is an visitor to board the pass.。”
backyard,Witch,In front of you are training new people’s shallow,The shrine has not been completed,The number of witches is over.,This is a headache。
Just like Liao Jie said that,Pretty girls with beautiful girls,The unfair god will turn the Zhengqi Sopement into the Unreasonable Society。
“Who is?”
“A male three women。”
“What happened to,If you don’t work,Needless to manage who they are,It’s just。”
Among the shallow sigh,The door of hell is open,God of Devil,White jade image seal hell,Message spread too fast,Too many people who want to see God,Waiting for her reaction,The general trend has become no way to stop。
Since you can’t stop,That is limited,She picks up my own relationship,Number of time limit,There is no saying that a lucky one is drawn every day.,Want to see God,Various things。
“no,They have no rules,Just only the man is so mastered,I mean,I have seen a portrait of the adults before.,The men and portraits have some similar。”
“impossible,real or fake,Are you a mistake??!”
Construction Site,The yard has opened a brick-paved trail.,Guide to visit the Dhetin。
Liao Jie left hand to tears,The right hand is coming to give birth to love,The latter also followed one to life,Life winner,A pace of pace that is not recognized。
“Recently,What are you busy with?,Fall early,I can’t see people all day.。”Come to tears, eye sister,Directly select ignore,Anyway, not the first time,Go with her.。
“Check the case,What can I do?,Is there anyone outside??”
“I don’t say this.”
Come and tear and smile,Be right,She is thinking so much.。
What I want to ask again?,Front,Shallow witch from the arm,Seeing Liao Jie, right away,Slight,Accelerate your footsteps。
“Mr. Kurosaki,How did you come?”She respects,Nothing to get angry,Ignore three beautiful women yourself。
Come to the corner of tears,Means a deep and watching their own men,I want to hear his explanation。
In addition to false names,She is more interested in shallow attitude,Have a respectful,Full doubt。
Liao Jie looks at the mind of tears,Be there being:“Nothing to explain,Away from home,It is also a neon such dangerous country,And I have no law enforcement right here.,Certainly you can’t use this name。”
“That witch”
“See,Have a cooperation,Be an acquaintance。”
Liao Jie shrugged,He and shallow cooperation,Team to defeat the hell king,And seal hell。
“Mr. Kurosaki,These three Guests are?”
The relocation of Liao Jie said,It seems that I am not just playing.,Three sisters who are looking forward to home,Especially the long-haired big waves,Eye people can see,The relationship between the two is very uncommon。
“This is my girlfriend,Her call”
“Tear,Be a farewet wife!”
“alright,Be a farewet wife。”