348 new construction in urban shantytown in Shaanxi Province

People’s Daily Online Xi’an October 27 (Zou Xing) On October 27th, Shaanxi Province held a press conference for the practice of "I do practical things for the masses".

According to the member of the Party Group of Shaanxi Provincial Housing and Construction, Li Weijun, deputy director, as of the end of September, 348 new construction of the urban shantytown in Shaanxi Province, the new start-up sets account for the annual plan.

Distribute 35,879 household lease subsidies, accounting for the annual plan.

Since this year, Shaanxi Provincial Housing and Construction Department has been in the center of the center, twist the "hurricane" problem of "rush to expectations", and studies the 14 specific people’s livelihood projects, and seriously formulate "road map" "timetable". , With small cuts, power, good effect, and strengthen the implementation of the Popular policy, and do a good job in the masses.

The reporter learned from the press conference that the Shaanxi Provincial Housing and Construction Department will printed on the implementation of the "Finance" of the Finance Department in the Finance Department and the "Beautiful Environment and Happiness Life Joint Creation". The national policy documents such as the construction of the old town of old communities, actively coordinate multi-resource and market forces, and successively strive for the central subsidies fund billion, provincial fiscal supporting billions, support urban old communities Renovation. As of the end of September, 3,423 new constructions in the old town of Shaanxi Province were started this year, benefiting thousands of residents. "We continue to promote the upgrade of service files, actively promote the ‘Internet + provident fund’ service model, the first to implement the provincial regulatory platform and the integrated service platform of the provincial supervision platform and the integrated service platform of the management center, have realized the main business work ‘one network, the collection office , ‘Crossing the provinces’ and ‘two places’, online processing rate is%, truly "Let the data run more, let the people run less legs".

Li Weijun said.

As of the end of September, Shaanxi Province gathered for housing accumation fund billions, with billion yuan, loan billion, accounting for annual plan%,%,%. A total of 655 deposit workers were handled for the extraction of the provident fund for urban old communities to install the elevator, with total total dollars, effectively alleviating some of the deposit of employees and installing elevator funds. In addition, Shaanxi accelerates the construction of 100 rural revitalization demonstration towns, and fully promotes the establishment of 200 beautiful and livable demonstration villages every year, and has actively carried out dynamic monitoring of rural dilapidated house renovation, will be low-income groups in Shaanxi Province. A total of 3,313 households is included in the rural dangerous house renovation program. As of the end of September, 3335 households have been completed, small towns have completed investment billions, and the sound models have completed 1008 households, starting from 942 households, and effectively solve the difficult things of the grassroots, the people’s troubles, Sanqin people Sense, happiness, safety is further improved. (Editor: Zou Xing, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Development "Signure Economy" to promote rural residence

鄣 鄣 写 写 古 古 古, 游 人 田 田 田 田 … 进 … 进 进 进 进 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美From timepiend of the street lane, the busy shadow of the living passengers will be filled with a painted paper, and the harvest and hope.

There are 1 Chinese historical and cultural name in Yichuan Township, and 1 Chinese traditional village.

In recent years, the strategy of Wuyuan tourism development, the country’s resource advantage, innovation and tourism development initiatives, the annual reception of more than 50,000 people, the annual scholastic tourism comprehensive income is more than 50 million yuan, and the cultivation has become a unique "sketch economy" ".

"We combine the construction of beautiful town towns, build the streets of the village, and build a nightly economic art gallery. At the same time, serve the construction of Huatai tourism leisure township projects, create an artistic art in the theme of vitality, theme boutique streets and art casual streets Water street.

Introduction to Duan Ping, Secretary of the Township Party Committee.

According to reports, in order to protect the ecological environment, China and Xuanxiang have put more than 9 million yuan in funds, carry out the construction of beautiful rural construction with the main content of the village, and enhance the comprehensive environment of rural people.

At the same time, the integration of more than 650 million yuan, in-depth treatment of sewage treatment projects, build 6 sewage governance pipe networks and terminals, establishing a sketch sewage management river long mechanism, implementing rural parallel pollution "Ten Remediation" projects.

During the construction of "China’s Hometown Township", the Lichuan Township is working to solve the problem of the people’s urgency and promote harmonious development. In recent years, the country has actively declared projects, and strive to set up 1 high-speed export in Yichuan in Yichuan. The original road is also included in the construction of "four good rural roads" county road upgrade project construction.

Fully promote the construction of peace, covering 52 snow-entered engineering points in the township area.

Established a sketch research and rectification, joint market, public security, fire, tourism and other departments, and joint inspections such as fire safety, food safety, accommodation safety, etc. of sketch base.

Strengthen the management of the owners and employees of the sketch base and urge the sketch of the base to guide students to enhance environmental awareness. (Reporter Zou Xiaohua) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Wei) Sharing let more people see.

2020, Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Province long-made special inspection will start

People’s Network Harbin August 6 On August 6, Heilongjiang Province River Lake Changchuan Office organized a special inspection mobilization and training meeting for the provincial rivers and lakes for 2020. Recently, it will be jointly established a supervision team by 11 departments in the province to jointly establish an inspection team, and more than 80 business backbone strengths of 12 departments shall be conducted to carry out field supervision of 13 cities (ground) in the province. The special inspection of the provincial river and lake has been included in the provincial party committee and the provincial government into the 2020 priority supervision plan, which will play a positive role in promoting the development of the province’s long-term work.

The meeting pointed out that although the long-term work of Heilongjiang Province has achieved phased outcomes, many of the problem of rivers and lakes have long-term, complexity and arduousness, and there are still some short slab weakens.

In terms of water pollution prevention, the inferior V-water is very easy to rebound; in the "clear four chaos" of the river, the river is illegally established, private perius and fish ponds, plant forests and high stalks, dumping buildings and domestic garbage problems, There is also a clear and rebound indication; the progress of the rivers and lakes is slow, and all over the river demarcation, shoreline planning, and sandweight planning. The responsibility must be effectively strengthened. Through strong special supervision, the superiors and requirements are conveyed to the grassroots level, and the responsibility and pressure are conducted to the "nerve end", close attention, and a grasp of the bottom, and seek effectiveness. The meeting requires that this special supervision action mainly takes the report, check the information, see the site, and the next "one city is a single" and other methods to carry out the work, and the inspection team should control the list, in-depth problems, relatively intensive counties District and river sections conduct field supervision. Looking for the objective problems in the river lake, focus on discovering the subjective problems that work is not in place to ensure that the results are effective. Through special inspection, the problem, summarize experience, promote problem rectification, and promote the upgrade of work. According to reports, the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government has organized the long-term supervision of the He Lake for three consecutive years. The supervision includes the rivers and heads of the headquarters warning headquarters, implementation of the provincial heads and lakes, "Liang Jian River" joint law enforcement special action, industrial collection area sewage treatment facilities construction, provincial unison discovery problem rectification and Six aspects of the rivers and lake long-made basic work. (Jiao Yang, Li Gang) (Editor: Zhang Qi, Li Zhongshou).

China Moderne Art Pioneer Pang Xunyi werkt tentoonstelling gehouden in Macau

  De Chinese moderne kunst Pioneer Pang Xun’s werkshow opende op 10 december op de Universiteit van Macau. De tentoonstelling is de hoofdlijn met de Pang Xiyi-kunstcollectie (replica) en aanverwante literatuur, die de buitengewone bijdrage van Pang Xunzhen aan Chinese kunst en oneindige liefde voor nationale landen tonen. De tentoonstelling wordt gehost door Suzhou Cultural Radio en Television en Tourism Bureau, de regering van Changshu Municipal People, en mede georganiseerd door het Pang Xunyi Art Museum, Macao Yixin Media Co., Ltd. 24 december.

  Han Guard, Director Suzhou Culturele Radio en Televisie en Toerisme Bureau, zei dat Pang Xunzhen een beroemde Chinese schilder, ontwerper en artistieke opvoeder is, is een pionier van moderne Chinese kunst. Macau en Suzhou, Changshu is vrij diep in cultuur.

Al in de 17e eeuw zijn Changshi-mensen in de "Sixth of Qing Dynasty" in Macau, met de mensen van de mensen hier, groeien, en de 30 "Macao Diverse" gedichten van "Macao Diversen" studeert vroege Macau-geschiedenis en cultuur. Belangrijke informatie.

Ik hoop dat deze tentoonstelling een nieuwe brug is om een ??diepere culturele uitwisseling in twee steden te bouwen.

  Song Yonghua, de Macau University, zei dat na Macao de National Development-strategie integreert, het altijd groot belang is voor de gematigde multi-diversiteit van de industrie, en de ontwikkeling van culturele creatieve industrie?n zal veel hart gieten.

In het tijdperk van artistiek design en ambachtelijke kunst creatief, zijn mensen niet bekend met de meester van Pang Xun, en weten niet eens hoe zijn naam is, hoe te schrijven is een zeer spijtige cultuur.

Macau University China History and Cultural Center introduceerden met succes deze tentoonstelling voor Macao, is een belangrijk historisch en cultureel en artistiek cultureel complement. Jiangsu Provinciaal Partij Comité Permanent Comité, Minister van de Provinciale Partijcommissie, Li Jianlin, Macao SAR Government Social Culture Director Ouyang Yu, de plaatsvervangend directeur van de Macau, de plaatsvervangend secretaris-generaal van de Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government Huang Yu, Macau Sushu Zhejiang En Shanghai Tongxiang Association Changkaiyi, en vertegenwoordigers van alle lagen van het leven in de provincie Jiangsu en de Macao SAR. (Xinhua News Agency Liu Gang, Li Hanfang).

The original "brand" of the two civilized cities in Yaohai District, Hefei City

The "Civilized Behavior Bank" in Yaohai District fully opened the construction. The volunteering volunteer service for Guotou is a new sign showing a city civilization.

"There is a time to be volunteer, there is difficult to find volunteers" is in Hefei to become actions.

Yaohai District, whether it is a "alley housekeeper" new era civilization, the volunteer service team, "civilized behavior bank", is created by the civilization of volunteer service as the core of civilization.

It is understood that the "Alley Manager" volunteer service team was born in Shengli Road, Yaohai District, was the earliest of retired old party members. They played the rest of the streets, so that the flowers of civilization were blooming everywhere, and now they have attracted it. The more newborn strengths are added. Later, "the alley housekeeper" jointly promoted in the Yaohai District and "left neighbor" and other civilized brands, absorbing more broad social members and has developed into an important volunteer service team active in Yaohai.

In 2020, in order to promote the implementation of the "Hefei City Civilization Behavior Promotion Ordinance" to cultivate a new style of civilization, good home, simple people, Yaohai District Select Tianchang Road Community, East Seven Community, Railway Station Community, Shangri-La 4 community pilots such as communities, coordinate the construction of "civilized behavior banks".

In this "bank", the masses store their own civilized behaviors, banks redemption is the integral rewards brought by civilized behavior, between one, and civilized behavior have been recognized, forming a benign The circular mechanism, even a habit of residents in the jurisdiction, enhance the social governance integration of co-construction sharing.

Regulatory department: Tesla should provide real driving data

People’s Network Zhengzhou April 21st (Jin Hui Hui, Huang Wei) Does the Tesla owner enjoy the right to practice, the Zhengzhou Market Supervision Administration responds to the "people direct hit" in the afternoon of the afternoon, according to Henan Province Market Supervision Management Approval and production operators should provide their real data.

Zhengzhou City Zhengdong New District Market Supervision Administration received "People’s direct hit" interview yesterday, Ms. Zhang asked Ms. Zhang asked Tesla to provide an accident in the first half an hour and complete driving data, Tesla Auto Sales Service (Zhengzhou) limited The company said that we must first commission a third party to detect the brake system and propose data purposes through agreement. For the owner’s right to know, the Zhengzhou Market Supervision Administration News Department reported to the people’s "people direct hit" this afternoon, today, the Henan Provincial Market Supervision Administration will be consumer information on the use of the pure electric vehicle in the process of use. The issue of the right to approval. Approval pointed out that Article 8 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that consumers have the right to recognize the real situation of services or services they purchase, the use of goods.

In dealing with consumer disputes, consumers have the right to know their purchase, goods or acceptance of services, to find out the real situation of consumers purchase, goods or acceptance services, production and operators should provide their master data.

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Shanxi Provincial Committee Standing Committee held an expansion meeting

  Original title: The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee held an expanded meeting to communicate General Secretary, General Secretary of Xi Jinping at the Central People’s Congress Work Conference, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Hosting the Committee on October 19, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee held an expanded meeting, conveying the General Secretary of Xi Xi Ping The spirit of important speeches at the Work Conference of the Central People’s Congress, studying our province’s implementation of opinions.

Lin Wu, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the meeting. The meeting pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central People’s Congress of the Central People’s Congress, from the improvement and development of the socialist system, promoting the national governance system and the modernization of the national governance system and governance, clearly proposes the guiding ideology of strengthening and improving the work of the People’s Congress , Major principles and main work, deeply answered a series of major theories and practices in the new era of developing Chinese characteristic socialist democratic politics, adhering to and improving the people’s congress system.

General Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, high-rise construction, profoundness, richness and development of political connotation, theoretical connotation, and practical connotation of socialist democratic politics and people’s congresss in Chinese characteristics, to persist and improve the people’s congress system in new journey The new situation of the work of the People’s Congress has indicated the direction of advancement and provided fundamental follows.

We must go deep into the understanding of understanding, resolutely implement, and earnestly implement the ideas and the actions to the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping.

  First, we must deeply grasp the party’s top political principles, and more consciously strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership of the People’s Congress, improve the mechanism of the work of the party committee, support and guarantee the people’s Congress and its Standing Committee to exercise the power according to law, carry out work, guide And urge the "one family and one party two hospitals" consciously accept the people’s supervision. Participants of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress at all levels should seriously implement the relevant systems of the party, and implement a comprehensive responsibility of strict governance of the party.

  Second, it is necessary to deeply grasp the major judgment of the Party’s 18th National Congress of the People’s Congress and the National People’s Congress, which adheres to the socialist political development path of Chinese characteristics, and does not shake, and keep up with the times to improve the people’s congress system. Strengthening and improving the work of the new era, and better condense the intelligence and strength of all aspects to promote high-quality development, and better promote the transformation of the system advantage into governance.

  Third, we must deeply grasp the essential requirements of the socialist democratic politics of the whole process of the whole process. The right to know, the right, the right, and the supervisory power is implemented in all aspects of the People’s Congress.

  Fourth, we must deeply grasp this main task of working on the new era of the People’s Congress around the Party and the National Workplace. Tight the work of the People’s Congress in the implementation of the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, and promote high-quality development in all directions. The deduction is in response to the concerns, enhance the people’s well-being, and tightly deduct the rule of law, and promote the province of the rule of law, resolutely achieve the center, service overall situation.

  Five must profound the representative of the People’s Congress is the responsibility of the people on behalf of the people, strengthen the construction capacity of the work, and further promote the contact representative of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress. Better performance according to law. The meeting emphasized that the people and the Standing Committee at all levels should strengthen the political awareness, continue to strengthen ideological and political construction, quality capacity construction, system construction and style construction, cultivate high quality professional cadres, and strive to create the party’s assured, let the people satisfied Organs, state power organs, work organs, representative organs, to promote high quality development, struggle to write a comprehensive construction of socialist modern national Shanxi contribution. The meeting also studied other matters.

Sichuan Guanghan: Fully build a new pattern of tourism development

Because the Guanghan "is" wide to Hanshui ", it is located in the" Tianshi ", the heart of the Sichuan Province, is a famous historical and cultural city."World Samsung Pile, China Airline City, Anyi Guanghan Tour", Guanghan City, in the creation of Tianfu Tourist County, carefully created these three cultural and tourist business cards, high quality promotion.There are 15 tourist attractions in the city, and there are five scenic spots, more than 40 tourist attractions, form "central leadership, whole domain development, multi-flowering" tourism development new pattern.The new color of the ancient civilization is in this year’s "June 1" International Children’s Day, the large 3D animation masterpiece "Samsung Pile · Glory Awakening" endorsement activity – Chengde Epoch and four cities linkage charity activities "2020 first" same cityThe "Youth Film Dublinary Competition" launching ceremony was held.

The animation has just ended the company’s success in CCTV Children’s Channel CCTV-14, and has harvested a lot of praise of the audience, and also boost Samsungdu civilization has become an important business card for urban super IP. Taking Samsung Piles, Sichuan Culture Tourism Temperates, with its brand charm of "The Soul of Cultural Tourism, the Soul of Cultural Tourism," The Window of the World ", will push the Guanghan Sichuan Xi Mingzhu to the Spotlight of the World Delivery Stage.

In order to create a three-star civilized business card, Guanghan City invests nearly 40 million yuan to upgrade the basic display and scenic facility of Samsung Pile Museum.

In this year’s "International Museum Day", the Samsungdu Museum "The ancient city ancient Chinese ancient Chinese exhibition" is developed.

The display through the new interpretation of sound and multimedia technology, comprehensively systematically showing the theme of Samsung’s cultural people and God and the brilliant achievements of Samsung Guo Guo Guo in various fields.

Among the three-star tourists, tourists from Chongqing increased significantly.

With the official launch of the "Pakistan Cultural Tourism Corridor" activity, Sichuan and Chongqing, the two places of the two places, Guanghan will provide 5,000 free travel three-star museum tickets for Chongqing tourists. This event will further deepen the cooperation between Sichuan and Chongqing Cultural Tourism, and play more boosting in the development of the tourism industry in Guanghan. In the future, Guanghan will build Samsungdu to become a world cultural heritage, world tourism destination and the world ancient civilization academic research highlands, forming a three-star resembling museum as the core, with a three-star heap site, Samsung Pile Culture Industrial Park as a "one core two wings" new pattern.

The "Flying Dream" "ACC Fei Street is not only better, but also has a cultural character." Recently, Mianyang tourists Lin Zheng Xiao family play Samsung Pile, specializing in the ACC flying street in Guanghan City.

ACC flying street is better than the neighbor world, Asia’s first Blue Sky University – China Civil Aviation Flight Academy is a special block with aviation culture, so that the fans can be "flying dreams" in this circle. The ACC flying street project is based on the development of air travel strategy in Guanghan City. It is based on the aviation privilege tourism and air culture show. . "Flying Dream +" is divided into four sections of flying stores, flying mills, flying spaces, and flight cabins. It is a comprehensive service platform of financong industry results and product display, model creation and teaching, creative incubation, college students’ entrepreneurship, has been province Class Class Space Title is currently declaring national public invasive space. Relying on the advantages of the aerospace industry, Guanghan City invests nearly 500 million yuan to build an aviation exhibition center, and as a surcharge of the Sichuan Air Show, leading the aviation tourism and exhibition economy. In 2017 and 2019, Guanghan held a Sichuan International Aerospace Exhibition for two consecutive sessions. Among them, the number of people in the 2019 Sichuan Air Show reached more than 35 million, and the comprehensive income of more than 12 million yuan.

At present, Guanghan City has constituted "Convention and Exhibition Center + Aviation Theme Avenue + ACC Fei Street" "China Civil Aviation + Xingyao Air + Xilin Feng Teng" "Yijia River Dam + Samsung Lake + Light" 3 + 3 Style tourism brand system. ACC flying street is working with Samsung Pile to jointly build the "Flying Sky" Guanghan Tourism Brand, let the air tour have become another golden signboard in Guanghan Tourism.

In the case of the city of Jingcheng and Jingmin, June 1, Guanghan Gaoping Town, Gaoping Town, Guanghan City officially opened, more than 280 acres of sunflower, as well as a colorful Gosang flower, Qing and elegant lotus lotus, Mutual fighting in the vast flower sea. Guanghan is attracting more and more tourists from the Sichuan plain scenery and comfortable human living environment. As a comprehensive cultural tourism resort integrating "eat living, tourism", the village tourism scenic spot of Yuguar River Bashang River Dam, Guanghan City, is a national AAAA level scenic spot. In recent years, it has invested 1.5 billion yuan to build a three rivers and lakes. Tourism ribilities such as sightseeing areas, happy water world, Sanjiang along the river wetland, attracting about 700,000 tourists every year, and the annual tourism income exceeds 100 million yuan. Lian Mountain Town, peach blossom, three-water town fishing, picking grapes, Duan Jiayuan appreciates Sichuan West ancient people … in Guanghan, the whole country tourism is not only the amount of expansion, but also the quality leap.

With "Chengcheng One, Jingmin" is the main purpose, Guanghan City has also built Samsung Taiji Square, Duck River Landscape Engineering, Glorious Engineering, Ecological Landscape Stack Road, Building Jinyan Water Court, Ma Hushen Wetland Park, North District City parks such as parks, further improve the living environment, enrich the tourism state, and improve tourism images. In the night, the Hua light flashes, and the whole house lake park is clearly clear. Guanghan City follows the tradition of "West Lake Night Moon", with the core of Huanhu Park, in series of Balance Department Store, Hankou Road, Yili Street and other cultural business circles, and build "Night Tour Yucheng" project. Among them, the Fanghu Park concentrated on the modern version of "Natural Landscape + Light Art + Culture Characteristics", "West Lake Night Moon", integrating Bayu Garden Culture into the lighting design, creating a night view of a wide range of cultural characteristics.

It is understood that in 2019, Guanghan City receiving 10,000 tourists, a year-on-year growth rate; realizing total tourism income billion, year-on-year growth%, continued to steady to Deyang first. Zhang Junyi, secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee, said that it has a very important role in the establishment of Tianfu Tourist County and the National Tourism Demonstration Zone, which has a very important role in improving the tourism image of Guanghan, and promoting economic development.

By 2021, we will strive to achieve 12 million Chinese and foreign tourists, and the total tourism income is 12 billion yuan.

(Kong Jihong).

Sinochem held a "beginner’s mind did not forget, remember our mission," the theme of education concluded the General Assembly

  January 10, Sinochem held a "not forget the early heart, remember our mission" in Beijing on the theme of education concluded the General Assembly, in-depth study and implement Xi Jinping new era of socialist ideas and the central Chinese characteristics "not forget the early heart, remember our mission," the spirit of the theme of education concluded the General Assembly, Group of education theme were carried out summary, made arrangements to solidify and deepen the theme of education.

  Sinochem party secretary and chairman of Ning attended the meeting and made a concluding speech, Sinochem Group and deputy party secretary, director and general manager Yang presided over the meeting, the Central Steering Group tour thirteenth deputy head of the State Council, the SASAC comprehensive supervision Li Zhao, deputy director of the new Bureau of the central Steering group tour thirteenth member Li Jun, Zhang Jiannan to be guided.

Sinochem Beijing leadership team members, leading Party group management and trust management division of key posts, Education Leading Group Office Group themes and tour guide team members, Group for the three companies team members and some Party members, workers representatives, respectively in the main venue and the venue to participate in a video conference.

  The meeting first conveyed General Secretary Xi Jinping at the center of "early heart did not forget, remember our mission" important speech concluded the General Assembly on the theme of education.

Ning In conclusion, the group pointed out that the theme of education work, carry out the "beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission," the theme of education in the party, is a major decision made by the party nineteen large.

Group party attaches great importance to the effective implementation of the main responsibility, accurately grasp the general requirements of "Shou beginning of the heart, Tam mission, shortcomings, carry it out," the focus Xi Jinping to implement a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the main line of thought, in the middle of the thirty under the careful guidance of the Steering group and the central Steering group of the thirteenth tour, focus on "innovation theory to arm grasping, grasping the political character temper, focus on practical problem-solving" key three aspects, careful arrangements, well-organized, under the above rate, demonstration driven, promote the theme of education to carry out solid and effective. By training learning education, strengthening the theory of armed; in-depth research, identify outstanding issues; examine carefully the question, profound analysis of reflection; comprehensively promote the reform, efforts to solve the problem; practice early heart the mission to create satisfaction project; strengthen supervision and guidance, effective implementation responsibility to further strengthen the innovative theory of armed, loyal temper the political character of a clean play, to solve the practical problems of reform and development, promote the party-party responsibility to implement the tube, and achieved outstanding results.

  Ning summed up the experience in four areas of the group the theme of education: First, Party building work must adhere to the political construction in the first place; the second is to play a clean loyal political party members character temper is an important task of education; Third, education is the theme of the party important carrier and means to strengthen party building work; the fourth is the theme of education to enhance their understanding, seek practical results, pay attention to work together to strengthen the organization and leadership efforts of four links.

  Ning stressed the need to follow instructions Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important instructions on the theme of education and the spirit of the party’s ninth plenary session on the establishment of four beginning of the heart do not forget, keep in mind about the mission system requirements, continued study and implement the Party’s theoretical innovation, loyalty temper Clean served as political character, practice early heart the mission to fulfill the responsibility of central enterprises, establish and improve long-term mechanism to consolidate the four aspects of deepening the theme of educational outcomes.

  Li Zhao new to Sinochem "not forget the early heart, remember our mission," the theme of education to give full recognition that Sinochem party group thoroughly study and implement the new era of socialist ideology Xi Jinping Chinese characteristics, conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and deployment requirements, strengthen leadership, well-organized, solid promote the theme of education achieved fruitful results, mainly in the following aspects: First, study and implementation of a new era of Xi Jinping thought socialism with Chinese characteristics and achieve new results, to improve the true believers resourceful, ability to apply what they learn, and enhance the defensive early heart, Tam mission the conscious thought and conscious action; the second is the profound ideological and political receive baptism, to enhance the "four consciousness" firm "four self-confidence", so that "two to maintain" more conscious; three is General business, served as the uniqueness get a boost, promote the implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping important instructions and instructions from the Party Central Committee’s decision to deploy, and promote reform, development and Party building work; Fourth, some of the most urgent problems of the masses most worry the most hope for effectively addressed , shortcomings, efforts to implement outstanding problems and special rectification achieved remarkable success; Fifth, to enhance the understanding of keeping honest and clean, conservation Delicate gas is the political environment.

  Zhao Li did not forget early on the establishment of a new heart, keeping in mind the mission of the institution, put forward five specific requirements: First, we must persevere in studying and implementing the new era of socialist ideology Xi Jinping Chinese characteristics, did not forget to build a strong early heart, bear in mind the ideological foundation’s mission; the second is to consciously to enhance the political standing position, push the majority of party members and cadres to enhance the "four consciousness" firm "four self-confidence", so that "two maintenance"; Third, we must unswervingly implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on the art work important instructions and written instructions to ensure that the CPC Central Committee decision to deploy effective floor; fourth is to make full use of the rich results of the party’s self-revolution, organize Party members and cadres regular review and contrary to early heart problem solving mission; fifth is to continue to do a good job implementing the rectification ensure the rectification task of determining the subject of education, especially special rectification solid footing. Yang Hua implement the good spirit of the meeting put forward specific requirements, pointed out the need to learn quickly convey General Secretary Xi Jinping at the center of "early heart did not forget, remember our mission" important speech concluded the General Assembly on the subject of education, practical thinking and action with the central spirit ; accordance with the central theme of the General Assembly summarized the spirit of education and group deployment requirements, establish a new system, improve the mechanism, pay close attention to work hard to implement, the formation of normalization, long-term oriented institutional achievement; should focus on two of cooperation, scientific and technological innovation, deepen reform, restructuring and development center and other tasks, to consolidate the results reflect the theme of education to deepen enterprise management, the majority of party members and cadres General business inspired by the theme of education, served as the uniqueness into a solid work to promote the development of a powerful driving force for building a world-class integrated chemical companies to provide a strong political guarantee. (Editor: Chen Qian segment, Yan Yan) People’s Daily Online Copyright, without written authorization prohibited.

When Li Hui Bell is preparing to experiment with the things that I have just realized,The phone ringtone is ringing。

It is a tall that call him.。
The other party said that he immediately understood what he had to happen.。
“Li big brother,You think about me.?”
Dawn listened to Li Hui’s words,It’s also laughing.。
“Hahaha wants,I don’t want to see you soon.,How about it?
Do you have time now??
Come here, here。”
“Forehead,The village is still developing?!”
Li Hui Feng, although the strength of his strength is confident,But he doesn’t want to expose too early.。
“Lee brother,I understand your idea,But isn’t I said to you before??
If you can get the above recognition,Don’t say your village,It is your entire county to go directly.。”
“Hey-hey,Li Dado I understand,I just want to build your strength.,After all, there is a sense of accomplishment.,If you use this big machine,Then I am not the person who has caused the burden on the country??”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said.,Dawn is also a glimpse。
“Haha can’t see Li, I still have such a chest.,Row,Then don’t talk about this.,But you still have a lot of,After all, I will blow you out.,If you don’t come,That helper thought I was a deceptive,Even if you only come only a day.,Will you delay your plan in the village one day??”
Dawn said this day.,Li Hui is also embarrassed to refuse again.。
“Forehead,Press to reimburse the round ticket?”
“Hahaha ticket has been bought,how?”
“Li Dado bought a ticket,What can i say?”
soon,Li Hui’s mobile phone received the trip arrangement for Trism。
It is good to start the next day., Not the same day,Otherwise, he is afraid to take a taxi to the airport.。
Li Hui also understands,This time I am afraid that it will not be too short.。
Immediately, it is also arranged for all tasks.。
Ye Shuangli learned that Li Hui Feng so quickly went to the magic,Also a glimpse。
“Lee brother,Don’t use me to accompany you?
I am very familiar over there.。”
“Hey-hey,Need not,I am so big.,Can also lose it?
Ye Big Brother, you are now a pallet.,I have time to practice more times.,Good for your body。”
When Li Hui said, he gave the blindfold.。
Although it is his handwritten,But the content inside is definitely a lot of。