Anhui and counties: Xiaocheng Dagang sail

江 港. The Ministry of Publicity and the County Party Committee is in the Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong. In the context of economic globalization, the port is a core strategic resource that promotes regional economic development. And in the county, there is a unique resource advantage.

  Have a Yangtze River shoreline for 23 kilometers from the county, including natural and deep water, which can stop from 20,000 to 30000 tons of ships all year round. As a result, there is a natural endowment of the river hub in the world. Since the resource endowment of the county to understand the resource endowment of Deep Water Port, the dream of building Hong Kong is like a river beach is generally crazy.

  At the 12th plenary meeting of the Thirteenth Committee of the Communist Party of China last year, and the county has clearly proposed four "1 + 4" frame layout of the industry to build industries, modern agriculture, literature, and leading economy.

  In the "Outline" of Anhui "14th Five-Year Plan" this year, in the overall development of the construction of modern circulation system, it is proposed to build Wuhu Ma’han and Anqing Jianghai Junyun Hub. And, this year, the "Nanjing Metropolitan Development Plan" is also clear, will accelerate the construction of Jianghai Jianyun, Jianghai Junyun, Nanjing, the Yangtze River, and the Wuhu Maanshan River Sea Junyun. "Two plans mentioned the Wuhu Maanshan River Sea Junyun Machine, so it is imperative to build a Harbor, the machine is not lost.

"Li Shan, director of the county development reform committee, the unique advantage of the Huangang Port, must be a focus on the construction of the hub, integrating with the Yangtze River Economic Zone, the Yangtze River Triangulation, and the close-related port construction development of the Nanjing Metropolitan Circle. .

  Li Shan said, the next step, the Hi Jiangang will build a large-scale modern integrated logistics hub in port loading and unloading, stacking, storage, processing, distribution, ship proxy, cargo agent, building materials trade, e-commerce, information service, etc. For the Jianghai Intermodal Hub Center and the multimodal transport distribution center. Adhering to the green environmental protection concept, after the establishment of the Hangang Port, the bulk cargo cave, the bulk car warehouse is fully closed, bulk goods are all entered, and bulk goods have spray environmental protection facilities in each transshipment point. In addition, the main equipment of the port will adopt high-efficiency energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, the dock berth is equipped with a shore power system, and the terminal is equipped with an oil sewage collection system.

The rainwater sewage in the pier port area shall perform spray greening after collecting all the collection, and realize the reuse of water resources.

  The waterway will be developed; the dock is living, and the industry is full.

With a good harbor, how to build a modern port logistics system, developing the Hong Kong economy, is a new topic facing the county. Li Shan introduced that the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and the county will promote the intersection of "building large platforms, promoting big projects, introducing large enterprises" in accordance with Hong Kong and Industrial, and invested in Gang, and introducing large enterprises. Integrated fusion development, letting China ‘s economy becomes a new engine that drives rapidly in the county economy and society. The development of the port is the development of a city, and the harbor is the same as the future hope. Such endowments, such a burden, such as the sound of the charge, the sound comes, continuously inspiring the green dreams in this city in the city. Heshi County, is becoming a priority of more and more people.

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Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, "Great Julie" held in Beijing Shengfa, Li Keqiang, Wang Yang, Huang Zhao, Han Zheng, Wang Qishan, attended

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, June 28th, the blue road, the blue, the great industry, the initial heart did not forget to set sail.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, "Great Journey" is held in the National Stadium on the evening of the National Stadium.

Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Yan Chuan, Wang Yang, Wang Huning, Zhao Le, Han Zheng, Wang Qishan and other party and national leaders, together with about 20,000 spectators, watch the performance together, and review the Chinese Communist Party to establish a magnificent brilliant course, bless the greatness The party leads the Chinese people to enter the new journey and work hard in the new era. At night, the Olympic Central District is flowing, beautiful, festive Chinese knot lamp, eye-catching celebration, colorful Panlong flower column, expressing the festive blessings of the Chinese Communist Party 100 years.

The National Stadium in Jinguang Majeng "Bird’s Nest", the "Water Cube" with Dark Blue National Swimming Center. In the national stadium, the lights are shining. On the giant screen of the Central Stage, the golden party emblem shines under the red curtain, and the "1921" and "2021" gold pattern are written on both sides.

At the highest stage, 100 routing portraits are tall, and the two sides are rotated in the foundation. Yingzi’s youth hands holding red bouquet, gather on the stage of the stage. At 19:57, in the cheerful music, Xi Jinping came to the chairpers and waved to everyone, and the audience sounded warm applause and cheers.

As the passionate song sounded, the gorgeous fireworks raised "100" year, and it was placed over the national stadium.

On the stage, dotted the spark collection to collect the pattern of the party emblem and kicked off the curtain. The performance is presented in the form of large-scale scene epic. It is divided into four chapters. Comprehensively use a variety of artistic means to vividly show the Chinese people to lead the Chinese people to carry out the revolution, construction, reform of the magnificent picture, and the enthusiasm of the Song Party Since the 18th National Congress of the Song. Under the strong leadership of the party centron’s party, the socialism with the comrades of Xi Jinping, the socialism with Chinese characteristics entered the new era, and the new journey to the comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries.

"This party must guide China to go to the light, let the Chinese live a good day …" The drama and dance "Dawn" reproduce the modern times, the Chinese nation has grinding, countless people’s people go to success, until 1921 China Communist Party Birth, the face of the Chinese revolution is new. The first chapter "Bathing", with the scene dance "Uprising Uprising", the "land", the drama and dance "Long March", the scene chorus "roar Yellow River", the chorus and dance "forward", " The show, the vivid exhibition is now in the smoke of the revolution, on the hard-Japanese prize road, on the anti-Japanese war, the Sandy of the Liberation of War, the Communist Party of China, united the Chinese people’s blood, the great course of hardening into steel. Broken the Chinese Communists in the old world, can it build a new world? The second chapter "The wind and rain" started with the "Opening Ceremony", reviewing the Socialist Revolution and Construction Year of the Heaven.

In the scream of deafening, the scene chorus and dance "Battle flag is picturesque" present anti-US aid DPRK, and the songs of the volunteers of the volunteers.

In an impassioned singing chamber, the drama and dance "passionate years" vividly draw Wang Jinxi, Shi Lun, Lei Feng, Qian Xuesen, Jiao Yulu and other a number of pioneer models.

The Chinese Communist Party who leads the Chinese people can lead the people to lead the people? The Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was held to make a historic answer to reform and opening up. In the third chapter, "Trendy", dance "Spring Take" spreads the story of the spring in the hope of the hopes, the song and dance "Changjie", "The Times of the Special Zone" The "first test" is the pulse, Scenario Chorus and Dance "Return to the moment" to celebrate Hong Kong, Macau returned to the motherland, poetry recitations and chorus "Crossing" Song West Volleyball Direction, Western Electric East, Northern Water Transfer, North Coal Nanyun and other major national projects.

The scene dance "The party flag is in my heart" showed that under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the people of the whole country were concentric, all of them became a great victory of "SARS" and earthquake relief.

The chorus and dance "The Torch" allows people to revitalize the Beijing Olympics, the Shanghai World Expo, Shenzhou No.7 spacecraft launch and other exciting historical scenes.

The fourth chapter "Jinxiu Fright" launched a new era of magnificent picture, reviewed the party’s 18th National Congress, with Comrade Xi Jinping, unified the great struggle, great project, great cause, great dream, party and country Historical achievements have been achieved in the career, and historical changes have occurred.

The drama and song and dance "Oriental Miracle" tells the poverty reduction stories of Minning Town and 18th Pavement, declared the great victory of the Chinese Communists to lead the Chinese nation to achieve comprehensive and well-off. Scenario Symphony Song and Dance "People’s First" reappears the new coronal pneumonia epidemic, a national mobilization of the country, the whole people of the whole people "epidemics". The Song Dance, "Strong Military War Song", through the documentary performance of the multi-military armed integrated actual exercise, showing the guidance of Xi Jinping Qiangjun’s thoughts, the people’s army strides forward. The poetry recitations and chorus "strong strength" showed the increasing powerful Chinese forces under the strong leadership of the party centers and the core of the comrades of Xi Xi Ping.

Drums and dance "new heavens", a giant drum with a diameter of 10 meters and a hundred drums in the air, the hundred names of the rack of the horn, the rush, the new picture, showing the magnificent painting of the new era, depicting from rich The historical tremendous change of the strong, I was asked for self-confidence in the Chinese. The instrument, the child’s sound chorus and the dance "Destiny and Total" highlight the spirit and humming of the "Constructing Human Destinion Community". "Pilot! The great Chinese Communist Party!" Along with the theme song "pilot" melody, the golden party emblem of up to 16 meters is solemn, and the rays are shot. Singing, applause clusters have 10 face giant red flags, and the wind is proud. "No matter how far, you are both weeks, the belief is eternal, the beginning is not forgotten. The people are Jiangshan, write, you will be a mission …" The bright fireworks lights up again and night sky, and push the performance atmosphere to the climax.

At the end of the literary performance, the audience is standing, and "there is no new China without the Communist Party".

Watching performances: Ding Xuexiang, Wang Chen, Liu He, Xu Qiang, Sun Chunlan, Yang Jie, Yang Xiaodu, Zhang Yi, Chen Xi, Hu Chunhua, Guo Shengyu, Huang Kunming, Cai Qi, Li Ruihuan, Jia Qinglin, Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng, Zeng Qinghong, Wu Juan, Li Changchun, He Guoqiang, Liu Yunshan, Zhang Gaoli, Eustacha, Cao Jianming, Zhang Chunxian, Shen Yue Yue, Ji Bingxuan, Chen Wei, Wang Dongming, Bai Madin, Ding Zhongli, Hao Mingjin, Cai Dafeng, Wu Weihua, Wei Fenghe, Wang Yong, Wang Yi, Xiao Jie, Zhao Kezhi, Zhou Qiang, Zhang Jun, Zhang Qingli, Liu Qi, Papala Grerangjie, Wan Steel, He Qi, Lu Shun, Ma Wei, Chen Xiaoguang, Liang Zhenying, Xia Baolong, Li Bin, Bartel, Wang Yongqing, He Lifeng, Su Hui, Zheng Jianbang,胜 阻, Liu Xin Cheng, He Wei, Shao Hong, Gao Yunlong and Wang Lequan, Wang Zhaoguo, Hui Liangyu, Liu Qi, Wu Yi, Cao Gangchuan, Liu Yandong, Li Yuanchao, Ma Kai, Li Jianguo, Fan Changlong, Meng Jianzhu, Guo Jinlong, He Yong, Du Qinglin, Zhao Hongzhu, Gu Xiuxi Lian , Hot, Wu Yun, Wang Shengjun, Chen Changzhi, Zhang Ping, Xiang Baiping, Chang Wanquan, Jia Chunwang, Wang Zhongyu, Zhang Huaixi, Li Meng, Bai Li, Chen Kuiyuan, I can’t come, I will not be hot Xi Ti, Li Zhaoyu, Huang Mengfu, Zhang Meiying, Zhang Xiangming, Qian Yun, Sun Jiazi, Li Jinhua, Zheng Wantong, Wang Zhen, Han Qide, Luo Fu, Li Hai Feng, Chen Yuan, Zhou Xiaochuan, Wang Jiarui, Qi Chun, Liu Xiaofeng, Wang Qinmin, and Li Cheng Cheng, Miaohua, Zhang Shengmin and Chen Bingde, Li Jiqi, Qiao Mei, Jing Zhiyuan, Zhao Keshi, Wu Shengli, Ma Xiaotian, Hong Kong Special Administrative Administrative Regional Expo Lin Zheng Yuexi, Macao Special Administrative Region Chief Executive He Yizheng.

At the department of the Central Party and Police Group, the old comrades, in the Jingzhong Tube financial institution, enterprises, colleges and scientific research institutions, etc., the main responsible comrades, in the Beijing Central Committee, Alternate Central Committee, Party’s 19th National Representative, Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Members, national supervisors, representatives of the National People’s Congress, member of the National Committee of China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, overseas Chinese representatives, the Democratic Party Central Committee in Beijing, the National Industry and Commerce at the Beijing Exercise Committee and the non-party personnel, Beijing related responsible comrades, national medal And the national honorary title winner, "Two Mark a Star Struggle Medal", "National Defiration of Poverty", "National Supreme Science and Technology Award", "Aerospace Hero", "Hero Astronaut" winner, national advanced model character Representative, the eleventh Class Contented Old Nijijube, the main person in charge of the national religious group, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Excellent Study abroad The survivors of the victims, "Glorious in the 50th Year" commemorative seizure session, 2021 new development party members, national representatives, national key special care objects, the people of all sectors from all walks of life, and representatives of the officers and soldiers in Beijing.

Important international friends, in Beijing, China Embassy and international organizations in China, foreign experts are also invited to watch performances.

China Resources and Shenzhen Tsinghua Construction National Innovation Strategic Industrial Base

[] Daily, China Resources Shenzhen Tsinghua Science and Technology Innovation Research Institute was established in Shenzhen.The Joint Research Institute is committed to building China Resources Land’s Smart City Standardization Construction and Operation System, and creates an innovative incubation platform that can cultivate innovative industrial bases in the country, become the frontier, professional smart city technology and application research institute.

Chen Xiangming, Chairman, Chairman of China Resources Group, Chen Xiaolong, General Manager of China Resources Group, General Manager, General Manager of China Resources Group, Zhang Li Dong, Hua Run, President, Hua Run, President, Hua Run, Senior Vice President, Hua Xiaoyai, Shen Yidong, Shenzhen Tsinghua UniversityDean of the Institute, Zhang Shishan, executive vice president, Liu Weiqiang, etc. to attend activities and witness the listing ceremony.

Shenzhen Tsinghua Science and Technology Innovation Research Institute was formally established.

3-jarige jongen eet een soepronde door de kaartmensen om buitenlandse body kaart keel te redden? – Life Information

[Abstract] eten komt het spijsverteringskanaal binnen, moet door het slokdarm, maar als je eet, heb je misschien een zachte pephal, zoals dumplings, botten of vis doorn, kan het niet spugen, zelfs het geluid geblokkeerd, wat leidt tot verstikking. Bijna elk jaar zal er een geval van buitenlandse body-kaart keel zijn. Dit gaf ook mensen alarm, zolang de eerste hulpmethode levens kan redden.

Eten komt in het spijsverteringskanaal moet de slokdarm passeren, maar wanneer u eet, kunt u vreemde materie ademen, zoals dumplings, botten of vis doorn, enz., Kan het niet spugen, zelfs het geluid geblokkeerd, leidt tot de dood. Bijna elk jaar zal er een geval van buitenlandse body-kaart keel zijn. Dit gaf ook mensen alarm, zolang de eerste hulpmethode levens kan redden. Onlangs eten Yunnan Kunming, een-drie-jarige jongens dumplings in de snackwinkel, per ongeluk de keel betrapt, de moeilijke situatie is erg kritisch, de moeder blijft de rug van het kind schieten, de griffier van de snackwinkel helpt het Moeder om het kind te behandelen, maar de soep is nog steeds kaart in de nek van het kind, dan pakte de Storeman het kind op om naar het ziekenhuis te rennen, en laat het kind altijd naar beneden kijken, gelukkig, het kind zal onderweg op de weg halen. Hoe bespaar je wat buitenlandse body kaart keel? 1. Toen het kind minder dan drie jaar oud is, moeten de ouders onmiddellijk onmiddellijk knuffelen, één hand knijpen aan beide kanten van de jukbeenderen van het kind, de armen liggen dicht bij de borst; gebruik vervolgens een andere hand om kinderen na de nek te houden, Het gezicht naar beneden, squat op de ouders, tik gelijkmatig aan de achterkant van het kind en laat vreemde voorwerpen uitspuwen.

Als de vreemde materie nog steeds wordt afgevoerd door deze methode, moet het meteen het kind op een harde bed liggen; ouders staan ??aan de kant van het kind, waardoor kinderen op de twee benen van de ouders rijden, tegenover het gezicht; ouders met links en rechterhand afdrukken onder de thoracale, de bovenbuik wordt in de snelste snelheid onderdrukt en de vreemde stof wordt ontladen.

2, de volwassene staat achter de geredde, en de twee armen hebben hun taille; een hand greep in een vuist, leg de duim van de vuist onder de borst van de gerijde in de buik; gebruik een andere hand om een ??andere hand met de Vuist, druk op de buik op de snelste snelheid en laat de vreemde objecten altijd ontladen.

3. Zelfhulp, zelfhulp, licht buigen, enigszins gebogen en vertrouwt op vaste horizontale voorwerpen, zoals rug- of tafelranden, met de rand van het object, snelle en opwaartse impact, en de vreemde materie wordt ontladen. Tips Wanneer ik het niet gebruik om terug te nemen of het in je keel te zetten, zal het het ritme niet storen, maar het be?nvloedt buitenlandse materie. Probeer geen voedsel te eten dat moeilijk te slikken zijn bij kinderen, noch kunnen ze contact opnemen met kleine deeltjes.

Meestal, als je eet, je zult je geconcentreerd zijn, kun je niet praten terwijl je kunt praten, je kunt mensen niet verstoren die eten, om niet te slikken vanwege je aandacht of gelach. Eet minder voedsel, eet noten, jujube en kipvissen, mogen niet voorzichtig zijn, kan het verraad niet doorslikken, het voedsel zo veel mogelijk in een stijlen in een stijlen maken, de botten verwijderen en dan eten. Wees niet te haastig als je eet als je eet.

Bidding! Hefei Railway Station Prequasse Area is expected to welcome a new round of upgrade

The public is familiar with the premium area of ??Hefei Railway Station, which is expected to usher in a new round of upgrading.

Recently, the reporter learned from the Hefei Public Resource Trading Center that the general contracting project of the original design base of China’s clothing has launched the bidding, accounting for about 3 square kilometers, and the east to Tongling Road, the north to Hefei Railway Station, the front square, west to the new Bengbu Road, south to Northern A Loop and Tongling Road, Xinyi Road Junctional Border. The first street of Anhui Clothing needs to be upgraded, and after the opening of the Baima clothing city in 2004, with the increasing traffic of the front road and railway station square people, quickly form a hot soil, driving the commodity circulation industry, service industry The accumulation of related industries. In recent years, there have been many commercial agents such as white horse clothing city, treasure home textile square, Zhonglong Square, Kowloon Ball Square, Zhonglong Square, Kowloon Ball Square, China Green Plaza, Kowloon Ball Square, China Green Square, and become one of the extremely vibrant regions of Yaohai District. Anhui clothing first street.

In order to provide modern fashion supporting conditions, Yaohai District has been committed to the rectification of the surrounding environment in front of the station. It has been put into heavy programs several times to transform the surrounding roads and facade, and management to travel to travel, and promote the entire regional environment. In order to improve.

The train station area is Hefei and even the largest clothing intensification in Anhui Province. The famous professional wholesale market is concentrated in the province and even surrounding radiation. However, due to factors such as urban planning, construction history and other factors, there are still some weaknesses.

Among them, Wuzhou Mall is located in Hefei Railway Station, with a total area of ??10,000 square meters, divided into four districts of A, B, C, D. The railway station has always been the image window of the city. Due to historical reasons, the old buildings like Wuzhou Mall, there are also next to the auxiliary facilities, which can not further plan adjustments, in order to better meet Hefei and Regional development positioning. Residents of Residents living in Xin’an Court Suggestions. The front block of the station to create a Chinese clothing original design base With the official launch of the bidding process, the railway station region is expected to usher in a new round of improvement in the future. China’s clothing original design base project is located in the front of Yaohai District Station, accounting for about 3 square kilometers, and the east to Tongling Road, the north to Hefei Railway Station, the front square, west to Xinyi Road, south to Northern Line and Tongling Road, Xinyi Road Junctional Border.

The form of the project can consider the original base session, original clothing store, original brand clothing exhibition hall.

According to the bidding plan, the engineering project of the base project includes construction, structure, water supply, fire, strong weak electricity, HVAC, intelligent, decorative renovation, in addition to parking lot, landscape greening and overall lighting design, all oflated the introduction guidance system design Waiting for a package.

In addition to construction and environmental transformation, the project will also focus on China’s clothing original design base for overall production planning planning and development planning and upgrading, providing planning planning text.

According to the region’s own resources, the development trend and direction of China’s clothing textile industry, as well as the provincial, municipal, and district three-level governments to study the policy and planning of the front road block area of ??Hefei Railway Station, which develops a scientific and feasible classification implementation strategy.

The Wuzhou Mall is planned as a first transformation according to the construction plan, the first phase of China’s clothing original design base project is about 20,570 square meters, located in the core area of ??the base, including the status quo Building Wuzhou Mall A District No. 1-8 Building 1-8 The building area is about 45,160 square meters. Among them, No. 1, Building 8 is transformed into facial surface, does not involve internal plane, external incensetion, road engineering, greening project, intelligent engineering, etc. will also be launched, and the planned work is about 360 days.

In response to the construction of the first phase, the next step will provide detailed design, mainly including total design instructions, design concepts, key technologies, main technical economic indicators.

Through the transformation, create a beautiful and clean urban environment, promote the development of local apparel industries, improve the overall region of the region. It is understood that Yaohai District will accelerate planning to promote the transformation and upgrading of white horse costumes, as a very important part of the transformation and upgrading of 33 professional markets in the whole district.

By based on the long-term, further refinement, deepening the reinforcement program, clear project transformation positioning, operational team, industrial building formation, and transforming into a sustainable industry.

(Hefei newspaper full media reporter Wu Qi) Original title: The front of the railway station is expected to "change face".

Starbucks China announced that the retail employees of all-purpose stores will enjoy "14 paid"

Starbucks announced that since October 2021, all Starbucks China’s full-time store retail employees will enjoy "14 salary" for the first time.

The plan will increase the amount of a monthly salary on the original 13 salary, which is issued to the eligible employee.

The coverage includes nearly 40,000 full-time employees from the star barrier to the district manager.

"In the past 22 years, Starbucks have always been committed to become a distinct company. We have always regarded our partners as the heartbeat of Starbucks, the cornerstone of all careers. We are eager to share the achievements, share with all partners; not only Help partners have succeeded in their career, and they can live better.

"Starbucks China CEO Cai De De said:" Only partners feel happy and happy, in order to presen a better coffee experience for customers, we have the opportunity to continue success. "In addition to" 14 pay ", Starbucks China continues to increase investment in welfare, which has been upgraded in existing partner welfare, including: competitive annual performance paid; more optimized morning and evening. Upgrade the "Help Room Alignment" quota in some cities; encouraging partners to go to different city experiences, "Partners" programs, etc.

Since the maintenance of the Salary Welfare, Starbucks has maintained a high degree of innovation in the paid welfare, and launched a number of projects that lead the industry: "Coffee beans stocks" in the industry, providing a "parental caring plan" for partner parents, Encourse the personalized "star welfare", etc. of HPV vaccine, pet care and other content. Starbucks firmly believe that only the happiness index of our partners can we work together with our partners.

Ruixue Linjing Ao City Winter Rhyme

Original title: Ruixue Linjing Olympic Winter Rhyme This reporter Ye Xiaoyan Li Dong, early snow. Suddenly, Beijing completed the handover from the autumn transfer. Yesterday, I was still enjoying the autumn, today as a fairyland. The film is white and snow, and it is not surprised when it is inseparable.

  To ask which city’s snow scene is the most memorable? Beijing has a certain list. The flying snowflakes sent new clothes for every corner of Beijing, brought the happiness of the citizens to enjoy the snow.

This reporter records many precious moments with the lens. In the Summer Palace, the white snow gave Zhu Wai Huangwa on a layer of shallow silver, tourists lifted the camera, photographed this unspeakable beauty in the snow. In Beijing Global Resort, Harry Potter’s magic world scenic spot is unique in the snow dance, and tourists are like entering the true movie world.

  Snow, given new connotations to the ancient capital of the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022.

  Snowfly Great Wall, Winter Olympics, National Snow Sleigh Center, Shougang Ski Great Tower … The first snow makes Beijing’s Winter Olympics more rich. At the scene, the big snowfall in the sky is in the Yanqing District, Haiko Mountain Swarf, known as "Snow Tour Dragon", is like a white dragon.

In the Shougang Park, the public is "punching" not far from the skiing platform, the big jump is like a beautiful and smooth flying streamer, showing the flying in the snow … Fighting with ice and snow, the ancient capital is more feet.

Science and technology through the train into Foshan High-tech Zone to build an upgrade and transformation platform for enterprises

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology Torch Center, the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, Shenzhen Stock Exchange hosted, "2021 Torch Technology Achievements" (Foshan Station) Hard Technology Achievements (Foshan Station) in Foshan High-tech Zone " Xiaoying was held.

The straight train continues to focus on the development and demand of Foshan hard technology, accelerate the distribution of results and transformation applications, and "empower" and "set" for all kinds of market mains. 2021 Torch Technology Achievements Expressway (Foshan Station) specialized, 4 special events such as special research institutions, universities, investment financing specials, hard science specials, to Foshan Innovation Points, Top 100 List, Artificial Intelligence Industry, etc. Domestic excellent scientific research results paving bridge.

In the scientific and technological achievement project display area, the products exhibited include intelligent manufacturing, smart home, electronic information, biomedical, etc.

At the event, the R & D and industrialization team of 5G + AI calculation intelligent visual system and Foshan Yun Ruibo Technology Co., Ltd. signed a supply and demand cooperation agreement; Guo Longke Bang Base and Foshan Micro Cloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Talent Southern Service Center and Foshan Yitudi Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd., Country Garden New Energy Automotive Town and Hangzhou Guide Robot Technology Co., Ltd. signed the project floor agreement. The project has successfully signed and further accelerates scientific and technological achievements in Foshan.

"We choose the landing Foshan, and cooperate with Shunde New Energy Automotive Town to establish Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institutes. Cooperation, China provides us with substantive help." Hangzhou Guide Robot Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Deng Guardi said. "Science and Technology Achievement Expressway is an important support platform that promotes the transformation of Foshan, the scientific and technological achievements, which continues to conduct results excavation, screening, roadshows, docking and landing services for Foshan specialty industries, potential industries, etc., promoting innovative chain and industrial chain ‘ Synergism ‘, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Foshan manufacturing.

Pan Dongsheng, deputy secretary of the Party Work Committee of Foshan High-tech Zone, and Pan Dongsheng, director of the management committee, said that the Foshan High-tech Zone will built this "cow nose" in the application scenario, vigorously promote the leading edge technology of biotechnology, information technology, and new material technology in Foshan High-tech Zone. Application, speed up the transformation and upgrading of Foshan High-tech Zone Industry.

This year, Foshan High-tech Zone is one of the first batch of innovative points pilot high-tech districts in 13 high-tech districts across the country, and combines through-train work and corporate innovation score, and has built an upgrade transformation platform for enterprises through through train. Since 2019, Foshan High-tech Zone has undertakes throughout the scientific and technological achievements through train, builds a service platform, transaction and transformation of the park, leading the demand for Foshan industry, introducing scientific and technological achievements resources, and promoting Foshan. High-tech zone industrial transformation and upgrading. Since now, it has been accumulated that there are more than 40 commonality needs of Foshan, more than 160 industrial needs, while actively linking the national technology transfer easily, Tsinghua Science and Technology Park, etc., and focusing on technology innovation to Product innovation, then to the transformation channel of the industrial upgrade.

Up to now, there are nearly 200 scientific and technological achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Qihua Lab and other colleges and scientific research institutions, and more than 10 technologies and results have developed in Foshan.

(Reporter Ye Qing correspondent Lu Jiahui) Responsible Editor: KJ005.

Taking life to interpret the initial heart (struggle for hundreds of years Road, the new journey, depletion of the poor)

Huang Wenxiu, the original secretary of Bailun Village, Leye County, Guangxi, China: Walking into the Times Huang Wenxiu’s livestation in the village of Guangxi, Xinhua Town, Xincheng Town, Xincheng Town, and a thriving scene."The villagers are now a good day, and the efforts of Huang Wenxiu are dedicated. She has made a good poverty base for Baiyi Village.

"Secretary of the Party Branch of Baiyi Village said Zhou Chang War.

  In 2019, Baiyi Village realized the whole village. At the end of 2020, all poor households in Baiyi Village were leaning down.

Huang Wenxiu is finally realized.

  "She wrote a resolutely won the mission to win the poverty and strive to win the lectures." In today, I retrieved the news of the news, Zhou Chang Wars still feel sad.

In the early morning of June 17, 2019, their first secretary Huang Wenxiu was a mountain flood unfortunately, only 30 years old.

  "She wrote a resolute to win the mission of the universal attack and strive to win." Zhou Chang said.

  In 2016, after graduating from the master’s degree from Beijing Normal University, Huang Wenxiu gave up the opportunity to stay in the big city, and choosing to join the selection team to return to Baise, and determined to change the backwardness of his hometown. Just a year, Huang Wenxiu requested the grassroots.

In August 2017, she went to Tianyang County, Tianyang County, Tianyang County, was held by the Party Committee Deputy Secretary; March 2018, and took the initiative to request a more difficult country’s national poverty alleviation development work, Key County Leye County held a Bailun Village. First secretary.

  Huang Shijing, Changsha, Baiyi Village, has asked Huang Wenxixi: "You are a graduate student of big cities, how can you want to come to such a remote rural work?" Huang Wenxiu thought for him to say to him, "Xiaokang is not well-off, the key to see Old township. Baise is my hometown, and is one of the main battlefields of the country. As a party member, what is the reason I don’t come back? "Huang Wenxiu is dispersed, Huang Wenxiu is overbearing, with nearly two Month times visited the village 195 household files. "She is like my daughter.

"Wei Nai is Huang Wenxiu’s pairing helper object, she clearly remembers that in 2018, the Wenxiu visited her family to visit 12 times, in addition to the cold and warmth, also helped her 30 acres of oil tea, and coordinated her resolution Subsidies, medical reimbursement and other issues.

  One piece, a pile, Baiyu Village almost everyone can say the story related to Huang Wenxiu. Huang Wenxiu served as the first secretary of Bailun Village for 1 year and 82, helping the 88 people in the village to get poverty poverty, and the incidence of poverty is reduced to%. "The days are more prosperous, everyone’s strength is more featful" A 3-storey building, Bailun Village offensive honestymao and family are busy in the kitchen, the table is full of food, and the self-cultivation of the sugar orange is on the side , Huang Cancan is conspicuous. "My family has more than 20 acres of silicon orange. It has been more than 6,000 pounds last year. It has more than 10,000 yuan per acre." In addition to the gravel orange, Ben Dangmao planting octagonal, oil tea, etc., the annual income is nearly 100,000 yuan. Under him, the 20-year-old son also played a gravel orange in the family.

"Now life, I bought a car at the end of last year, I can drive it to the sand candied orange base." "This loss of the Duxiu Secretary.

"Ban Dangmao said that there is a tradition of planting a sandboy orange, but it is not selling, and there is no sales. If you can’t earn it. After Huang Wenxiu arrives, it is to contact Baise a company in the village, teach technology, help the village Standardized orchard. In order to open the market sales, she actively explored the online sales path and established a Baiyi Village E-commerce Service Station.

  The country should revitalize and develop is the last word. Together with the cadres of Huang Wenxiu and Village, lead the masses to explore industries suitable for our own development – planting sandbao, star anise, fir, and so on.

After hard work, the village growing in fir from the original more than 20,000 mu, which has developed from more than 2,000 mu of 3,000 acres, and has developed more than 1800 acres of more than 600 acres.

  At present, the village has gradually improved the construction of infrastructure such as roads, water conservancy and is implementing the village landscaping, civilized new wind and other projects.

"At that time, the Duxiu secretary told me that as long as the industry in the village developed, everyone will live new houses and buy new cars.

Today, these are all achieved! "Babymao said," The days are more and more red, everyone’s strength is more. "Learn to carry forward the spirit of Huang Wenxiu, continue to put the ‘Changzheng Road’" to the Huang Wenxiu, Yang Jiexing, the first secretary of the Village, took us to the use of the new cement road. " This road is known to ‘get rich in the road by the villagers. The road is the most worn in the essay. "Yang Jiexing said that this cement road is 22 kilometers long, connecting 11 thousands. Before the road is not repaired, the village vehicles will be very difficult, and the villagers growing along the way, it is difficult to sell outside." It is The efforts of the Secretary of the Hand show, this road finally built a car at the end of December 2019. "On June 14, the last working day before her duty was still in discussing the project in the village."

Zhou Chang War said that on the same day, a channel of irrigated 200 acres of farmland was broken by the mountain flood, Huang Wenxiu heard the news. The first time led the village cadres to the scene to see the disaster situation. That night, organize you to collect the disaster situation, how to pay close attention, Solve the difficulties of the masses. Writes in the party application of Huang Wenxiu: "A person must live meaningful, viable, and can not live for himself, to use his strength to others, for the country, for the nation, Contribute to society.

"For more than a year, the cadres of the village have passed the battalion of Huang Wenxiu, and Baiyi Village has formulated the" 139 "industry development plan of the Wenxiu poverty alleviation industry, and established Baise Xiu, Blessi Baiyi Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., registered" Show " "100 百 坭" "100 百" "3" "beautiful", relying on the characteristic industry to create a series of agricultural products, such as the "Show Fuxi" series of produce, honey, and clean water, etc., helping the masses to help the masses sell agricultural and sideline products. Ensure continuous income, strengthen the village collective economy.

  "The great era calls for great spirit, and the lofty care requires an example lead.

We must learn to carry forward the spirit of Huang Wenxiu, and continue to go down the ‘longjun road’. Yang Jiexing said.

original,Han Tianlong didn’t think anything,He is still very confident。

but,When Han Tianlong saw this,In fact, Han Tianlong’s heart,The more I look at it, the more I feel surprised。
“This,how can that be possible?”
Han Tianlong suddenly opened his eyes and looked here,The more so,place it here,In fact, what did this incident bring。
Just this,In fact, there is no doubt that it has already come。
And looking at these,Now,Han Tianlong gritted his teeth,deep in the heart,The more I think about it, the more difficult it feels。
“All right,No need to consume,Hurry up,Direct victory!”
Wang Teng said directly here,Finished,Wang Teng’s speed started to accelerate。
It looks like,In the blink of an eye,Has arrived quickly。
And in front of Wang Teng,Han Tianlong is here。
Actually here,Han Tianlong can’t do anything。
Because here,Wang Teng has chosen a quick shot。
Han Tianlong stretched out his hand and pointed at Wang Teng,When I came to my lips,But suddenly don’t know,What should I say。
But looking at these,at this time,Wang Teng shrugged slightly。
“On this point,You are so embarrassed?”
“but,There’s really nothing to say about other issues,right now,Han Tianlong has been dealt with!”