It’s autumn,I have another dragon pet!

I want the guardian to know what Zhu Minglang is thinking at this time,I’m afraid I’ll be furious。
The whole Nan family has worked hard for so many years,Only produced so little holy dew,Every copy is worth a lot,Pour the whole pig into the mouth,Can be a dragon!
Otherwise, why is the man Nan Taigong so old?,Still refuse to let go of the ownership of this century-old Saint Lu,To participate in the plan to defeat Li Yunzi?
First114chapter Li Xinghua
A few days before departure,Zhu Minglang simply stayed in this sacred forest of silver fir,The main thing is to train Black Mosasaur and Shenmu Qingshenglong。
Big Black Fang ate a dragon master class dragon soul orb,After nearly a month of digestion,It’s now a dragon general,And grow dark thunder scales!
Dark Thunder Scale is very special,When the Black Mossaurus body was attacked by an enemy,Will absorb most of the energy,Concussions including collisions will be absorbed by Dark Thunder Scale,Then will give the black mosasaur a heavy horn、paw、tail、Dark thunderstorm blessing on various parts such as the back……
This caused thunderstorms to occur in every part of Black Mossaurus,The power is naturally terrifying!
Besides,Big Black Fang comprehended the ancient dragon’s combat skills,Blood of fierce bravery。
This is a powerful ability that makes Gulong more and more courageous。
Tyrannosaurus is a top predator,When they maintain a high-pitched fighting posture,The blood will continue to increase its flow,Will keep boiling,Will gradually awaken their ancient will to fight,At the same time, the full potential is completely released in the fight。
Every time I tear an enemy’s wound,Smell the blood,Will make Tyrannosaurus a point。
Self-injured,Blood loss,Will make Tyrannosaurus a point better than before。
Constant battle,Constant killing,Conquer all surrounding organisms,Maintain the aura of the highest predator and Longwei,It will also boil the blood of fierce courage in Tyrannosaurus,Make power、defense、speed、reaction、Self-healing、Combat skills、A burst of capabilities!
As long as it doesn’t die,Just getting stronger!

Inside an enclosed military tent,Four people sitting together,Except for Li Tianzhi,And instructors、Gu Changfeng and the mysterious old man,Everyone seems very casual,Is actually a semi-interrogation,All three know,Even strong measures are not necessarily able to trap Li Tianzhi,There is nothing to do,Better to lower your posture,Peace and relative,Everyone can be unified to the same purpose,Find out the truth,Keep one side safe。

Li Tianzhu wouldn’t mind,Show up again,Is it just to make things clear?,Otherwise stand on the opposite side like an imaginary enemy,Everyone is tired。He unhurriedly recounted the secrets of the Zhang family he knew,And after encountering Lan Ling,After taking Shen Yingjie into the Wuming Mountain and Underground Palace,Except for some incredible details,Basically did nothing to hide。
“so,Two ferocious demons were suppressed underground?”
“There is no way to eliminate?”
“If it can be eliminated,Killed long ago。”Li Tianzhen wry smile。
“Immortal,It’s like myths and legends。”Old man with emotion,At the same time I feel funny,A few people sitting together so serious,What I’m talking about is such an absurd thing,If it is spread out,I really thought it was four neuroses at the party,All kinds of nonsense。
The old man is a complete atheist,Just after seeing seeing is believing,Although I have been adjusting my mentality,No good,Also trying to adapt to the continuing and changing perspective,But always feel ridiculous,Feel out of place,It’s like being shocked after watching a sci-fi blockbuster,But from the bottom of my heart I always think that it’s impossible,At least not in the foreseeable times。
“There is no real immortality,Just because their vitality and soul are too strong,Encounter true natural enemies and stronger lives,They will destroy。”
“You always mentioned the soul just now,What the hell is this?”
“I’m not quite clear,Is equivalent to another self born out of the flesh,Purely composed of energy and mental power,”
“Isn’t that the soul?”
“Is not,different。The soul and the body cannot be separated for too long,Otherwise both will die,No matter how powerful the soul leaves the body, it can only be a lonely ghost,And the body leaves the soul,Died immediately;Yuanshen is not,Equivalent to another powerful life,The power of the soul is only good for the body,The supernatural powers who cultivated out of the primordial spirit are often extremely powerful。”
Gu Changfeng and the three of them have a headache,It sounds easy to understand literally,But always in the clouds,The instructor is weirder,“You used to have abilities,Isn’t it the specificity of the body?,But cultivated?”

He met a man on the stairs on the second floor,Old opponent‘Black cat’,Small,All in black,Inverted triangle face mold,Born with a fierce spirit,This person is insidious,And decisive,Never leave behind,Today, I still have that viper temperament,Silent,Suddenly draw a knife and rush towards Li Tianchou。

If it was five years ago,Li Tianchou‘Black cat’Can only have the upper hand,But now even if he loses his supernatural powers, he is no longer what he used to be,No vitality,He also has many abilities,You can still start‘Phantom kill’,Fast system is the most effective way to deal with such people。
An afterimage passes,‘Black cat’The leaping body suddenly stiffened in the air,The arm holding the knife was suddenly shocked,Falling to the ground with the knife in the shaking,The body also fell unnaturally,The blood immediately became a pool on the ground,at this time,‘Black cat’Just let out a stern roar,But Li Tianzhi’s figure has rushed into the second floor lobby。
Li Tianzhen wanted to kill‘Black cat’,But at the critical moment, Yi Nian Zhiren still cut off his meridians one after another,And cut off an arm,‘Black cat’Famous for a long time,Bloodthirsty,Have a lot of blood debt,Can’t stay,But the heart-hearted Li Tianzhen still failed to finally strangle him。
The lobby on the second floor is even darker,There is only one wall lamp with a small wattage on in the huge space,Li Tianzhi knew that the other party did it deliberately,What kind of risks are hidden in it is still unknown,But the strong smell of blood is coming,He seems to hear someone hissing,It’s just that my voice is suppressed。
Must hurry up,I believe Ling Feng and others will soon rush to the second floor,Perception plays a very important role at this time,Li Tianzhen quickly judged,There is an ambush in the corridor connecting the hall on the front left,And someone is approaching him right in front,He can even go back to the suppressed roar,It should be in the box from the left front passage。
Although the eye of insight cannot be used,But Li Tianzhen’s night vision is already very strong,Two big guys who touched quietly thought they were close enough,So I confidently gave up hiding,Suddenly both in trouble,One left and one right swept across like two walls。
These two are also‘Xufengtang’Old acquaintance,Five years ago in‘Water and sky’In the small street outside,Li Tianzhen was attacked by these two brothers,Because the opponent is extremely resistant,And the cooperation is very tacit,Li Tianzhu actually suffered a big loss when he was not used to it,If it wasn’t for Zhu Lei and You Shilong to secretly help,Maybe he will explain it on the spot。
Later, these two died in Caijiayuan in Yunshan,But killed before dying‘Shemale’,May be for this reason,Li Tianzhen must be cruel to these brothers‘Black cat’,His figure pierced through the gap like a wind before the two sturdy bodies fit together,Just a tight left hand,The sharp blade in his hand has cut through the opponent’s chest,Right foot with a hook,Kicked another guy in the belly。
Two screams like thunder,Two sturdy guys threw to the ground,Never stand up,Li Tianzhen still didn’t kill him,But can you survive,It all depends on their good fortune。
Suddenly a strong light flashed,All the lights in the hall were turned on in an instant,The whole space is illuminated like daylight,Li Tianzhen stood on the south side of the hall without time to react,It was tanned in place like a polished commander,There was a man standing straight across from him,Two spears were aimed at him on both sides not far away,There are also many black shirt thugs with guys pouring out of the corridors all around。
The person opposite is gentle,Watching Li Tianzhen’s reaction with a smile,Seems quite enjoyable,Then he stretched out his hands and slapped his hands,“Good skill?Awesome!You are looking for your companion?”
“Ahao?Don’t come unharmed?”Li Tianzhi looked calm,Be surrounded,I have to pretend to be indifferent,He knows the other person’s past and future lives,But the other party doesn’t know him,Even know,Not as good as Tang’s name、Biao Qi is so clear,This is the only little advantage。

As a woman,She has no interest in such ugly things。

“Do you feel it?”Leo didn’t answer,But a heavy face。
Hancock nodded:“This fruit seems to send me a message,You must pay the price of blood if you want to get it!”
Leo nodded,He also feels this way。
Fruit or fruit,But this fruit seems not so easy to eat。
“The price of blood,I’m curious,How does this fruit make people pay the price!”
Give up,Leo swings the knife forward。
Strong sword qi shoots out,Go straight to the devil fruit。
He is not worried about ruining the devil fruit,This thing feels strange to him。
really,The moment before the sword qi approached the fruit,Suddenly disappeared。
“What is this!”Leo shouts fucking,His sword spirit was actually swallowed by a fruit。
If you say it, no one believes it.。
“Let me try!”
Hancock stood up,Waving his arms forward。
“Sweet and sweet!”
suddenly,A pink halo appeared from Hancock’s hand with a very alluring pink。

But casting is the same as other crafts,While having superb skills,More need to have a proficient technique,Physical strength to adapt to its strength。

I wish Minglang start with an apprentice,Slowly get back the feeling of this craft。
And learn to forge a complete set of dragon armor as soon as possible,He doesn’t have much time to hone slowly,You must practice more intensively than when you first came into contact with casting。
Third day,carry on!
Protect the sword from sharpening,Plum blossom from the bitter cold,Stick to your bottom line of personality!
If you don’t get back to this craft,,In my current situation, I really can only sell the young and handsome hue!
time flies,Be an apprentice in armor casting for half a month,Zhu Minglang also gradually recovered some of the original feelings。
Now he can cast a complete suit of armor for soldiers,This also means that Zhu Minglang can make some money by selling this coolie。
of course,Soldier armor profit is too low。
Make good armor,Sell to those soldiers、noble,Is able to maintain the current expenses。
As for making dragon armor,That is to start on the path of making a fortune!!
The end of autumn approaches,I wish Minglang didn’t go to the city state foundry these days。
Not deliberately lazy,But he promised Teacher Duan Lan to go and overturn the clouds and rain with her……amount,Xingyunbuyu!
This is a traveling class,Seems to be to the east of the city,Is traveling,Have to do some preparation in advance。
This time it’s not the students who are still hovering under the dragon gate,But a real student of Dragon Shepherd,Those who already have real dragons!
First26chapter Be a concubine
Bai Qi sleeps most of the time。
Occasionally I wish Ming Lang in free time,It will fly out of the spiritual realm,Treat Zhu Minglang’s mind as a warm nest,Keep sleeping。

“Cough!”Voice came from a certain mouth。

The girl’s face instantly turned red,Quickly jumped out of Wright’s arms,Bow your head and dare not look at people。
“I said third brother,Is this sister-in-law?!”The young man with a short stature and a round face smiled。
Wright is weird:“Maui?You’re back,How long did i sleep?”
“Not long nor long,Just three years,My baby is born!By the way, I paid the gift money for Carl’s marriage,Remember me!”
“real or fake?”
“Of course it’s fake,I just came back from mermaid castle,This time, as the heir of the Mermaid Castle, I paid a tribute to our Emperor.!I haven’t entered the palace yet,I heard that third brother you were beaten by a ninth-level undead?Does it hurt?。”
“。。。。。。”Maui’s words are always difficult to answer!
“Heir to Mermaid Castle!”Wright thought of,Decided to hurt each other,“Did you become a parent?The Duchess of the Future Mermaid Castle。”
Maui waved his hand in disdain.:“No such thing,My last name is Gaskell too,Actually our family is an offshoot of the Duke family!I inherited the title as a side branch,Only one of the conditions attached is marriage,I want to marry my two distant cousins!”
“Yes!Just two,Envy!”
“Take the liberty to ask,Are your two cousins over a hundred years old this year??”
Seeing Wright and Maui talk more and more vigorously(Hurt each other),Cecilia, who recovered, coughed with dissatisfaction。
“That little brother!Wright needs a rest,You go back first。”
Hear‘Little brother’evaluation of,Maui almost fried hair,But was swept away by Cecilia’s terrifying aura,Quit in an instant。

Xia Jian thought for a moment,I walked into the room quickly。I glanced at Xia Jian,Smiled slightly:“Looks like I drank a lot,Sit down and drink a glass of water”

Xia Jian lay on the sofa and said:“Ma Yan is in charge,I can’t drink too much”
“now it’s right,You should find someone to take care of it。Your dad and I are getting older,I don’t have the ability to control you,Now we are finally relieved”Sun Yuejuan said,So he poured a glass of water for Xia Jian and brought it over。
On the big kang,Where is Xia Zecheng sitting and knocking melon seeds,Smile on his face。Xia Jian glanced at his father,said laughingly:“Aren’t you asleep?Why did you knock on the seeds??”
“Don’t talk about me yet,This time next year,I have to hold my grandson。This is the top priority of our old Xia family,Don’t say you can’t do it”Xia Zecheng said,Face changed,A very serious look。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“it is good!Guarantee to complete the task”
First2292chapter The first day after the year
Rural New Year,Although the tail drags very long,But the most lively is only three or four days。
On the morning of the fourth day of the first lunar month,Xia Jian got up early,He has eaten breakfast,And drove to the city。When he came out of the village,Almost no one was seen at the entrance of the village。It seems that everyone is still immersed in the joy of Chinese New Year。
New company just opened,There are so many things to do,What is terrible is that Xia Jian is now a polished commander,It is equivalent to waiting for him to do everything。
The staff of Convenience Hotel came to work so early when they saw Xia Jian,They came over to say hello to him。Xia Jian was already ready,All employees who greet him on the first day at work,Everyone has a red envelope。
Although the amount in the red envelope is not very large,But everyone is happy。Xia Jianyi enters the office,Then turned on the computer,Started a day’s work。
What makes him thankful,Although Xi Zhen said people are gone,,But her job is very good,This saved Xia Jian a lot of trouble。
Just when he is busy,The phone rang。Xia Jian opened it and took a look,Hu Huiru actually called,Xia Jian thought for a moment,Connected to the phone。
Hu Huiru’s beautiful voice came on the phone:“Happy New Year, President Xia!”
“Happy New Year, President Hu!Listening to your happy voice,Isn’t it coming to Pingdu?!”Xia Jian was talking on the phone with Hu Huiru,While looking at the engineering drawings on the computer。
Hu Huiru smiled and said:“You are really a good person,I am going to leave now,Go to Pingdu at night。Let’s have a potluck together,You just put away other meals!”
“Ok!See you tonight”Xia Jian said,Don’t wait for Hu Huiru to speak,He hung up the phone。Unexpectedly,He just hung up Hu Huiru’s phone,Another call comes in again。
Xia Jianyi saw this call,I can’t help but frown,It turns out this call was from Wang Youcai。To pick up or not to pick up,Xia Jian hesitated for a while。The phone rang for a while,Hung up automatically。fair enough,Because the phone is connected,Xia Jian didn’t know what he said to this guy。

I didn’t expect this meal to enjoy the food,I also enjoyed the material and spiritual double unexpected rewards。Chen Amei leaned in her ear and said,This kind of enjoyment once in a thousand years,Don’t go for nothing,The ship is in the port bay of the new development zone,Not far,Is a famous beach resort。

“You live in Xinkai District,Haven’t you been?”Tian Lu asked。
“Have been,Only played in the sand with my daughter,Have never traveled around the sea by sea,Very expensive,Who is willing。”Chen Amei said。
Xinkai District Port Bay,Like a very charming holiday island,There are fine white sand beaches,Surrounded by blue sea,The sea is crystal clear,There are beautiful coral reefs and marine life everywhere。
Expansion and renovation in recent years,Reopen,Villas and suites located on the beach and on the mountain,All have different beautiful scenery。Unique underwater parade,Hotel restaurant,Because the restaurant and the underwater world,Just separated by a large piece of glass。Romantic champagne breakfast buffet dinner,One night on yacht。Facial skin care treatment、Fish Pecking Skin Spa,Tourists have a special flavor。
Tian Lu and Chen Amei brought their own swimsuits、Beach dress、The skin care equipment and so on set off to meet the sunrise,Chen Amei drove a scooter all the way west。
The two are also learning the trend,Wearing long-lost sunglasses,Long hair shawl,Wearing gorgeous exaggerated lipstick,Delicate eyebrows,The skin is white,Show your elegance in laughter。
The car found a parking space in the large parking lot of the port,The two modern girls ran towards the ticket gate。All aspects such as ticket exchange at the ticket gate are smooth,That is, the items included in the ticket are basically the whole audience,After the entrance enters the arena,Eyes full of boundless sea、Clear blue sky、fresh air、Fine white beach,Beautiful,The two smiled comfortably。
First266chapter Cruise ship
Say it was twenty minutes ago,Lin Hai and Ding Kelan also both entered,Step into the upcoming number009Cruise ship。The two dresses are very different from the past style,Put on colorful cropped shorts,Casual white shirt with a corner of the wind,Several abdominal muscles are clearly visible,Wear large color-changing gold-plated sunglasses,Standing in front of the railing of the cruise ship’s rear wing,Appears ruffian and rude。
Several groups of people have already boarded the ship,Young people on board、Couples,And some elderly couples,They are here to enjoy the sunset。
Tian Lu and Chen Amei when the cruise ship is about to open,Breathlessly checking the cruise ship。
On the cruise,The sweat on my face looks particularly bright in the sun,The two are worried that glasses and sweat will affect the makeup on their faces,Simply remove the ordinary brown sunglasses into the bag,Move,Adjust breath,The best location for relative viewing。
Looking at the endless sea,Sparkling,Tian Lu slapped her long hair、Unify。Chen Amei smiles brightly,Although she grew up in Xinkai District,But never took a cruise around the sea,Look very happy。
The boat cried,A white wave was opened behind the boat,The sultry wind blows the hair around。Most tourists stand at the stern,Feel the charm of the sea,Talking about、Laughing,So happy。
Tian Lu and Chen Amei playfully learn from the hero and heroine of the Titanic,Extend arm,One after the other,Feeling the gift of nature,Two people feel not satisfied,Compared to spitting。Two people are like children,Ecstasy。
Lin Hai and Ding Kelan not far away saw the backs of two women like wind,A game of spitting arrogantly against the sea,Lin Hai leaned on the guardrail,Tsk tsk shook his head,Sigh:“These two women are crazy。”
Ding Kelan looked at him and smiled,Tao:“Don’t you have a little boy in your heart?,Don’t you want to be like this??”
“Hey,How do you feel that you are maintaining those two girls。”Lin Hai looked at Ding Kelan with a smile inexplicably。

“How to say this?Talking about old man Jiang Min,Why did you follow?”Until Qin Feng is about to lie down and rest,Just said this to Jiang Min。

Jiang Yan naturally didn’t come here,But this old man Jiang Min,Even if you have the cultivation base and strength of a monk,,But it doesn’t make sense to run around.!
At this moment, Jiang Min said,“The one who taught me to practice said,The world has undergone earth-shaking changes,Let me move around。Maybe I can meet some seniors,Or is it able to better understand the changes in the world now。Since something happened on your side,I followed it for the sake of pressure?No matter how you say I am your master!”
Jiang Min, this old man,He killed him without admitting that someone had become his master,He just kept talking about the fact that he is Master Qin Feng。Obviously a double-standard dog!
of course,Qin Feng couldn’t say anything about Jiang Min。After all, the other party really took care of him for more than ten years,The existence of Master and Father has long been。
“Also good,You should walk around!”Qin Feng echoes the Dao。
But Jiang Min is not happy anymore,“Qin Feng, what do you mean, brat?Do you say that I am immortal and don’t understand the changes in society??No matter how I say these years, I ran all over the world!Just want to know everything around。You dare to say that I can’t keep up with the changes of the times?”
Qin Feng sneered,“Then the problem is coming,Since you have been walking around the world all these years。Why did you know that the monks were only discovered recently??Besides,If it wasn’t for someone to take you back to the mountain gate to exercise you,Not only can you not know the existence of other people,I can’t even touch the threshold of a monk。”
Jiang Min’s mouth was narrowed by Qin Feng’s refutation,Didn’t even respond。
Because even if he wants to refute,Can’t find the basis!
As Qin Feng said,Jiang Min also thought it was amazing,Obviously I have been searching and walking all these years,But I can’t touch any relevant information。
Then when I felt the spiritual changes of heaven and earth,All these people popped up again。As if they existed!
Doesn’t this just show his old man Jiang Min’s incompetence??
“Okay old man,go to bed early!”Qin Feng didn’t taunt,Anyway, I have been running around these days,He also needs a good rest。
Times,Qin Feng was awakened by Professor Shi’s archaeological team。
These people are indeed interested in things like ruins。Originally, their idea was to let the people in these gathering places send some people to take them to the village that suddenly appeared.。

The Grand Princess of the Yuan Dynasty was very good at cultural activities in the Yuan Dynasty imperial family,She speaks Chinese,Good collection,And respect Confucianism,Is a female celebrity in Chinese history。

As netizens often say,China may have lost in the war,But never lost culturally,All the minority nationalities who have entered the Central Plains will be assimilated by the extensive and profound culture of the Han family。
This is the strength of our civilization,Is the biggest reason why Chinese civilization has never been cut off for thousands of years,Too inclusive。
Unlike the Lianghe civilization in West Asia,The country is destroyed,Civilization disappeared。If it wasn’t for later archaeologists,I don’t know that there is such a civilization that has been brilliant。
At last,Hu Yang talked about using a pen。Every calligrapher,Have their own pen style and habits。
“We said with a pen,Actually look at the lines。”Hu Yang said。
Fan Kuan“line“Use of,There are two things that make us fall the most:One at its turning point,One in its depth。
Long lines are the hardest to turn,When I first started writing, I was attracted by leisurely,The corner of the mountain must be turned,In the face of the intention, the strength is smooth,When holding the pen。
But in Fan Kuan’s hands,But very smart,It’s like a professional racing driver’s drifting turn,Pleasing to the eye。
A careful analysis,Make almost everyone believe,This is Fan Kuan’s work。
“If it was Fan Kuan’s work,At least one million。”Old Shen is a little envious。
he knows,Due to age,Fan Kuan’s authentic works are not many in existence,But the few remaining pieces are all fine。
Everyone is weird,Then,Brother Hu nodded and shook his head before,What means?