Dispatch continental masks? The Ministry of Public Advanced Party first photo mirror (Sun Month)

  The island’s mouth mask manufacturing industry has been sad, because they have encountered the "Zhou Siki" of the hands of the public power – Zhuangzhuang Ding, who has been invested by the Ministry of Progressive Party, and built the "mask Taiwan team", and the day and night are still not a mission. From the masks of the mainland imported quality, they were "charged with the Democratic Party".

Before the people of the DPP, should you review your good merits and officials? When you are sinking the continent, have you reflect on your own anti-yourchies? Since the epidemic of the new crown, the island has repeatedly "chaos of masks", and the mask is always not enough. The source of the problem is that the Democratic Government of the Democratic Government refused to have a thousand miles away from the beginning, blocking the roads of cross-strait mutual assistance.

The Ministry of Progressive Party first ordered it strictly forbidden to export mainland China. The people in the island will not be sent to the mainland relatives and friends. "It is impossible task" to spread to the island industry.

  In the past, there was a natural disaster in the past, and the two sides of the sore had always watched mutual help. The Ministry of Public Entre, the first case of "打 打 打", using the epidemic situation "Henzhong", "fear", attacking the mainland, big "to seek alone." Taiwan masks are not enough, from the mainland imports are the simplest solution, the Ministry of Promotion is far from being far away.

In fact, if there is a resident of the Democratic Party to build a wall on both sides, the mainland has long donated masks to Taiwan. The island has limited product capacity. It has been barely self-produced. The Ministry of Public Progressive Party will have to go to the international, engage in "mask international cup", boast "mask diplomacy", play a big hand, tens of thousands million Facial mask. I was found from the island of the island of the mainland to buy a mask, and my employees did not take a break from the beginning of the New Year. Every day, they killed the macked masks. "I am the most sorry is my employee." The DemocreTerate Party authorities made a vanity and political figure, so that the island’s interior mask plant became a sweat-sweat factory, the industry was exhausted, and the people were relieved, was there anything sorry? The Democrepreneur is not only sorry, but also asked the teacher to ask for guilty. Not only the monster, but also the poor quality of the mainland, "tarnish" Taiwan manufactured.

  True to face. The surname owner said that the mainland mask protection is as high as the maintenance force, and the Taiwan medical mask standard is only 95%. "I bought from the mainland is the best in Taiwan!" He questioned the Ministry of Public Advanced Party. " Do not announce this testing, but let the outside world think (mainland manufacturing) mask quality is very poor, causing Taiwan’s social panic? "Asked the root, why did the Ministry of Divide not announce the truth? Because the Democracy Party has rely on illusion and panic to deceive the ballot, "Political Fraud Group" is a dead enemy with the truth and rationality.

What one of the things related to the mainland is not smeared with the Ministry of Public Advanced Party? The mainland Hashi policy is "sugar-coated cannon bullet", the bilateral charter is "Trojan Tute", the mainland TV drama will lead to Taiwan "being swallowed", the mainland E-Commerce "destroys Taiwan Electric Commerce", the two-strait economic cooperation will let Taiwan "over-reliance" …… A good mainland mask, it can only be a disabled in the Democratic Party.

  According to illusion, the Minimaic Party will inevitably lead to a series of southern wheeled and inverted, and push "new South China", prevent cross-strait exchange, "to China" and "Taiwan independence" movement, no mainland’s high quality masks Imported American pork with lean meat … "Lie Governance Taiwan" is late and early, "mask self-produced" cowhide is unveiled only one example. DPA Smear ECFA (Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement) Now, the mainland "Don’t stop", prohibiting the mainland audio and video platform Cai Yingwen and Su Shichang have exposed to the mainland drama, engage in "cross-strait inexmode dehiletes" Taiwan’s dependence on the mainland market Ten years ago, it is in the same way. The people in the island need to be clear, which sentence is the truth, the "Love Taiwan" is really reliable in the "Love Taiwan" in the mouth. The Ministry of Public Advanced Party with the "Love Taiwan" is a variety of people who are scorpion. It is far away from the truth, so that the people are far from peace and well-being, so that the wind and the people of the people are growing.

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De secretaris van het Municipal Bureau van Politiek Servicebureau, Directeur Liu Xuebing, serieus heeft de wet geschonden, werd uit de partij of het openbaar ambt.

  Een paar dagen geleden werd de Municiparty Committee van Neijiang goedgekeurd, de Municipal Commissie voor Discipline Inspection Commission heeft een case-review-onderzoek uitgevoerd naar de Original Party Secretary and Director of the Neijiang Municipal Administration, Liu Xuebing, een ernstige schending van wetten en discipline.

  Na onderzoek is de ideale overtuiging van Liu Xuebing, het bewustzijn van de discipline zwak, en het feest is niet loyaal, met anderen, vervalsing bewijs, vechten tegen organisatorische beoordeling; schending van de centrale bepalingen van het Centraal Comité, accepteer het banket, toeristische regelingen , Reisarrangementen, het accepteren van geschenken, geschenken, geschenken, geschenken, geschenken die de eerlijke implementatie kunnen be?nvloeden, de positie van de taak gebruiken, hulp bieden voor anderen om te helpen en accepteren geld; illegaal bezighouden met winstactiviteiten, georganiseerd bedrijf, overtreding, gebruiksbeheer en Service Object Voorraadrekening en de fondsen in het account worden verhandeld en "Verdien alleen geld alleen", lenen geld, voertuigen en impact fair implementatie-functionarissen; gebruik het gemak van banen, in termen van projectcontract, positiebevordering, milieu-toezicht , enz. Anderen zoeken voordelen en aanvragen, accepteren bezittingen en het bedrag is vooral enorm. Liu Xuebing schendt de politieke discipline, organisatorische discipline, integriteitsdiscipline, vormt een misdaad van illegaal en verdacht van het accepteren van steekpenningen en convergeert niet in het 18e nationale congres van de partij, geen ernst, is ernstig, en de invloed is ernstig. Volgens de "People Republic of China Disciplinary Ordinance", de wet van de Volksrepubliek China "de wet van de Volksrepubliek China" en andere relevante voorschriften, het abonnement van de Volksrepubliek China, de herontwikkeling van het Permanent Comité Van de Municipalcommissie van Neijiang voor Discipline-inspectie en gerapporteerd aan het Comité Gemeentelijke Partij om het Gemeentelijke Partijcommissie goed te keuren, heeft besloten om Liu Xuebing de straf van de partij te verdrijven; het Comité van Gemeentelijke Supervisie heeft het een uitdrukking gegeven aan public relations; de verzameling schendingen van Wetten en disciplines; het overbrengen van hun strafrechtelijke kwesties om procureuraten te vervolgen en volgens de wet te vervolgen, en het pand wordt overgedragen.

Data Analysis 2019 Statistics Publication: Stable domestic demand, redeepting China’s economy will still have a long history

People’s Network Beijing On March 6 Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics released the 2019 National Economic and Social Development Statistics Publication. How to understand statistics? What signals have been disclosed behind the data? Ten groups of data, ten key words, People’s Daily Forum invites Zhang Liqun to interpret the research center researcher in the development of the State Council.

Comprehensive national strength continues to increase, international influence continues to expand keyword 1: GDP data: The total domestic product is 99.0865 billion yuan, which grows than the previous year.

The per capita GDP is 70,892 yuan, which is more than the previous year. Interpretation: According to the 2019 my country’s economic volume data and per capita GDP data, 1952-2019, China GDP has maintained an annual growth rate, the average annual growth of GDP, 2019 my country GDP, average exchange rate Tenjin trillion, ranking second in the world; in 2019, in accordance with the exchange rate of the year, China’s per capita GDP has reached $ 10276, and the gap between high income countries is further reduced. In 2019, my country’s gross domestic product increased by the previous year, which was significantly higher than the global economic growth, ranking first in economies of the economy of 1 trillion US dollars; about 30% of the world economic growth contribution rate Continue to be a major power source that promotes the growth of world economic growth.

As a big country with more than 1.4 billion people, China has achieved such a huge development achievement, fully proves that the socialist road with Chinese characteristics is to adapt to China’s national conditions, which is to lead the Chinese nation to achieve great rejuvenation, so that all the people’s good life needs are fully satisfied. . Strive to form a good development of the three industries Key words 2: three industrial data: The added value of the primary industry accounts for the gross domestic product, the proportion of the added value of the secondary industry is%, and the proportion of the added value of the tertiary industry is%. Interpretation: At present, my country is still in the process of economic and modernization, industrialization, informationization, urbanization and agricultural modernization continue to advance, so the overall trend of three industrial structure changes, is still the second, and three industries will continue to improve.

It should be noted that, since 2012, as the economic growth continued to decline, the secondary industry such as the industry has continued to decline, and the service industry-oriented, the proportion of the service industry is relatively rising.

This aspect reflects that my country’s still in the industrialization process, the growth rate of the industrial and other secondary industries is the main reason for the decline in economic growth; on the other hand, it is also reflected, and the information technology support and industrial transformation is promoted, the service industry continues to maintain Fast development momentum, especially the modern service industry, has played an important role in the development of gentle economic growth. It is necessary to attach great importance to and effectively solve the difficulties of entity economic development, and actively expand domestic demand, vigorously boost the entity economy, and further improve the system environment development of service industry through reform and opening up; and work harmonize to consolidate agricultural production basis, and strive to form three industries The intrinsic links of their respective good development momentums and benign interactions.

The most important thing for steady growth is stable, the need for consumption, investment, net export data: The annual final consumption expenditure has a greater contribution rate of gross domestic product growth, and the total contribution rate of capital formation is%, cargo and service net export The contribution rate is%.

Interpretation: Social renewal includes two aspects of supply and demand.

Indicators such as consumption, investment, net exports reflect three trends in three major demand and their impact on economic growth.

From a microscopic perspective, enterprise production will form a supply, but to achieve the value of the product, there must be orders, and there must be support for market demand.

From this point of view, demand has a decisive role in the operating rate and business income of the enterprise. Therefore, the level of demand growth has a decisive role in economic growth. From the three major demand indicators, consumption contribution rates have always been the first three demand, indicating that the demand growth is overall, and the consumption stability is the highest. Capital formation (investment) contribution rate continues to decline, and the net export contribution rate has a large fluctuation.

It shows that the external needle is poor, and the steady growth is most important to stabilize domestic demand.

Domestic demand includes two major demand for consumption and investment, consumption is inseparable from the development of production, and the production and development is inseparable from investment. Therefore, if you want to expand consumption, you must boost investment, put our high savings rate and fund resources, accelerate construction Modern infrastructure system, perfect health care, education and other public service systems, the modern urban system, modern industrial system, etc. of Yiye, and the continued growth of employment and income, and ultimately realize consumption continues to grow rapidly.

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Aerial Shoot Sichuan Liangshan 10,000 acres Tobacco Agricultural Park: Beautiful Country Green Drawing

Aviation Liangshan Suily Wan Men Haha Modern Tobacco Agricultural Park.

People’s Daily Network Reporter Li Pingwen People’s Network Liangshan July 14 On July 13It is understood that the tobacco leaves are one of the most important economic crops in Suining County, and local has formed "smoke-buck buck" in "smoke-buck" in "tobacco leaf".

The entire park absorbs local villagers every year, and the villagers turned into industry workers. The old-behind rural villages have also become a beautiful new countryside that integrates agricultural parks, sightseeing tourism, and leisure.

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100% juice is "crushed purified juice" or "recovery juice"?

▲ Miss Liao purchased the potato chip nutrient ingredients Press 30 grams When purchasing food, do you have a habit of watching a product? Miss Liao, Miss Liao, has this habit, but recently, when she is watching a potato chip, the energy is marked as 678 kg, carefully, I also labeled 20 grams per gram, and this box of potato chips is 104 grams, this made her considered "Too Jinger" (calculations, awkward, playing little smart meaning).

In fact, in addition to potato chips, there are some merchandise labeling, at first glance, it can actually hide some careful machines. Potato chips: energy is 30 grams of standard, and the heat is low. "This calorie method is too hidden.

"On June 18, Miss Liao, a Cultural Media Company in Yubei, sent such a friend circle, and equipped with two potato chips: one is the net content of potato chips, one is The nutritional component of the potato chips told reporters that she recently been lose weight, so I have to look at the heat on the nutrition ingredient table, and I see the energy on the potato chips in the potion box is 678 k. " The heat is about 162 kilocales (1 kcal ≈ 千 千), I still feel that this is not high, but I look closely, the packaging is marked according to the energy per 30 grams, and the whole box is net content There are 104 grams, which is incorporated with about 562 kcalts of calories.

"" This is completely in order to attract this kind of weight loss person to eat potato chips, too ugly. Miss Liao said.

Soy sauce: Nutrition According to 10 ms, it feels that the sodium low In addition to the potato chips that Liao see it, some soy sauce is also the same. Ms. Liu, who lives in the Kowloon Slope, said that her granddaughter is two years old, so there is a low sodium when purchasing soy sauce.

"But some soda contains a very low, actually calculated that there is similar to other sodium sodium containment." In order to confirm Ms. Liu, the reporter visited some supermarkets in Panlong New Town, Kowloon, and found most of the soy sauce. In accordance with the annuity of the nutrients per 100 ml, a 160 ml of raw ruster is marked according to the nutrient composition per 10 ml, of which sodium is 783 mg, which is converted to 7830 mg per 100 ml of sodium. This is similar to that of other brands of sodium sodium sodium, but do not carefully see the value of each nutrient ingredient table, consumers are likely to consider the sodium.

Juice: 100% juice is a concentrated juice and water. When purchasing juice, many people may be attracted by "100% juice" on the beverage package, carefully see the ingredients, but add water.

The reporter saw in the market, some orange juice labeled 100% juice, pineapple juice, apple juice, etc., the ingredients were water, concentrated juice.

According to the "Food Safety National Standard Pre-Package Food Label", various ingredients shall be arranged in the order of decrement in the amount of decrement in the production or processing of food, and it can be seen that these 100% juice plus water ratio is more than the concentrated juice. In this food expert, "Beverage General" stipulates that directly fruit juice or concentrated juice is reduced to the original concentration, which can be called "100% juice".

And these 100% juices are actually "recovery juice", which is not a crush pure juice that everyone thinks. Lawyer reminds: Sign Identification Ignore the total reporter query learned that according to the provisions of the pre-packaged food nutrition label, the content of energy and nutrient ingredients in the pre-packaged food should be per 100 grams (g) and (or) each 100 ml (ml) (or) specific values ??in each food.

When the file is logged, the amount of each food should be indicated. The size of the part is specified according to the characteristics or recommended amount of food. Then, the above-mentioned potato chips, soy sauce, etc., in accordance with "part", whether the camp is compliant with the "pre-packaged food nutrition label general rules"? In this regard, the partner of Chongqing Ji Xun Law Firm, Tang Hongbo, believes that according to the national standard "Pre-packaged food nutrition label" (GB28050-2011), the content of energy and nutrient ingredient can only be at 100 grams (g) and (Or) per 100 ml (mL) and / or per metallic (indicate the amount of each food).

The net content of the potato chips is 104 grams, which can be completely eaten in one time, then in the consumer, a box of potato chips are one.

The operator identifies the nutrient content with 30 grams of potato chips. This is the concept of stealing "copies", and consumers can complain to the market supervision department. About 100% juice, Tang lawyer believes that 100% juice gives people to the original purification of natural impression, and actually is the recovery of water and concentrated juice. It does not match people’s universal understanding, which can be considered to infringe consumers’ rights. It is recommended that the relevant departments should specify the word "restoration" in this juice, and cannot be identified with "100% juice". In addition, the Tang Lawyer also reminded that when buying goods, the public should take a closer information, don’t ignore the total amount, unit and other information. Customer Discussion: Packaging Tasks How do you see Mr. Yang (30 years old): Usually buy things like to watch ingredients and nutrition ingredients, some adding ingredients look low, actually, not low, always feel a bit misleador.

I have to pay more attention to the label, and I will not be very good to unify the parameters. Mei (35-year-old housewife): Always thought that the nutrients on the package were marked according to 100 ml or 100 grams.

We usually say that some nutrients are also in accordance with 100 ml / gram, but they did not expect some, but this is not a box or a bag of packages we understand, so it is easy to be misleaded. Mr. Chen (29-year-old chef): I thought that the nutrient ingredient on the packaging was a whole box or a whole bottle of nutrients, I didn’t expect it to understand. Miss Song (20-year-old student): It seems that it will be to see the ingredients and nutrition ingredients, but also have to be accountted. (Reporter Zhang Chunlian Photo).

People’s Daily Talk about today: "operating system" in urban management

  What kind of "chemical response" will happen when information technology encounters urban management? Guiyang gives an answer: it is "community brain" can monitor, analyze real-time information, more refined; it is a government service to "one network to do", the masses are more convenient; .

  City’s competitiveness, vitality, charm, inseparable from high level management. The city manages thousands of Wanxu, small to a street light, big to street planning, none of test.

Improve the level, where is the road? "More information technology such as Internet, big data, improve urban scientific, refined, intelligent management level", Xi Jinping’s general secretary, and specified the direction for urban development.

Using information technology, it is not very different to install a set of "operating systems" to the city can effectively improve urban management level. "Operating system" is not easy to use, not only there is a massive data, but also there is no extensive application.

Constantly open data island, further enrich the application scenario, use information technology to enable urban management, the city will be more wisdom, life will be more convenient.

Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee held a meeting of leadership group and grassroots organization construction work leading group meeting

Original title: The Provincial Party Committee held the leadership team of the Party Construction Work Leading Group and the Grassroots Leading Group Conference on April 1, the provincial party committee convened the party building leading group and the grassroots organization construction leading group meeting, conscientiously study the spirit of the central government, review The Provincial Party Party’s Construction Leading Group 2021 work points, arranges the deployment of the next step, and decides to change the leading group of the Provincial Party Construction Work Leading Group and the Provincial Party Bureau of China to rename the leadership team of the party’s party building. Liu Guozhong, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, director of the leadership group, presided over the meeting and speaking. Zhang Guangzhi, deputy director of the Provincial Party Committee, deputy director of the Leading Group, and Zhang Guangzhi, the Provincial Party Standing Committee, and Wang Xingning, a deputy head of the leading group, and Wang Xingning attended the meeting. Liu Guizhong emphasized that in-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discussion on the party’s construction and the spirit of the important speech of Shaanxi, comprehensively implement the general requirements of the new era of the party’s construction requirements and the new era of the party’s organizational route, keeping around the new era Strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership and the party’s construction, with high quality party construction as promoting high quality development, creating high quality life, and achieving high-performance governance.

To always put the party’s political construction first, deepen Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics, socialist thinking, continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, and resolutely do "two maintenance" in actual actions. Liu Guizhong demanded that high-quality high-quality development of party history education, using red resources such as Yan’an, licensed, Ma Yu, and carefully organize the 100th anniversary of the party.

It is necessary to adhere to the correct selection of people’s orientation, with the "three mechanisms", combined with the city and township leadership team to concentrate on the session, select the good cadres of loyal and clean, improve more accurate and effective talent policy measures, and build high quality majors Cadle team.

Liu Guizhong emphasizes that it is necessary to highlight the grassroots level, strengthen the construction of party organizations in various fields, strengthen party members’ education management, improve the up and down, and implement a powerful organizational system. It is committed to strengthening the style of work, vigorously promoting the party’s glorious tradition and excellent style, insisting on comprehensive from strict, one strict, resolutely opposes "four winds", especially formalism, bureaucracy, and in-depth implementation of the grassroots Measures, create a good atmosphere, and don’t work hard.

Liu Guizhong emphasized that he must do a good job in the central inspection and feedback and rectification, and raise a non-three, establish a system, and form a mechanism.

It is necessary to deepen the symptoms of specimens, raise non-rot, can’t rot, and do not want to comprehensively.

Party committees at all levels should strive to strictly manage the party’s responsibility. The leadership team must pay a good job of coordination. All members must work closely to promote the new stairs of the province’s party building, celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with excellent results.

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Silver and Breakth Party History

"100 years ago, the Chinese Communist Party’s first National Congress was successfully closed on a cruise ship in Jiaxing South Lake, Zhejiang Province, solemnly announced the birth of the Chinese Communist Party.

"Recently, Zhejiang Ninghai City, Ninghai County, Sanzhou Town Service Center, nearly 100 party members and the masses gathered together, sitting on the podium, sitting on the old man, is talking to the party history with dialects, telling Empress, the voice of the elderly is high.

The old man named Zhang Si rolls this year, 88 years old, is a famous party member, and the head of the "Silver Breakman". According to reports, the "Yinfa Lecturer Group" has been established for 33 years. It consists of local retirement cadres, retired teachers, usually active in villages and towns, publicates party theory and policies, and delivers the party’s voice.

"The grassroots work experience of the old cadre work experience, the language has strong ability, and also understands the situation of the people, playing their role, can play a very big role.

"Zhang Si rolls. Sangzhou Town is located in the southwest of Ninghai County. It is a remote mountain township. In order to take care of the audience of different cultural levels, members of the" Silver Breaking Teachers "adhere to the teaching plan, after so many years of accumulation , The book for teaching plans has been full of 5 large boxes.

The average age is 70 years old, and the "Silver Breaking Teachers" prepares a class to not be vague. "I have encountered a good preaching, we will concentrate on learning, turn newspapers, watching news, and combine the historical culture of Sanzhou and think about how to use the masses to tell everyone.

"Zhang Si rolls, every time he lectures, he will choose the theme half a month, write a good speech. Open the teaching plan of Zhang Si rolls, and the words are full of words, and some places also have altered and circle note. "The old age, some content can’t remember, use the red pen to come out, the focus will use the pen frame, more to say a few times with the villagers, let them understand, remember.

"Since the study of party history, the" Yinfa Lecture Teachers "has played its own advantages, walked through the village community, and sent party history education to the door of the masses. The content involved 10 topics such as anti-war stories, martyrs deeds, and the audience has more than 10,000 people. The teacher’s party class is fun, just like telling the story. "Ye Weiwang, villager, Sangzhou Village, Sangzhou Zhenzhou, Ninghai County, said that he is the" Silver Breakman "army, some of the revolutionary story that happened in Sanzhou, he also heard it, heard the touch. There are more than 10 kilometers of Sangzhou Town, riding electric vehicles over the mountains.

In these days, the "Silver Missionary Teachers Group" member Xia Tied in this village in this village. Summer Top springs from the historical background of the booths of the booth, talked about the revolutionary belief of "the fire of the stars", which leads to the topics of the Communists to be unlimited to the party.

"As a preliminary, you must first learn one step, deeply learn the layer. We generally don’t think of the manuscript, not tell the rules, but say some parents are short, talk about it, integrate the party’s theory into it.

"Summer Top said that the" Silver Breakman Group "will also self-created the poetry, the return of the party history education, and use more flexible forms. In the view of the party secretary of the Sanzhou Town," Yinfa Lecturer The group "is uniquely characteristic," the old party members eat the party history, and tell the party members and the local stories and dialects, close to the actual facts of rural areas.


Two conferences: netizens hoped to strengthen management of network financial platforms

People’s Network Beijing March 2 (Fusheng Ying) 2021 People’s Network’s two sessions of the survey released.

As of February 28, "Financial Risk" is listed in the hot word list.

From 16 to 18 December 20020, the Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing. At the meeting, the word "risk" was mentioned many times. The meeting clearly pointed out to "adhere to the bottom line thinking, improve the risk foresee of predictive ability, and strictly prevent various risk challenges."

Financial security is an important part of national security, and maintaining financial security is related to the overall economic and social development of my country.

According to the survey, since last year, netizens have highly concerned about financial risk related issues. Illegal fund-raising, illegal lending issues, and financial investment risk issues have become a hot spot for netizens. In the financial sector rectification work last year,% of netizens pay attention to "special rectification of P2P network borrowings", and% of netizens expressed concern about "comprehensive cleaning and rectification of financial order".

In response to how to prevent financial risks, 69% of netizens believe that the education supervision and management of financial institutions and regulators, and strengthen anti-corruption in the financial sector.

In addition, resolutely crack down on all kinds of illegal financial activities, effective stability, key field credit risks, and accelerating financial market infrastructure construction, improve financial risk prevention and accountability system systems, etc., netizens are generally recognized.

Netizen Message Recommendations Room Financial Platform Management. Nickname "wind" writes in the message, hoping to strengthen the management of online financial platforms, strengthening large Internet platform consumers financial information protection.

Netizen "K" says that doing a good job of financial work responsibility, pay attention to the supervision of financial platforms and practitioners, and the financial sector cannot relax. In 2021, the People’s Network has set up 20 candidate hot words, covering social security, rural rejuvenation, ruling, national health, etc. As of February 28, there were more than 5.2 million participants in this two sessions.

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Venezuela Recibe 2,5 Millones de Vacunas Contra La Covid

CARACAS, 13nov (Xinhua) -. ElministrodeSaludvenezolano, CarlosAlvarado, informóhoyquellegóasupaísunlotede2,5millonesdevacunascontralaCOVID-19correspondientesalmecanismoCOVAX, parafortalecerelplannacionaldevacunación "Hoyrecibimoseltercerenvíode2,5millonesdevacunascontralaCOVID-19atravésdelmecanismoCOVAX, paracontinuaravanzandoenlavacunacióásMaduro, continuamosprotegiendolasaludyvidadetodasytodos", aadió.Ensuportalweb, laONUenVenezuelatambiénreportóelarribodelasdosisydetallóque "(…) adquiridasporelFondoRotatoriodelaOrganizaciónPanamericanadelaSalud" "Conestearribo ,,. enelmarcodelacuerdofirmadoentreelpaísyelmecanismo ", indicóóenelaeropuertointernacional" SimónBolívar "deMaiquetía (litoralcentral), enpresenciadelasautoridadesdelMinisteriodeSaludvenezolano, delaOrganizaciónPanamericanadelaSalud / OrganizaciónMundialdelaSalud (OPS / OMS) srespectoaladistribucióndelasvacunasyprocuraquetodoslospaísesdelmundo, independientementedesusituacióninterna, puedanteneraccesoalosfármacos ..