Six causes of strangulation in sexual life

5 Jan

Six causes of strangulation in sexual life

Six causes of strangulation in sexual life

One is during sexual life, especially when orgasm is reached; the other is after sexual life.

  Investigation shows that there are several reasons or causes of sudden death caused by sexual life.

  1. Overworked couples are separated from each other, have long-term business trips, return to the night of travel or cause time to take part in manual labor, and are very tired. At this time, they are prone to sudden death during sexual life.

  Insufficient sleep and lack of sleep will make you emotionally dizzy and weak, which will affect the “sexual interest” between husband and wife.

In particular, young parents with small babies have similarities in their sexuality due to lack of sleep.

  2. Disease-affected people. The physiological regulation of organs is no longer in a normal state, especially in patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease. Sexual impulses cause high central nervous system excitement, increased blood pressure, vasospasm, and easy to induce myocardial infarction.Or cerebral hemorrhage.

  The so-called safe sex is a sexual act that can not only enjoy sexual pleasure, but also avoid sexual risks.

There are three main risks to sexual behavior: physical damage, psychological damage, and unplanned pregnancy.

  3. Sex after drinking Some people try to excite their central nervous system and enhance their sexual desire by drinking a small amount of alcohol. This is not desirable.

The stimulating effect of alcohol on the cardiovascular system causes the insertion of vascular endothelium, accelerated blood flow, increased blood pressure, and induces cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, leading to death.

The effects of alcohol and the stimulation of sexual impulses are more likely to occur in synergy.

  The belly belly of beer belly caused inconvenience to the patient’s movements, which led to the patient’s dialysis. Recently, the American Cancer Institute, the American Heart Lung and Blood Institute, and the American Cancer Society also reported that men with beer belly are prone to erectile dysfunction.

  4. Mental stress. Sexual intercourse under conditions of mental stress and emotional tension, especially when extramarital sex occurs. Because of mental tension, fear of others discovering or emotional excitement, it is easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and sudden sexual death.

  Physical intercourse Sexual life is not just a purely physical satisfaction, but a fusion of feelings and body between husband and wife.

  5, the age difference between men and women is too large, older people often have time distortions in sexual life, sexual excitement is relatively strong, so prone to sudden death.

Japanese experts conducted a special survey and found that the average age of male deaths was 46 years, while the average age of women was 33 years, a difference of 13 years.

  Men’s and women’s psychological characteristics are also different. Men will be proud of their strength and satisfaction, while women will affirm their attractiveness in sexual satisfaction.

  6, the role of drugs in order to improve sexual desire, some people abuse the “aphrodisiac”, and the excessive impulses of sexual desire, leading to excessive force during sexual intercourse, sexual intercourse action is violent, so that sudden death will also occur.

  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning recently that taking aphrodisiac drugs such as Viagra may cause deafness.