“The last sentence is the point,Take precautions?,This is an inertial thinking,Don’t go around such a big circle,Wait for him back,Just grab it directly。”

“What’s the matter with you today?Serious discussion,No constructive opinions at all,But I’m arguing with Laozi everywhere?”
“What you just said,Tell me if you have a problem,This is what i really think。”
“You are so old……”
“Two,Two,Talking,Why is it choking??All calm down。”Li Shaobo can’t stand it anymore,Kindly persuade。
“you shut up!This guy,His grandma’s,Wrong thinking,I have to correct him,Don’t interrupt!”Gu Changfeng angrily lit another cigarette,“I never give people a random character,I also admit,At least until now,The position of the walker is no problem,But it doesn’t mean it’s okay in the future,Do you understand the word expansion……”
at this time,Outside the window,Under the bright moonlight,A pair of big invisible eyes are quietly watching every move in the meeting room,That’s Li Tianzhu’s spiritual knowledge,He also listened to the content of the meeting.,But it’s strange that I don’t have any anger,There may be a little wronged,But I can’t talk about being more concerned,It seems to have expected such a result very early。
Gu Changfeng is still talking,He talks a lot today,All aspects,Treat these big bosses in field work as administrative clerks,Li Tianzhen realized that Gu Changfeng should have heard something against him or‘Sharp’Action group news,I’m afraid the base can’t stay any longer。
No need to listen to the following content,Li Tianzhen took back his spiritual consciousness,He appeared in Quan Xingguo’s ward the next moment,The other party is lying quietly,Like falling asleep,Pity,Brothers of life and death。
Li Tianzhen sighed,He is now unable to retrieve the lost soul of the other party,I can only try my best to extend his life,Qi Yun refined some pills for life extension,Enough for one year,After leaving these pills,Li Tianzhen left silently,Both the instructor and Gu Changfeng know what to do when they see the weird medicine on the bedside。
Subsequently,Li Tianzheng appeared in the instructor’s room again,Thought for a while,Still left a note,Only eight words,leave temporarily,Never forget the original intention。
Li Tianzhen did not take away the black gold puppet and the two war puppets,In the days to come,‘Sharp’We will face extremely vicious supernatural beings,A little life-saving means may not be enough,But he can only do this,These things do not belong to this world,If the storm passes,The puppet fluke survived,He will take away or destroy。
“This kid is gone。”The instructor handed Li Tianzhen’s note to Lan Ling。
“Make this,Won’t hurt people too much?”
“will not,He has a thick skin,I believe in character。”The instructor looked up at the deep night sky outside the window。
Night sky,A faint trend slowly swept southeast,Li Tianzhen riding on Lihuo,Looking down at the mortal lights of Canruo Xinghe,With emotion in my heart,He didn’t mean to blame anyone,Just thinking about the past,Like a picture scroll that automatically turns pages,One by one,Scenes。
Chapter Eighty Four Regret a few years ago
This tumult lasted for more than ten minutes before it gradually calmed down,layer102The nurses in the room are all panting from exhaustion,Feeling weak,You can fall asleep as soon as you lean anywhere。
But the patient who is bound by the restraint is still struggling,Although I don’t scream,But it makes a bang on the bed board,Make people feel irritable。