Knowing the autumn and one leaf rushed to the yard,See the giant corpse,Cover five corpses in the coffin,Slow down the spell of the hand。

“You have a heart.,See you on your own love,I will let you live more。”The monsters know that they don’t let the loved ones,Knowing the autumn leaves will not,Waiting for the monster buried,Capture is not late。
Five corpses buried,Giant corpse waved flat pit,Roll up the hurricane to make five coffins into a feet。
Know the autumn and one leaf head rat,Rush to the other side of the yard,Dark giant corrugation, don’t know what to report,Said hands,Little Wude。
“Wind and thunder,rise!”He hit a curse,Double hands push forward。
There is,Hourly crack huge gap under the foot,Always extended to the wall behind。
The brick stone wall door is open,Banglong moves along the ground,Carrying a huge force,Go straight to the giant corn。
Giant corpse is high,Disruptive,Although the body surface is bloated,But it is not the two stone walls to hurt.。I saw him waving,Huge power whistling,Sudden brick stone collapse,Put two high walls into smash。
At this time,Knowing the autumn and one leaf,Stadomy is also ready。
With his empty,The body moved in the big shiver.,It is still not moving in the same place,Only the mucus in the mouth continues to fall。
“Ha ha,Can’t run!”
As a trip that is just going down the mountain,Knowing the insufficient experience of autumn leaves,The nonsense in Luoi can be seen.。
“Heaven and earth,Ghost!”
Knowing the autumn leaves take more than ten curse from the arms,Don’t move the spell to the air,With his hands open,符 符 数 化 作 金,Burning hot flame,Booms on the giant corpse。
Flame tumbling,Hot waves,The body of the giant body shakes around,Fry,Waiting for a fire,Fly, there is no place of origin.。
“No way,I am not afraid of my spell.?”
Knowing the autumn and one leaves,Said that he was in the curse for a hundred years.,Why is it suddenly??
Look at the giant corpse, you can’t move.,Two embarrassment,As if it is sneaked,Knowing the autumn and one leaves,A fixed corpse,Who can’t stand?!
“monster,Eat me, a trick!”
He pulled out behind the long sword,Swordsman,Waiting for the sword to release Yingying Jinguang,The arrow is going forward to make a waist。
Truals are flata,But in the hands of the long sword,Rui Li Sword,Also specialized de demon ghost body,A sword swept,Easy and easily cut the giant corpse into two halves。
Ink green sticky stain splash,The giant corrugation earned the homes,The upper half is the intercept hole.,The lower half of the body is in the autumn and one leaves.。
Red ghosts rushing out from the house,It seems like a giant,Snake kiss open,Halve the giant corpse,Whistling。
“Cui brother,let me do it,Let me come!”
Knowing the autumn leaves to see an eye,It’s hard to meet a bad demon,He also counts the experience of actual war.,Can’t be embarrassed。
I only see him mind.,A big hole in a flask to the giant corpse,Upper half of the corpse chasing past。
“Cui brother,Know the autumn, he is no problem.?”
Ningchen is a bit worried,I have seen a sword in hand,Dare to ask Yan Tian’s Yan Chi,And moved to the city,Turning to the Lao Dynasty,Mao Yi Zhiqi Ye Ye makes him no confidence。
See the big scene,Ning Caichen feels that the effects of autumn leaves are generally,Neither gorgeous is not shocking。
“The giant corrugated is not his opponent,I am not chasing it.,What is easy to die?。”Liao Wenjie shrugged,He is very happy to solve the giant corpse half your body.,Can be like this,Knowing the autumn and one leaves will be very faceless。