“is not it?”

“it’s me!”
Leo nodded:“Your son is in my hands!”
“what?who are you,Dare to kidnap the dragon,Don’t you be afraid of being chased by the dragon??”
“Don’t worry,I didn’t kidnap him,He came by himself!”Leo said lightly。“He doesn’t know the way back or your number,So I asked for help!”
“Who are you!”
“Leo!Presumably you should know me,Then know where i am,Hurry up to pick him up,Don’t let him die with me,I can’t afford it!”
Finished,Leo hung up the phone。
With Leo’s notice,Tianlongren’s speed is very fast,A large number of people came to the Foge Chamber of Commerce。
The headed man in a spacesuit,Obviously a Tianlong。
Terry Hood hurried to the front,Looking at my son,He has two sons in his line,It is difficult for Tianlong people to reproduce,Once something goes wrong,May end。
As for those impure-blooded Tianlongren descendants, there are quite a few,But Terry Hood doesn’t think those offspring are Draco。
“father,I almost died!”After Triande saw Terry Hood,Cry immediately。
He has never been so miserable in his generation,And was threatened by Leo many times,Almost scared to death。
“Not afraid,Have dad here!”Terry Hood coaxed the son like a baby。
Leo looked at these two people,Can’t help but roll your eyes,This Triander is over thirty,Make it like seven or eight。
Comfort your son,Terry Hood looked at Leo。
“You are Leo?”
Leo nodded:“Correct,Besides, all the people you sent were killed by me,If you want to kill me,Can send someone at any time,I continued!”
The pressure from the Moss family must be fully borne by him,Some pressure from the Tianlong people group,Must rely on Karp and the Warring States period。