Tianjin’s third country’s main data results announced the significant increase in ecological land and other ecological land, etc.

  Tianjin Northern Network News: Today, Tianjin Third Land Survey Leading Group Office (referred to as the Municipal Standard Office), Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Statistics, jointly announced the "Main Data Bulletin of Tianjin Third Land Survey" ( Referred to as "Bench").

The "Online" shows that the city strictly implements farming responsibility, complete the target of cultivated land protection, and the area of ??ecological land and other ecological land, etc. are significantly increased. The third land survey is a major national effort investigation. Since the deployment of the State Council in 2017, the municipal party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to the high starting point deployment, and in November in November in November, the investigation in the country in the country. Municipal Planning Resources Bureau adheres to high-precision and high standard investigation, strict responsibility and results of the high, double strict requirements, innovation of the city-level unified survey, the district-level review confirmation mode, experience the initial investigation and unification point update two stages After 3 years, more than 5,000 people in the peak, the municipal level held 320 docking coordinates, measures to strengthen quality control, strengthen safety production, and carry out six optional actions based on the national regulations, the accumulated investigation of 2.34 million The on-site survey of 310,000, shooting 1.93 million, forming 1260,000 types of graphic, 22 separate layers, 15 million property information, and high standards of investigation And reporting the country on time, it has passed many verification inspections at all levels. The first province of the initial results, the only province through the national verification, the city’s initial results error rate, the country is the best, full experience clear the city’s land resources .

  The third national investigation results show that the city’s cultivated land is more than the "National Land Plan (2016 2030)" determined to have a cultivated land in our city, firmly hold the red line of cultivated land. Wan mu, increased by 1.37 million mu, mainly in 2009, mainly in recent years, in depth, in depth, in depth, the city has continued to promote the process of land and green, the city’s forest area has increased significantly, and the green level is continuously improved. The ecological environment is continuously improved, and the capacity of regional carbon exchange and water resources has been steadily improved, providing an important ecological support for the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.

  Wetland is a new level of the third-level research. In 2013, the state launched a national second wetland resource survey. There were great differences in the scope of investigation, standards and connotations, and the third national research results Show up, since the national second wetland resource survey, the city’s wetland area has increased significantly.

(Jin Yun news editor Sun Chang).