The world’s 500th settling Shenzhen Yantian’s highest award 30 million yuan

Original title: World 500 strong settlement Yantian’s highest award 30 million November 4th, Shenzhen Yantian District held the 3rd "Shenzhen Entrepreneurship Day" Yantian Interpol. District leaders and related units and entrepreneurs face-to-face exchange dialogue, listen to entrepreneurs ‘development proposals in Yantian District, collect entrepreneurs’ "gold some".

  It is reported that in the past three years, Yantian District has identified the development strategy of "industrial rise" "innovation", and the economic and social development has entered the "highway".

In 2020, the GDP growth in the jurisdiction has increased in the city for the first time in the past 17 years; the first three quarters of this year, the regional GDP growth%, the social resumption of zero growth%, the growth rate of the city, the city’s first, the industrial growth%, growth rate The city’s second, all-caliper tax income billion yuan, growth%, is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan throughout the year.

  It is understood that the future Yantian District will promote the focus of helping the funds to meet the industrial guidance and layout of the jurisdiction, and it is more targeted and more grateful policy benefits. In the investment promotion policy, high-quality enterprises such as "Top 500" have settled in the Yantian District to give a one-time 30 million yuan. For companies that have been listed on the Shanghai-Shenzhen motherboard, small and medium-sized board, GEM, and Bookmaking board, registration, tax registration, to the Yantian District, one-time giving a reward of 5 million yuan. In the headquarters corporate policy, Yantian District Headquarters, which is more than 30 million yuan, has formed a total of 50% of the total contribution of the regional fiscal contribution according to the year, and gives a one-to-one non-exceeding 60 million yuan. In addition, from the identification of the year, the increase of financial contributions have been given for three consecutive years, with a maximum of 10 million yuan per year.

  In addition to policy support, industrial space, Yantian District uses the best space to match the best enterprises: "Financial + Technology + Professional Services" Technology Financial City. Building "Innovative R & D + Collaboration Manufacturing + Application Services + Business Trade" urban industrial complex, builds 1 square kilometer "Lingang Science and Technology City". Accelerate 26 update projects such as the Town of the Town of the Town, realize the land supply of 400,000 square meters, built a concentrated high-quality industrial space 3 million square meters, constructs production, life, ecological space layout that adapts to high quality development needs.

  In the case of the symposium, the Yantian District is held, and the representatives of all units of the residential service enterprise and the "direct contact service enterprise mechanism" in the area of ??the regional industry and commerce are distributed.

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