Li Ming with a sharp gun,Holding this heavy treasure,The power of the body and the power of the world surge,One shot through the Nightmare Shrine。

“Who dare to attack my palace!”Nightmare Candle King is like a madman,Beatles,The terrible immortal power radiates,Facing the sudden blow just now,He almost tried his best to intercept。
A figure suddenly appeared behind him,No words,Stab!
“Teleport?Fengwang Peak?”
Nightmare Candle King was not too surprised,If the other party is not even named Dianfeng,How dare you do it to yourself?
not to mention,If you use that treasure perfectly,He dare to fight even at the limit。
Nightmare Candle King waved his hand,The same sharp gun appeared in his hands,But this sharp gun has not reached the level of a treasure,And at the same time,He also madly sent a message to his father and the Lord of the Blue Cave。
“Interracial,Dare you to assassinate me~”Nightmare Candle King sneered,“Waiting for the father or the lord to arrive,Is your death date。”
Li Ming is too lazy to talk to him,The secret pattern of gold and blue appears on the jade spear in hand,Instilled by the power of the world,Transformed into an extremely sharp force。
A shot pierced the nightmare candle king’s throat。
Nightmare King sneered in his heart,Feng Wang Dianfeng didn’t burn his divine power to deal with him?Although the spear pierced his divine body,But it won’t really harm him。。。
“Ah ah ah~”
Nightmare King’s horrified discovery,That seemingly powerful marksmanship,Actually contains a destructive force,Easily destroyed more than one percent of his body。